Pauline’s Cravings

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“I can’t hold it any longer,” I hear the tortured moan echoing in my ears as my mouth instinctively tightens its grip around the swollen knob that’s beginning to spew its delectable nectar down my throat.

It’s just been too long since my taste buds have feasted on such a scrumptious treat, and as my gorgeous teenage son’s once forbidden organ continues to spasm with each new shot of the salty cocktail that I’ve craved for so long now, the complete lack of guilt I’m feeling for doing something so many would find abominable is just pushing me even further towards becoming the slut that every young boy dreams about as they tug themselves again and again imagining it’s their own mother’s mouth going down on them. I guess it’s just a not so well kept secret that everyone knows about too, and yet, it’s a subject so taboo that I doubt few will ever even acknowledge its very existence.

But it’s far too late for me to worry about such niceties now as my hand continues to milk the one creature that both God and man think should be immune from my beguiling charms, and even though I’m the one who has been relentlessly perused for almost 2 years now, the fact that’s it’s my mouth and tongue that are pleasuring this insatiable beast just makes me ultimately be seen as the aggressor. But who really cares about that now, and as my ears can only focus on the soft moans of utter bliss because of what I’m doing to this long thick organ, the thought of actually having it sliding in and out of me has already gained acceptance from both my intellectual and physical sides as well.

“OH God,” I hear the gasp as I suddenly find myself sucking on this beautiful gift that Mother Nature has provided for all her daughters in a way that no doubt even has her blushing with embarrassment.

It’s as though I don’t have any control over what my mouth and tongue are doing now, and just like all the girls in the sex videos on his computer do to all those helpless young boys who finally succumb to the demand that they surrender their salty nectar to one of those nymph’s sultry holes, the strain I’m putting on this dick goes way beyond anything that will ever be captured on video. Then again, I doubt this is the first time a mouth has milked this serpent of all its venom, and the thought of all those young girls back at school who have probably been on their knees just like I am now is driving me to give him something that he’ll want to keep coming back for more.

I guess it would have been naïve on my part to think that this swollen organ has not sought out relief from the ravages those teenage hormones have inflicted upon it, and yet, here he is with his dick in my mouth finally getting what he’s been chasing for what seems like eons now. I suppose I could have squashed all of this long before it got this far out of control, but the allure of allowing him free reign was just so intriguing with how his ever so subtle hints in the beginning were luring me towards doing the unthinkable. The truth is every teenage son looks at his mother as a possible source of carnal pleasure, and even though our maternal instincts are supposed to keep us from becoming susceptible to such seduction, for a sexually starved widow like me it was just too much for God to ask of me.

“I can’t believe what you just did to me,” the words finally reach my ears as I continue to shamelessly lick the last of his cream off his still rock hard prick.

You’re the one who drove me to do this to you, and if you truly are shocked because I just couldn’t take the torture any longer, then don’t you dare blame me for finally caving in and giving you what you’ve wanted from me for so long now. But the look on his face isn’t that of a child disappointed with finding out his mother has just committed an unspeakable act upon him, if anything, it’s one that says my mouth and lips are just going to be the first to taste his briny seed injected inside me, and truthfully, I can’t wait for that to happen too.

“I bet you won’t get that from the girls back at school,” is all I say as I stand up and act as though doing what I just did was a right every nineteen year old son should expect from his mother.


“Is that really you,” I ask the image in the mirror as though there might actually be an expectation of a response.

When I first saw the mannequin in the juniors section at Marshal’s a few weeks ago I just instinctively knew it was going to be the outfit that would push Ryan over the edge. How on earth a thirteen year old nymph can wear such a short teddy cloth skirt and tiny t-shirt and still claim innocence seems almost absurd, but the reflection in the mirror I’m looking at now isn’t one of virginal purity, and the streaks going down my thighs because of how excited my kitten has become merely confirms what the rest of my body already knows.

Obviously I’ve been pushed way beyond the limits most women will ever endure in a lifetime, and the faint taste of semen still lingering in my mouth is just adding to the fury between my legs. Perhaps dressing like this seems like folly now that kartal escort bayan his dick knows what’s waiting for it, but it’s going to have to expect some merciless teasing before I finally surrender myself to being ravaged again and again by his unforgiving beast. The truth is I need to be fucked fast and hard just like the girls in the sex videos, and the resiliency of a teenage cock just offers so many benefits that men my age simply can’t match.

For years now I’ve secretly marveled at Ryan’s ability to ejaculate two or three times a day with so little ease, and even though as his mother I suppose I should have discouraged him from what some would describe as an unhealthy addiction, but the towel waiting conspicuously by his computer for me to discover always caused such turmoil within me that ultimately I was forced to confront my fascination with his masturbational prowess. The truth is all teenage boys need to feel that release daily, and whether or not it’s actually habitual or not doesn’t alter the fact that for some women like me it’s a life of sheer torture just thinking about all that delicious semen waiting for my lips feast upon.

“Still think I look like Root,” I hear the words coming out of my mouth as I suddenly realize that somehow I made the journey from my bedroom down to the family room without even being aware of getting here.

My God he’s so bold, and as I feel his eyes taking in every millimeter of skin that I’m offering to him, the sight of his cock straining the material of his sweatpants to be released has both my heart and kitten collaborating to end this charade and let him take me as many times as his dick can keep getting hard. It just seems so ironic that Mother Nature would pair together two creatures like ourselves who have reached their sexual prime at the same time, and though my ovaries are desperate knowing that my internal clock is rapidly winding down because I just turned forty and her solution of matching me with in essence an ejaculation machine just seems so diabolical.

But so many of my friends tell me how their husbands simply slip inside them without foreplay and in a minute or two are rolling off of them and kissing them good night. A typical teenage boy on the other hand will merely lay back waiting for a hand or mouth to gently resuscitate him back to life, and all those years of practicing for that eventual day when their pricks would finally be rewarded with a place to pump all that thick creamy semen is a dream they all share too. Of course their first copulations will usually be with a doe like nymph who will usually only allow them one bite from her supple young slit, and even though their insatiable serpents yearn for even more pleasure from the pony tailed princesses, they have to settle for a quickie that always leaves them frustrated and wanting more just like their mothers who are lying right down the hall. That’s not me though, and I’m sure I’m not the only woman my age whose pussy can stay juicy all night if it ever had to service a ravenous young boy’s need to go for hours at a time.

“You both have those long legs and tiny tits,” he replies as he so casually starts sliding his sweatpants down his long thin legs.

Aren’t you so bold, and as my still disbelieving eyes take in a sight that is supposed to be banned from every mother’s gaze, the true length and girth of his fully erect member is finally being calculated by my kitten in a way no measuring tape is even required. He has to be at least seven or eight inches I hear the message reaching that part of my brain having to do with carnal delight, and even though I should have recognized just how well-endowed he was this morning, the shock of actually sucking his dick made me concentrate on just getting my saucy treat out of him and nothing else. A big dick on a young handsome boy makes me feel as though I’ve hit the sexual jackpot, and to think that it’s always been available to me almost makes me wish I had done this much sooner.

But the sad truth is that I had to be so disciplined because he was still just too young for me to take, and even though I furiously fingered myself night after night imagining sneaking into his room and peeling the sheets back, there was just something that always stopped me. But last month when he came home for Thanksgiving break he evidently decided that it was time for him to see just how enthralled I was with what he had been offering me for so long, and like a naive young maiden I dutifully obeyed his command to wake him as the sight of his fully erect organ held me both spellbound and frightened. He knew what he was doing to me too, and for three more mornings his cock shamelessly auditioned for me silhouetted in the darkness like a thief desperately trying to gain access to a forbidden treasure.

Obviously the seeds he planted worked quite well, and as he awkwardly dropped the towel after showering this morning I suddenly found myself on my knees with his exquisitely bloated member being offered to me. Needless to say I just couldn’t squander such an opportunity, escort maltepe after all, how many times would he continue to look at me that way, and the thought of some young slut just wanting to keep him for herself just drove me to suck him like he’s never been sucked. But now it’s time to go even further than just having semen fill my cheeks, and the sight of such a magnificent creature attached to my own son is just driving me wild with desire.

“What about Gwyneth,” I say so coyly as I start to model myself more for his serpent’s lustful eye as he’s obviously shell shocked and tries to recover his composure because of how I’m teasing him in a way he never thought me capable of doing to him.

I just knew when he first started comparing me to that attractive young actress in the Iron Man movies what he was really trying to tell me, and the fact I had to sit there and cross and re-cross my legs because of how it excited it made me knowing what he was thinking as she strut around on the screen nearly nude nearly drove me insane. Of course he could tell by my not scolding him or walking out of the room was all he needed to slowly start to weave his web of seduction to finally snare me, and the fact I enabled him to escalate his temptations way beyond the limits most mother’s would dare tolerate just further sealed my doom.

But right now I’m in a place that seems almost dreamlike, and as I try my best to act as though his nudity and my being so skimpily dressed aren’t an issue, the pounding of my heart tells me just how far I’ve pushed past all of society’s rules with so little ease. I can’t be the only mother who has made this choice, and even some of my friends who play tennis dressed in skirts almost as short as this one with their teenage sons are just a hair’s breadth from surrendering themselves like I’m about too. It’s just too bad that we as mother’s can never speak of our secrete desires either, and I’m sure our son’s never speak of theirs as well.

“Gwyneth is just a teaser while Root likes to show off her bald pussy,” I hear that one word coming out of his mouth that I hope will trigger an avalanche of naughty language between us.

How do you know that? But I’ve seen his collection of forbidden art not to question his ability to access even the most elite of Hollywood’s starlets, and the fact that beautiful young actress has made her flower available to the internet’s prying eyes is just pushing me to give him the kind of show every young boy wishes from his mother. I remember when I first watched Paris Hilton going down on a dick that just seemed too big for her mouth to wrap around while knowing she was being filmed shocked me at first, and the thought that I so easily handled such a beast this morning only makes me appreciate my own skills even more now.

“You’ve seen her pussy,” I ask so sheepishly using a word that only his father ever heard me utter.

The fact Root and I are both skinny brunettes certainly does make us resemble each other, and even though I think she’s much thinner that I am, the reality that he and his swollen prick have chosen her as their surrogate until they got the real thing is just adding to my discomfort now. I knew the first time he said I had to watch that new show Person of Interest that there was more going on than simply another shoot’em TV show, and the instant tingling between my legs when I first saw her quickly confirmed it too. Through his eyes I imagined what he was really thinking as she so easily seduced millions of his own gender so effortlessly, and that thought of him later that night jerking off thinking about me instead of her always made my fingers rub me just a little bit harder.

“She did some modeling in college and the photographer sold the pictures once she became a hit,” he says as his hand starts to slowly slide up and down his rapidly becoming impatient organ.

What is it about spreading your legs for a camera that is an allure almost every woman secretly desires, and all those husbands out there with nude pictures of their wives on their phones certainly confirms it too. For me though it was a secret that I should have shared with Jack long before he came down with cancer, and the fact I can still so effortlessly tease a rock hard organ just shows me how my skills of being a tease haven’t diminished due to being celibate for so long. My only real fear back then was that my nearly flat-chest and skinny legs weren’t what a man really wanted, and all the times Jack said how my body drove him crazy just fell on deaf ears until I started finding out just how wrong I was about how still being built like a teenage princess really does drive both men and boys wild with lust.

“Did she ever do a video like Paris,” I say as I slowly lift off my t-shirt exposing my tiny breasts to him for the first time since he was a toddler.

The look on his face at seeing me nearly nude is going to be one I will always cherish, and the devilish way his cock just seems to be screaming for me to slide this last piece of clothing down my legs so it can pendik escort see exactly where it’s going to be sliding in and out of has me wanting to end this game right now, but another part of me is enjoying our verbal foreplay in a way I never thought possible. Usually couples just start to go at it long before this, and I’m hoping he’s feeling the same as I am now about how our verbal jousting is just adding an element of excitement to our already forbidden game of erotic teasing that we are engaged in now.

“She only did a few solo picture shoots,” he replies with a bit of sadness in his voice that only a mother truly knows how to recognize.

I’ve seen so many of those exquisitely toned young models spreading themselves wide open to know that once their slits have been exposed to the lens then it won’t be long before some long thick organ will soon be joining them in a way only lovers are supposed to do together. For me the thought of screwing for a camera so some young boy can get himself off just seems so appealing to me now, and even though I know I could never do it, it’s just adding one more added piece of distress to my already over taxed senses.

“Well, it seems to me you need to find a willowy brunette that resembles her who is willing to do both,” I say as I slowly slide my skirt down my legs revealing to him what he has been literally chasing for years now.

Between the look in his eyes at what I’m showing him and what I just intimated about possibly becoming a model for him clearly has him befuddled. The truth is every boy wishes he could find some naughty pictures of his mother, and finally for me the realization that I’m standing in front of my own son with practically the same body I had in college just keeps adding to the terrible throbbing that is building between my legs. If only every frustrated woman could feel the rapturous blanket of ecstasy that is smothering me now, and even though the cause of my unbelievably erotic mood is supposed to be denied me because of whose organ has me so aroused, the cold hard truth is that I’m in a place even Kinsey never dared approach.

But right now it’s time for this show and tell game to finally come to an end, and a rock hard organ attached to a young boy and a vagina so in a state of frenzy demands that the two of us become one before our hearts finally give out in frustration. I just have to wonder how many other mothers and sons have been so hyper-sexually aroused the way the two of us are now, and the saddest part is that question has no hope of ever being answered.

“This is what you really want, isn’t it,” I whisper as I slowly position myself on the floor opposite him with my legs drawn up behind my shoulders.

Jack absolutely adored my ability at being so flexible, and all the times he would play that sensuous game of musical chairs with me as his dick alternated between my mouth and juicy hole has me almost on the verge of tears now. Of course my emotions are coming from a place so deep inside me now that I doubt even years of therapy would be able to match the freedom I’ve attained in just a matter of a few minutes, and the thought of tasting my own juices smeared all over such a huge dick just makes all of this seem so surreal. But this isn’t a sultry dream I having now, and the sight of my soon to be lover on his knees with his dick just inches from me is all the proof I need.

I just think as a woman there’s just no greater position of physical vulnerability than the one I’m offering to him now, and as my juicy slit, anus and mouth all prepare themselves to be filled with semen, it’s as though decades of regrets are finally going to be whisked away from consciousness. For me all those memories and sorrows of never being able to give myself totally to the one who brought me so close to my first true moments of passion has haunted me like a dreary November day for what seems like an eternity, and it wasn’t until my eyes beheld Ryan’s erect organ beckoning to me as if to rescue me from myself that all the pieces slowly started to come together.

Embrace it Pauline I hear the words as though a loud speaker were blaring them begin to echo in my head, and as much I’m trying to focus all my willpower on trying to maintain some semblance of self-control, the reality is that I’m just fighting a losing battle now. Why for God’s sake am I even resisting these urges that are just too powerful for me to deny, and as if a calendar begins to rapidly race backwards to the time when my virgin flower was almost pollinated by my own brother, the surge of both adrenaline and emotion that are conspiring against me in a way that is making my decision much easier for me to accept.

The truth is I’d just be lying to myself if I didn’t acknowledge that this hidden talent I have of contorting myself like an erotic ballerina is one that took years of practice for me to perfect, and the fact I never dared even tell Jack about how I honed my skills to near perfection just illustrates that need of complete and utter secrecy when dealing with anything of a sexual issue related to siblings. Maybe that’s exactly why I caved-in so easily this morning, and even though my brother and I pushed the limits as far as we could back then, there was just something so magical every time his dick was poised to slide inside me the way Ryan’s is now.

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