PayBacks A Bitch

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PayBacks A Bitch
It was almost evening when Jim got home from work. His wife’s car was in the garage but she was nowhere in sight. As Jim laid down his brief case the phone rang. “Mr. Jim Hall, we have your wife and if you want her back you will do as you are told. Do you understand?” Jim answered yes. “Go to your mailbox and look inside for further instructions,” said the male voice at the other end of the line. ” I will but you better not hurt her,” Jim said and hung it up after hearing the other person hang up.

Jim hurriedly made his way to his mailbox outside the house. Looking inside he saw a video. He ran back into the house and inserted the video inside his VCR. The picture that appeared in the video alarmed him. His wife was inside of an unknown house or apartment. The room she was in was huge and appeared to be made of the kind of concrete the you would expect to see in housing projects. His wife Carol was standing at one end of the room with her hands tied behind her back. But she looked scared and was looking in front of her. The camera panned to view what was in front of her. Jim’s heart skipped a beat. In front of Carol was a row of naked men with erect penises walking toward her. The next scene was of a man in a mask. The masked man said, ” If you want to see your wife alive do exactly as you are told and she won’t get hurt. Do not involve the Police. We will know if you involve them or the FBI. Go to the corner of 125th street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan and wait for a van to pick you up. I am warning you, if we see signs of Law Enforcement involvement you will never see your wife again. She will be ****d and sold into slavery.”

Jim drove as carefully as he could but he was nervous and several times missed making needed turns to make it to Manhattan. He parked his car in a garage and walked to 125th street and Lexington Avenue. It seemed like an eternity before a van pulled up and a side door swung open. A voice inside of the van said “Get in now!” Jim jumped inside the van. The inside of the van was dark so he could hardly make out two hooded figures. As the van began to drive away, the hooded figures tied Jim’s hands behind his back. “Do as we say or you’ll never see Carol again.” It sounded to Jim like the hooded figure who spoke was a black man.

Jim became alarmed when the two figures started to undress. And Jim was right! One of the hooded figures was a Black man, as was the other one. They had big black dicks that were not only long (about 8 inches each), but were about 4 inches around in circumference! “Where do you want it first,” asked one of the men. “In your mouth or in your butt?” Jim panicked and tried to reason with them, “I have lots of money and it can be all yours if you let me and my wife go.”

“We don’t want your money, we want your obedience” yelled the man. After several exchanges like that Jim gave in and stated he would do what ever they asked. “Tell us where you want it first you slut,” shouted the man. Jim figured that perhaps if they came in his mouth they would be satisfied and would leave him alone. “I’ll. take it mouth” whimpered Jim.

The men had agreed earlier to do the opposite of what ever Jim said. “First we take off your clothes and then we have fun.” Jim was stripped naked and was groped on his penis and balls. After he was naked, the men suddenly turned him over. One began to insert his tongue into Jim’s ass. It felt so awkward and dirty to Jim to feel a warm wet tongue up his ass but he did not struggle or resist for fear of endangering his wife’s life. “Do you like that,” asked one of the hooded figures. “No” answered Jim. Suddenly Jim testicles were squeezed as the other figure said, “Wrong answer man, now say again, do you like that?”

Jim figured out what they wanted and resigned himself to play with their humiliating game. ” Yes I like that,” answered Jim. “What do you like,” asked the hooded man. ” I like that he is eating my ass out with his tongue.” With that the figure that was eating his ass out said, “dick time faggot” and quickly positioned his dick at the entrance to Jim’s butt. “Now beg for my dick faggot.” Jim was so ashamed but blurted out, “Please, oh please stabbed me with your big black dick,” and added, “and come in me” hoping it would help get them off sooner. “That’s it fuck meat, get into it and all will go well with you.”

All at once the man on top of Jim slammed his dick into Jim’s shit hole. Jim wailed in pain but he could yell all he wanted to because the van was in an isolated part of New York Stated and no one could hear him scream. Only the tip of the man’s penis was in Jim and it hurt so badly. “Here, get some more dick,” said the mounted man. And with that he shoved his entire dick into Jim! “Ahhhhhhhhh’ screamed Jim. “Take it out, take it out, your ripping me” he wailed. To keep him quiet the other man slammed his dick into Jim’s mouth and tightly gripped Jim’s hair to gain more control of Jim’s head. Jim had never had dick in his mouth and it was strange having one in there now. It filled his mouth and made its way into the back of his mouth. “Take that asshole,” said the man fucking Jim’s mouth. “Lick my shaft and use sucking action. When I come swallow my milk hungrily. If you miss a drop of my milk your wife will get this same treatment.”

Jim sucked, licked and moaned trying to satisfy the man stabbing him with his dick. Meanwhile, his ass was being torn apart by the massive phallus riding his buttocks. The men took their time assaulting Jim’s orifices but soon their sticky scum would be exiting their penis holes. “I’m coming in your virgin ass homo, here it comes, take it,” said the ass rider. And with that he lunged his dick as forward as it would go into Jim’s ass. Jim felt the warm liquid pulsate into his rectum. güvenilir bahis siteleri This made the other hooded figure come even sooner than he would have come. “You better swallow my sweet milk if you know what’s good for you and your wife” said the man in his mouth. “Yes, yes, here it is faggot, take it, take it.” The man shoved his dick further than he had which left Jim without air.

Jim’s reflect reaction was to gag but the man held Jim’s hair tightly and would not let Jim retreat from him an inch! “Oh yes. Your gagging throat feels like a contracting pussy on my dick Here is your milk, take it now,” said the man cumming in Jim’s mouth. Jim could feel the man’s dick pulsating underneath his tongue and liquid running down the back of his throat. Jim swallowed as best he could given the huge dick blocked the back of his throat and severed his air supply. Jim gagged and swallowed, gagged and swallowed. Jim was made to lick and clean both dicks, even the one that had been in his ass.

The men said, “You suck and take dick like a slut.” The men changed places. Jim knew they could not be ready to cum again and wondered what they were up to. The men inserted their dicks in Jim’s ass and mouth but didn’t move or get so erect. Next Jim was surprised to be receiving urine in his mouth. “You better swallow every fuckin’ drop of my piss or your wife has to” said one of the men. Jim was again resigned to do what they wanted. The man in his mouth shot a continuous stream of warm salty urine into Jim’s mouth and throat. Jim had to swallow quickly to keep any from overflowing out of his mouth. Jim next felt a warm sensation in his rectum and knew piss was splashing the walls of his intestines.

“We drank a gallon of water each before coming to get you as well as several bottles of beer” said one man. It seemed like it would never end. His stomach and rear were getting really full of urine and Jim feared that they would burst. But soon they were finished emptying themselves into Jim. “Tell us how much you liked that now,” asked one of the hooded figures. Jim felt humiliated saying, “It was great eating your cum and lemonade. And it felt delicious filling me with your piss juice.”

“Fuckin’ faggot, we knew you would like it,” said one of the men.

Jim was dressed. The men dressed and continued toward their destination. On the way, Jim had to describe in every detail how he had sex with his wife, what he liked and what she liked. Jim had to describe what his wife didn’t like (giving head and taking it in the ass as well as having others look on). Before getting to the farm the men took turns sucking Jim’s dick. Jim was ordered to cum before they arrived at their final destination that they said would be soon. Jim had to concentrate to imagine something that would turn him on enough to forget another man was sucking his dick. Jim imagined a **** he had recently committed on a woman and her daughter. Jim was soon aroused and had a hard on. ” I knew you were gay,” said the man not sucking dick.

The other man sucked Jim’s dick with a passion and massaged Jim’s balls as he did. “I’m cumming,” wailed Jim and began to squirt cum into the man’s mouth that was positioned on him. The man swallowed every drop exiting Jim’s dick but kept sucking way after Jim finished cumming into his orifice. This was very uncomfortable. And before retreating from Jim’s shaft gave it a mild bite! “Just in time to see your wife,” said one man. They had arrived at their destination. Jim was lead out of the van into the large looking building. It was then that Jim noticed camera’s had been strategically located inside the van to record the whole episode. It was also the first time Jim got a look at the driver of the van. He was as tall and as wide as Andre the giant. “Thank God he didn’t assault me,” thought Jim as he walked inside of the building. Part Two

Once inside of the building Jim noticed that there were several doors leading to several large room. They were all empty except one. Inside he could see his wife who was naked and had what appeared to be sperm dripping from all over her body. She was lying on a bed tied to the bedpost by her arms and legs. Many men stood around eating lunch and laughing. “Oh we forgot to tell you, your wife begged for dick and we had to oblige her,” said the van driver. “No way, Not Carol, no way,” said Jim. “Yes way,” said the man, “and we have proof.” Jim was taken to one of the other rooms and was tied to a chair. A television and a VCR were situated in front of him and a tape was played.

On the screen Jim saw his wife being walked to the same van that took him to the farm. She had a worried look on her face as she climbed into the van. “In case you are wondering how we managed to get her to get into the van so easily, we told her we had you and that if she did not cooperate we would kill you” said the van driver. Next on the screen Jim heard the men in the van telling his wife to strip naked and to beg for sex! Carole refused at first but the men reminded her that her husband’s life was at stake and she began to take off her pull over. The men in the van were surprised to learn that she did not have a bra on exposing her lovely large breast. Her nipples and aurora were dark brown and large. The two men in the back of the van groped and suck on her breast greedily. It hurt Carole who protested but they said, “Stop complaining because we don’t give a fuck whore!” Her breast were squished and mauled for several minutes as the men satiated their lust. “Now take off your dress puta” said one of the men that knew that Carole spoke Spanish. Carole could not imagine that anyone would call her that word that meant “whore” in some Spanish cultures. Carole began to take off her dress but before she could the men rushed her and casino oyna ripped her dress and panties off in one shot!

Jim could not believe was he was seeing on the screen. His poor wife who was so shy at having her body even seen was now naked. The large patch of pussy hair that covered her mound was now exposed for the men to see. One man pulled Carole by the hair in one quick move bringing her to her knees. She had not noticed that this man had unzipped his pants and had his huge manhood in his hand. The man was black and had a large, veined covered erect penis is in right hand. The other man roughly pawed at her pussy and asshole exploring her wildly. The man in front of her said, “you better do what you know you should do or else. If you don’t do what I think you should do I will cut your nipples off, get me?” Carole knew what he wanted and hoped she was correct. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed his dick. She hated to suck dick. She moved her tongue around his shaft and this seemed to please him greatly. “Hmmmmm” said the man, “keep that up and you’ll get a surprise puta.” The man behind Jim’s wife began to lick around her pussy and her ass!

Jim was angry at what he saw but was powerless to have done anything about it. Before his eyes he saw his wife being used like a whore. As the man with Jim saw the video he got horny and made Jim suck him off as they viewed the video. Again Jim was made to swallow sperm and he watched his wife being taken.

The man that was licking her pussy now took out his dick and asked, “Where do you want it first, in your ass or in your pussy?” The other man’s dick was removed from her mouth long enough for her to reply. “No where, please leave me alone.”

“Wrong answer bitch” said the man and bit her right on her pussy lips. “OK,ok, in my pussy” said Carole. Of course the men had agreed to fuck her in her ass first no matter what she said. “Alright,” said the man behind her and began to search for her pussy hole just to fool her. But at the last second the man plunged his big 9 inch penis directly into her asshole. “Ohhhhhhhhh mmmyyyyy goddddddd. Take it out it is killing me, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” But the man had not mercy and made sure every inch of his dick was inside Jim’s wife. Then he pumped her fast and hard. Carole opened her mouth in pain and received the dick back into her mouth. Both men joined in a push and pull action battering Carole’s mouth and ass. The man in her ass came deep in Carole’s ass. He held her tightly around the waste as he did tearing his fingers into her flesh. His balls slapped against Carole’s ass as he pumped scum into her rectum. She could feel his hairy balls bounce off her ass cheeks.

He loved her ass so much as he came because she was hairy there too. Squirt after squirt filled her shit cavern. She was relieved that it would soon be over. The man in front of her began to cum too. “If you don’t swallow I will cut your face with a razor,” he said. Carole prepared to swallow for the first time in her life. The man shoved his dick to the very back of Carole throat and held her head tightly. “I want to hear swallowing sounds, and I want you to thank me when I finish” said the man getting head. Carole nodded yes and continued to slurp the huge cock in her mouth. Sperm flooded her throat and coated it with a warm viscosity. Carole swallowed making sure to make swallowing and gulping sounds. “That’s it puta, take my milk eagerly.” After empting his full load the man removed his dick form her mouth. Carole just barely remembered to say, “Thank you for giving me your sperm sir.” The other man made Carole clean his shit covered dick. Carole hated it but did as she was told. Next she was made to swallow piss from both men. They liberally sprayed her with it all over her body.

The men had time to do a double where she had a dick in her ass and her pussy! Carole did not want the man to come in her pussy because she did not want to become pregnant. But the man let slip that her pussy was going to have plenty of sperm from many different men before she was let go. It seemed inevitable that Carole was about to become pregnant by black men. But some of the men were actually dark skinned Hispanics. The man in her pussy came in long squirts that seemed to go on forever. She counted 9 squirts that each filled her womb. Then they reached their destination.

Carole was made to walk naked past a gauntlet of men all naked and with their dicks erect in anticipation. She was told to make a run for it. Carole ran but was soon tackled by two men. They quickly filled her pussy and ass with their dicks and pumped without mercy until they came. Then the rest of the men took turns fucking her mouth, ass, and pussy. Some pumped sperm on her face, breast, ears, eyes, nose and hair! All of them seem black to her but some started speaking to her in Spanish. “Tell me you like it Puta in Spanish and say more from your own imagination too,” demanded one Latin man. Carole knew she had to obey or be hurt. “Dame becho grande and me gusta mucho papi,” said Carole (“Give me big dick, I like it a lot”). “Metemelo haste el fundo de me chocha y culo y boca, usame como una puta que soy” she retorted (Stick it ot me until the very end of my Pussy, Ass, and Mouth). The Spanish speaking men loved it when she talked that way and made her do it for the whole time they used and abused her.

Her breasts were bitten and dildos were inserted in all her orifices after they had been in other orifices. As she lay on her back a man straddled her face and fuck her mouth like it was a pussy. He didn’t care if she gagged or responded with vomit but continued plummeting her mouth with his dick. Finally he came as she passed out from not breathing. When she awoke she could taste sperm at the back of her throat. The slot oyna man shoved his dick so far down her throat that it hurt and she could feel several of his pubic hairs lodged there.

Another mounted her mouth and made her lick his balls every time his dick reached the back of her throat. This was not easy but she managed to extend her tongue out beneath his entering shaft and lick his balls. “Put your finger in my ass while I pump your mouth,” said the man. And Carole did as she was ordered and inserted a finer in his hairy ass. “Voy a venir,” said the man in her mouth and came in and out of her mouth. Carole swallowed all she could. The man jumped off of her and ordered her to lick clean her finger that she had in his ass. Carole obeyed and licked her finger. It tasted fowl but she did it. Another man stood over Carole and placed his butt over her face.

Carole could not believe that he would want her to lick his ass. “Lick my ass clean Puta” ordered the man. Carole sadly began to tentatively lick the outer rim of the man’s ass. “No put your tongue in all the way in and all the way out until I cum on your tits,” ordered the man. Carole stuck her ass in and out of his ass tasting his shit and hairy rim. The man enjoyed it and got another man to suck him off while she ate his ass out. The man came on her tits as advertised. He shot several long sprays of sperm onto her tits, stomach, and pussy. One shot reached her knee. He had been saving that sperm for a month in anticipation of the day’s prize.

Other men came and used Carole making her run and recapturing her as well as urinating on and in her when they needed relief. She was held down at one point and her pussy licked and eaten out until she faked cumming. They didn’t care if she had actually come or not as long as she looked like she came. Her pussy was fisted to the wrist and her ass was probed with several fingers at a time. She was again taken to the bed and the men stood around her and masturbated all over her as she was made to masturbate and cum (she faked it). Then the tape ended.

Part Three

Jim was taken to the room where his wife was tied. She saw him and cried. Jim was seated and another TV and VCR were brought into the room. The play button was pressed and on the screen appeared Jim’s image being used in the van. Jim was horrified to have his wife see him being abused. Carole could not imagine her husband taking dick in his mouth and ass. She saw him cum too inside another man’s mouth! “Carole, your husband saw your video of you enjoying all these lovely dicks here too” said the van driver. Carole was shocked to think her husband saw her with dick in all her orifices and saw her cum too even while masturbating. She knew it was not a real orgasm she had had but he didn’t know what. And all the nasty things she was made to say too, how embarrassing! Jim too remembered all the nasty things he had said and felt bad.

Next the couple was ****d in front of one another. They were each made to look at the other as dicks were rubbed on faces and other body parts prior to insertion. Then the dicks were inserted into Carole’s pussy, ass, and mouth. Jim’s ass and mouth were battered with dicks for several hours, as was Carole’s. Cum and piss mixed with blood as their orifices gave way. There was a break for two hours. Jim and Carole were allowed to be together alone in a room. They held each other and wept. They were given food and water to drink.

After the break, Jim and Carole were made to have sex with one another on their sides. Then two men came to the bed where Jim and Carole laid and each took the ass of one of the couple. Jim and Carole each had a dick in their ass and were made to continue to have sex in this manner as the men enjoyed themselves. Carole and Jim humped one another as the men behind them pushed their dicks all the way into their asses. Soon the men came and made the couple clean their dicks clean. Then Carole and Jim were made to take turns sucking the cum out of one another’s asses and eat it!

Jim and Carole were made to do 69 on one another. Carole was on top. In this way Carole’s pussy and ass were still open for receiving dick and did. The men took turns fucking Carole in the ass or pussy and sometimes they made Jim drink their jism. It was sometimes possible for the men have Jim eat their asses as they fucked Carole in one of two holes or receptacles. Then Jim was on top doing 69 to his wife and while she sucked his shaft he was being ****d in the ass repeatedly. Carole too had to drink sperm and eat ass as her husband had done. Jim could not resist and came at one point in his wife’s mouth. She was surprised by it but swallowed anyway.

Then men told the couple that the ****s to them were vengeance for Jim’s **** of a mother and daughter earlier that month. Jim buoyed his head in shame and Carole was in shock. The mother and daughter had recognized Jim on the street and followed him home and told some “friends” of theirs to take care of it instead of going to the Police. They were told if they went to the Police Jim would have to face **** charges of his own. Then the couple was driven home and given tapes of their ordeal. Scenes from their ****s made plenty of money for the men who ****d them and for the mother and daughter that were ****d. Carole became pregnant and had twin dark skinned babies, which they kept. Neither of them was infected with any decease. Carole was able to give head, swallow cum, and take it in the ass from then onward. Jim too liked to get a dildo in his ass every so often.

But it was not over yet. Jim and Carole had a daughter of their own that was just away at college and would be coming home next week to be ****d with the rest of her family. The Big dude that drove the van did not get his share that fateful day and wanted to get his. His dick was 12 inches long when it was not erect and was 4 inches round. His balls were the size of tennis balls and when he came he easily filled a cup. His dick would be not match for their daughter’s sweet snatch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32