Pat , Kim Step-Son Visits Pt. 01

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Ava Addams

Background – My name is Kim (Kimberly) and I have been married to Pat for 12 years. He is 52, I am 41. I am 5′ 9″ tall, slim, fit, tight ass and have long blonde hair with 36D (enhanced breasts), yes I have that Barbie doll look. Pat is 6′ 3″, salt and pepper hair, striking blue eyes, handsome, strong, barrel chested, with a thick 6 ½”cut cock and is a big teddy bar at heart.

Pat has been very successful in his business endeavors and loves to spoil me. We have had an open marriage from the start and it continues. I am an exhibitionist, I love to show off my body and Pat loves to show me off. We often travel to the Islands and Mexico to visit adult only, clothing optional resorts. I am very sexually adventurous and love to share and be shared with women, men and couples.

This is the first of many installments of me sharing our adventures with you. I hope you enjoy!



I have a 26-year-old Step-Son Drew, he is Pat’s son from his first marriage.

My first sexy encounter happened with Drew last summer. He and his girlfriend were planning to spend a long weekend with us, as one of his friends was getting married in town. Well that was the plan but 10 days before they were to visit the two of them broke up. They had been in a 2 ½ year relationship and both Pat and I were shocked when we heard the news. She was a beautiful girl and the two of them seemed to be great together. In fact, we were anticipating that they were going to make a wedding announcement to us during their visit with us.

Drew’s flight arrived late Thursday afternoon and Pat picked him up from the airport on his way home from work. It was a fabulous summer day so I had been out sunning and enjoying the pool most of the afternoon. I was still in my very small, thong bikini when the two of them arrived. In anticipation of their arrival I did put on a little, sexy, mesh, mini-skirt beach cover-up over my thong bikini bottom. When I say cover-up, it doesn’t really cover much as it is for the most part see-through.

I was in the kitchen making a salad for dinner when they arrived. It was hugs and kisses for both of them when they got to the house. After the initial greetings had died down.

Drew had only been in the house for a few minutes and I had already caught him twice checking out my ass and tits. Not that I minded, in fact I was enjoying it.

I need to take a moment and describe Drew to you. As I said he is 26 and an ex-all state high school swimmer. He is handsome, athletic, tall, trim and has a great chest and six pack abs from his swimming days. I know he works out routinely. He is just escort kartal drop dead gorgeous.

I told Drew he was staying in the guest room. I then I shooed both of them away, telling them to put on their swim suits and meet me out by the pool.

I was busy setting the outdoor table when Pat came outside followed a minute or so later by Drew. Drew asked if there was anything he could do to help. “No”, followed by, “Drew go ahead and get in the pool and Pat please get us some drinks.” Then I shouted, “Last one in is a rotten egg!”

In a flash, I was busy shedding my cover-up and Drew was running and peeling off his shirt both of us trying to beat the other one into the pool. I jumped into the pool, Drew was a split second behind me. As a hit the water, I realized my bikini top was coming off. Being the exhibitionist that I am, I did not make an effort to cover up or retrieve my top. I swam underwater to the shallow end and stood, acting like I was unaware that I had lost my top. My breasts were in full view. I turned to Drew and shouted, “It looks like Pat is the rotten egg!”

I heard Pat laugh, he said “Unfair, I was getting the drinks and oh by the way honey….. your top is at the other end of the pool.”

I feigned surprise and turned to Drew who was starting at my boobs. “Drew would you be a dear and get my top from the deep end?”

It took a moment for him to realize he was staring, he said, “right, yeah.” and headed to the other end of pool.

As Drew was retrieving my top, Pat walked over to the side of the pool and handed me my drink. He whispered into me ear, “Nice show.” I giggled.

A few moments later Drew handed me my top, still staring at my tits.

I made no effort to quickly put my top back on and took a few sips of my drink.

Pat said, “YO, Drew… over here!”, holding out a drink for him.

We all laughed and Drew turned to me and said, “Sorry for staring.”

It was time to put my top back on, as I was putting it on, I winked at him and said, “No worries, I will your staring as a compliment.”

After swimming and lounging in the pool, we headed to the outdoor table for dinner. The grill is near the table so as Pat started grilling steaks as we could all chat. We spent most of time catching up on life’s little details. The steaks and salad were wonderful.

The conversation finally turned to the elephant in the room. Why the break-up?

Drew told us that Jenna (his girlfriend) was very prudish and overtime became controlling and very jealous. In his words, “it just was not very fun.”

Hearing the word prudish, I asked, “Prudish what uğur mumcu escort does that mean? Sex life wise?”

Drew responded quickly, “Yes.”

I replied, “Ooh, I am sorry to hear that.” I wanted to ask more questions but Pat changed the subject and that was that.

It was getting late and Pat had to work the next day so we called it a night. Drew headed to the guest room and us to our bedroom.

Once in our bedroom Pat and I headed to the shower.

I stripped off my bikini and got into the shower. Pat followed me in.

As he entered our walk-in shower I used my body to press Pat, back first, against the shower wall. I kissed him hard, “Hey, what gives?” he asked.

“UmmMMM,” I replied. “Showing off to you and Drew made me so horny. I have been horny all night long.”

Pat retorted, “Hey, that’s my son!”

I whispered huskily in his ear, nibbling the sensitive area below it and making him groan, “It makes no difference to me, he is a grown man, not my son and he is drop dead gorgeous.”

“I bet he has a big cock like you. From the sounds of it Drew needs an older woman like me to teach him how to us it.”

Before Pat could say anything, I started stroking his cock while licking and kissing his neck. I was still pressing him against the wall with my body. I finally let him free.

“Here, let me help you soap up,” massaging his body with my lathered hands. Pat loves to be massaged, working into all the places that make him groan and quicken his breathing. I worked my way down, kneeling, skipping his hard cock, which made him almost growl, and rubbed his thighs, his calves, then back up again, my mouth was so close to his cock that I started gently blowing air on it and saw it bounce and quiver with anticipation.

My mouth inches from his rock-hard cock.

“I will make you a deal, you go to work tomorrow and let me seduce Drew and in return I will get Mia to go to the strip club with us. You remember Mia, the cute Asian girl from my yoga class?”

I knew Pat has a fetish for Asian woman and strip clubs, so it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Before he could answer I took him into my mouth slowly, using long, tantalizing strokes of my tongue. He groaned and bucked against my mouth, he did not have to say a word I knew he wanted me to take more of him in, and faster, but I was slow and teased him.

I took my mouth off his cock long enough to say, “do we have a deal?”

Before he could answer I took his entire manhood into my mouth and held him there while I ran my fingernail along the underside of his balls. I pulled çavuşoğlu escort off to where only the tip was in my mouth, and lightly circled it, carefully flicking over the hole and feeling the spasms through his body.

Then I sunk back down, taking all of him in and sucking hard. Pat was still bucking against my face, but with more force now, frustrated with my slowness, I was driving him crazy.

Finally, he could take it no longer and pulled me up to stand and pushed me against the wall. He was pressing me firmly and he was rapidly and heavily breathing into my ear.

I knew know that my plan had worked and I was going to get to play with Drew.

Pat’s hard cock was positioned right at my entrance. I moaned knowing what was coming next. I could feed the heat from the head of his dick against my wet pussy lips.

He put his hands on my hips and pulled me away from the wall, placing his hand on my back and bending me over, head down. He pulled away, then lunged forward, slamming his manhood into me roughly.

I squealed with delight as he plunged it into me, balls deep. He roughly grabbed my hips and began thrusting, deep powerful thrusts, his balls heavy with cum slapping my ass with every thrust. He pistoned in and out of me with ease as I was soaking wet from sucking his cock. He took one hand off my hip and started to tease my clit with his fingers. He was fucking me hard and fast now, I had to put my hands up, palms flat on the shower wall to keep from falling over.

I was gasping and moaning, I was loud, repeating over and over again, “fuck me!, fuck me hard!, fuck me like the whore I am!” My dirty talk was having the desire effect, his Dick was getting harder and he was pounding my pussy with it.

I could feel my climax building, I was bucking uncontrollably against his cock. Then, as I was close to cumming, he slid out completely, then thrust back in, filling me to the hilt. My orgasm hit me, I started screaming, “I’m Cumming!, I’m Cuming!” I felt the first hot splash of his cum hit my pussy walls, then another, then another, huge loads, drenching my pussy with cum.

I came so hard, my knees buckled, he had to grab me to keep me from falling down. He was still thrusting but with less pace. I reached around and grabbed his ass to stop him from thrusting,
I clenched around his pulsing Dick as we both came down from our orgasm, and he slowly slid out of me with a pop.

I quickly turned, went to me knee and took his cock into my mouth. I could taste his cum and my pussy juices. I gentled sucked and stroked him as his cock began to soften. With the tip of his cock in my mouth, I looked Pat in the eye and said.

“I guess we have a deal?”

He looked me in the eye and said, “you are a dirty slut.”

Pat pulled me up, kissed me deeply, smiled and said.

“That poor kid won’t know what hit him.”

To be continued.

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