Party of Five Ch. 08

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Author’s Note: Here’s my favourite chapter. I had to take quite a few breaks while I was writing this one – for food, of course. I was hungry.

For all those people complaining about the pace: you won’t be sorry for reading this chapter. So hold onto your seats. Or…whatever is it you hold onto while you’re reading erotica. And you can be guaranteed even more raunchiness because there’s a lot more Dawn in the next few chapters.

Just wanted to say also that I appreciate ALL the feedback that I’m getting, positive or negative. I’ve been lucky in that no one has slammed my story completely. But there are many more people reading than sending me feedback, so come on guys…I’d like to hear from you. I’ve been getting quite a few e-mails and I’m replying to some of them so if you want to hear back just tell me. Send me one and tell me who your favourite character is or something.

And, lastly, I’ll just say that although I said the story would be picking up speed now, that wasn’t because of the feedback I got. I’d already written up to chapter ten or so when I posted the first one, so although I do listen to the feedback, I’m not copping out and writing in an orgy because that’s what people want. But like I said, it does get hot now. Enjoy.

* * *

Chapter 8

In the days after Josh’s intimate encounter with his eldest sister, he thought he had never felt so un-horny in his life. He supposed he had emptied a week’s worth of sexual hormones into that condom. It didn’t bother him though; in fact, it had quite a few benefits. His mind had never been clearer and it allowed him to do more homework than he usually did – which still wasn’t very much.

Jacquie had been right about Alice not being home on Tuesday afternoon. Josh was sure he would be able to tell if she had heard anything, and for that he was immensely thankful. He didn’t know what they would be able to say to excuse their behaviour.

And yet, he started to feel prickles of guilt every time he spoke to Alice, or Dawn, or his mother. He imagined, more than once, being thrown out on the street by his wrathful mother and being forced to earn a living by selling old shoes on the street until the local drug lord killed him for mistakenly thinking he was hiding cocaine in the soles. Nah, Josh thought, that would never happen. Mom would be the one that killed me. He wondered briefly whether his mother was the local drug lord.

As for his relationship with Jacquie, things had hardly changed. The first time they found themselves alone, on Wednesday night – Josh had finished school early on Wednesday but Jacquie had been out grocery shopping – they were washing the dishes, as usual, and Josh found himself feeling slightly uncomfortable. It was a new sensation for him, standing so close to the person you had copulated with – not to mention doing something so mundane as washing the dishes with them. It was bizarre, but Jacquie didn’t seem to mind at all.

It wasn’t that she ignored Josh, or pretended it hadn’t happened – she was simply able to separate it from their daily interactions. He admired her ability to do so. Nevertheless, after that night he found it became much easier to be around her without constantly picturing her naked in front of him with a look of rapture on her face. They were still brother and sister, Josh thought, and felt a strangely large amount of relief flood through him.

Friday night was the next time they had the house to themselves. Josh’s mother was out with her friends again, as was Dawn, who had even managed to drag Alice along, telling her she was spending far too much time doing homework and needed a night out.

“Plus,” Dawn had said, “I know this great guy that you’ll really like.”

Josh had felt a flood of jealousy at that, though he didn’t register it consciously. Besides, Alice was far too intelligent for any of the guys Dawn hung around with; she would see right through this guy, whoever he was. Feeling somewhat better, Josh watched them leave and found Jacquie standing behind him.

“Just you and me again, cowboy,” she said, using the nickname that made Josh think immediately of cumming inside her pussy.

Jacquie came around the back of the sofa that Josh was sitting on and wrapped her arms around his neck. He could feel her breasts leaning heavily on his shoulders and let a soft sigh escape his lips.

“If you’re not doing anything,” said Jacquie, “I have something in mind to keep us…occupied.”

A smile spread across Josh’s lips. He stood up and followed Jacquie upstairs, into his own bedroom this time. Jacquie shut the door behind them.

“So,” she said conversationally, “now that you’ve had time to think about it, how was your first time?”

Josh sat down on the bed. “Pretty good, I’d say.”

Jacquie smiled. “Glad I could be of service,” she said as she swooped down on the bed and kissed Josh on the cheek. Josh turned his face and met her mouth with his own.

They kissed passionately kartal escort bayan four or five times before Josh was aware of Jacquie drawing something out of the back pocket of her jeans – a condom. Josh took it in his hand and kissed her again. He kissed her on the corner of her lips, then on her throat as she removed her top. Josh fell onto her breasts like a starving dog onto food. He spread his hands out wider than he had before and tried to fit both breasts into his grasp. He was close, but not quite close enough. He gave them a firm squeeze and heard Jacquie moan.

Josh slid a hand around her waist and leaned his head over her shoulder to kiss the back of her neck. He felt her hands running up the back of his shirt, tracing the bumpy line of his spine.

A minute later his shirt was off, and Jacquie was in the process of tugging off her jeans. Once she had, she lowered Josh back onto the bed and planted sultry kisses all over his chest. Her expert fingers undid the buttons on his jeans and slid them down his legs.

After they landed on the floor, Jacquie pulled the coverlet up and over their bodies, which Josh was extremely thankful for, as he was still very nervous about being completely nude in front of her.

“I’ll take the top this time,” said Jacquie, running a slender finger down his chin and the middle of his chest. Josh watched her rummage under the covers to remove her panties and did the same for his jocks. They both threw them to the floor together. Jacquie’s were black again, he noticed.

Josh stuck his hand underneath the sheets and applied the condom to his penis, which didn’t feel quite as irritating as last time. He told Jacquie it was on, and watched in awe as she lowered herself onto his erect cock. She sighed as she slid down his shaft, welcoming him into her depths.

She started moving straight away, rocking her hips back and forth in a fluid motion. She supported herself on her arms, which were locked straight, the shoulders protruding above her back, reminding Josh of how a cheetah looks stalking its prey. A couple times, she raked her breasts up his chest and even swept them across his face. Josh stuck out his tongue but barely made contact before she was on a downward motion again.

He could tell – and felt quite guilty about it – that Jacquie was trying to achieve her own orgasm this time. She was varying her pace a lot and stopping at regular intervals to make sure Josh didn’t approach his own climax too soon.

When he felt the blissful pressure at the base of his cock, Josh could tell Jacquie was very close too. She was gasping with every upward thrust, and now had one hand placed on his chest, fingers splayed wide. Josh tried to hold on a little longer but it was futile. His hips spasmed once and he was gushing semen.

“Oooooh,” he groaned, this time relaxing into the feeling and letting it carry him to uncharted heights.

He felt Jacquie’s hand slide down – involuntarily – to his abs. She started to move faster, panting now with the effort. Luckily, Josh’s cock stayed stiff long enough for her to hit her climax, which was extraordinarily powerful. She fell onto Josh’s chest and literally screamed aloud as it spread through her loins.

The advantages of mutual climax dawned on Josh immediately. His sister’s vaginal muscles had contracted around his cock, as though they were hungry for its seed, drawing it forth greedily. Josh didn’t experience the full extent of the sensation, as he had come too soon; but he realised it produced another few spurts of cum and would, if they managed to cum more simultaneously next time, double the amount.

Jacquie was pushing herself off his chest now, breathing hard and still moving herself slowly against his cock. Josh soon grew limp though, and she lifted her hips off him.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Better than the first time,” said Josh. “My head didn’t explode this time.”

Jacquie laughed. “No, but I think your cock did.”

Josh returned the smile.

“I’m gonna go get cleaned up,” said Jacquie, bundling a sheet around her body. She bent down and kissed Josh, sucking on his bottom lip as she pulled away. “Put your pants on and get rid of the condom like last time,” she added. “I’ll see you in a minute.”

Josh watched her go and then stripped the condom from his cock. He knotted the open end and rested it on the floor while he pulled his pants on. He threw his shirt on too, but left it unbuttoned while he ran downstairs, out the backdoor and deposited the used condom into the garbage bin. He made sure to throw it down the side where it disappeared underneath the other waste.

Jacquie was still gone when he returned to his room. He fixed the sheets up a bit and sat down to wait. When she returned, she was wearing her jeans but not her top. Her breasts hung out like big beige fun bags.

“How ’bout some hindplay?” she said.

“Hindplay?” asked Josh.

“Opposite of foreplay, I yakacık escort guess,” replied Jacquie. She tossed the sheet on the bed and lay down on it on her side. Josh mimicked her position, facing her. Jacquie ran a finger along his jaw and gave him a single kiss.

“I came this time, you know,” said Jacquie.


“It felt really good…in case you wanted to know.”

“Really?” said Josh.

Jacquie nodded. “Really good,” she said, kissing him more passionately. “I need a rest though.”

“OK,” said Josh, and stood to leave her in peace. Jacquie’s hand grabbed his arm.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

Josh smiled and let her pull him back down. She reached a hand out and drew the sheets up to their shoulders. She slung an arm over Josh’s body and closed her eyes.

Josh watched her rest and hoped they didn’t both fall asleep. That could be disastrous. They didn’t, however – after a while, Jacquie opened her eyes and they started to kiss and touch each other again, softly and tenderly, no longer impatient with lust.

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out with Valerie,” Jacquie said suddenly.

“Oh,” said Josh, “that’s OK. I guess she wasn’t really the girl I thought she was.”

“Well,” said Jacquie, hugging his neck, “you know I’m here for you. I’m just happy I can satisfy your emotional and your physical needs.”

Josh eyed her sceptically. “That’s not why you’re doing this is it? Just to help me out?”

“No,” replied Jacquie, “I’m doing it because you’re a great fuck.” She kissed him. “And because I love you.”

“I love you, too,” said Josh, feeling it was the right thing to say.

Jacquie rested her head on the pillow and shut her eyes again. Josh stroked her hair affectionately, wondering if this was the prettiest sight he had ever seen.

* * *

On Saturday morning, Jacquie had left to see a friend of hers in town who was going through some sort of personal crisis. Josh wondered whether a woman who was having sex her 18-year-old brother was the right kind of person to be giving relationship advice.

Alice was also out, working at the bookstore, and Laura, too, was at work. She worked at some big design company which Josh knew nothing about, but that working at it was good for his mother, who enjoyed having something to do during the day rather than playing the traditional role of the divorced housewife.

This left, strangely, Dawn and Josh. He couldn’t remember the last time he and Dawn had been alone together on a Saturday, or even at all. Dawn was almost always out with friends, or at work, and when she was home, Jacquie or Alice were usually there. It was perhaps lucky, Josh considered, that they had become friends, otherwise they would surely have destroyed the house.

Dawn was lazing on a sofa in the living room when Josh found her. She was wearing a skirt, as usual, and a top that left most of her belly uncovered. Josh saw the exposed skin and found himself unable to look away. She really did have a remarkable physique, especially her stomach. Josh wondered if she could take a punch when she flexed it, like some of the guys at school tried, but decided it was better not to find out.

Dawn sat up when Josh walked into the living room, revealing that her top wasn’t actually that revealing, but had simply ridden up her body while she lay. It still exposed some of her belly though.

“What’s up, Joshy?” she asked.

“Nothing,” said Josh casually, flopping onto an armchair. “You’re belly’s showing,” he added, without knowing why he had.

Dawn looked down and ran a hand across the exposed skin. “So?” she said. “If you’ve got, flaunt it.”

“And what exactly do you have?” asked Josh.

“Killer abs,” Dawn replied with a wicked grin, and Josh silently agreed.

“Think awfully highly of yourself, don’t you,” said Josh.

“I have reason to,” Dawn answered. Josh snorted. “Let’s see your abs then,” demanded Dawn.


“Don’t have any, huh? Too bad.”

“I don’t have a big nose either.”

Dawn looked scandalized. “Your nose is bigger than mine, you twerp.” It was true.

“Yes, well, I haven’t had a nose job,” replied Josh.

Dawn looked outraged, her eyes like emerald coals. “You bastard,” she yelled, and lunged at him. Josh was too quick for her though; he leapt out of his seat and took off in a flash. Dawn pursued him, running surprisingly fast for a glamour queen. She caught him at the foot of the stairs, and grabbed the back of his shirt, but Josh pulled himself free and sprinted up. He ran for his room, Dawn following close behind.

Josh tripped at the entrance and scrambled at the wall for a foothold. Dawn bowled into him and they went tumbling into his room. Josh smacked his head hard on the floor. Dawn landed more gracefully, on one knee. She stood up and dusted her skirt off.

Then, her eyes glazed over, her brow furrowed, and she began sniffing. What the hürriyet mahallesi escort hell is she doing? thought Josh. Her eyes widened.

“You had sex!” she squealed.

Josh fell back on the floor. “What!?” he bellowed.

“You had sex!” Dawn repeated, pointing at him and grinning hugely.

“I did not!” Josh exclaimed.

“Yes you did,” said Dawn. “I can smell it.”

“You can’t smell it,” Josh said flippantly. Although, he thought, if anyone knew what sex smelled like, it would be Dawn.

“Oh, yes I can,” said Dawn, looking extremely pleased about the whole affair. “Tell me,” she said, dropping to her knees and looking at Josh expectantly, “who was it?”

She looked positively deranged. “Was it that girl from school?”

“I didn’t have sex!” Josh cried.

“You’re lying,” said Dawn, fixing him with a penetrating look. “I know you are.”

Josh was astounded that she knew what sex smelled like, and also that she could tell he was lying so easily. Would it help to keep denying it? Or should he just make up some girl from school? He didn’t get a chance to decide; what Dawn said next rocked him.

“That’s Jacquie’s perfume,” she said, sniffing the corner of a sheet she had bundled in her hand. Josh hadn’t even seen her grab it; he was cowering on the floor, thinking that Dawn was rather scary when she was on the verge of discovering some scandalizing gossip.

Her eyes grew huge, her mouth opened up like a yawning abyss that was threatening to swallow Josh whole.

“You and Jacquie are having sex!” she shrieked. “Oh my God!” She was staring at Josh, with that same crazy, goggle-eyed expression.

What should he say? What could he say? I had sex with a girl who uses the same perfume as Jacquie; the smell is just from masturbating, I don’t know why the perfume’s there; I was actually making pancakes in my room, when I accidentally grabbed Jacquie’s perfume instead of the maple syrup and voila: sex smell. Josh doubted whether even Dawn would believe you could get sex smell from mixing perfume and pancake batter. Sounded like a potential science fair winner though.

Dawn had dropped to her knees again, right in front of Josh. She grabbed his wrists and was shaking him. “You and Jacquie had sex!” she was crying with a huge smile now. “You had sex!”

“Shut up!” yelled Josh.

Dawn stopped yelling, and stopped shaking him, but kept a firm hold on his wrists. Josh took a few deep breaths.

“Well…” said Dawn, “did you?”

Josh didn’t see the sense in lying. He knew Dawn, and he knew she wouldn’t rest until she discovered the truth, which would make finding time alone with Jacquie extremely hard. Besides, she didn’t seem too upset about it. For God’s sake, she was laughing!

Josh nodded, unable to bring himself to use words.

“Oh my God!” Dawn squealed. “I can’t believe it. Jacquie had sex with you.”

Josh looked up, furious. “Hey!” he cried indignantly. “What’s so hard to believe about someone wanting to have sex with me?”

Dawn just looked at him. “But she did it coz you’re a virgin, right? Because I was teasing you about it?”

“No,” said Josh, thinking he shouldn’t say what he said next. “She liked it, too.”

Dawn looked aghast. “She did?”


“You mean she wanted to have sex with you?”


“Wow,” said Dawn, sounding impressed. She leaned in closer and lowered her gaze.

“Is it really huge?” she whispered conspiratorially.

“No!” Josh bellowed angrily, forgetting the number one rule of the Talking About Your Penis handbook. “She just wanted to.”

Dawn looked dubious. “Are you sure it’s not huge, coz I don’t think Jacquie has seen that many.”

“Dawn!” Josh spat vehemently.

“Alright, alright,” Dawn yielded. She thought for a moment. “Is it because you can do something really well – cuz I once knew this guy who wasn’t that hot, but all the girls liked him because he could—”


“OK,” said Dawn, startled by Josh’s anger. “You can’t do anything.” Josh looked scandalized. “I mean…” clarified Dawn, “you can do lots of things.” She patted the side of his face consolingly.

Her other hand, Josh now realised, was resting on his knee. He felt uncomfortable at the contact, but enjoyed it at the same time. Dawn never touched him affectionately.

“So was it just a one off thing?” she asked. “Or has it happened more than once.

Josh was reluctant to answer any more questions, but her soothing voice and her hand on his knee prompted him to do so. “More than once,” he said, which sounded more impressive than “twice”.

“How long has this been going on for?”

“About a week, I guess.”

Dawn pursed her lips thoughtfully. She stood up and put her hands on her hips. Josh averted his gaze, fearing the view of her panties.

“I kinda thought you’d be having sex with Alice,” she said.

Josh pushed himself up onto his bed, then looked up. He was shocked. “You did?”

Dawn looked at him. “Oh, no…not before. I just meant – if you were having sex with one of your sisters, I figured it’d be Alice.”

“Why would you think that?”

Dawn shook her head. “Never mind.”

“You don’t seem very concerned about it.”

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