Party Time

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NOTE: The following story includes very explicit descriptions of cunnilingus and other sexual acts between two women. If such topics offend you, do not read any further.


It was my first big party of the year. I had come with my friend Amanda. Being from a small college in a small town, we often made the drive to the nearest state school, where there was always a party or two on the weekend, especially at the frat houses. Soon after arriving, however, Amanda ran into a group of friends from back home. She hadn’t seen them in a while and had lots of catching up, and since I wasn’t into standing around listening to other people’s conversations, I moved on. So now I was cruising the house by myself, looking for something interesting. I’m not a real beer fan, but at a frat party, that’s pretty much the thing to do, and after two quick ones, I was feeling good – just barely tipsy. On my third trip back to the keg, I found two girls “standing guard” (their term). “Beer patrol!” the one yelled. Oh brother, I thought, these two are blasted already.

“I’m Amy and this is Carmella,” the one said, very pseudo-officially, “You must answer all our questions if you want a beer.” She then proceeded to ask a series of totally inane questions about school, music, drinking, guys, and, of course, sex. Alright, I thought, Ill play along. Actually, they were both pretty cute, so what the hell – good things could always happen. During the sex questions, I made sure they knew I was bisexual and available, just in case.

“Final question,” Amy said. “Name?”

“Milene,” I answered.

“Oooo, interesting name,” Amy said. “For that, you get an extra beer.” Her friend, however, looked perplexed. “Milene? Why do I know that name?” As Amy rambled on, Carmella kept looking at me and talking to herself, trying to remember some connection she might have with me while I continued talking to her friend Amy.

Finally it hit her: “Oh….Milene??? Milene! Omigod! I know who you are! Yes! Yessss! You’re that lez chick, right? Right???”

Her friend went wide-eyed at the question. “Carmella!!!!”

For my part, I took the question in stride. It wasn’t the first time. “Well, yeah,” I responded, “I like girls, I told you that.” I acted indifferent, but inside, my guts were churning. “But what exactly do you mean by ‘that lez chick’?”

“You’re the one they always talk about – the one that ate out a bunch of girls at a frat party a couple years ago – everybody’s heard that story.” Carmella looked at Amy, who nodded knowingly. “And,” she continued, this time to Amy, “she still comes to frat parties, hoping to pick up girls.”

Wow. They really did know about me. And apparently a lot of others did, too. Off guard, I stammered a response. “Uummmmm, well, stories like that really get exaggerated, you know?” God, it sounded so pathetic.

It was true – it had been exaggerated. It was only two girls, not “a bunch”, and I was drunk as hell – the dangers of drinking too much too young. Still, it was at a frat party, one of the first my freshman year, and it had pretty well set my reputation ever since. But it wasn’t all bad. It did tend to start conversations – as evidenced by the situation at hand.

“Wow, I assumed you were just an urban legend.”

“Hey look, I’m just a girl,” I shrugged, “just like you.” I feigned indifference, but I was uncomfortable with the conversation. At the same time, however, my mind was racing, considering the possibilities. I searched Carmella’s face for clues. Was she curious, disgusted … interested?

“Speak for yourself, chickie!” Amy protested. “I’ve definitely never eaten anyone out! Especially in front of a bunch of guys.”

“Yeah, babe” Carmella chimed in slyly, “but you know you ARE an amazing kisser. I think the rest of us are probably missing out on a good thing.” She punctuated the last comment with a tongue motion that made her implication very clear. Amy responded with a push and an only half-serious glare.

There was a short pause among the three of us, one of those dreaded lulls, which gave me a chance to check them out a little better. They were both “preppy” types – Polos and shorts – and both about six inches taller than me – around five-eight. Amy had a typical WASP look: straight, dirty-blonde hair down to her shoulders, and somewhat thin nose, and grey-green eyes. She had slim, “boyish” hips, but on top she was all girl – her pink polo was just tight enough to show off a nice pair of breasts. And from what I could see, she had sweet little butt. Carmella, on the other hand, was well-tanned, with a slightly Latino look to her. She was athletic, though not buff, and her breasts were hard to ignore, full and firm. Her short, black hair was subtlety spiked, and she had a cute button nose over dark eyes that exuded self confidence. Beyond all that, she had a voice that gave me chills – low and breathy, it sounded like sex. I let my mind wander a bit – thinking of what it would be like to be with these two girls, when Carmella suddenly took a big swig of beer, cocked one eyebrow, and started up again.

“Soooooo…” she paused, swaying back and forth seductively, başakşehir escort “I guess you’re, uh… looking for pussy tonight, huh?” Carmella tried to say serious, but couldn’t suppress a grin. More like a smirk, really. Whether she was mocking me or just playing along, I couldn’t tell. Amy’s jaw simply dropped, before she stifled a giggle of her own.

It took me a second to react myself. I felt a familiar tingle inside as I realized that this could be leading somewhere very good. Feeling cocky, I looked her straight in the eye and, using my sweetest voice and my best “bedroom look”, purred, “Oh, I’m always looking for new pussy, baby. That’s what I do …I eat pussy….and give orgasms.” I smiled knowingly and looked her up and down, pausing intently on her pelvic area before continuing. “So is there some particular sweet pussy you think I might get tonight?”

My boldness caught her off guard. Carmella glanced nervously at her friend. She was clearly moving down a new path for her, while Amy just stepped back a bit, staring at her friend with a “what are you doing????” look on her face.

Finally, Carmella regained her cool confidence and responded, rather nonchalantly, “Well, I guess that depends. Are you any good?”

“You mean with my mouth?” I asked. I was trying to draw the conversation out, being suggestive, letting her go where I hoped she wanted to. She barely nodded, and I continued playing into their rumors. Looking pointedly into her eyes, I cooed softly, “Why, haven’t you heard, baby? I’m the best. They say you’re never the same once you get head from Milene. I’ll totally spoil you.” Now it was my turn to smirk.

I couldn’t believe I was being this aggressive. Must be the alcohol again, I thought. Plus the fact that I’d been celibate for almost a month. In any case, I could tell that Carmella was right on the edge, playing this as a big tease but with some genuine interest under the surface, not ruling out a little adventure. Emboldened by the drinks and becoming increasingly aroused, I kept pushing forward. I leaned into Carmella and let my hand graze lightly up the back of her thigh as I whispered in her ear: “Just make sure you have some extra sheets, sweetie – ‘cuz you’re gonna leave a HUGE wet spot on the bed when I do you.” Damn, just saying that to her turned me on something fierce.

Carmella stared at me for a long moment, startled by my boldness, unsure how to respond. There was an almost imperceptible change in her breathing. I knew then that I was having an effect on her.

I leaned in again and said, just for her to hear “My tongue will take you places you’ve never been before. Seriously. And it will go anyplace you want it.” Reaching back to squeeze one cheek of her cute bottom, I whispered again for emphasis, “Anyplace!” then swirled my tongue sensuously around her ear. She shivered, and her eyes got REALLY big, but there was no hiding her pleasure and, I hoped, anticipation.

After a few moments, she gathered herself enough to respond: “Well, that’s something to think about, isn’t it?” She was back to be cool and collected. I loved this girl. Amy remained silent, letting Carmella take the lead.

Letting the topic rest for a while, we made small talk and drank some more. I sipped mine, hoping to remain in control of my senses, to leave as many options open as possible. Amy and Carmella, meanwhile, just kept going. They were either serious drinkers or they were nervous with the situation.

I eventually decided it was time to make a move. “So what’s the story, ladies?” I said lightly, trying my best not to be pushy or threatening. “Are you up for a little adventure, or do you want to stay at this lame party all night?”

They looked at each other, obviously unsure. Luckily, the alcohol seemed to be having it’s usual effect, and they were at least considering it. They whispered a brief discussion, seemed to argue just a little, and then Carmella asked “So which one? Who are you really asking? And what do you expect from us?”

Wow, I thought, this might really happen. “Both of you,” I said. I smiled sweetly and added, “How could I choose?”

“Both?” Carmella exclaimed, doing her best to keep her voice down. “You want to do both of us, together?”

“Sure,” I said, “that’s half the fun. Haven’t you ever watched someone else have sex? Or wanted to?”

Amy quickly interrupted. “Hey, I ain’t eatin’ nobody’s pussy, I’ll tell you right now. You two can do whatever, but I’m no lesbo.”

I hate that term, but I managed to hide my distaste for her language and tried to soothe her. “You don’t have to do anything, hon, really. If you want to that’s cool, but if not, you guys are both really cute, and I’ll be perfectly happy to do all the ‘eating’ – for both of you.” Then, looking them both in the eye, I added, “And trust me, you won’t believe how good it can be. It’s not like with a guy. I’ll stretch it out and make you cum over and over and over, better than you’ve ever had.”

They conferred again briefly, and then my heart fluttered as Carmella said, “Okay, we can go to our place. It’s pretty close.”

I followed them beşiktaş escort to Carmella’s car, admiring both of their sweet buns from behind – very, very nice. Damn, I thought, I must be really horny. I always get obsessed with girls’ tushies when I’m horny. I asked them to drive me to my car – I wanted to make sure they didn’t change their minds and ditch me. I could already feel the moisture in my panties as I thought about what I’d soon be doing. I couldn’t believe I was going to get to play with these two.

As I followed them to their place, I watched their interaction in the car, trying to interpret what they were saying. I could tell that Amy was still very unsure about the whole deal. Interpreting their gestures and body language from behind, it seemed like Amy was questioning why Carmella wanted to do this. On the other hand, Carmella seemed to argue that it would be fun, an adventure. I was sure that Amy had never been with a girl before. As for Carmella, I wasn’t sure, but she was definitely into it now. Even if Amy backed out – a distinct possibility – doing Carmella alone would be a delight.

When we got to their apartment there was another of those awkward moments. There we were, and we all agreed why, but no one knew how to start. We drank a little more and then I figured it was up to me, so I spoke up. “So you’re a good kisser, huh, Amy?”

Amy flushed deeply and I thought I’d made a mistake. She was the reluctant one, after all. But Carmella came to the rescue, chiming in with “Oh yeah, she’s a hot one. This girl’s got a tongue. We made out on a dare one night at a party and I thought I was gonna wet my pants!”

“I think you did wet your pants,” Amy retorted. “You know you’ve always been hot for me.” They both broke into laughter and the ice was broken.

“Okay, so let’s see,” I teased. “Let’s see if you can get her hot, Amy.” Emboldened by the talk and the beer, Amy took the challenge, grabbing Carmella and giving her a long, passionate kiss, with lots of tongue and roving hands. By the time the broke apart, both girls were flushed (and not from embarrassment) and I was way hot myself. “Don’t I get any of that?” I pouted.

Amy obliged, and she didn’t disappoint. She was indeed a great kisser, with soft, active lips that traced seductively over my own and a swirling tongue that explored all the right places in my mouth. I ran my hands up and down her body, finally settling on that darling butt of hers, becoming more and more aroused as I felt her up. I slipped my hand down the back of her pants and let my fingers explore briefly between her cheeks. Damn, I was horny now! When she finally pulled away, Amy’s breath was short and her nostrils flared, and I knew I was in for an incredible night. It wouldn’t be just Carmella and I.

Carmella came next, and if anything, she was better. Her kisses weren’t as soft and sweet as Amy’s, but they were hotter, filled with urgent passion. This time it was her hands that were roaming, exploring me. And her tongue, oh my god, that girl’s tongue was just nasty. Soft and wet, slow and erotic, her tongue kissing made me weak in the knees. I could feel the dampness building between my legs.

“Okay,” I said, almost desperate now to have one of them, “who’s going to do this?”

“Well, sweetie,” Carmella teased, “I think YOU’RE going to do it. The question is, ‘who are you going to do?'”

After some brief discussion, they decide that Carmella would go first. Amy wasn’t so sure, anyway, and the whole thing had been Carmella’s idea. “Besides,” she whispered just for me to hear, “I’m really, really horny.” THAT really got me going. We started in on one another again, groping, frenching, until we were both moaning with need. I pulled her shirt out of her shorts and, taking the hint, she quickly pulled it over her head, revealing a white lacy bra that held those luscious tits I’d been admiring earlier. Next came the shorts. She took her time, clearly wanting to tease me with her body, getting off on the idea of turning on the famous Milene. When her bra came off, I almost gasped as she revealed two beautiful breasts, topped with large, dark areolas stippled with tiny bumps. I’ve never really been a “tit girl”, but big nipples always get to me. I wanted to pounce on her right there and just suck like a baby.

My reaction must have been obvious. “Well, well, you like these, don’t you?” Carmella noted, taunting me playfully and holding her prizes up for a better view. Then, in a very coquettish voice that just made me shiver, “You wanna suck ’em?”

Jesus, did I ever! But I stayed cool despite myself. “All in good time, hon. We have all night.”

I told her to leave her panties on for now. I wanted to do that myself – always a thrill the first time. I moved into her and took another kiss, a short one, followed by a long, lusty one that went on for minutes. I let my hands enjoy her breasts, cupping them, caressing them, tweaking the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Damn, this was good! Unable to resist any longer, I kissed my way down her neck, to her shoulder, and then captured one large, delicious nipple in my mouth. escort I licked at the bumpy surface, sucked gently on the rubbery nipple, and used my tongue to trap it against the roof of my mouth. Carmella’s head dropped back, her eyes closed, a rapturous look on her face as I suckled, going back and forth between her magnificent soft mounds.

I sucked her tits for a long time, slowly building her arousal. I extended my tongue and ran it slowly along the crease under each of Carmella’s breasts, at the same time keeping my fingers busy, kneading the thick buds of her nipples, pinching them, lightly twisting them. My lips moved up and around her breasts, encircling her excited nipples without touching them, doing my best to drive her crazy. Carmella was loving it, murmuring “Mmmmmm, yeah, mmmmm” over and over.

Finally I urged her to her left, over to the bed, and sat her down on the edge. Kneeling before her, I reached up and worked my fingers into the elastic band of the white bikinis. I looked up and gave her a smile that hinted of all the treats to come. God, I was so grateful for this opportunity. I slowly pulled her panties down as Carmella raised her hips slightly to assist. As soon as they were off, she spread her legs wide. She was ready for me.

Carmella had a beautiful cunt, a glistening, scarlet juice pit, framed by fleshy, succulent lips that just begged to be sucked. A small v-shaped patch of dark hair just above served as an accent, pointing down to her opening and, in particular to a rather large, engorged clitoris. I imagined how that firm little nub would feel in my mouth. I looked up and she was watching me, watching me survey her honeypot, apparently looking for a reaction. I looked her straight in the eyes and whispered “Nice, it’s beautiful,” and she grinned smugly, apparently very satisfied to hear that I liked her pussy.

Keeping my eyes on hers, I leaned to the right to kiss, then slowly lick at her inner thigh. That drew a just little smile, but then, as I licked in tiny circles upward, she sighed and trembled slightly. Her thighs spread just a bit wider, hoping for more. Her hands began to softly stroke the outsides of her thighs as I continued to work the inner surfaces, and her hips began an easy, barely perceptible up and down motion.

“You ready?”, I asked. I knew she was. Though her facial expression was still fairly calm and detached, her movements, her breathing, and her aroma all revealed her state of arousal.

With an audible “Mmmm”, Carmella raised her knees, resting her feet on the edge of the bed. I glanced over at Amy to see her reaction. Her breathing was heavy now, her stare focused, like mine, on that sweet spot between Carmella’s legs. I smiled briefly at her, making it clear that I knew she was watching, as I eased my face into Carmella’s wet trough. As I did, Carmella dropped her head back and uttered a gentle “Ahhhhhhh.”

The initial wetness was amazing – the flowing stream almost overwhelming. The lengthy build-up had caused her faucet to flow, and the cunt syrup was everywhere. I was only boasting earlier about making a wet spot, but I could see now that it would certainly be true. Already her fluids were seeping out of her, running down between the cheeks of her ass. I licked her slowly, gathering the nectar, avoiding her clitoris except for an occasional rub with the tip of my nose. My mouth and chin were inundated with her warm juices. Now my tongue probed more deeply, my mouth pressing against the opening as I held the fleshy lips to each side with my fingers. Unable to hold back now, Carmella groaned and started rocking toward me as my tongue danced in her vagina. She leaned back slightly, supporting her upper body on her hands and forearms, pushing her lower portions up into my mouth.

It was oddly quiet. The room was silent except for the continual moans from Carmella’s throat and the liquid clicking sounds made by my tongue and lips as I sucked at her cunt. I kept it slow, aiming for a gradual, growing stimulation, which I knew would result, over time, in an intensely satisfying orgasm. Not yet though. I was determined to make this last a long time, to assure we both enjoyed it to the maximum degree. Over and over, I kissed her lips and the sensitive parts inside, occasionally sucking the tender flesh into my mouth or moving up briefly to tease her now needy clit with my tongue. Her hips thrust more urgently upward and her groans became louder, more guttural. Alternating with quieter, whimpering sounds, they revealed the intensity of her growing need.

By this time, Carmella had dropped all pretense of being detached and was in full pursuit of her orgasm. Using her hands, she pulled her knees all the way back and drew her legs wide apart. I felt faint with excitement as she opened herself up for me, losing all her inhibitions, focused completely on the pleasures I was giving her. Taking her cue, I held her knees back, opening her up even more and diving in face first. Her hands grabbed my head, twisting in my hair, jamming my mouth farther up inside her, creaming my face. I adored the wetness. The wetness was an affirmation of my ability to please her. I scoured her hole, cleaning it, sucking at it. I tried again to avoid her clitoris, but it was just too tempting, protruding now from its hood, straining for more attention. I took it into my mouth and briefly played with it, rolling my tongue over its tender surface as Carmella cried and squealed above me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32