Passion’s Journey: Cherry Shack

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The storm had come up out of nowhere; many leaves remained on the trees, catching mounds of sticky snow and dumping clumps onto the hunters’ heads as they tried to move faster. As wind from the north became harsher, the temperature dropped, wet snow turning to tiny ice pellets. When Cena tripped, the one in the lead, they all stood around panting after they had helped him up.

“I don’t think we’re going to make it tonight,” said Jayo, looking around. “The Cherry Shack is just over that hill, I think.”

“Town is only a few hills away,” Loni said. “We should get the meat back tonight.”

“You’re worried Moud is going to eat it all?” said Cena, shivering. “Wherever we go, we should get moving, because this standing still is killing me. I vote Cherry Shack, personally.”

“Me, too,” said Jayo. “The storm is getting worse.”

“We can make town,” said Loni determinedly.

Mata nodded concurrence with her, as they knew he would so easily that it didn’t matter they couldn’t see him for snow. He realised he couldn’t see them either, and added, “We can do anything we put our minds to.”

His friends all laughed. “Moud?” Loni asked.

“Cherry Shack,” he said. Often the deciding vote was his, and he mostly sided with Loni and Mata. He blew into his hands, “Sorry guys, but my feet are going to fall off.”

The types of trees marked the way, and they were able to find the path despite the blizzard by the dark bark of the cherry wood that gave the shack its name. They were practically upon it when they noticed the smoke of a fire within and guessed that some other hunting group had been caught out by the unexpected storm.

After stowing their supplies in the winter cabinet, they entered expecting to see friends, but a young man none of them recognized slept on the bed nearest the fire. That would have been fine, the purpose of such shacks, in fact, if not for the mess he had made of the supplies. Ten sampled jars lay open on the table, filthy clothes lay strewn across the floor amid puddles of dirty water.

“He must have been really exhausted,” Loni said charitably as she took a pickle that was still mostly cucumber and screwed the lid back on. “We should just let him sleep.”

Mata looked unhappy about it, but nodded, hanging his wet outer clothes as well as those of the stranger.

Cena shrugged, easy going as ever, and grabbed the mop to deal with melted snow and a spill from a jar of preserves left on its side. Loni and Moud prepared a quick meal while the other three set the shack in order. The young man yawned and rolled over as they sat down to eat.

He looked at them blearily, his hair tied back and obviously long under a hat. “Oh, is this your place?”

“Our town uses and stocks it, along with two others,” Moud said. “You’re welcome here.”

“Thanks, man,” the stranger said, grinning. “I thought I was going to die in that blizzard, probably would have if I hadn’t found this place. That storm really rushed up in a hurry, didn’t it?”

“Join us,” said Loni, moving closer to Jayo to make room. They each donated a little to the sixth plate.

“You travelling somewhere?” Jayo asked. “A warrior?”

The man pulled his shirt collar down to show the medallion as he sat with them. “What about you guys? You take turns on that luscious little vixen, or do you do it all at once?”

The five friends stared at him, uncomprehending. Loni, after a long awkward moment, caught on first. The blush that rose on her cheeks were all the clue the others needed to catch up, other than Mata. “What does that mean?” he asked at lengths, genuinely baffled.

“It’s not like that at all,” said Jayo.

“We’re just hunting,” Loni assured him. “We hunt together, always have. These men are like my brothers.”

“Oh,” said the man with his mouth full of half the food he’d been given. He swallowed with some difficulty. “Do you have any brothers?”

Loni frowned, shaking her head and crossing her arms. “I just mean… we don’t feel… that way.”

“Who exactly is this ‘we’ you speak of?” the warrior asked innocently. “Why would these guys take a woman along into the woods unless they want into her pants?”

“Loni is a really good hunter,” said Moud.

“And that means you don’t want to sleep with her for some reason?” the man asked. “Why?”

“No, it doesn’t mean…”

“So you do. Want to sleep with her?”

Moud glanced at his friend, and she looked back, equally at a loss.

The stranger met her eyes, arrested them, and his were so soft, yet piercing. “She’s plain, shy, doesn’t stand out since she puts so much more energy into capability than appearance, and I for one think that’s incredibly sexy,” he told her, and glanced at one of her childhood friends. “Don’t you think so?”

“Yeah,” Jayo admitted with a sigh.

The man looked at another, “I’m married,” said Moud.

“That doesn’t really answer the question,” said the stranger, and looked at Mata.

At long last, understanding had come upon him, and Mata was looking at Loni with open awe.

“I think ulus escort this guy just noticed you’re a woman,” said the stranger. He nodded toward Cena. “But this guy has imagined you in every position he’s ever heard of, though that likely isn’t much of a selection.”

“I imagined you in a lot of positions I had to make up myself,” Cena admitted. He turned redder, looking at his food. “Sorry. I know you’re not interested in me.”

“She’s not interested in any of us,” Jayo said. “She’s, you know, interested in ladies.”

“Is that really what she said?” the stranger smirked. “Or did she just nod because she’s more worried about awkwardness than she is about shallow physical gratification?”

All her friends now looking at her with the same astonishment Mata had shown, Loni felt like her face would burst into flame. “Are you a Waren or something?” she muttered.

The warrior smiled to confirm it, and her friends all gasped. She had only kissed girls, and only to fit in with her friends, repressing any desire she had felt to keep her life simple and smooth. “You’re attracted to men, aren’t you?” He smiled at her and she tried to stop blushing, tried not to squirm. “You’re attracted to me?”

“You’re… attractive,” she murmured in agreement.

“So are you,” he said. “These guys obviously have more willpower than I do; I wouldn’t be able to stop telling you how lovely you are. Or maybe they’re just blind.”

“We’re not blind,” said Cena.

“That’s not really how things are done around here,” Jayo said. “If a girl likes you, they’re supposed to give you a card…”

“Sorry, Loni,” Cena said. “It just always seemed like…”

“Listen, she was right,” the Waren admitted. “This is kind of awkward. Let’s get back to how pretty she is.”

“She is,” Cena agreed.

“Loni, I love you,” said Jayo. “I have for so long.”

“Not really on topic,” the Waren said thinly. He looked at Loni with a readable lust. No one had ever looked at her like that. “She’s a forceful woman, free to act as she likes, yet when it comes to bed, she longs to be taken. Don’t you, darling?”

“Get… get out of my head,” she said. “It isn’t fair.”

“I know,” he agreed. “I apologise, it just seemed to me so clear and obvious. I felt yearning as I slept and it woke me in a weird mood. Now I’m awake and we’re looking at each other, I feel it even stronger, but it isn’t from your mind. It’s your body that calls to me. I wish I could see more of it.”

Loni toyed with the button at the collar of her baggy shirt. She glanced around at her friends, unsure of what to do.

The stranger was handsome, and apparently had a deal of experience. She wanted him to touch her, but she could never articulate such a thing, which had led to this situation. He stood from the table, walked to the end, and pushed it against the wall, a distance of three quarters it’s length, and offered his hand as he stood before her. She met it.

As she stood, she stepped toward him, against him. Though only an inch taller than her, there was something imposing about him, something Loni liked.

“Please,” he whispered, picking gently at the shoulder of her shirt. “Just a little skin.”

“They’re watching,” Loni whispered back.

“So? Cabins and longhouses have that look away if you don’t like it rule, yes? If they do like it, that’s even better. Let me see just a little, the base of your neck.” He popped the top button and pulled her collar wider at the left side. “Yeah, that’s the stuff.” He kissed her tenderly on the newly exposed flesh, and Loni trembled. “A little more?” he asked. “Just your shoulder?”

Loni nodded, letting loose the next button.

“Yeah,” he sighed, sliding his hand beneath. He bent to her shoulder as he bared it. “So lovely, perfect. I love your strong shoulder, can I see more?”

“This is…” said Moud uncomfortably. “I’m married.”

“So what?” the Waren said. “If you don’t like it, leave.”

“Leave? Into the blizzard?”

“If you like, or just shut up. This isn’t about you, it’s about her.” He unfasted two more buttons, lifted it off her other shoulder, and revealed the body wrap that held her breasts flat and still. Just this much skin was more than anyone else had seen since they had grown in. “You’re so gorgeous,” he said, as he coaxed her arm downward. She frowned as he uncovered the scar that reached halfway up her ribcage and disappeared behind the tight fabric.

“Don’t be self-conscious,” he begged her. “Every inch of you deserves of be worshipped.” He stepped closer, against her, pushing her back until she was sitting on the table. He put his hand over her breast, the one missing a slice from the bottom, and rubbed them both gently, teasing. “Your tits feel perfect to me, how do they feel to you?”

“They feel good,” she admitted.

“They look way too covered still,” he told her, pinching her nipple softly through the cloth. “Do they feel that way?”

“Mmm,” she moaned, raising her face as he kissed her beneath her yenimahalle escort jaw, the delicate skin there shivering with excitement. She glanced over his shoulder at the other men in the room, the hanging jaws that drooped further as the stranger unwound until she was bare above the waist. He caressed so softly, brushing touches along her breast, her side. He stepped aside, uncovering her to the others, and she slapped her arms over her breasts with a sharp gasp.

“Is there anyone here who doesn’t think her body is beautiful?” he asked.

“I’m married,” said Moud, covering his eyes as the stranger took her hand, releasing her right breast from the crook of her arm.

“That didn’t answer the question, Tubby,” the stranger said. He cupped her breast as he kissed her, pulling her other hand down. He stepped around her massaging harder, pinching her nipple. He held her close, and whispered in her ear, “I wish you could feel the regret in here. All these assholes who disregarded you for so long.”

Her friends glanced amongst themselves, then back to her exposed breasts. She had always imagined deep shame in exposing herself in this way, ashamed of even thinking about it, and still that feeling resided in her. But she no longer feared the sting of rejection she had been so certain would be coming. She could see how they wanted her. She could feel it.

“They don’t want you as badly as I do,” the Waren murmured. “I’m longing to see more of you. I want to see everything. You want to show me, don’t you?”

“I wish you would stop reading my mind,” she said.

“I’m not reading your mind. I’m reading your body,” he said, running his hands over her belly. “Your body just wants to be appreciated, and I appreciate it, baby. Undo that belt and let me see more.”

Loni moaned softly as she reached down. She pulled the leather strap to release the pins, and let it go slack. She reached next for the button of her pants.

“That’s right,” he coaxed her hand into the top, tugging the trousers from her hips. “I want to see you bare…” He pulled her pants past her ass, letting them fall to her ankles.

“Oh, god,” she moaned. “Why are you doing this?”

“God isn’t doing it, I am,” he said. His hand travelled up her thigh it a way that sent shivers through her.

“If you want him to stop,” Cena said, a warning in his voice meant for the pushy stranger.

“If she wanted me to stop I would, with no interference from you,” the Waren assured him, caressing back up her leg and to the inside of her thigh. “She wants this, she wants it bad.”

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

“She wants to obey her body as much as I do,” he murmured, lifting her leg slightly. “Don’t you, darling?”

“It’s so…”

“I see,” the Waren said, nodding. “You’re embarrassed. You’re uncomfortable with these guys watching?”

Loni blushed uncontrollably, finding it hard to look at them. With her gaze cast low, she couldn’t help noticing their growing bulges.

“Or do you like being watched?” the man asked, his voice silky in her ear. “I can smell your lusty pussy begging to be showed off.”

She closed her eyes, panting, as he lifted her leg higher and outward. Two fingers on his other hand slipped down and spread her lips. She thought she would melt and she wasn’t sure if it was shame or arousal or both. “Your body is incredibly sexy,” he told her. “You should see the looks on these assholes’ faces.”

She shook her head, her eyes remaining closed. “They don’t like it?”

“Oh, they like it,” he chuckled. “That slope-headed fellow has his hand in his pants. All of them are hard, even if Mr. Married is trying to hide it over at the table.”

“Leave me out of this,” Moud said.

“This guy with the beard…”

“Cena…” Loni murmured.

“Don’t really care. He has a beard and a huge bulge in his pants. Like, too big. Do women like that thing?”

“Nope,” Cena said. “They’re scared of it.”

“I can’t blame them. How do you even stand with that much blood in your junk?”

Loni peeked and closed her eyes again with a gasp.

“You think you could take a big one like that?” the waren asked her. “Or would you be satisfied with mine?”

“I’ve never taken a… never even touched a man’s…”

“So you want to start slow?” he asked. “Just one dick? Which one?”

“I thought… I thought you…”

“Oh, but you never chose just one because it wouldn’t be fair. Instead of just one, you can choose all of them.” He gave her a moment to consider that, her pussy burning with desire or shame; whichever one caused it to leak a slow fluid. “You should have seen the way their cocks twitched up at that. Which one do you think would like to step up and put a dick in you?”

“I already came,” Mata admitted. His footsteps toward the table could be heard, then sitting heavily in the squeaky chair.

“Loni, would you really take my cock?” Jayo asked hoarsely.

The Waren took her face to guide it, leaning in tight against her. “Open tunalı escort your eyes,” he whispered. “The skinny one has his dick out.”

Loni shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Look at it,” he said firmly, and she did. “Don’t be afraid of that sexy heat in you. You haven’t had a dick, but you’ve wanted one. Is it that one?”

Loni shook her head again, glancing at him. “I imagined a man I didn’t know.”

“A man like me?”

“Not exactly like you.”

“More romance?” he guessed. “Someone you care about?”

“Someone who would sweep me off my feet, but someone who… I don’t know…”

“Respects you?” he asked.

“I was going to say someone who offers their name before taking a meal, or your clothes off,” Loni admitted. “That was quite telling, though.”

The man chuckled. “You know who respects you? That skinny guy, there. What did you say his name was?”

“Jayo,” she said. He was so close, an easy arm length away. His dick was mere inches from brushing her belly.

The man lifted her chin gently so she could see the look on Jayo’s face, the lust as plain as the man’s, his desire unguarded.

“Do you want him to take your virginity?” the man holding her asked.

Loni shook her head, glancing at Cena, then at his enormous dick, then back up to the handsome stranger. She couldn’t articulate it even to him, who she knew would never refuse, but she wanted him.

Jayo and Cena both frowned as they kissed. “Why him?” Jayo asked. “He’s such a dick.”

“That’s what she likes about me,” the man grunted, lifting her. “Isn’t it, sweetheart? A dick bold enough to make up for the shyness of your pussy is just what you need.”

Though wordless, Loni’s moan was full of yearning, begging him to be the dick she needed. He had seen her through every defense she had, the layers of repression that had frustrated and contained what he now released. She reached for his cock as he set her down facing a chair. He moved around her, smiling. He kissed her as he sat down, and they worked together on his belt and buckle. He dropped his sword in the strap of leather as she pulled his pants open.

The first cock she had ever touched felt so smooth as she ran her fingers along the bottom. So hard, and with an aroma that was as faint as it was irresistible. He broke the contact of their lips to look at it, and he pushed her down toward it.

“Open up,” he said, positioning her firmly, and she closed her eyes as her lips met the bulging head. “Taste it.”

Loni moaned lustily as his member slid into her mouth.

“Does it taste good?” he asked.

She licked the bulging head as she withdrew it. “Yeah,” she said, and licked it again.

“But it’s not enough for you, is it?”


“There are two more dicks over there. You can touch them at the same time, while I take your virginity.”

Loosing an involuntary cry, Loni felt her entire body get warmer. She couldn’t believe his boldness, or that any of this should turn her on so much; in their town, women had the burden of being the selectors, the initiators. A town on a main path, they saw many visitors. Women from the outside commented often about how refreshing it was, some having come from repressive places where their desires were given little heed. The moment Loni learned that were towns where men pursued women freely, even aggressively, she wondered what it would be like to be pursued, to become the plaything of a powerful man, and so far, she liked it.

He told her what to do, and she just went along with it. She had allowed him to strip her naked in front of her friends. Without so much as an argument, she was prepared to have sex with him for her first time in that situation. Still, he pressed for more, and still the escalation excited her. It felt good to be under his control, she moved guided by a coaxing hand to lean over, to kiss him softly. Intoxicated by her lust for him, she became less concerned about the other gazes upon her than she was in obeying his subtle commands. Eyes closed, she focused on the sensation of his lips brushing her throat, his hands caressing her bare breasts. With little prompting, she bent further, widening her stance to go lower.

As she sucked the hard cock eagerly, she heard shuffling toward her. A hand came softly against each of her buttocks, rubbing her bare skin.

The waren brought her off his dick, a trail of saliva leaving her wet mouth after it, running down her chin. She looked at him, and leaned up to kiss him again at his gesture.

His fingers toyed with her scarred nipple again, then slid along her ribcage and across her belly. She shivered as his fingers traced around the inside of her hip. Kissing her, he lifted her as he stood, and carried her up four stairs to the nearest bed. This time, she was set down, seated at the edge, and the Waren went to his knees before her. His fingers slid next between her legs and pushed them apart.

“Now it’s my turn,” he said, bending to her separation and inhaling deeply through his nose before his tongue dove in. Her friends had described this as something that they’d been badgered into, but the man between her legs licked passionately, clearly enjoying himself. His rippling tongue and a probing finger coaxed her wellspring into flowing forth excitedly, what could be described as pressure building in her pelvis, right where he was licking.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32