Pay the Genie Ch. 01

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Scott trudged along the beach while waving his metal detector from side to side. His afternoon walks had yielded little in treasures over the past months, but helped to center him when he felt lost or depressed. His fiance’, Denise, had left him for his boss at the firm when Scott had been passed over for a promotion. It wouldn’t have been so bad if his boss had been less than seventy years old, or if Scott hadn’t walked in on the old man getting a sloppy blowjob from her. Some women just have different priorities than others, and her number one was clearly green and emblazoned with the visage of dead presidents. She never went that far down her throat for Scott anyway, and he believed he would be haunted forever by the lustful and painful combo of feelings that came with the memory of her flushed face, framed by blonde hair and dripping with saliva and precum, warped into a gagging grimace as she struggled to take in that old cock. The old man must have popped a lot of viagra in advance of that encounter.

Scott shook off the memories and continued down the beach. The constant sounds of his metal detector kept him calm. Just when he was about to turn and go back down the beach toward his car he was startled slightly by the higher pitched whine that signaled the detection of an object. The monitor informed him that the object was about the size of a fifty cent piece. Scott knelt in the sand and began digging, first with a trowel and then with his hands. A short time later he held an antique pocket watch.

After clearing off some of the sand Scott was struck by the condition of the piece. It looked new, but he had enough experience with the design of such things to know that pocket watches hadn’t been made in that design or of those particular materials for many decades. He took it home to examine it.

Sitting in his kitchen, Scott rolled the watch over and over in his hands. He couldn’t figure out how to get it to open. There was no release button on the side and it did not appear to snap open. After twisting and pulling from several different angles Scott started to lose his temper.

“God damn it. Open up!”

Immediately the watch sprung open and a green smoke began to pour out. Scott dropped it on the counter in shock and jumped back. Then something amazing happened just as he was reaching for the fire extinguisher. The smoke that had been pooling on the floor rose up and twisted into the form of a beautiful ebon skinned woman!

Scott felt his jaw slacken nearly to the floor at the beauty in front of him. She stood a couple inches taller than his six foot height and had a sexy body of toned muscle. She had an extreme air of power about her, and her black skin shone in the light of his kitchen. She looked like she had been chiseled from jet black stone by a master artisan. Her face was cruel and beautiful, but Scott could see from the lines of her face that she could be cute as well. An image of her full, thick lips pursed into a sexy pout sent a stir through his already swelling package. She wore a simple silk garment, the same green color as the smoke, that revealed more than it concealed.

“You are the one who commanded that the watch be open? You are the one who has summoned me, the genie of this timepiece?” she asked in a voice made of velvet dripping with sex.

“Y-y-yes,” Scott said.

She eyed him suspiciously. Clearly he did not know what he had done. Normally she would simply allow him to make his wish and reap the consequences, but she ran her eyes across him and decided to be merciful. He was in excellent shape and clearly took care of himself, though she could read a pain behind Kurtköy Anal Escort his eyes that she could tell was caused by a woman. His already pale skin was nearly pure white with fear and was beginning to drip with perspiration. She decided that she liked him.

“My name is Ura. In case you hadn’t guessed I am a genie,” she said, “You may wish for whatever you desire, and you may have as many wishes as you like.”

Scott’s eyes began to brighten and he opened his mouth to respond, but she raised a hand to interrupt him and continued.

“But there is a price for every wish. You must pay me before you receive what it is you desire. The greater the wish, the greater the cost. I can not tell you what payment you will need to make until you make your wish, but know that not a single man in your position has survived their first payment.”

Scott gulped at that. At first he had thought his life was about to turn around, but now it looked like it might end instead. What kind of payment could kill every man who had to make it? Still, his cock had been nearly steely for the entirety of the verbal exchange. It was getting hard to think rationally.

“I wish for… a kiss.”

Ura smiled at him. She had been right to give him mercy. She took two strides over to where he stood and pulled his mouth to hers. They enjoyed the touch of each other’s tongues through parted lips. After a few moments she pulled back.

“I thought I needed to make payment first?” said Scott with a gasp.

“I enjoyed that too,” she said and smiled, “For that wish lets just say in granting it I received my payment.”

Good deal. Scott was beginning to see some excellent potential wishes take shape in his mind.

“I wish for…” Scott paused, still trying to gain an understanding of the payment scale, “You to nibble my earlobe.”

Ura smiled some more. This mortal was being cautious. Still, nibbling ears wasn’t something she would take joy in. He would have to make a small payment to her.

“Your wish is my command, but first you will need to do something for me.”

Scott winced. Had he gone too far already? Was this the end for him? Ura reassured him with a touch to his shoulder. Then she tugged her silk top down slightly to expose her full and perfect breast. Scott’s mouth began to water. No model in any magazine he had ever seen could ever compare to the absolute perfection of the ebon tit the swayed softly before him. The nipple began to stiffen ever so slightly in the open air.

“Give it a kiss.”

Scott pursed his lips and kissed the nipple before him. His lips found flawless skin- soft and smooth. He squeezed the tip between his lips and then swirled his tongue around it. It became as hard as a bullet in his mouth. Ura’s hands curled into Scott’s hair and held his head to her breast. She began purring softly. Scott’s heavy boner began to ooze sticky precum into his pants.

After a few moments Ura pulled a reluctant Scott from her nipple. She moved in close to him and breathed in his ear. He felt his knees go weak, then a tongue began softly caressing his earlobe. Soon teeth followed and clamped down firmly. Each tug sent electric bolts shooting through him. Again, after a few moments she pulled away. Ura now bore a full grin of perfect white teeth. The blackness of her skin made her smile look all the wider and sexier.

Scott trembled with lust after the exchange. His iron hard dick demanded that he wish bigger.

“I wish for you to give me a blowjob.”

Ura’s grin shrank. Her lips pursed and she shook her head at Scott. Scott began to have second thoughts Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort when he saw the danger in her eyes.

“That will require a payment larger than I believe you are ready to pay, but now that you have made your wish there is no turning back. Prepare to make payment to me.”

Scott’s face grew white with fear. Surely he had gone to far and was about to die. But the payments so far had been pleasant so he maintained some hope. Ura stepped back one stride and a heavy wind started to blow in the kitchen, knocking Scott to his knees before her. Suddenly, Scott felt his body being restrained by invisible chains. Terror showed on his face as his entire body became immobile. Ura stood before him with her hands on her hips.

“You know, you look awful good down there. I think you might like this after all,” she said with her smile returning.

Ura made a gesture and her clothing began to fade from view. Her bare breasts made Scott’s mouth begin to water again, and his eyes traveled down her perfect curves past her flat, toned stomach. His eyes widened even farther when they reached the area between her thick and powerful legs.

There he laid eyes on the biggest, blackest, and most frightening cock he had ever seen.

At least ten and a half inches of uncut ebon flesh graced the area where Scott had expected to find a pussy. A thick mat of wiry pubic hair framed the object of Scott’s impending payment.

“Don’t look so scared Scotty, you made the wish now you have to pay,” said Ura with a cruel look on her face.

Scott felt his mouth begin to open against his will. He fought and struggled as much as he could to no avail. He couldn’t scream or move. Agonizing seconds passed as his jaw slowly continued to drop. Scott had of course figured out where that massive piece of meat was about to go.

Seeing Scott kneeling before her had Ura stiffening rapidly. Soon fourteen inches of iron hard black cock swayed between her legs. Her slender but muscled hands wound deep into the hair on the back of Scott’s head. Her hips began to gyrate slowly, and though Scott was unable to move his head, his eyes followed the hooded tip as it slowly moved from left to right and back again in front of his face. When Ura had enough of torturing Scott, she moved her hips forward and began to paint his lips with her precum.

“Just relax and remember that this is payment. When it’s over you will be getting your wish,” she purred to him.

As the last syllable passed over her gorgeous lips she moved her member inside Scott’s waiting maw. He clenched his eyes shut at the humiliation of having a cock inside his mouth against his will. He felt his mouth slowly closing around the beast of a cock. Oh God no, he even began to feel himself applying suction.

“Oh yeah baby, you know how momma likes it don’t you? I am going to fuck your throat so gooood.”

With that she moved the salty head of her penis past Scott’s tonsils. Scott felt the curious sensation of a foreskin rubbing against the sides of his throat. He felt sure that he would gag and choke, but it appeared that Ura had complete control over his gag reflex as well. That made him feel a little better. He found that he could breathe through his nose just fine, and he felt a large twinge of humiliation when he realized that he didn’t mind the taste. Ura must have felt his change in attitude.

“See baby? Not as bad as you thought huh?”

Indeed it wasn’t. He still had his eyes closed, but he soon felt her heavy black stones rest against his chin. As she withdrew so that only the quivering tip lay on Scott’s tongue, Kurtköy Zenci Escort he peeked out through one eye. Intricate designs were shaved into her pubic hair. Just as he began to think he might get through it, she took the opportunity to slam the whole fourteen inches down his throat. Tears wetted his eyes as he had no choice but to accept the wiry pubes grinding into his nose.

“I saw you admiring those, thought you might want a closer look,” she said and laughed.

All illusions of this being a tolerable experience burned away for Scott as Ura banged away mercilessly on his pretty little mouth. He felt his hands move of their own accord to her low hanging heavy black balls. He found himself cradling and squeezing them between his fingers. Tears streamed down his face as she used it for her pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah baby. Ohhhhhhh,” Ura moaned hard and gripped Scott’s head with renewed vigor.

Scott clenched his eyes shut again and knew what was about to happen. A heavy stream of hot jism sprayed down his throat into his stomach. Not wanting to waste it all internally, Ura pulled her shaft free of Scott’s mouth and blasted rope after rope of hot stickiness all over her boytoy. Scott felt the layer of white slime cover his face nearly completely. More shame washed over him as he licked his lips. He noted that this was another taste he didn’t mind, and his shaft hardened even more. Scott hadn’t yet noticed that he had never gone soft. Ura’s member slowly stopped throbbing and soaking the thoroughly face fucked Scott, and she began to spoon her seed from his face into his mouth with the head of her softening cock. Scott lapped it all up. His fingers kept kneading her balls and he sucked every last drop of cum from the shaft of his magical new lover. Suddenly he realized that he could control his body again. He felt confused and wondered how long he had had control.

“Baby, your payment stopped as soon as I started to cum. You did all that cleanup by yourself. There’s something for you to think about,” she said with a wicked smile as if reading his mind.

Scott rose to his feet and wiped the last of the genie’s spooge from his hair and licked his fingers without realizing it. If that was just the payment for a blowjob he could understand how greedy men wishing for millions of dollars might not survive whatever Ura demanded of them.

“Hold still baby, you earned this,” she said with a wink as she kneeled before him.

She freed his hard cock from his pants with a deft movement. The poor thing weeped precum at a frantic pace. Thick ropes of it hung between her fingers as she toyed with his shaft. Scott was still recovering from his ordeal, but when her thick lips pressed to the firm flesh of his cock he knew with every fiber of his being that the whole thing was worth it. She worked his piece with a finesse that can only come with magic. Her fingertips and nails seemed to be everywhere at once, pinching, caressing, and scratching at his sensitive flesh. Her tongue lavished attention on the head of his penis, and her eyes stayed locked with his the entire time. He felt himself near cumming at least a half a dozen times and each time she backed off. Each time he felt as though he would scream for release. After nearly an hour of listening to the divine sucking and slurping of a genie who really knows how to grant a wish, Scott felt her allow him his orgasm. He came like a train. Juicy cum showered her. She replicated his cleanup by using his cock to scoop dollops of cum off of her face and into her hot mouth. She smiled.

“Did the required part of that end when I started to cum?” a very weak Scott asked.

“Of course, but I felt you deserved the extra courtesy for being so good to me,” she purred in his ear, having risen and embraced him.

“I think that you and I are going to have an excellent partnership, Ura,” said Scott.

“Oh you have no idea, baby.”

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