Paris Conference

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It was one of those ironies that, despite being so close by, Paris was one city I rarely had to visit with business, and that was a shame because it is a city I love. So I had welcomed the opportunity to go there when a client invited me to attend a marketing conference and exhibit some products. If nothing else I was renting a large MPV to take samples over and I would have plenty of room on the way back for some inexpensive French wine and beer. However, I had been unprepared for how dull the conference was going to be and I couldn’t wait to get out of the hotel at the end of the first day. Some newly made friends from other suppliers suggested going out for some drinks and a meal, but as I explained to them, I already had plans.

“I’m going to meet my niece and take her out for a meal,” I told them, already anticipating the mocking laughter this would bring on.

“Yeah, right!” they nodded and grinned, amused that the old cliché had been brought back to life after so many years.

“No, I’m serious,” I said, “she lives and works over here, so it’s just a meal! Don’t be disgusting!” In my head though the thought flicked across my mind that, actually, what they were thinking would actually be a long way from disgusting.

Anna was my eldest sister’s daughter, and, given the fact that I was an after-thought, born when my mother was already 40, and that my eldest sister hadn’t hung around too long before having children of her own, at the age of 34 I already had a niece of 21. Studying French at university she had come to Paris in her third year to work and get experience of commercial French before going back to university in England to complete her course.

She was an intelligent if slightly naïve young woman the last time I had seen her 18 months before, slim and attractive without being stunning, with a pretty face and a fresh smile. University hadn’t been easy for her like it had for me; she put herself under a lot of pressure to study and achieve, had made the mistake of going there with her school-time boyfriend (a mistake he realised before she did and he had hurtfully dumped her) and she was fighting back from a mild case of anorexia. It had therefore been a kind gesture, I thought, to offer to meet up with her, rather than my idea of a great night out in Paris.

However, I as strode across the square outside my hotel to the restaurant where she suggested meeting I was just relieved to be in the warm Paris air in early summer and going to spend an evening with someone who had no interest in the subject-matter of the conference. I got a shock when I spotted Anna too! She was looking brown and healthy, wearing make-up and a broad smile, but only a small flimsy summer dress. The make-up and the dress were both surprises, and more importantly her figure was a little fuller than two winters ago and, although still only a size 6, looking much less fragile. Parisian life was obviously agreeing with her.

Having pecked each others cheeks lightly in proper continental style we sat down to a drink, and another and another, and time was flying by as I caught up with Anna’s life in Paris and we talked about other members of the family. I was struck by how much I was enjoying this and how it felt so much more like having a good time with a friend than taking my little niece out for dinner. We did finally get around to eating something and the oysters and fish (specialities of the restaurant) mixed perfectly with the superb bottle of Chablis the waiter recommended. All of a sudden, the wine was finished, the meal was cleared and we had spent three hours chatting away, but it now felt like we should really get up and I guessed it was probably my cue to head back to my hotel. However, it was dark in a big city and my old fashioned instincts were firstly to make sure that Anna got home safely.

“How are you getting home Anna?” I asked.

“Oh, I’ll just walk home from here, my flat is pretty close to here and its such a lovely evening”.

“Would you like me to walk you home and make sure you get home safely?”, I said, genuinely concerned.

But Anna assured me, “You don’t have to worry about me Uncle, but why not come and see where I live anyway? You know, you could have stayed with me instead of in that boring expensive hotel?”

The thought had never occurred to me, but I said “Well, thanks for the offer, but I thought your place was pretty small just a tiny one bedroom place?”

Anna replied in a flash “I guess, if it would have made you uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t have minded”.

There was a twinkle in her eye as she said this and a slight change in her smile, which had changed from innocent to ever so slightly seductive, that made me catch my breath and almost instantaneously a whole world of possibilities opened up in my mind which had not occurred to me since my conference mates were teasing me earlier. However, struggling to think quickly I decided this was probably the wine talking flirtatiously, but I wondered if I could draw more certainty from our conversation.

I started to ask her about her love life as we strolled along and, as she started to tell me how she had got over the university boyfriend and become much more comfortable with just enjoying herself gaziantep ofise gelen escort with men when she wanted to, she tucked her arm inside mine and the hairs on my neck bristled. Hadn’t she got serious with any other men I wondered; no, apparently she had only ever been serious about two men, the boyfriend at university and one other, who never even knew about it, it was a crush that never came out into the open. I was intrigued, I had never imagined her to harbour a secret like that, but then I didn’t really know her, I was just related to her. Apparently she had been in love with this guy for ages, since she was a kid, but could never tell him and the heartbreaking thing was she had to go to his wedding and watch him get married.

“Well, who was he then?” I asked.

She stopped in the street, turned to me and said, “You!”

There was a silence while my jaw quite literally dropped open and I stared at her in disbelief, completely shocked by this revelation. My own little niece had been mad about me and I had never had a clue. Maybe it was the stupid look on my face, or the fact that unless she did something she was worried I would be rooted to the spot forever, but then she suddenly leant forward, reached up on tiptoes, wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a firm warm kiss on my lips. It worked, I snapped out of my trance and instinctively began returning the kiss. Before I knew it we were kissing hard and passionately and our tongues were frantically searching our teeth, insides of lips and I was drinking in her perfume…I was also conscious of how fantastically firm her young body felt pressed up against mine. But then another wake-up call came from the back of my mind and I gently pushed her away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this” was all I could come up with, painfully aware of how tired and trite such a phrase must sound.

Her smile temporarily vanished, but then, with slightly more effort it came back and she laughed, a little falsely and apologised for getting so carried away.

“I’m sorry Uncle, but you can’t blame me for wanting to find out what kissing you was like after wondering for so long. Still, don’t let it spoil the evening, let’s go back and have a coffee and then you can go home”.

Mixed up with relief and disappointment I agreed and we continued walking, but her arm was back entwined with mine and our bodies brushed against each other as we walked, she was so close to me. The conversation had also stopped and I guessed, like me, she was probably thinking over what had happened and what could have happened, chit-chat seeming suddenly irrelevant after the moment of intense intimacy. I for one kept dwelling on what could have happened and I felt my dick swelling at the thoughts.

However, before my mind could go too far we had turned a corner and we were stopped outside an old town house. Anna was getting keys out of her trendy little rucksack that passed for a handbag. I tried to lighten things up again as we climbed the stairs to her flat with fatuous comments about how nice the neighbourhood looked (I hadn’t actually noticed at all) and how nice the building was. We reached the flat at the top of the building, it was practically the attic, and she unlocked the door announcing “Voila!”. She had told me earlier how she had searched and searched for a nice place to rent, and her searching had obviously paid off.

It was like her, small, but perfectly formed. It was practically one room, on a split level , with a tiny galley kitchen at one end and an enormous double bed at the other which filled a third of the space. A door in one corner led to a shower and toilet and she gave me the ten second tour, and then, the crowning piece, two double doors opened out onto a small roof terrace, half as big as the whole flat, five storeys up and with a great view over the roof tops of Paris.

“Sit down and enjoy the view” she smiled, pleased to see how impressed I was with the place, I’ll be back with coffee in a minute. I sat at a pretty little wrought iron table and gazed out and thinking how much I would have given right now to be ten years younger, not her uncle, not married and preparing to fuck this lovely girl all night long.

Unconsciously I let out a deep audible sigh, just as Anna was coming back out with the coffees.

“That sounded sad” she said.

“Oh, I was just thinking….” And I trailed off looking directly into her eyes and she clearly read my mind.

“Me too” she said and came and sat herself on my lap, right onto my cock which had been enjoying my little daydream too. Feeling my hardness she squirmed down on it a little, instantly causing it to throb and grow some more.

“You know”, she whispered, ” it wasn’t just kissing you I wondered about, I always wanted to know what your cock would feel like…to taste, to feel inside me” and all the while she said this she looked me straight in the eye.

“You can’t blame little niece Anna for being curious uncle!” and she went all little-girly coy and it took my breath away. I knew now it was all down to me and I knew now I wanted her beyond all reason. But I wanted her to make the moves with me, gaziantep öğrenci escort not to do anything she didn’t explicitly want me to, though I was now sure that whatever that was it was going to involve plenty of action! The whole situation was bewildering, my little niece was a very sexual woman now who had a whole lot more experience than I would have imagined and self-confidence which made her almost unrecognisable but incredibly attractive!

Not getting any negative response from me, she took that as my agreement to whatever she had in mind and got up from my lap. For a split second I thought I had got it wrong and she was going to sit down in the other chair, drink her coffee, apologise again and send me home. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead, she stood in front of me and while saying” Would you like to see how your little niece grew up…..Voila!” she pulled her dress up and over her head and dropped it to the floor. Trying not to let the shock and slight embarrassment show in my face, I glanced down her body. As I had guessed a little earlier the cheeky little vixen hadn’t been wearing a scrap of underwear and so my eyes were floating over her nakedness, over her small per breasts, her flat stomach and to her pussy and then I stopped and stared. It was perfectly cleanly shaven and beautiful.

“I think you have grown up in the best possible way” I croaked.

“Do you like it, she replied, noting where my eyes were lingering, ” a couple of boyfriends complained about pubic hairs in their mouths when they licked me so I shaved them off. After all, I love having my pussy licked and I don’t want to put them off, do I?”

“I couldn’t agree more” I stammered, wondering how soon I would get to find out how amazing her shaven pussy tasted and wishing, not for the first time, that my wife would even consider doing the same.

She came back and sat astride my lap and, while squirming on top of me barely contained dick, kissed me deep and long. I was ready to blow a fuse and was desperate to suck on that pink little clit of hers, so after a couple of minutes of deep kissing I lifted her off of me and placed her bottom on the table. I quickly grabbed the coffee cups and moved them well out of the way. If the table was cold to the touch of her skin she didn’t care and so I eased her gently backwards so she was lying across it with her head and long hair slightly suspended over the edge. With her bum just over the edge closest to me I put one leg over my right shoulder and pushed and spread the other leg to rest on another chair. I now had a fantastic close up view of this beautiful smooth pussy, even in the half light. I lightly rubbed one hand over the mound, feeling the smoothness and sensing the bodily vibration even that touch was causing. “show me how a man licks Uncle, not one of these French boys”. I didn’t need any more invitation, but first I let my fingers slide up and down her slit feeling the swollen lips now dampening with every touch and slowly parting them to allow my tongue clear access wherever I wanted.

I brought a cheek to Anna’s mound and drank in the natural musk exuding from her sweet pussy and enjoying the unusual sensation of my clean shaven cheek against her clean shaven mound. Rubbing my cheek up and down from her mound to her inner thigh I let my tongue flick out to her lips and run up and down with my whole face. There were plenty of juices to taste already and it was gorgeous. Anna seemed happy too and I could feel her body shifting toward me, as if her whole body was being pulled by her clitoris which was now screaming for firm contact.

I pressed my tongue firmly on her bud and started swirling it around three or four times, then sliding it up and down the ridge of skin connecting the hood of her clit to her mound. Anna’s moans suggested this was feeling pretty good and I repeated this process several times. After a couple of minutes I slid an index finger into her cunt and felt her muscles twitch and try to grip it and her body jolted on the table. Steadying her with one hand and the table with one foot I felt her grind on my finger and my tongue as I licked her clit and probed her cunt.

I gave my thumb a turn in that sensationally tight pussy to get it nice and wet and then, reinserting my index finger, I let my thumb trace its way down to her asshole and start circling the opening. This was almost too much for Anna and as she moaned and squirmed I thought she was going to fall off the table. But I couldn’t stop doing it, seeing how much it was turning her on and anyway, just seconds later Anna let out a stifled cry of “I’m coming” and several spasms later her body relaxed and I reluctantly withdrew my mouth and fingers from possibly the finest places they had ever been.

“You didn’t need long” I said, probably not hiding the disappointment very well that I hadn’t been able to spend longer eating her delicious cunt.

“Maybe you’re just too good Uncle” she smiled back at me, “Want to find out how good I am?”

I just smiled back at her for a reply and then I suddenly snapped back into a split second of reality.

“By the way Anna, shouldn’t we do this somewhere oğuzeli escort a little more private, like your bedroom? I mean, we are a bit on display here don’t you think?” and I gestured out to the rooftops around us with the occasional attic window.

“Don’t worry Uncle, hardly anyone overlooks here, especially at this time of night. Anyway, I don’t care if anyone sees me out here sucking off a handsome elder man, and I just love being outdoors, don’t you?”

There was no reply to that, I was too busy replaying those words in my head and trying to accept that my niece had just said them. I definitely didn’t know her like I thought I did! Still in a half daze, I was being kissed again and then made to stand up in order to hold the kiss. She turned me so my back was to the table and unhurriedly undid the belt on my trousers. At the same time I lifted my shirt over my head and kicked off my shoes; I was ready to get naked too! She let my trousers slip to the floor and it was her turn to let out a giggle of surprise. No, it wasn’t my size (I am not that big), but the fact that her decent and proper Uncle (well at least until 20 minutes ago) was also not wearing any underwear.

“I like the air to circulate and keep me fresh” I explained.

“Let’s see just how fresh you are” she murmured as she pushed me back to let my bum rest on the edge of the table, gave me one long kiss on the mouth before sitting on the chair next to me and lowering her head down to my eager cock.

She started to run her tongue around the head of my dick and then finding the skin that connect my shaft, she ran her tongue up and down that. It was way better and more assured than I had expected and the sensations made my stomach spasm involuntarily at first and I had to grip the table behind me to stay steady. Then she sank her mouth right down over the whole head with her warm tongue swirling around my most sensitive area at the same time. It was sensational! At the same time she was moaning softly, sounds of definite pleasure which were having an effect on me as well.

Then, with one long upward stroke her mouth left me and she asked “how am I doing?”

I nearly laughed, what an incredible question to ask when she was clearly so good.

“Fantastically” I said.

“Is there nothing more I can do?” she asked with a look which suggested that, as the older and more experienced here, I should be able to pass on some expert advice.

“If you really want to drive me crazy, I said, then very lightly tickle my balls at the same time, especially between my bum and my balls. But don’t blame me if it gets you a face full of hot cum!”

That didn’t seem to bother her and, like the perfect student that she is, she immediately picked up a gentle stroking rhythm on my balls, which, combined with her soft sensuous mouth action on my head was going to trigger me off in no time. With one hand I gently held the back of her head to let her know I needed her to keep it there. This was too good to stop and soon after I was groaning and my spunk was spurting into her mouth, over her lips and onto her cheeks as she drew back to watch it finish and gently hand pumped the last drops from me. After a moment’s pause to gather my senses I crouched down and we kissed harder than ever, me licking up the sperm off her lips and face and loving the taste of me on her.

This was proving to be quite a night. We held each other for a while and I muttered in her ear that I knew that this was wrong but it was also so good; she was full of such amazing surprises that I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to.

She stood up with me and we kissed again, slower, more gently and breathed to me “you are even better than I had expected. Auntie is a very lucky woman”.

I laughed out loud, I couldn’t help it. “If only sex with her was like this, I would be the lucky one!” and I clasped a firm small buttock in my right hand. Wow, I was forgetting that I had still not sampled so much of her! Each curve and rise of her body was incredibly firm, but her skin was so soft at the same time and it was as if I was touching a woman for the first time again.

“Come inside I whispered. I want to find out more about this amazing body of yours”. I led her back inside to her own magnificent bed and then picked her up and gently laid her out on top of the luxurious duvet. I lifted one warm leg and spread it a little from the other, just to be ready. Then I knelt at the side of the bed and began to caress her hair and her head as I kissed her gently on the lips and felt my way across her lips with my tongue. I stopped to let my hand come down and, closing my eyes I let my fingertips roam lightly over her face to discover it properly for the first time. Then, at long long last I let them slide slowly over her shoulders to finally arrive at her small pert breasts and to linger on her little erect nipples. As my fingers brushed in circles around the swell of her tits and then flickered over her nipples I found out that I had previously ignored a very sensitive area and her body arched to offer her nipples up closer to a firmer touch. But I was having fun now and let my hands slide down her sides and come back over her flat stomach. I could see goose pimples emerge in their wake despite the warmth of the evening, a sure sign that this touch was having its desired effect. Back to the breasts now and my touch became firmer, hands rubbing hard and flat over her nipples and producing a small gasp from Anna at the contrast. Then they slid back down, over her tummy with one goal in mind, that gloriously smooth mound that pointed to heaven on earth.

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