Paying Off The Debt Ch. 1

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I will tell this story as it happened. It concerns paying back a debt to Uncle Jake. Well he wasn’t really an uncle, more like a good friend of the family. You know the kind? He’s been a part of our life for as long as I can remember. But it was only recently that I learned just how much a part of the family he really was. My name is Janice. I’m 18 and a freshman in Night College. I also work a full time night job after school. My family is really small. In fact, there’s only me, my mom Marion, my sister Juanita and her husband Rodney. And then there’s Uncle Jake.

Oh, some more about my family. In case you didn’t notice, we’re all black. Mom is 43. She has long, shiny, black hair like Juanita and I do. It falls to her shoulders. That’s how we all wear our hair. She’s about 5’8″ tall and weighs about 170. She is really a very beautiful woman with a nice smile and soft full lips. Oh, did I mention that we are all built “thick”. No! I don’t mean fat! None of us are fat. But we are all thick. Broad across the back with thick shapely thighs, full tits and a soft wide ass. The kind a man can really ram into when he fucks you doggie style. And the type of woman that lets a man know she’s holding him.

Then there’s Uncle Jake. Uncle Jake was a friend of my dad. A few years after I was born, dad decided that he needed some space. So he put a few states between him and us. And that was the last we ever heard of him. I found out later that Uncle Jake stepped in and paid mom’s bills. And he was a permanent fixture in and out of our house ever since. He became like a second dad to Juanita and me. Uncle Jake stood a whooping 6’3″. He weighed about 260 and there didn’t seem to be any fat on him. I think he worked in the steel mill as a younger man.

Uncle Jake looked like he could be the meanest son of a bitch in the world. But to Juanita and me, he was gentle as a lamb. Oh don’t get me wrong, the few times he had to spank us, he didn’t hold back. After one of his spankings, you didn’t do wrong again. And so Juanita and I turned out to be pretty smart kids. But that’s not what my story is about. Like I said, I went to night school. And after school, I had to go to work. That wasn’t so bad, except when it was the weekend. So when the class was cancelled on a Friday night, I called into work. I really intended to enjoy my first weekend off in months.

I let myself in the house, thinking that no one would be home. Mom and Uncle Jake often went out on the weekends. The first thing I heard was mom moaning. Then I heard a loud slurping. I stopped in the middle of the long hall and just listened. Then I heard his voice. There was no mistaking Uncle Jake’s voice. But it was the things he was saying that made me stop dead in my tracks. “That’s right slut, show me how much you love sucking this big black snake.” I tiptoed gaziantep minyon escort down the hall and looked thru the crack in the open door of mom’s bedroom.

Kneeling on the floor was mom. And she was buck-naked. I had seen mom naked so that was no big thing. But standing before her was Uncle Jake, and he was naked too! He held mom’s head up by her hair. From the look on her face I could tell it hurt. Mom looked up into his face and I swear there was a look on her face I had never seen before. She licked her lips. “Oh Jake! You know I love to suck it to make it harder and fatter. Then it really stretches my holes.” With that she bent her head and began to suck on the biggest dick I had ever seen.

Uncle Jake’s dick must have been about 10 inches. And it looked like it was as fat as a bat. I watched as mom opened her mouth to the point of stretching it and took the head in her mouth. From the way her mouth moved back and forth and her throat worked, she was an old hand at taking Uncle Jake down her throat. He smiled as she worked her mouth around the head. She could only take in a few inches, and then she gagged and choked. Uncle Jake laughed as he pulled her to the bed and placed her on her hands and knees. It was while he was fucking her doggie style that he looked into the mirror and our eyes met.

Uncle Jake got a big smile on his face as he looked at me and grabbed mom’s hips. From the way he rammed his dick up into her cunt, and the sound of her grunting and cursing, I knew he was filling her to the max. But mom just kept humping her ass back for more. I was transfixed by the sight. Hey! I’m no virgin; there are three guys at school that keep my cunt well oiled. Mom had her head buried in the pillow and was screaming for more. And all the while, Jake smiled at me as he rammed his black snake in mom’s cunt.

“Say it bitch! You know you want to!” Mom lifted her head a bit and turned to look back at him. “Shove it up my ass! Oh Jake! You know I love for you to fuck me up the ass with that monster. Give it to me. Please!” I watched as Jake pulled back and grabbed his dick. He pushed it between the cheeks of mom’s wide ass. The smooth skin of her taunt cheeks made her ass look appealing even to me. And I don’t like women. At least not as sex partners. But he didn’t shove his dick in her right away. Instead he began talking to her.

“That’s right Marion! You love the way Jake takes care of your needs. Just like I been taking care of your needs since your husband left you and the kids. Remember how you came begging me to help you? I paid your back rent and helped you get that job. And you became my slut in return. But you learned to love the way I treated you. Didn’t you?” He gave a short jerk with his hips and mom screamed. “Yes Jake! nizip escort Fill my ass!” uncle Jake laughed. “That’s right Marion! I’m gonna fill your sweet ass. You love this big black snake. But you love the things I do for you too.”

I think that Uncle Jake was saying those things to let me know that mom traded her body for the favors he did for her. I know I should have left to go to my room. But for some perverse reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene before me. I stayed and watched, as Uncle Jake fucked mom in her ass. Then he made her suck him clean and fucked her pussy even harder than he had fucked her ass. She couldn’t seem to get enough. He kept going at her until they were both drenched in sweat.

After that time, I watched them fuck about five times. Like I said, I am no virgin. And the guys I fucked never treated me anything like the way Uncle Jake treated mom. They were gentle compared to the brutal way he used my mother. And yet, the more I watched them, the more I wanted to feel his brutality. I would lay in bed listening to them and work my biggest dildo in my pussy hard. Thinking about how it would feel if it were Uncle Jake’s big dick. Then one day I was home by myself. Uncle Jake came into my room and sat on my bed.

He looked down at me. “You like watching me fuck your mom! Don’t deny it, I can see it in your face as you watch us. Marion is paying me back for all the help I’ve given her over the years. And since I’ve been paying part of your tuition, I think it’s time you started to pay me back too.” With that, he grabbed me by my long black hair. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor on my knees. Mom wasn’t home and it didn’t even occur to me to scream. “Now college girl, let’s see if you can suck as good as your mom? Tell me, do you go to your room and play with your pussy when you finish watching us?” I don’t know why but I felt like I had to tell him the truth. I nodded my head yes.

The way he pulled my hair, I couldn’t help but open my mouth. Seeing his dick from the doorway didn’t prepare me for seeing it up close. When he unzipped his pants and pulled it out, I thought it would never stop coming. Uncle Jake smiled as he pulled my hair hard. I opened my mouth to cry out and he pushed the tip at my lips. “Suck it college girl! Time to pay some of the debt you owe me.” My eyes centered on the tip of his long snake. The center hole looked big enough to fit my finger. Then I felt my head explode. Uncle Jake had jerked his hand and my hair with it.

“I told you to suck it bitch! Now get to it!” I was scared. But I was excited at the same time. This was what I had fantasized about. Uncle Jake taking me the way he took mom. So I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out. The tip of his dick was swollen and smooth. My tongue nurdağı escort licked around the head and I heard him murmur. “Open your eyes and look at what you’re doing. Don’t worry! By the time I finish, you’ll beg for it just like your mom does.” I opened my eyes. His dick looked like a long black snake. It throbbed and moved with a life all its own.

I am no stranger to dick sucking. I had never sucked anything like this though. But even as my tongue tip probed the tiny hole and tasted its bitterness, I could feel my panties getting wet. But there was no way I could think about taking this thing up my cunt. I found that I liked the feel of his dick at my lips. “Oh yea! You’re gonna start paying me back just like Marion does. Now suck it!” I stretched my mouth to try and take more. Then I felt him pushing my head down on it.

Jake kept me sucking his dick until I felt it get even fatter than it already was. I knew he was gonna cum and he intended to make me swallow it. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I swallowed. I do for the three guys at school. But I wasn’t ready for the amount of thick hot cum he pumped into my mouth. I tried to swallow fast but he filled my mouth to overflowing. Then he laughed as I choked and sputtered. “Don’t worry Janice, Juanita had a hard time the first few times she sucked me too.” I almost choked real bad when I heard that. That meant that he had also fucked my sister. Or at least made her suck his dick. Even as I felt his dick stretching my lips wide, my mind was on talking to my sister, Juanita. I held onto his dick with both hands as my mouth moved back and forth on his dick. I could only take in about four inches. But that four inches was more than any of the boys’ dicks I had sucked.

It seemed like Jake could go forever. My mouth was getting cramped by the time I felt him swell. Then it felt like my mouth was gonna explode. I always let my boyfriends cum in my mouth. I love the taste of the hot sticky stuff. But no boy ever pumped as much in my mouth as Jake did. I swallowed once, only to feel my mouth fill again. I swallowed again and yet again. And still Jake pumped out more. He laughed as I gagged and choked. It flowed out my mouth and spilled down my chin. Jake caught it in his hand and smeared it over my face. All the time laughing. Then he pulled out. “You’ll do better next time. And there will be a next time. And Janice, I wouldn’t try going to mom and saying anything. She wouldn’t believe you anyway.”

With that, he pushed his semi-hard dick in his pants and laughing left my room. I sat there with his cum dripping from my lips. I worked my mouth trying to get the strain from it. Just like that he walked away. Dismissing me as if we had just had a nice conversation. And that simple act made my pussy throb like crazy. I pushed my hand down into my sweat pants. My panties were soaked with the juice from my throbbing pussy. I fingered myself with a frenzy. Then sighed as I felt the juice gush from my tingling slit. I couldn’t help it. I pulled my fingers free and sucked them like a mad woman. Over and over again, I did that. Then I got up on shaky legs and went into the bathroom and washed up.

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