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I couldn’t believe it after 20 years of marriage and a man supporting me, I was single again and holding down a job. I’m the executive personal assistant for the president of a nonprofit organization. At 43 years old I was still a good-looking woman but wasn’t feeling it. My so-called loving husband and provider had left me for a twenty-year girl, who “made him feel like he hadn’t in years”.

I wasn’t about to sit around feeling sorry for my self. I must say that being in an office full of recent and currently attending college students had me unnerved in the beginning. It was my third week on the job when I realized that every day following my date of hire Max brought coffee and chatted with me.

Max was 5’10” roughly 190lb give or take a few with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. His dark shoulder length hair and obvious great build was concealed under a finely tailored double-breasted suit. It still wasn’t missed by any of the females in the office. He had just turned 23 the month before and was single.

I like to arrive at least an hour before the rest of the office, including my boss. Max was the only person that knew of this tendency. Friday of my fourth week I found him sitting in my office with a cup of steaming coffee for me. I gave him the usual smile and thank you. He made no attempt to getup from behind my desk. I’m not sure what possessed me to move. I found my self-standing between his open legs looking down at him. The space was tight and for him to get up he would have to touch me.

Max licked his lips, with our eyes glued to one another he stood up. I inhaled the clean smell of him as his body brushed against mine. I could feel the heat of his body and I wanted more of it. I saw the kiss before it happened, his lips grazed mine and I shivered. Max placed a hand at the small of back brought my body closer to his. This time I kissed him; he tasted of chocolate and mint I sucked his tongue and he squeezed me tightly.

I pulled backed; I couldn’t believe what was happening. Max looked at me with lustful eyes and grinned before he spoke. “I want you”. My silk panties were soaked and I hated to admit it but I wanted this man-child too. I am not sure how I ended up in my chair but there I was with my skirt up and my panties off. Max was on his knees; the stroke of his tongue against my swollen sex took my breath away. I moaned softly as he devoured me with his mouth. He was very skilled for one so young; he licked and fingered fucked my aching sex for what felt like hours before he took my clit between his lips and sucked it-my orgasm was loud and intense just minutes before the receptionist arrived. “That should hold you until tonight; he said before he quickly slipped out of my office”. Nine to five and had never taken so long.

I rushed for the elevator and headed for the garage. My 1965 mustang was like me-vintage and in mint condition. I wasn’t sure about Max he was young enough to my son, and it had been a long time since any one had made me feel desired. I was about to punch my ticket at the gate when he stepped in front of my car. The bouquet of roses he held was white and yellow and at least three dozen. I leaned over and open the door.

“Thank-you he says”, “I am hot, horny, and in need of proper loving can you deliver all that Max?” He runs his hand up between my open thighs and whispers close to my ear. “This morning was just the appetizer”. I hit the gas as he rubbed me through my once again wet panties. (Thank God I had the good sense to wash and dry them under the hand blower in the bathroom this morning.) My condo was just twenty minutes away escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları from the office.

Security nodded as we passed, Max held the flowers and I held my breath. We silently rode up the fifteen floors to my place. My hands trembled as I tried to unlock the door. Max took my keys and opened it for us. I was nervous.

I showed him around and he took control. After putting the roses on the counter he went to the bathroom and filled the tub. He returned to me naked and semi-hard. Following him from the living room to bathroom, I stood there froze as he undressed me. He opened my cuffs first and then the buttons down the front of my blouse. Then he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the fall to floor. I stood before him in a black lacey bra and panties. He unhooked my bra with out trouble and slowly slides my wet panties down my hips.

He smiled, as he looked me over from head to toe. I could see my reflection in the wall mirror. My body didn’t look like it was 43 years old. My 36d’s had held up nicely thanks to never going braless in my youth and working out everyday since I was his age. My waist was slim above full hips and shapely legs.

He had scented the water with my favorite oil and helped me in. He stepped in behind me and pulled me back against his broad chest. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands on my arms.

I was carried from the bathroom and placed gently on the bed. Max didn’t rush; he massaged my feet, and worked his way up my legs. The feel of his hands against my skin was soft and pleasing. I laided back and just savored the feel of his touch. We were kissing and that alone aroused me. I touched his chest and ran my fingers through the thick hair that traveled to his manhood. I stroked his hard member as he squeezed and flicked my nipples with his tongue. I moaned as his magical mouth brought me pleasure.

Max moved my hand and pushed me down on the bed, I put my arms over my head as he continued to lick and suck each of my nipples. With skilled fingers he parted the moist lips of my sex. I needed no further stimulation I wanted him inside me.

Max flipped me over and kissed his way down my back. I could feel the head of him just inches away from dripping sex. I lifted my ass up and the head penetrated me. Max gently pushed my hips back to the bed. I groaned out of frustration. Max licked and bit each of my ass cheeks.

He slipped a hand under me and brought me up on my knees. He fingered my clit just long enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm. I cried out as he removed his hand. Max just chuckled. The stroke of his tongue did what his finger hadn’t. I collapsed on the mattress as my knees gave out.

Max left me face down on the bed to catch my breath. I rolled over and got up on weak legs. Max was coming back to the bedroom with two bottles of water. I took the offered bottle and drank it. I dropped to my knees and took his hot member into my cold mouth right there in the doorway. His shocked member jumped and pulsed against my tongue. His bottle of water hit the floor with a soft thud as I took the length of him, he moaned as I slowly slide him in and out of my mouth.

He took five minutes of me licking and sucking his engorged member before he pulled me up. He back stepped me to the bed. I opened my legs to him exposing my soaked sex. Max slide his long, thick, penis in gently; I enveloped him within my hot, wet center inch by inch. Bringing my legs up to his shoulders he moved within me. My whole body was electrified with the sensation escort gaziantep bayan telefonları of him moving in and out of me. He watched me as squirmed and quivered under him. His rhythm was smooth and quickening with every stroke. Holding my legs with strong hands he pounded into me until I cried out in orgasm, my muscles convulsed and contracted around him. Max put my legs down and brought his chest on to mine.

With my legs open around him I gripped his ass with my tingling hands. I squeezed the firm flesh as he continued to rock my body from within. Twenty minutes later I was digging my nails into his back as another orgasm shook my body. Max had yet to have one and I was still trying to recover from my third when he separated us. I was turned onto my side with my knees together.

Max positioned himself within the curve of my knees and entered me again. My breath caught as yet another fantastic feeling took control of me. He felt bigger and if possible better than before. With his hands resting on my hip and him on his knees he slide inside of me once again. He pulled back several times causing that first penetrating gasp to escape my lips.

I opened my mouth to speak, but only a moan was uttered as my body responded to his expert touch. His name slipped from my lips as I reached for him (“Max”). “Okay love” as if reading my mind, he filled me from tip to base. Max bent over me with his arms gripping the wooden headboard of my bed; he extracted another orgasm from my elated body. I screamed this time as he continued to assault my extremely sensitive nerve endings. Max finally let go and ejaculated with the force of two men.

I woke to the smell of breakfast being cooked and my stomach growled hungrily. I sat up slowly and tested the strength of my legs as I attempted to rise from the bed. My sex was tender and sticky as I washed it clean of Max’s and my own juices.

I watched Max wiping down the stove before he lifted the tray to bring me breakfast. “Good morning gorgeous; I’ll run you a warm bath for you after we eat”. All I could do was nod my head. I got back in bed and looked at the full plate before me. Three breakfast links, bacon, cheesy eggs, toast and coffee. (None of which had been in my refrigerator the night before). I ate everything on my plate and still managed to steal a link from his. He washed the dishes before he filled the tub with hot water and bubbles.

The water was soothing to my slightly achy muscles. Max washed my back from outside the tub. (During twenty years of marriage my husband had never done anything as nice as this). Max washed me and then helped me from the tub. He dried me with a towel that he had warmed in the dryer. He picked me up and carried me back to my bedroom. He smelled clean and his hair was still damp. He was dressed in only a tee shirt and briefs. “I hope you didn’t go to the store dressed like that”.

Being held by him was arousing. Sensing this he placed me in the middle of the bed and laid with me. I straddled him and pulled the tee shirt over his head. I kissed him for along time just savoring his tongue intertwining with mine. He hands rubbed my bare back as his penis harden under me. I wanted to give to him what he had given to me last night.

I kissed my way down to his throat and sucked until the love bite glistened brightly. I flicked each erect nipple of his with my tongue before moving down to his belly button. He giggled and pulled me back up. Kissing me again while he gripped my ass and helped me move my sex against his escort gaziantep bayan videoları hard penis. He moaned into my mouth as I freed him. Skin to skin was always better.

Completely lubricated by my wet sex he slides in with ease. I sheathed him totally with my hands holding the headboard he sucked on both of my exposed nipples. I rock my hips back and forth and develop a rhyme that he matches. I can hear him moaning as we move together as one. I tightened my muscles around him several times until he moaned loudly. I use my knees and the headboard to work my body and muscles to bring him off quickly; Max prided himself on his self control; he could last for hours if he was so inclined.

The sound of my name escaped his lips as his body gave into me (oh Virginia) he clutched me tightly as he climaxed. I continued to clamp down on him as he pulsed; the sounds of his labored breathing fueled me. I released the headboard and used my feet to push me up and down on his still hard penis. The friction between us was electric; the feel of him inside of me sent waves of pleasure through my body as I rode him. With my hands planted firmly on his chest I dug my nails in as I brought us off together.

My sweat covered body rested upon his as we lay there still connected. Max smoothed the hair from my face and kissed my forehead. I don’t know when he left my body, but I woke up several hours later to his sleeping form beside me.

I left the warmth of my bed and tiptoed to the bathroom. I took a long hot shower. I dressed quietly. I sat there watching him sleep. He rolled over and put his arm where my body should have been. He turned his head and looked at me. I was casually dressed in jeans, blouse, and low-heeled boots. “If you take me home, I’ll change clothes and take you to dinner Virginia!” I am not sure why that statement pleased me so much.

I let Max drive; the young man once again surprised me when he pulled into the driveway of a small cottage. He opened my door for me and held my hand as he led the way to his home. Max talked about getting the place for almost nothing thanks to back taxes. He done all the work himself and he was very proud of that. He was almost dragging me up the stairs he was so excited.

The house was bigger than I had assumed. The open floor plan was spacious and creatively arranged. Max was still holding my hand as he pointed to this and that. The kitchen had a commercial flare with all its stainless steal. The living room furniture was done in light brown suede that was buttery soft to the touch. The place smelled clean with a hint of sweetness. The bathroom was big enough to hold his washer and dryer.

The upstairs was his treasure. The top of the steps had a French door. He smiled and told me to open it. The small room was an office, with a wall of full bookcases. I walked into the small office and Max urged me forward. The second French door led to the master bedroom.

The room was huge complete with fireplace and ¾ bathroom. There was a small sitting area for two next to the bay window.

Max stripped out of his clothes and walked bare ass to the dresser. He pulled underwear from one draw and socks from another. I sat down on one of the leather chairs and admired his fine physique. Max’s eyes sparkled with desire as he slowly dressed in front of me. I crossed my legs and sighed.

His familiar chuckle told me he had read my thoughts once again. Clad in snug black jeans and a red polo shirt and cowboy boots we left for dinner.

We weren’t the spectacle I had assumed, and Max wasn’t concerned either way. He held my hand, fed me from his plate, and licked whip cream from my finger, oblivious of the others in the restaurant.

We club hopped, until the wee hours of Sunday morning. We spent the night at his place making love well past dawn. With an open mind and a very satisfied sex, I didn’t think about what the future might hold for Max and me. I was just going to enjoy what ever he had to deliver.

Monday morning, I was late.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32