Patricia part 3

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We made our escape and headed down to the swimming hole for a swim to clean up.
No one else was there so we jumped in and swam for a bit as we washed the cum away until Pat pulled herself out and sat on the log with her legs dangling in the water, I stood in the water between her legs then Pat looked me huskily in the eye and slid her fingers in beside her bikini and started running her two fingers up and down her slit and over her clit.
Within a few second she slid her two fingers in to the knuckles and with a low voice pleaded “eat me” as she used her other hand to pull her bikini out of the way then placed her hand on the back of my head and urged my face closer as I was a bit unsure.
Her fingers were really starting to fly in and out as she moaned, “I’m so horny I could fuck a traffic cone right now” keeping up the slight pressure on the back of my head.

I took a tentative lick but couldn’t taste anything but fresh pussy so I sucked in her clit and swirled my tongue around it less than a dozen times before she mashed my lips against her and rubbed her pussy hard on my face as she neared the point of no return.

We heard a car door slam and voices coming down the track but Pat held my head even harder and came right there and then, I kept pulling away and finally freed myself slipping under the water as a couple of heads appeared over the bank.

Pat had shut her bent knees with her arms wrapped them but still had her pussy showing behind her legs, I looked up to see who it was, it was Russ and Jen walking down hand in hand but they quickly let go as they saw us.

I yelled out “are you two an item now?”

Russ sheepishly said yeh and grabbed her hand again saying “well I suppose its out in the open now”

Pat had calmed a bit but her face was still bright red as she twisted her head round a bit and tried to say hello with a croaky voice.

Jen sat down beside Pat and Russ dove into the water swimming quickly across to the other side.

As Russ slowly started swimming back Jen laid back with her legs in the water, Pat still had her knees bent up in front of her tits and her feet on the log she was sitting on with her naked pussy visible behind her ankles.

Russ swam up and laid his arms on Jens legs and started staring at Pats pussy, Pat was looking intently at his face as she noticed where his gaze lay then laid back beside Jen with her legs still in the same place.

I wasn’t sure if Pat knew her pussy was on show so I touched her between her wet lips, she jerked a little bit then allowed her knees to open a little more so I pushed my finger in a bit so she would know for sure there was nothing covering her pussy.

Pat relaxed even more so I turned to Russ and found him grinning back me, I grinned back and pushed my finger right in to the knuckle then pulled it back out, Pat didn’t move so I slid two fingers slowly in and out for a couple of minutes while Russ watched the show.

I was getting a bit too horny so I said out loud “ I’m off to the other side” hoping Pat would follow, I splashed off to the other side but no one else had moved although it looked like Russ had his hand between Pats legs, I couldn’t be sure from this distance but it sure looked like Russ was fingering her.

I slowly swam back and sure enough Russ had two fingers in her but as I splashed closer he removed them.

I grabbed Russ’s right hand and shaped it with two fingers out then pushed it towards Pats Pussy, Russ looked up at Jen in alarm as she wriggled but the girls were on their backs chatting and couldn’t see anything so he relaxed and allowed me to guide his fingers inside Pats soaking wet hole and set up a slow in and out movement.

Russ Sincan Escort grinned at me and used his thumb to rub her clit while keeping a sharp watch out on Pat and Jen.

I reached up Pats side away from Jen and slid my right hand under her bikini top then slid my left hand slowly around her thigh and pushed two fingers into Pats cunt along side Russ’s.

She had to now know there were 3 hands playing with her! Then Pat reached down trapping both our hands in her pussy as we felt her cunt contract rhythmically and could see her stomach muscles squeezing as she muffled a groan and came on our four fingers trapped inside her.

Pat leaned up and removed Russ’s fingers and gave a small smile as she shook her head in wonder then removed my hand and covered her self before standing and diving gracefully into the water.

She swam back and stood between us and I could feel her hand pulling my stiff cock out of the top of my speedo’s and started slowly jerking me off.

By the look of fear and pleasure on Russ’s face I gathered Pat had her hand wrapped around his cock as well.

After a few minutes Russ lowered his head on to Jens lap alongside his arms and started inhaling her scent deeply, Jen kept up her conversation with Pat with no knowledge that her new boyfriend was just about to cum in another girls hand while he sniffed her pussy.
Pat swapped hands leaving my cock bobbing freely so I moved in behind her and slipped my cock into her pussy until the water washed the juices away.
Pat was still wanking Russ as I wormed my way into the depths of her cunt, She tilted her pelvis to her liking and pushed back hard as Russ shot his wad into the water.

I came a few seconds later and Pat pushed my cock into her chosen spot and followed suit even though we were not able to slide in and out much.

Russ grinned at us and allowed himself to sink slowly below the water, I was sort of stuck and had to wriggle to start extracting myself, Jen sat up then stood up above us looking for Russ.

As I looked up I could see a wet spot in the crotch of Jens bright yellow bikini and wondered if Russ had drooled or had Jen got horny feeling his hot breath on her inner thighs.

Russ surfaced and Jen dived in then wrapped her legs around him as she hung on to his neck…. Horny would be my guess!

I popped free of Pats pussy and whispered in her ear “I hope she’s not expecting a root right away” Pat laughed and called me a naughty naughty boy as she turned and kissed me driving her tongue into her mouth.

“I better go home“ said Pat, “what time do you want to pick me up in the morning?”
I looked at her blankly for a few seconds … “oh yeh, Bazz” I said, “about 7 do?”

Next morning Pat was all prim and proper as we headed to the jail, they had a fair old argument about Mrs M and his kinky ideas with neither of them seeming to notice I was there, as soon as we got back to the carpark she pulled her knickers off and used one hand to rub her pussy while rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Get em off” she said so I stripped my jeans and jocks of and sat on the centre console, Pat lowered her self down and pushed her legs through the gap between the seats as she worked to get me hard.
She lowered her pussy down and used my semi hard cock to rub up and down her slit until she was wet enough to impale her cock on her pussy saying “Kinky … I’ll give him Kinky” “put it in second” she said, “what?” I quizzed…. “the gearstick, I always wondered what it would feel like” she said.

When ever I had a full car Pat would always sit on the console with her legs on either side of the hump but had to sit upright to give me Ankara Olgun Escort enough room to select second or fourth gears as the gearstick was hard up between her legs, I usually went from first to third to save her moving but when we got up a bit of speed I had to use top gear in the four speed manual gearbox.

Pat lifted up and I reached between her legs and pulled it into second, I lifted her dress up and watched as she sat on the shiny black gearknob and smeared the wetness from her slit over the knob until she moved down and it disappeared from sight, “That looks so hot” I croaked “not as good as when we are driving, the vibrations really get me off” she said grinning at me.
“I thought you just had a hard time staying upright … didn’t realise you slid down to touch it on purpose” I laughed.

Pat started to move up and down then swapped back to my cock as I watched … she kept swapping for a while then hovered with her bum over the knob and moved my cock to line up with her pussy, she kept trying but even though the knob looked slippery enough she couldn’t get it to go in.

I suggested that she turn round and try the other way so she pumped back on my cock for a while to get her all juiced up again and squirmed round until she was facing forward … lucky thing to as I was just about to let go.

Pat slipped her slippery pussy over the gearknob and lined my cock up with her arse, it was still too tight so she fucked herself back on my knob then swapped back several times as she slowly got my cock to go in more and more, as the pain eased she was starting to get off and had a nice little orgasm with my cock about in inch in her arse and the gearknob a few inches inside her.

As she relaxed from her orgasm she slid down further until with a sigh she moved all the way down on my cock, I was now firmly embedded all the way up her arse and could feel the gearknob pushing against my cock knob through the thin wall between.

Pat started to raise and lower a small amount as she relaxed even more and said ”hey, this is starting to feel really nice, no wonder Mrs M loves it”
I held her still pleading “don’t move, I’m too close” but Pat laughed and said “don’t worry, I want to feel it” then pumped up and down a couple of times until I shot my cum right up inside her very depths, I had been holding on for so long that it was one of the longest and hardest orgasms I had ever had.
Pat moaned “Oh gawd, I can feel it, I can feel it” and started pumping hard up and down my cock, I softened slightly but the extra lube and the tight feel combined with the gearknob rubbing up and down my shaft kept me reasonably hard and Pat was able to get off a short time later.
By now I was fully hard again so pat moved the gearknob to the “spot” inside her and held still while I pumped up into her arse from beneath.
I was getting close again when Pat noticed two guys watching us from two rows away across the carpark “I think they can see us” she said so I leaned up enough to have a look but Pat leaned back hard driving the gearknob into her spot and came violently taking me over the edge with her.

We grabbed the tissues and cleaned up the mess … Yuk … then drove off, we had to drive past the two guys on the way out and I expected Pat to hide but instead she picked up her knickers and tossed them at the guys as we drove past laughing.

I dropped her at home then headed back to my flat in the city.

Pats turned up Wednesday night again but this time she had another of her older sisters along to drop her off.

I invited them in for a coffee, Pats oldest sister was a real horn bag, great body, big tits and Ankara Ucuz Escort a tiny skirt, she dressed a lot more provocatively than Pat but I could see where Pat got her looks and figure from.

Carol sat on the only chair while I lay on the bed while Pat sat in front of me on the edge of the bed.

Carol crossed her legs to the other side and I’m sure I spotted either a bare shaved pussy or maybe it was nude coloured knickers … I really couldn’t be sure but kept a close watch anyway.

I was trying to look like I was just looking at her face but every time she moved her legs my eyes would dart down involuntarily and I’m pretty sure she sprung me perving.

She finished her coffee and stood up then turned around and bent over to pick up her bag giving me a clear view of her shaved pussy poking between her legs … I groaned a little bit as she turned and said “Don’t get up, I can see myself out” then grinned at me as she crossed to the door.
She looked at my crotch as she closed the door on her smile.
Pat grabbed my stiff cock and laughed “enjoy the show?, she’s such a tease!” and proceeded to unzip me and run her tongue over the head of my cock.

Pretty soon Pat was slowly sliding her lips over the head of my cock again and again with a funny twinkle in her eye as I strained to stop myself shoving my cock down her throat, Pat lifted up and said with a laugh “your dreaming its Carols pussy lips sliding over your knob aren’t you?” as she took me even slower into her mouth.
I groaned and went bright red as I watched her lips slowly but surely part as my cock head slipped between them.
I pictured Carols bare pussy lips in my mind and had a very strong orgasm shooting five or six times into Pats mouth.

Pat moved up and sank her pussy down on my cock then started swallowing the mouthful of cum as she stared at my eyes with a look of pure unadulterated lust.
She sank down, squeezed and moved her pussy up the length of my cock until I was fully hard again and said “Even though you cum a lot quicker than Bazz I love how we can keep going, Bazz just cums and falls asleep” I replied “I can’t help myself with you and that fantastic body of yours around” She laughed and said “Carols shaved muff might have had a bit to do with it as well” “well” I said “that’s something you don’t see everyday, even in playboy”
Pat said “well don’t expect me to do it, its just not normal”

I really loved how open we were with each other so I said to Pat “your really starting to get off on exhibiting yourself aren’t you?” Pat replied “yeh, I have never been like that before but Bazz has started something I don’t want to stop, it feels awesome and that sense of danger really turns me on.

We chatted on while Pat continued riding me then we’d change positions never letting up on the chat until I looked at the clock and it was past midnight, we’d been screwing for over 2 hours straight.
“we should finish up and get some sleep” I said nodding at the clock, Pat looked a bit shocked then laughed “just imagine its Carols pussy sliding down your cock, it sure worked before” I groaned and grabbed her boobs “Carols pussy and your boobs, what a great combination”
I grinned and started shoving up hard into Pat then pushed her off and laid her down on her front and entered her from behind before moving my legs to the outside and sitting up while sliding my cock in and out her very tight pussy.
It was a good position for Pat and she started pushing back as she came softly.
I still hadn’t cum yet but was just about to when pat said “and we can add my sister Margret’s bum to your fantasy girl” just as I crossed the edge and pumped her pussy full of my sperm.
“Geez was that all it took” laughed Pat, “nope” I said “that was a coincidence, I’ve never even seen her shape let alone her bum”
Pat said “you should have seen her before she married Bill, she was a real goer, I’ll show you some pics sometime, you’ll love them” and grinned wickedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32