Payback is a Dick

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Everyone thought they knew me, but they didn’t. For as long as I remember I hated who I was. When I was younger it was never an issue. I played with the boys and no one said a thing, but when my body changed, everything changed with it. First the people around me changed. They told me what to do and when to do it, and then the boys around me changed, telling me what to do and how they wanted me to do it.

When my body changed I began to hate myself. When my breasts began to develop that’s when most of the problems came. During those summer months I cursed my body, but there was nothing I could do. It seemed as my cup increased, so did my problems. The boys that I use to play with made constant comments about my boobs. As they kept growing, the comments slowed and the advances grew. When I was a D cup, I was pressured to jack off two guys from the neighborhood, when I was an E cup, I was forced to suck my first dick, and when I was a G cup, I was raped by my uncle.

I grew use to men wanting me because of my body. By the time I was fifteen, I was handing out blow jobs like it was candy. I hated the feeling that surged through my body when they grabbed my breasts, but they all grabbed them, and my body reacted. Everyone made comments about my boobs. Teachers told me to cover up, my mother told me I couldn’t wear this or that, my father told me I “shouldn’t advertise so much”, but they didn’t understand. I couldn’t choose the weight on my chest. No matter what I did, they always showed themselves. I got my mother to buy me minimizing bras. I wore sports bras when I could. I tried to hide them, but aside from having them cut off, its hard to hide over ten pounds of flesh hanging off the front of your body.

I did my best to stay away from people. I wanted friends, a boyfriend maybe, but because it always came back to my chest, it was better just to stay away. And then it happened. Benjamin Wilson had a pool party and his mother and my mother were friends. I tried not to go but my mother got the invite from her friends, and I was told I had to go. She told me in the kitchen on a Thursday, two days before I would have to go.

She was dressed in her little whore skirt. The one she liked to wear for the boss that she wasn’t fucking. “Your going, no matter what you say. I don’t care about your little insecurities.” We didn’t get along.

“But it’s a pool party. A pool party. Do you have any idea how bad that will be?”

“I don’t care. It’s all in your mind. Just because your obsessed with those boobs of yours doesn’t mean that everyone else is. You become the whore you want to be, not a whore because other people look at you and think it.”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t fight her. She called me a liar when I told her about my uncle. She slapped me when I said that I wanted to have my breasts removed. She told me I was ungrateful for all her and my father did for me. The conversation went nowhere.

“I guess you shouldn’t eat anything then,” she picked up my plate and dumped it in the trash, “we wouldn’t want those boobs of yours to get any bigger, you might kill yourself.”

And that’s how it ended, and how I wound up being dropped off at the Wilson house and told that I would need to get a ride home. I showed up in a one piece, my small attempt at hiding my body, but it didn’t work. I wore a cover-up and shorts, but I still got the looks. I use to think it was just me, that I was making it all up, started believing what my mom and dad told me, but you can’t ignore someone grabbing you, touching you when you don’t want them to, ripping your panties off and fucking you from behind in the garage while your parents slept upstairs.

I stayed away from the other kids for most of the party. I talked to a few people, mingled as best I could, but being as self-conscious as I was, there was no hope. Mrs. Wilson finally came out and found me. She grabbed my arm and asked me to come in the house. She smiled nice enough and then got me a glass of water.

“So sweetie, I’ve been watching you all day, and you are just sitting over there alone. Your mom asked me to watch after you. Why aren’t you having fun with the rest of the kids?” (her son was an ass).

“I’m fine Mrs. Wilson, really.”

“Well why don’t you go get in the pool and enjoy yourself? I am going to leave you kids to have fun. Make some friends. Its not hard if you try.”

I didn’t answer, but turned, and without saying anything, I walked back out to the pool to the chair I had occupied most of the day when it all started.

“Hey camel, you gonna get in or what?” (camel was the nickname I had gotten at school because of the two large humps).

“I’m fine right were I am.”

“You scared that you might not be able to swim? Just float around with those things?” Everyone started laughing.

And that is how it happened. I didn’t say anything. I took off the cover-up, pulled my shorts down, and looked at them as they made more comments about paying attention to where I was so if someone was drowning they could throw me close to have floatation devises. But I didn’t stop there, I pulled the strap of the suit down my arm and everyone stopped talking and stared. I got both straps off before I released my breasts for all to see, past my breasts, I looked at them all and smiled. I pulled it down and stepped out of, lifted the suit and held it with one finger, and then dropped it. I dove into the water and felt the cold rush over my entire body, stayed under for what seemed like an eternity, and came up in the shallow end right in the middle of their little group.

They all starred, but they didn’t say a thing. The boys were clearly spell bound, still ignorant in the ways of women. The girls starred at me with disgust, then Rachel, the ring leader decided that I had too much of the upper hand.

“See shes just a whore, like we all knew. We all know how you gave Alex a blow job in the guys locker room. Whore.”

The guys looked at me for a response. The other girls started laughing, and then chimed in with the chant of “whore.” I had seen that movie by Stephen King with the blood and the prom and that was the feeling of it all. I was the tenth person at the party, the entertainment of the other nine. I was the one that all their anger could be directed at, all the hatred, and that’s when she decided to step the game up.

“You know if she’s going to act like a whore, maybe you guys should treat her like a whore.”

There were six guys, and they were basically surrounding me. The three girls sat on the edge and laughed. Ben was the first one that approached me. I didn’t think he had the balls to do anything so I turned away from him and started walking toward the stairs. I knew no matter what they though or said, they all wanted my body. I hated it, but they loved it. I made it up two steps, my ass almost all the way out of the pool when Rachel came up beside me.

She followed me out of the pool, and when I made it out, I turned to them all. “Fuck all of you. You’ll get what you deserve.”

Rachel was right there. “And you will too.” She slapped me hard, and the shock of it carried me almost to my knees. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to one of the chairs. She screamed for Ben and Adam to come help her. I didn’t know what was happening. She slapped me two or three times, spit on my face, and then announced to everyone, that “Now, the whore will be treated like a whore.”

She looked at Ben who stood there in shock and screamed for him to do it. When I tried to resist finally, Rachel hit me, and her little crew rushed out of the pool and held me down. Two got my arms and Rachel took her place holding my legs. When Ben finally complied with Rachel’s order, it seemed like my presentation had already done its work. Rachel released my legs as he pulled down his pants and between my pleas to stop, two of the guys grabbed my legs. They pushed my knees to my chest and then Ben got between my legs.

He looked down at me and smiled, “your going to enjoy this whore, aren’t you?”
When he finally pushed into me, I screamed, but as soon as I did, Rachel slapped me. “Shut up and take it like a whore.”

I started crying. I couldn’t resist and they knew it. Ben fucked me hard, causing my body to absorb his abuse. They laughed at my boobs moving and started telling everyone to “watch”… “look at those things”… the comments went on and on. It didn’t take him long, and everyone could tell that Ben was going to lose it.

“Make a mess of her Ben.” And then the chants came in, “Mess….mess… mess.”

He pulled out and stood, and started jacking his dick. Before long, the mess began. A stream of his cum shot out and reached my face, then the subsequent shots went less far, but managed to make quite the mess of my boobs and stomach.

And that’s how it continued to happen. They all fucked me, one after the other. By the time the second one was done, the girls didn’t have to hold me anymore. I was in a state of shock, and couldn’t move. After four loads on me, my tears dried up and the hatred began to grow, but I still couldn’t muster up enough to resist. When Rachel and the girls told me to turn over because the mess was disgusting, I simply did what they told me, and I didn’t even put up a fight when they told James to stick his dick in my ass. Both James and Ryan fucked my ass through my screams and all the girls just sat there laughing at me.

When it was all over, I curled up in a ball and cried. They didn’t say a thing at first. They just kept laughing and talking to each other about what they had done, that no one would believe me if I tried to say anything, that even Ben’s mother would deny that it happened. They threw my clothes at me and told me to go home to my “whore den,” and be careful of that would happen whenever they wanted it to.

I used the cover up to clean the cum off me, and slipped on the one piece as fast as I could. My ass hurt and was leaking their cum. My shorts went on quickly, but I found it hard to walk. I struggled past them all, my dried tears and swollen eyes giving away my utter defeat. When I finally reached the street, I began walking home. I made it two blocks before I sat down on the curb and started to cry. I sat there with my thoughts and tears for a few minutes, until a car pulled up and stopped. A man, probably in his forties shut off his car and asked me if I needed a ride. At that point it didn’t matter. If he was a rapist and was going to kill me, I didn’t care. I just wanted to get home and shower, crawl in bed, and never get out.

I looked at him with my tears. His face was pleasant and somehow calming, so I didn’t say anything. I stood up and opened the door and got in. He looked at me when I sat down and grabbed my hand. I immediately withdrew, but he grabbed it again. “Everything is going to be ok. I will make this alright.”

He didn’t say anything else. I didn’t tell him where to go, but before I knew it we were at my house. I looked at him. “How did you know where I lived?”

“I know everything about you. I have been watching you for a while, and today, because of what happened, I decided to do more than watch.”

“What do you mean you have been watching me? Are you a perv or something?”

“No, nothing like that. You see, I am here to help you.”

“How can you help me?”

“I already have.”

“How have you helped me?”

“Tomorrow when you wake up, you will have what you have always wanted and the means to get back to all those that have hurt you.”

“Whatever.” I got out of the car and slammed the door, began walking to the door, but he shouted at me to stop.

“Take this.” I turned to him and he handed me an envelope, which I took, and without any more words, I walked to the door, went to my room, showered and laid in bed and cried myself to sleep.

When I woke up everything was strange. I wasn’t in my room. I didn’t feel like myself. I realized immediately that I wasn’t myself. My breasts where gone, I saw that much, but what was stranger was that I seemed to take up more space in the bed than I had. I threw back the covers and what I saw almost caused me to scream. I looked at my arms. Ankara Escort They were masculine and large. My stomach was ripped, and then there it was, a large cock between my legs. I knew then what that man had meant. I was finally what I always wanted to be, a man.

I rushed out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Before me I saw the perfect man. I had to have stood at least 6’3” or 6’4”. I was ripped like no man I had seen before, but I wasn’t like a body builder. I oozed sex, and the cock between my legs was amazing. The thing had to be at least 6-7 inches soft, but I didn’t dare touch it.

What made everything even stranger was that I wasn’t in my house. I had to be at least 25-30 and the place I was in overlooked the city. I went to the kitchen and saw the envelope and opened it immediately.

Dear Kate…. or Jose or whatever you want to go by now

As you can see, you are now very different than you were. You are no longer the woman you hated and now the man you always wanted to be. You have been made into the perfect male, with a body any woman could never resist. I have given you a life of leisure with the economic freedom to do whatever you want for as long as you want. You will want for nothing, but you have a choice of what to do with what you have. First, you may take the life you have been given and go on with your life as it is, as the man you are now or second, you may react your revenge on those that have hurt you and then once done, find yourself as the age you once were in the body you now possess. The choice is up to you. But you must know this. I have given you some of my powers to enact this revenge. You possess the power to change people with your seaman. Once your seaman is inside someone, you have total power over them. You have the ability to change their form and their attitude, their actions and thoughts. However you select to use this power is fine by me. The world will adjust to your changes and everything will go on as normal. No one will know anything has changed. Once your choice has been made and it plays out I will be back in touch.



I liked the idea of being a “Jose.” I also liked the idea of making these people pay. And that’s when the plan began to take form.

I went to the bedroom and found clothes. I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror and saw just how fucking hot I was. I loved feeling this powerful. I grabbed the keys on the counter and walked out of the apartment and went to the parking garage under the building. I hit the unlock button and went to the 5 series that beeped in front of me.

I drove straight to the school, and got there just before the bell rang. As always Rachel sat there by her car, the princess holding court with her friends. There they all were, the three devils, and they were all ready to pay. I got out of my car and walked up to them. They were almost in a trance. They all looked at me and stopped their conversations. I didn’t have to do much.

“Hey girls, I think you should blow off school and come back to my place and party.”

They didn’t say a thing, just got in my car and silently, looked ahead like robots. When we pulled into the parking garage, they didn’t make a move. They just starred ahead like they were in a trance. I got out and they followed. They didn’t say a thing. We got into my apartment and they all sat down on the couch side by side, hands on their legs starring straight ahead. I sat in front of them in the chair.

“So ladies. Is everything ok?”

They all looked at me and in once voice said, “yes.”

Rachel was a blond, tall and skinny with almost no form what so ever, but her parents had money and she exacted her power from that. I looked at her with no attraction, but when she saw me looking at her, she met my gaze.

“What are you thinking Rachel?”

“Nothing. Whatever your thinking.”

“Well I’m thinking that you don’t want those clothes on.”

She stood without a pause and took her shirt off. Then she lowered her skirt and stood before me naked. I wanted to kill her. I stood and looked at her in the eyes. I could see that she was obeying, but there was something behind her eyes.

“Do you know what is about to happen to you?”

She didn’t respond, but tears came out of her eyes, and I knew she knew what was going on. That’s how I wanted it. I wanted her to know what was happening to her.

“Rachel, I am Katie and I am about to hurt you in a way you have never been hurt.”

She simply looked at me and the tears began to run faster.

“Get on your knees and make me hard.”

She dropped with no hesitation, and I unzipped my pants. I took out my large cock and she immediately took it in her mouth. Soft she struggled. I was amazed at the size of the thing. I had sucked lots of guys off in the neighborhood, they would always come around and I knew that that was just a way to get rid of them and make it easier not to deal with their bullshit, but none of them were as big as me now. Soft I filled her mouth. She obviously hadn’t ever done this.

I watched her crying as she tried her best to work on my dick, and although she clearly wasn’t any good at this, the feeling of her wet mouth on my dick was amazing. I thought about all the guys I had blown and now understood why they loved it so much. I started getting harder, but her teeth were brushing my dick. I pulled it out of her mouth and slapped her. I looked at her other compatriots starring at her with her slobber dripping down onto her flat chest, her tears flowing.

“All of you take off your clothes.”

They stood, the two from the couch, Rachel from the floor, and started stripping. They were glorified boys with vaginas, no curves, with the only indication of their future female forms being their pubic hair and the slight buds of breasts, that is except for Mary. She was the prettiest of the three, but because of her families position, she begged for the attention of the others and went along with their games. She was the only one that needed a bra, and her nipples hardened in the cold. I walked in front of them all, slapped Rachel and then turned to Mary. I grabbed her nipple and then cupped her left breast. It was soft and tender. It felt nice.

“Turn around Mary.” She complied with my order. I dropped my pants and took off my shirt. I pushed against Mary, towering over her. I reached around her arms and cupped her breasts, squeezed them and needed them with my fingers. I had felt my breasts a thousand times and they didn’t feel like this to me. I continued to rub her breasts as my cock hardened against her back. At that moment I wanted to fuck her, but she couldn’t be the first.

I dropped her tits and told them all to get on their knees. “Closer to each other.”

I put my dick to Mary’s face first. I slapped her cheek with my dick, then I slapped her face with my hand.

“Suck my dick bitch.” She took it in her mouth and instantly I knew she had done it before. She worked it good, but I had three girls to worry about. I pulled it out of her mouth and looked at her in the face. She wasn’t crying. I smiled at her. I turned my gaze to the other two and then went from one to the other, making them work my cock. Amanda could only take the head and a little more. When Rachel’s turn happened, I was through taking it easy. My cock had to be 12 inches long. Enormous. Larger than any natural dick should be, and clearly more than any real woman could take.

I pushed my cock into her mouth, and grabbed the back of her head. I wanted her to feel my cock. I wanted to put it through the back of her head. I pushed it to her throat and she gagged. I slapped her and pushed it back into her throat. She continually gagged, but I pushed harder.

“You girls like this don’t you.” I laughed. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her again. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were red and blood shot. “Don’t worry my sweet little Rachel, you don’t have to suck my cock anymore.” I grabbed her and pulled her up. I stacked the couch cushions on top of each other and told her to sit on them. She was just at the right height. It would have been easier to just have her bend over, but I wanted to see her eyes when I did it. I pushed her back so her head was against the back of the couch and pulled her legs up. I looked at that little pussy of hers and she followed my gaze. She tensed up, I’m sure screaming inside for me to stop, but she knew, and I knew that it wasn’t going to happen.

I put the head of my cock against her opening and pushed. I had no way to compare it to anything, but she was tight. I could have taken it easy on her, but I didn’t want easy. I wanted to hurt her. I pushed into her and she screamed. It was clear I had taken her dear little virginity, and now I wanted to take away her ability to walk. I didn’t take it easy on her. I slammed into her until my cock wouldn’t go any further. I took it out and pushed back in. Her screams stopped, and her pussy loosened. I grabber her nipples and squeezed hard, almost trying to pull her up with my grip. I didn’t fuck her long, just enough to get her broken in. I planned on coming back.

Amanda was next, but I didn’t care to look at her. I told her to get on her knees beside Rachel. Once there, I grabbed her ass and lined up my attack. I pushed into her, and amazingly her pussy accepted me. In one push, I got all the way in. I can’t imagine where she put it, but she took it.

“Damn girl, your pussy is wet as shit. You must like the big dicks, don’t ya?” I wasn’t searching for a response, I was searching for someway to be cruel. I pounded her through her grunts, fucked her harder than I could have thought about fucking Rachel. She clearly enjoyed it. I was enjoying it. It was wet and hot and tight around my thickness. As I fucked her the sound of the wetness moving, my body slapping against hers was something I never could have imagined, but I couldn’t spend all my time with dear little Amanda. I had other fish to fry.

I told Mary to get up, and I looked at the others sitting there. “I want you two to eat each other out while I take Mary back in my room.” They didn’t hesitate. Rachel laid on the floor and Amanda straddled her face and put hers in Rachel’s bleeding cunt, but I couldn’t resist. I crouched behind Amanda and stuck my dick back inside her. “Lick my balls Rachel.”

That was amazing. I got deep and allowed Rachel to suck on my balls. Then I stopped. I withdrew from Amanda, stood up, and ordered them to go back to eating each other.

I took Mary by the hand and led her into the bedroom. I sat her on the bed and scooting her back as I crawled onto her, I kissed her. She responded by kissing me back, and as my tongue darted into her mouth, I pushed my hard cock into her pussy. She gasped, and I allowed my weight to fall onto her. This was different. This wasn’t hate. I wanted to enjoy this, and had to get those dirty cunts out of my sight. I felt her tits push against my chest and her legs wrap around my back. Fully in her, by mouth was at her forehead, and slowly I worked into a rhythm. All the way in her, I grinded with force in a small circle. She responded with quicker breath, small moans, and then all of a sudden her body tensed up and she screamed. In the background I could hear the other two having their orgasms.

I raised up and started actually fucking her, grabbing her tits, and soon she had another orgasm. I withdrew from her and looked at her. I was surprised that I had not orgasmed or ever felt the need to cum.

“I’m not going to do to you what I am to them, and although you have a price to pay, yours will not be the same fate as theirs. Now come with me.” I knew what I was going to do to them. I knew how I was going to use my power.

We got back into the living room, and I told them to sit back on the couch. I pulled a chair in front of them and sat. I starred at them for a minute or two, watching their drying pussy juices on their faces.

“Now its going to happen. You two are evil bitches and you are going to pay for what you did and who you are. Your fate will be clear to you in a minute, but for now Rachel, you will simply watch Eryaman Escort and be tortured about what will happen to you soon.”

I walked into the kitchen and looked around for something to help. I opened cabinets and found some olive oil. I went back to the living room and told Rachel to massage my cock with the oil. She did as ordered with confusion.

“Sit back down and enjoy this. Amanda, get on the couch and put your ass up in the air.”

I grabbed the olive oil and poured some on her ass. Then I lined my cock to her ass and pushed in. She screamed, and I struggled to get it in her. Her ass was amazingly tight and for a brief moment I almost stopped, thinking I was killing her. I got half way in her and stopped, slapped her ass and made cowboy noises, laughed and then pushed the rest of the way in. I think in part she was about to pass out, a full 12 inches of cock filling her insides, but I continued to slap her. I pulled her hair and as he ass eased a bit, I began fucking her. She grunted with my thrusts, but soon, they eased, and although I am probably wrong, I got the sense that she almost started accepting it, maybe even enjoying it. I know I was. It was much tighter than their pussies.

I fucked her for a good ten minutes good and hard, and I finally felt a tingle, and indication that I needed to cum. The moment was at hand. I fucked her as hard as I could, thrusting her head against the couch, and then when I knew I couldn’t hold it anymore, I pushed all the way in her and let go. It felt like a fire hose going off. The heat and pleasure was something I could never have imagined. I started fucking her as I came, the wetness increased to such a degree that I slid in her easier. She was clearly no longer conscious.

I pulled my cock out of her ass and pushed her to the side. My cock was half soft dripping and I looked at her gapping ass, my cum leaking in a large stream out of her ass.

“How do you like your future there Rachel?” She was crying. “But no Rachel, this is not the half of it.”

I looked back at Amanda, now coming back to us, and wondered how it actually worked. I figured I would just announce it to her and see what happened.

“Alright Amanda. Fucking you, making you feel what I felt is only half of your punishment. Now comes the punishment that will make this all worth the problems you have caused me. Your life will never be the same. Stand in front of me.” She stood as best as she could.

“Now, from this moment on, you will not be the same person. You all laughed at my breasts, so now, you are going to have a large set of your own.” Her breasts started growing in front of me. They swelled at first, and then filled in. They expanded. Her areolas grew. “Now they will be larger than mine when they stop growing, what do you say, some nice large J-cups?”

As soon as I said the words, they seemed to increase their growth to match my desire. “But wait, that’s not all. Lets think,” I paused. “and oh yes, those giant boobs of yours will seep milk, squirt it whenever your little girlfriends here suck on them.”

I saw drops of milk begin to ooze out of her nipples. I smiled. “Now what else to go with those boobs of yours? How about this. You liked my cock so much, how about we give you one of those, about my size since you loved it so much.” And then it happened. A nice cock sprang out of her pussy and two nice sets of balls dropped. “but that’s not all. Your going to cum an amazing amount, and it will be addictive, why you will see later, but for you, every time you cum, you will want cum yourself, more and more as you cum more and more, and because you liked to think that I was a whore, now you will be too, always wanting to get fucked in the last two places you got left to get fucked in. That pretty mouth and ass of yours will constantly have some cock in it.”

I told her to turn around and model her new body. Rachel looked at me with the last bit of power she had. We all sat in silence and horror at what I had created.

“Now Amanda, Sit there on the couch.” I turned to Rachel. “Rachel, since you liked sucking me so much, why don’t you start giving Amanda her first blow job.”

When Rachel put the dick in her mouth and started sucking it, Amanda gave a half smile and her eyes rolled back in her head. She relaxed completely and allowed herself to fall against the back of the couch. Rachel worked it as best she could, but in no time Amanda’s dick was hard.

“Now stop. Stand up. I want you to climb on her and lower yourself all the way down on her cock.”

She complied, but she struggled. She shook as she tried to get it all the way in her, and reached a point where she clearly could not go any further. I grabbed her body around her shoulders and through her screams, I pushed her down on the cock. The resistance suddenly let go and she fell completely on its full length. Her body quivered.

“Now don’t worry there Rachel, it has just begun.” I told her to grind on her cock and her gasps came with regular intervals. I jacked my dick until it was hard, watching them fuck, and then got behind Rachel and pushed her forward against Amanda. “Your pleasure is over, Rachel. Mine is now starting.”

I pushed my dick into her ass and unlike with Amanda, I didn’t try to take it easy. I pushed past her resistance, with force that certainly made her ass cry out for relief. I fucked her so hard, it almost hurt me, and gave up all ideas of being nice. Amanda let out a scream and I knew she was cumming. From the sound of it, I realized that perhaps the amount of cum that I gave her wasn’t as good of an idea. I pushed Rachel’s body to the side a bit so I could watch Amanda’s breasts move as I fucked Rachel’s ass. I gave one a squeeze, pinched her nipple and she smiled at me, her rapist.

The irony of getting turned on seeing and feeling those large tits did not escape me, and soon I was ready to let go. Again I started to cum in a young girls ass, and although I thought that I would cum less than before, it certainly didn’t feel like it. I launched stream after stream into her bowls and she moaned and grunted as if she could feel it release inside her. I continued to fuck her until my dick couldn’t, and then I pulled out of her to see my handy work. Her ass was leaking my cum, a frothy white foam mixed with a reddish hue, no doubt from me destroying her insides. She rolled off Amanda and we could all see the disaster we made of her young body. Her pussy was still leaking cum in streams. Amanda’s breasts were leaking milk.

“Now Rachel, here will be your fate. Your breasts will grow large, very large, so large in fact that you will not be able to get a bra to fit them. When you sit down, they will rest on your thighs, and you will love them touched. You will ask people to touch them and will just a little rubbing your will orgasm. When you do, your breasts will ooze cum rather than milk, which of course because you now are addicted to cum, you will enjoy sucking it yourself.”

Her breasts kept growing, the weight of which must have been amazing.

“Now, like Amanda, you too will get a nice dick to go with those tits, and you will love to use it and have one used on you, and in case I didn’t tell you, no one will ever know any different. You will remember that you were once different, but no one will believe you. If you try to undo what I have done, through surgery or other means, everything will grow back. Now I am not sure how you will be able to get around with all that weight, but maybe you can get a little cart to push in front of you to rest them on. Your back would certainly appreciate that. Now you two lick on each others breasts and enjoy the new fluid you possess. I’m going to take Mary back into the bedroom.”

I took Mary’s hand once again, and in horror she followed. I had her clean my cock first, suck it clean and then work it hard again, which miraculously it did. I climbed on the bed and laid down, my dick pointing toward the ceiling. “Mount me.”

She did as she was ordered, slid down on my cock with ease and let out a few moans. She sat on me with no movement, certainly trying to relax. I looked at her in the eyes. “Your fate will not be what theirs was. Now fuck me.”

She grinded on me at first, thrusting her hips back and forth, mixing it up with raising and lowering herself. She was good. I loved the way my cock felt inside her, the slight feeling of my head inside her rubbing around as she moved. I grabbed her tits and squeezed. I massaged them around and listened as her moans increased and she approached an orgasm. When she did a stream of fluid shot from her. The stream went up my chest as she arched her back, and subsequent streams left her body and flooded my stomach and sheets. I knew she couldn’t continue, so I threw her on her back and fucked her. I grinded against her and watched her orgasm again and again. I watched her tits bounce with my thrusts, her mouth open and close with the grunts and moans. When I came, she knew it, and I am not sure if it was the horror of things to come or the relief of it all but she came back to life.

I withdrew from her and she started to talk to me, outside the spell that I had somehow cast.

All I could say was, “no.” and her words stopped. I looked at her and pushed her back. I spread her legs and put my mouth on her pussy, tasting the flow of my cum leaving her. It was the first time I had eaten pussy before. She orgasmed quickly. “Thank you is all I said.”

I stood up and cleaned the mixture of cum off my face, thought, and then looked back at her. “So now for your fate. You my dear will also grow larger breasts, and gain the appearance that I once had.” I watched as she turned into me.

“You will live the life I once lived, but you will be the whore than you thought I was. You will have a normal life, but you too will crave cum. You won’t be addicted like the other two, but you will desire it. When guys make advances, you will readily give in and you will love it. Now get up, get your friends and get the fuck out of my apartment.”

And then it was time for the guys. I didn’t really know how I would go about handling that, but I knew I couldn’t do it tonight; however, I knew that I couldn’t wait long. The one thing I was worried about was possible problems with today’s affairs. I knew that Rachel wouldn’t take this well, and wasn’t sure if she would push the envelope and actually do something like call the police. I couldn’t put it past her.

I fixed some supper and then took a shower, the smell of sex was just too much. As the water rushed over me I fell in love again with being a man. I loved how powerful I felt, the way my body was tight and muscular, the way my cock felt resting, how tall I was and the lack of weight on my chest. It was all wonderful, and as I stepped out of the shower, there was a knock on the door.

I walked to the door without a stitch of clothing. I mean who could it be, and why would I really care. I didn’t bother looking out the door, I just opened it. Before me stood a man and a woman. She immediately looked me up and down and starred at my cock; he looked at me and told me I should cover up.

I invited them in, took my time and went to the bathroom and got a towel. I walked back out wrapping it around me slowly, watching her as I did it, her eyes never leaving mine. I asked them if they want a drink, and they declined. He took a seat in the chair to my right, she in front of me. I sat on the couch. The said they had some questions to ask me. He started to ask me questions about this afternoon, about the girls coming to visit, about the rapes, and they went on and on. I didn’t allow my eyes to leave hers, and half way through the questions, I spread my legs and allowed her to gaze at my cock.

“Are you listening to me?” He said assertively. “There are very serious matters.”

I looked over at him. Looked him dead in the eye, and replied. “Yes, they were here. And yes I raped every one of them.” He looked at her in shock. “But there is a more pressing question at hand.”

He was angry. “What in the hell is more important than that?”

“Why this.” I stood and took off my towel. She starred Eryaman Escort Bayan at my cock, transfixed. He stood and protested.

“Put your fucking towel on, your going to be coming with us you rapist.”

He went to pull his gun, but I looked at him in his eyes and told him to sit. He did. I turned my attention back to her. She sat there, captivated. I moved toward her and touched her face. She wasn’t beautiful, not in the least. She wasn’t anything special, but she was a woman. She was small, but she had a womanly shape. She wore a wedding ring.

I walked right next to her and put my crotch within inches in her face. She looked at me.

“Its alright. Suck my cock. He won’t mind.” She didn’t hesitate. She took my cock with skill. She inhaled it, and sucked hard, moving her mouth with more skill than all three of the young girls earlier that day. I didn’t want to rape her or hurt her, she seemed like a nice lady, a married woman who obviously had a family, but I let her work my cock. As soon as I got hard she had little problem take it all, which was no small feat. I could not resist I reached down and undid her blouse. I reached into her bra and gave her breast a squeeze. She seemed to like it, so I continued on to the other and then with both hands were massaging her breasts, I decided it was time to let loose and let her have my gift. I filled her mouth with my cum, which she moaned when it was received, and as I got soft, my dick falling from her mouth, the cum contained carefully in her mouth, I had to command her to swallow and allow my dick to leave her.

“Denise,” she looked at me in the eyes. “You will go home to your husband and love him. You will worship his cock, suck him daily, love all matters of sex with him. You will have constant orgasms when he is inside you, whether your pussy or ass, you will loose all your belly fat from your pregnancies and your breasts will be tight and full as they were when you first grew them.”

I turned my gaze towards him. I thought of the boys I still had to deal with. I told him to stand, and he did. I ordered him to drop his pants. When they were down, I too was captivated by his cock. It wasn’t the size of mine, but I knew then that I missed what I once did in the shadows, in the closets and garages.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. It was soft, but wonderful. I forgot how stimulating the smell of a cock is, how the pubic hair tickles your face. I took his soft cock in my mouth and began sucking it hard. Before long he was hard, and I accepted him in my throat, worked back on his head and then pushed it back in my mouth. I fucked it with my mouth, this being purely for my pleasure, and when he started to cum, I savored the taste, the feel of it leaving his cock and coating my tongue. By the time his cock was soft and it left my lips, I was hard.

I turned him around and stuffed my cock into his ass. He screamed with the pain, but as soon as I touched his ass, I knew he was a bad man. As I fucked his ass I saw how he cheated on his wife, how he forced women to fuck him to get out of legal trouble, and that made me fuck him the harder. When I finally came, I pushed him onto the floor.

“You will no longer have a dick. You will have a vagina for all those men you have fucked to fuck you. You will go home and tell your wife what you have done, how you have hurt her and you will agree to resign your post. You will take up on forth street, down where the whores walk and advertise yourself as a unique sex slave. Now both of you go, there is nothing to the claims from this afternoon.”

They stood up and left, she turned and smiled at me as she walked out the door. My power was beyond what I had imagined, but I couldn’t waste anymore time. I had to get to the boys first thing in the morning.

I slept in the nude and enjoyed the feeling of the sheers on my skin. I especially loved to sit there and make my dick twitch and dance under the covers. I dozed off with a contentment I had not felt in years.

When I woke, it was early. There was only a half light making its way into the windows, and I got up, showered and got dressed. I knew Ben would be making his way to school pretty soon, and Mrs. Wilson would be alone. I would have all day with my pretty little Mrs. Wilson. I showed up and knocked on her door. There were a few moments and then she finally came to the door. She was dressed in her yoga clothes, evidently, just getting underway since there was no sweat about her face.

She looked me up and down like I was a piece of candy. I didn’t want to treat her like the others. I wanted her to be fully aware of what was happening to her, plus I think I would enjoy trying to get use to acting like a man around women.

“So how can I help you?” I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Well I didn’t expect for something as beautiful as you to answer the door.”

“Well aren’t you sweet. I’m old enough to be your mother, and your just being a bad man coming here and trying to get an older woman all riled up like that.”

“Well certainly you aren’t old enough to be my mother, but if I’ve been bad, maybe you should give me a little spanking to teach me a lesson.” The sexual back and forth was stimulating.

“Your just trouble that’s what you are.” You could tell she was posing, sticking her hip out and pushing her breasts towards me. I could see the outline of a nipple in her outfit, a clear indication that she was turned on and enjoying our banter. “so your trouble, but why are you here really?”

“I am thinking of moving into the neighborhood and thought I would knock on a few doors and see what its like first hand.”

“And how many houses, wait, where are my manors, would you like to come in?”

“Sure if its not a problem.”

“Why of course not, no one is home but me and no one will be home until this afternoon.”

“And your telling a complete stranger this?”

“So how many houses have you been to?” She was clearly ignoring me, moving past what was clearly a message and trying to see how many people knew I was here.

“Just yours, and now I see that I don’t need to go anywhere else.”

“And why is that?” She was smiling at me.

That’s when I knew I had my shot. I would make my move and see if she resisted. I stood and walked toward her where she sat on the couch. I took her cheek in my hand, raised her face toward me and went to kiss her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back in anticipation. When she opened her eyes, I kissed her gently and she responded. I was leaning down, she was seated. As I kissed her, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was smooth, I knew, but what was the risk? When I released her kiss, I stood and looked her, looked at my cock, and then back at her. She smiled. Without hesitation, she took my cock into her mouth. She sucked it hard and slow, massaging it with her tongue and taking it deep into her mouth. She increased the pace and then slowed it down. She waited till I got hard and then she dove deep. There was some resistance at the back of her throat, but then she pushed past it, allowing my cock in invade her throat. As she did, she grabbed my ass with both her hands, paused when she was all the way down on my dick, and then pulled up gasping for air. She looked at with slobber dripping down her chin.

“Holy shit your cock is huge.”

“Yes it is, and you get to have it all day. I don’t have shit to do but you.”

She went to talk, but before she could I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it onto my dick. I forced her to fuck my dick with her face, and as I did she squeezed my ass. I bobbed her up and down on my dick like a toy, and she resisted only in as much as she squeezed my ass when my dick was forced down her throat. When finally I was ready to cum, I pulled her face off my dick, and she screamed at me.

“You fucking ass, get the fuck…” I slapped her and put my dick just inside her mouth and started to cum. I came and came and her cheeks swelled with my fluid. She swallowed and when I softened I withdrew, and when I did her mood lessened.

“Holy fucking shit. Oh my god. How in the fuck did you cum that much. Hey, are you listening to me. You didn’t have to do all that. She went to stand up.”

“Ok you listen to me.” I allowed her some freedom, but now it was time for my fun. “Take off your clothes.”

She didn’t say anything. She stood up and took off the tight outfit she had on. She was pretty, had a nice body, but she was aging. Her breasts were average, but sagging, and for someone her age she was fit, but she was past her prime. She clearly trimmed her pussy, but she wasn’t shaved or waxed. It was clear she wasn’t getting any, or much, at home.

“Ok there Mrs. House-wife whore. Your going to get yours for what you did to me. You allowed what happened to me to happen, so you have as much to bear, and I think you should go through what I went through. Those tits have to be bigger. I simply can’t enjoy those things, but for now I think that is all I will change.” Her breasts grew. “Yeah that’s a good size. Wait, just a bit bigger.”

They were tight and firm clearly, and large. Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but perfect for her frame.

“Wait, something is missing. Yup. I think you need a nice big cock right between those tits of yours.” And thus it sprouted.

We had four hours. I could do a lot of damage in four hours. I fucked her first doggy style over the side of the couch, then laid her on the table and sucked her tit dick while I filled her, but I tired of her fast. I made her lay on the couch, and I watched television until it got time for Ben to come home. When he walked in the door, he saw his mother with her new tits and dick laid out on the couch spread eagle, me sitting on a chair watching the tube.

I told him to stop. He did. Now call all your friends and get them over here. It took them a bit to get to the house, but we waited, and when they all arrived, and had them all sitting Indian style. “Ok there Mrs. Wilson, now its your turn. You are free to know what is going on.”

She looked at me and screamed. “No no no, you wont make a sound, and you will lay there on the couch. Now spread your legs.” She sat there and looked at me with a horrific look. “Oh Ben, I think shes ready for you. Go fuck your mother,” and he did. She looked at me and tears flowed down her cheeks. Her boobs giggled with the fucking. Her dick flopped back and forth. “Alright there Ben, that’s enough for right now. Stand back. Now sit there on the couch beside your mother. Mrs. Wilson, I think that ass of yours needs something in it. Don’t worry, your juices should give you some lube.” And then I laughed.

I watched her lower herself on his dick and tears came down her eyes. I loved it. Once she was all the way down on the thing, I had the boys, one after the other fuck her. When they were done, I had her turn over and Ben finished in her ass and then I let her lay on the couch and cry. I still had a lot of work to do.

I took Ben first of course. I didn’t worry about lube, I fucked him silly, and deposited my load deep inside him. I made him sit beside his mother.

“Alright there Ben, rapist boy. From now on you’re your going to be a full-fledged whore. You’ll have nice big tits, a fat pussy, fuckable mouth and you’ll just love to bend over for just about anyone. Don’t worry, you’ll have company.”

I fucked them one after the other. I gave three of them dicks, but made all of them look like whores, and as I left, I made them all fuck each other, a good train of dicks and big tits, Ben riding his mother’s tit dick while taking it up the ass. It was a beautiful site, and I thoroughly enjoyed the scream of Mr. Wilson when he walked in the door. I didn’t stick around to see what was going to happen, or ask many questions.

I got in my car and drove, and when I ran out of gas, I found myself in front of a house. I went to the front door and knocked, and when a woman came to the door, I backed away. She opened the door and looked at me as if she knew me.

“Charlie, where have you been? You know you have school tomorrow.”

I laid down in my bed and noticed for the first time that I was a bit smaller and definitely younger, but reaching down for my crotch, I found the same beautiful cock I had before.

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