Party Down

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Dean and John were hanging out in John’s dorm room snorting coke. How they ended up there John could not say but he was glad to be with dean. Dean was part of the little drug culture in town where John worked in a deli for his uncle. He had a girlfriend and he was definitely considered cool by most he hung out with. Part of it may have just been his easy going nature, but part of it also had to do with his boyish charm and his good looks. At 19 he was tallish, lean with long brown hair. He usually looked like he needed a shave and a shower, but somehow that just added to his attractiveness. John on the other hand was a nerdy college student who drank too much more out of a drinking problem than coolness. He had very few friends and for that reason alone was happy to be hanging out with someone like Dean who seemed so popular. Oh, Dean was also the local coke dealer or at least involved in all of that which only added his popularity.

So here they were in John’s dorm doing lines. John’s roommate was home for the week so there was no chance of being disturbed. They had an eight ball between them and a case of beer so were kind of set for at least the night. That was actually how they had ended up in John’s dorm all the way in the city — there was no where to hang out in town. As usual they were talking total shit and that would probably go on for hours as they snorted lines and drank.

“did you see Chris the other night at that party?” said Dean

“Yeah, he was totally wasted,” said John. Chris was another kind of popular guy in the town circle — good looking also but in a totally clean cut way. His father was publisher of some magazine or something like that. He was a spoiled rich kid.

“Yeah beyliikdüzü escort — he got so wasted he let this guy blow him so he could get more coke.” Said Dean

John was shocked to hear this — what the fuck? “Shit, that is intense.”

“No shit. ” Dean leaned over and did another line on the glass mirror that they were passing back and fourth. He snorted a line and sat back, the mirror still on his lap. He t-shirt was pulled up slightly and about an inch of his hairy midriff was exposed. “it is wild. … Would you ever let a guy blow you if you were coked up like that?”

John didn’t know what to say. Was that even possible? He wanted to deny it as strongly as possible to leave no question about his own sexuality. But what was going on here? “I don’t know man. Kind of think no but when that last line is gone… I don’t know.” John bent over and snorted a line off the mirror on Dean’s lap. He was conscious that Dean’s cock was right under it. John sat back.

“Yeah man — sick shit but you never know. On top of that sometimes I get so fucking horny doing blow I don’t think it would matter.” Dean cut a few more lines on the mirror and did another. This time when he sat back he shirt was up another inch at least. He was a thin guy and kind of olive complexion. He stomach was lean with soft brown hairs covering it. John could not help but notice and just wanted to keep looking at it.

“I know what you mean man.”

Dean handed John the coke straw and John leaned over the mirror again to snort a line. This time he put his left hand on dean’s thigh to steady himself while he inhaled the coke. He left it there as he leaned back to snort it bodrum escort all in again and wipe his nose with his right sleeve. As he pulled his hand back it brushed a bit higher on Dean’s thing. Either Dean did not notice or he did not care. He just stretched out and arced his body a bit. As he did that the mirror shifted slightly in his lap. John grabbed the edge of the mirror an moved it over to the desk right next to them.

“careful man — you almost knocked that over.” John said.

“Shit — sorry man,” Dean rubbed his hand across his stomach and stayed laying back with his eyes closed. “Good catch man.”

John noticed that Dean’s crotch was fuller than before the mirror when on it. Clearly he had some level of hard on going there — or maybe it was jus the way the cloth fell. Now John wanted it and did not know what to do. How many times had he slipped away to jerk off thinking about Dean while they were partying. He looked at Dean he was lying back with his eyes closed. He put his hand back on Dean’s thigh — this time way close to Dean’s crotch. He did not say anything. Dean shifted his leg but also remained silent. Something in John just said “go” and he leaned forward over Dean’s crotch. His hand now touched Dean’s crotch. Dean settled in more and moved his hand over to the button on his jeans and unbuttoned them. John’s face was right above Dean’s crotch and he moved his hand and pulled the zipper of Dean’s fly down — still they both said nothing.

John bent into Dean’s crotch and pulled back his jeans — he could see Dean’s cock hard in his boxer briefs. More than that he could smell it — the musk was almost overpowering — Dean wasn’t known for showering bolu escort every day and it may have been much longer than that. John pulled back Dean’s boxer briefs and licked Dean’s cock.

“ungnhnn” moaned Dean, even in that moment his cock got harder. John could feel his own cock harder than steel in his own jeans.

John took dean’s cock in his mouth and swallowed is cock into his throat. He let Dean’s cock push his throat open — he almost gagged on the smell and on the pressure but he was so turned on his could not stop. Dean’s crotch was so intensely musky John’s eyes were watering. As Dean’s cock penetrated deeply into his throat his nose took in the overpowering musk and made John even harder. Dean moaned loudly and put his hand on John’s head as he pushed his cock deeper into John’s throat. Time stopped as john let his mouth and throat become dean’s source of pleasure. Finally John could feel dean’s cock expand even more — it widened almost like a flower and then dean came — he came long and hard and with a huge amount of cum. John tried to swallow all of it but even more came out the sides of his mouth and Dean arched his cock up deeper in to John’s throat with both hands holding John’s head firmly for each thrust. Finally Dean stopped and john could feel his cock softening and then pulling out of his throat and mouth. John took a moment to immerse himself in dean’s musky crotch before sitting back with his own hard on beating in his own jeans. Dean let out a huge sign and pulled on his briefs and buttoned his pants. He took a deep breath.

“Thanks man. I fucking needed that bad.”

John didn’t say anything but nodded and pulled the mirror of the desk and back on to Dean’s crotch. He took the straw and leaned forward, hand on Dean’s thigh, and snorted a long line. His cock was throbbing and he needed to cum himself but he didn’t care. That was enough. Even more would be cool, he could do it all night if Dean wanted, but that was enough, at least for now.

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