Path to Submission – Pt. 02

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She watched him back up and close the lipstick. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone. “Keep your mouth in that position. You look perfect.” Michelle remained as still as she could. Under his breath, Tim offered a “perfect” as he looked at the image on his screen. He then turned the phone to show Michelle how she looked.

Michelle felt two of Tim’s fingers gently pressing up on her chin. She took this as a non-verbal cue that she was allowed to break the current position her mouth was in. Her eyes bulged and she let out a soft “fuuuck” as she saw the screen. Her blonde hair mussed with the look of someone who had just woken up. She also knew, as did Tim, that the hair also carried the look of someone who had fucked all night long. Then there was her face. Her eyes were wide. Her lips covered in a slutty red gloss that was not as neatly adhered as it would have been had she applied the lipstick herself. She now also saw what Tim had done to each of her cheeks. He had written letters – W H on her right cheek, and R E on her left cheek. With her red mouth forming the ‘O’ her face now adorned the word WHORE. Michelle felt a wild combination of emotions as she looked at herself. In one picture Tim had captured what she truly was. She was a whore and she loved it. She was ready to submit to Tim in a way she never had before.

For the first time she spoke. Her eyes peered at him, “I’m ready, daddy.” Upon hearing these words, Tim smirked and replied with one simple word, “good.”


The sexual tension in the room was high. Possibly the highest Tim and Michelle Moody had ever experienced together. These two people who have had countless sexual encounters and exploits together both knew they were embarking into unchartered waters. There was a moment of silence between them. Standing less than a foot apart, and while they may be eye-to-eye, they each knew they were not equals in this moment. After what felt like an eternity, Tim finally spoke.

“Do you feel the need for a safe word?” Michelle blinked and without a moment of hesitation or thought, she replied with a confident, “No, sir.”

Sir. That was an unusual word for them. Typically, he was ‘daddy’, but this morning the term sir seemed to fit better. A word of respect and subservience. Once again, Michelle watched as he smirked. Tim moved towards her and around to her back. Once there, he began to offer her a series of small kisses. They began at the back of her right shoulder. He was careful to kiss around the leash still dangling over that shoulder. Slowly, he moved his lips towards the center of her body, and as he did his hands began to softly run up and down her sides. His hands felt so good as did his kisses. Minimal pressure was applied by either his lips or his hands, but the sensation of contact was amazing for her. Tim’s left hand left her side and moved to the nape of her neck. There, he moved her hair to one side which allowed his mouth to make its way up the right side of her neck before landing at that tender spot just under her ear. She felt his tongue for the first time. It flicked behind her ear and then at her earlobe moments before his lips attached themselves to the lobe. Michelle let out a long moan while Tim took his time alternating between kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling at her ear. Once again, she felt as though she could orgasm from the simplest of things – a kiss on the ear. Tim then released her ear and whispered to her.

“You are my slut this morning. Nothing more. I do not care about your pleasure. The only person who’s pleasure matters is mine.” Michelle could now feel Tim’s strong right hand planted firmly on her right hip. She had never heard Tim speak to her this way. She loved it. “Do you have drool in your mouth?” he asked. “Yes, sir.”

“Look at the bed. All of the items I have laid out are the only items I need for our playtime this morning. Do you notice any lubricant?” Michelle’s eyes scanned the foot of the bed and no lubricant was found. “No, sir.”

“That’s right. We are only going to use whatever natural lubricant you can create and emit from your holes.” Tim’s right hand left her waist and moved up towards her mouth. With his hand at her chin he cupped it and continued speaking, “Now, I want to plug your ass, so unless you want me to shove that plug from the bed into your tight little asshole raw you had better give me every drop of saliva you have right now.”

Michelle shivered at his words. She was so excited to be treated in a way no man had ever treated her before. Yes, Michelle had been fucked and used countless times in her life, but not like this. She had never been taken in a methodical manner, nor had she been mentally stimulated and challenged in this way. All of it excited her beyond comprehension. With Tim’s hand pressing against her chin, Michelle carefully opened her mouth and filled his hand with the warm fluid. Tim then adjusted himself as he moved his hand away Ataşehir Escort from her mouth while simultaneously providing her with the next steps he wanted her to take, “I want you to listen carefully. I’m going to give you a few steps to follow. I know that you’re a stupid cunt, but I’m expecting you to keep these instructions in your head. First, without using your hands or dropping to your knees, you are to get the plug from the bed into your mouth. You’ll leave it in your mouth until I ask for it. Once you have done that, you’ll move yourself forward and bend the top half of your body over so that it is resting on the bed. Then, you are going to reach around yourself, and pull these disgustingly fat ass cheeks apart so I can drop this drool onto your asshole. Is this understood?” Michelle’s head was spinning. She was fully capable of following multi-step directions with ease, but somehow she was struggling to do so with any semblance of confidence. Once again, she replied with a simple and dutiful, “Yes, sir.” With that acknowledgement, she began the task at hand.

Michelle shuffled forward only a few inches before bending over. Fortunately, she was plenty flexible. She placed her hands on the bed at a position slightly wider than her shoulders as if she was about to perform a pushup. The plug was at the middle section of the line of toys Tim had lined up. Opening her mouth, Michelle worked the toy into her mouth with relative ease. The bejeweled toy now firmly in her mouth she moved forward with the instructions she had been given. She now moved herself forward fully. Stretching her arms out so they were fully extended she now allowed her upper body to rest on the familiar surface. She winced as her tortured nipples made contact with the bed. It was now time for the final step in the process she was given. Michelle moved her arms outwards and then down and around to her ass cheeks. With her ample flesh grasped, she pulled her cheeks as far apart as possible and shuffled her feet out a little more. For selfish reasons, she wanted Tim to be able to access her asshole without challenge and did not want any of her drool to go to waste on the flabby flesh. She needed it to coat her precious little hole that was about to be violated.

“Mmmmm. What an obedient little slut you are. It’s so nice that we’ve trained you to be an anal whore.” Tim was right. While Michelle had some experience with anal sex prior to him, it was not extensive and she had never been with someone patient enough to actually train her ass. Michelle felt Tim’s hand at the small of her back. Slowly he tipped his hand so the drool from it would run down between her ass cheeks. Once the liquid began to flow, he used his left hand to massage the liquid onto the hole she had exposed to him. Michelle’s eyes closed. The sensation felt amazing. She could feel him working all of it around the hole and felt slight pressure as he pressed his finger against her entrance. Each of them was enjoying this. Tim’s eyes were wide. One could see the hunger in them. He must have been using all of his strength to remain patient and to not simply violate her at that moment. Instead, he remained patient and willing to not unleash the animal inside of him.

Michelle felt his hands leave her cheeks, though he did maintain some contact with her. His left hand ran up her back as he moved from the foot of the bed towards the headboard. When he arrived at the top of the bed, his left hand caressed her right arm and he told her to turn her head to him. She obeyed. When their eyes met, Michelle could see Tim’s hunger. She knew he wanted to fuck her. She knew he wanted to use her, yet he didn’t. This was one of the qualities that drew her to him. It was something she had never found before with any man she had been with. Michelle’s eyes were wide open. This was in contrast to her mouth that was shut closed and tight around the toy lodged in her watering mouth.

Reaching out with his right hand, Tim gently grasped the exposed jeweled end of the plug and gave it a light tug. The toy, now fully lubricated and glistening, came to him without a fight. He held it up for a moment and allowed Michelle to admire it, “Look at this. Amazing how much saliva the mouth of a slut can produce when aroused. Well done, fucktoy.” She thought about how right he was. She did salivate like a slobbering dog when being offered food. Her food was sex – men, women, cocks, pussies, asses, tits. A true pavlovian response. She closed her mouth so she wouldn’t drool on her cheek, and Tim moved away from her without another word. His right hand now trailed down her back in an effort to remain in physical contact with her. The toy now rested in his left hand between his thumb and index finger.

He now stood behind her where this mini adventure first began. Her hands continued to hold her ass cheeks apart. Tim took the toy and gently pressed it against her little asshole,”Tell me what you want me to do Kadıköy Escort with this toy,” Tim firmly demanded of her. “I want you to put it in me,” she whimpered. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!

Three slaps of his right hand to her right ass cheek. “You stupid fucking bitch. I have taken care and thought into everything I’ve done so far, and you can’t even put together a clear and coherent sentence. This toy was just in you. It was in your mouth. Should I put it back there?” For the first time his voice was raised. This both startled and excited Michelle. “Try again.” WHACK! Another slap to her ass.

“Sir, please put that anal plug in my needy ass. I’m begging you.” Michelle’s words were needy. Anyone listening would have recognized how needy she was in that moment and that she wanted to have her ass filled. Michelle now felt Tim’s hand rubbing her ass to soothe where she had been spanked. He let out a low key, “mmmmm. That’s better.”

His warm, soft hand felt so good on her stinging ass cheek. A second sensation was also felt by Michelle. A feeling of pressure. Her eyes closed and her hands nearly lost the grip on her cheeks. It was the pressure of the plug being teasingly pressed against her asshole. Tim began a bit of a soliloquy as he circled the toy around her wet hole, “I can remember when anal sex first came up. You talked about how you had never truly had anal sex. It was a shock to me seeing as to how much of a slut you have been. Having your ass taken seemed like something that should have happened. It should have been the next step in your sexual journey as you continuously sought a new sexual fix.” The toy now was being partially pushed into her, but never fully. Michelle could feel the tip entering her only to then be pulled back out. Her ass and hips began to move in concert with the movement of the toy. “But we both know you’ve never had someone like me.” Tim continued, “You’ve never had someone with this combination of patience, creativity, care, depravity. Someone who is truly a freak that mirrors your own level of freak. Look at you now. Now we can fill your ass with a toy for long periods of time. You can be fucked in the ass. Yes, your needy cunt still becomes jealous, but even she has been trained. Now she can cum when you’re being fucked in the ass.”

As his commentary ended, her hole was finally filled. The tip first penetrated her and for a second she wondered if it would just be another tease. She was pleasantly surprised to feel more of the bulb push past her outer hole, and then the most intense moment that she had come to love and crave happened. That moment when her body simply takes over and her ass sucked the plug up into itself. As this happened, Michelle and Tim had a simultaneous reaction to it. For Michelle, it was a soft, “fuck” at the sensation of being filled. For Tim, it was a low growled, “fuck” at the sensation of her body taking the toy from him. Without a word, Tim gently moved her hands so he could push her ass cheeks apart himself. Her arms dropped down onto the bed. They were not exhausted, but there was a sense of relief. Tim pushed the cheeks with the palms of his hands. Michelle felt his warm breath as his head dropped into her crease. Next she felt his tongue circle around the toy multiple times, and then he offered a few licks on the sensitive flesh between her ass and bottom of her slit. He was careful, though, to never touch her pussy lips which only served to drive her wild.

Michelle’s eyes opened and she let out a whimper when she felt Tim’s mouth move away. He stood up with his hands still attached to her. Taking a moment, he admired how the jeweled plug looked. He then released her flesh allowing it to fall back into place. Using both hands he playfully slapped each of her cheeks multiple times making her ass jiggle. Reaching up, he gripped the leash and gave it a firm tug which caused Michelle’s head to jerk upwards. Without a word being uttered, she understood that her master wanted her to rise off the bed. Now upright, Michelle felt her inner thighs begin to be coated with the juices that were now leaking from her pussy. She clenched her thighs together so that her needy hole could receive some attention and relief.

Tim wrapped the leash around his hand 3 times which shortened the possible distance between the two of them, but still had some slack in it. Looking directly at his loving wife, Tim told her to drop to the floor and get on all fours like the dog she is. Like a good little doggy, she obeyed and repeated the phrase she had uttered multiple times this morning, “Yes, sir.” Once she was down on all fours, Tim gave a tug on the leash as he moved himself from the foot of the bed to an oversized chair the couple had in the corner of their bedroom. With her in this position, he treated her like a dog by giving her a “come along” prompt as they made their way across the room. Him on his feet while she trailed just Bostancı Escort behind him on all fours crawling along the floor. In spite of a slow paced walk, Tim arrived at the chair quickly as the room was modestly sized. Once at the destination, Tim turned to face Michelle and speak at her. ‘At’ was the correct word. It was not a conversation between two people. No, it was a man speaking to an object. For the object, Michelle, it was simply a listening exercise.

“Look at you.” Michelle could hear mild disdain in his voice. She clenched her pussy in anticipation of being degraded. Tim continued, “Down there on the floor. Collared and leashed like the fucking dog you are. My little anal whore with her ass plugged.” He paused for a moment, “I’m actually pissed at myself. I should have picked up a plug with a doggy tail to better fit this scene. You have been craving to be degraded for so long. You have been craving it since long before we even met one another. The desire to be objectified and for someone to tell you all of the things you have moments of thinking about yourself.” The more Tim spoke the more Michelle’s pussy pulsed. She loved what he was saying and prayed he didn’t stop. Her prayer was answered.

“On the surface you’re attractive, charismatic, confident; however, deep down we both know what you sometimes think about yourself. In those secret and dark places you have your doubts. You also have depraved thoughts, and when you let yourself live in those spaces for more than a brief moment it arouses you.” Tim gave another wrap of the leash around his closed hand which gave her neck a tug resulting in her head facing further upward at her current master. “Those secrets, though, have now been revealed. Haven’t they?” Michelle was unsure if the question was rhetorical or not. She decided to offer a weak head nod in the affirmative as the non-verbal reply felt like the safest response possible. “And you fucking love it.” Tim’s words were now dripping with disdain and disgust. The change in tenor again served to arouse Michelle. “You’re a fat, fucking pig, Michelle. You could barely hold your ass cheeks apart when I told you to. That was actual work for you. Remember when your ass was the perfect combination of round with some jiggle, but a fit jiggle. Those days are long gone. Same with those tits of yours.” Michelle continued to look upwards and could feel Tim’s left hand beginning to toy with the chain of the nipple clamps. “Huge, which can be arousing, but there is no firmness to them. Saggy. Sloppy. The tits of a 55-year old mother who has birthed and breastfed five children. You are a far way from 55, though, your body is not.” Michelle’s head was spinning. Deep down she knew this man standing above her, hurling insults at her, loved, adored and was attracted to her. In this moment, though, there was enough element of truth to his words that it hit her hard. She was both hurt and craving more, and he knew it. Since they met, she had been astonished by his ability to understand her. Tim seemed to always know what she was thinking and feeling. “How the fuck does he know that?” was a phrase regularly running through the synapses in her mind. At this point in their relationship it was less about her being shocked by him knowing things about her seeing as how they were an open book to one another. What did shock her was his ability to know when she wanted something sexually. Whatever he did or said always hit exactly right. Very early on he told her that when it came to sex he was a chameleon. This morning was no different.

He continued speaking while varying the frequency and intensity of the tugs he offered to the clamps, “Those are the physical deficits. They pale in comparison to your mental defects.” He now pulled hard on the chain causing Michelle to wince and offer a short yelp. Neither caused Tim to stop, “You…. are…. a….. slut.” Michelle’s eyes closed. Hearing these four words brought her amazing pleasure because she was a slut. She had always been a slut, and always will be one. Tim seemingly read her mind in that exact moment. He knew precisely what she was thinking, “and, you fucking love it. In fact, you crave it. You want to be fucked and used. You want to use others for sex. You love making others cum and cannot cum enough yourself. You’re fucking addicted to it. Look at what you’ve allowed to happen to yourself this morning, and you allow it because it’s sexually related and is more depraved and intense and extreme than the last kink explored. Get up and stay.”

Tim’s hand raised up in a stop position as he told her to stay. Like an obedient dog Michelle remained in place. Tim dropped the leash which then dangled and slowly swayed before her. The leash was not heavy, yet it felt to Michelle as if it had a weight attached to it. Michelle didn’t turn her head to watch Tim as he walked away. She listened very carefully though to gauge his movement. She heard his footsteps stop, and she correctly assumed that he was back at the bed. Her assumption that he was going to return with a toy or two was confirmed when she heard the whirring sound of the hitachi magic wand the couple owned. He didn’t turn it off until he returned to her and sat himself down in the chair.

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