Parallel Urges… Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: Jessica has read my story so far, and she agrees with a lot of the comments. She wants you all to know her side of things. So, she will dictate to me her side of things as they went down from her memory, and I will try to write her story (with one hand), and hopefully still finish my own story at the same time.

All characters are sexually active characters in this and all my stories are 18 years or older.

Jessica’s Story:

Hey ya’ll, I am Jessica (43), divorced mother of two, and sister to Otis who is now 42 himself. This isn’t a present day story, this happened many years ago, so you will have to forgive me if my memory isn’t perfect, but Otis said he would write it all down for me, since he is better at this stuff. Anyway, first things first, yes, I was absolutely in love with my father, he was my first love, but nothing happened between he and I until I was into my college years, 19 if I remember correctly. At the point this story really begins, I was fantasizing about him all the fucking time, and technically I still do to this day. He was so perfect to me, and I miss him dearly. He was in his forties back then, he had a handsome face and was not terribly out of shape, or so I thought at the time. He had a…you know…a dad bod. I think they call them silver foxes these days. He was a sweet loving father, and I pretty much got my way at home most of the time. He always took my side if I was at odds with my Mom, or my brother, Otis, who had just turned 18 and was almost out of the house himself at the point of this whole story, I think you know him at this point.

Anyway, I graduated from high school and went to a local college after I turned 18, and I must say, college life changed me. I was a good girl before going, but by the end of my freshman year, I was 19 and I had an ongoing lesbian thing going with my 19 year old bestie/roommate. I had also given at least a half dozen guys blow jobs, but no sex. I was saving myself for someone special.

One of the guys that I had sucked off early in college, was one of my professors. I mean, I needed that grade to stay on the squad, so, you know I made it worth him giving me the good grade. He is, without a doubt, the reason that I started to get it in my head that I wanted my dad sexually. Mmm, thinking back on it now, I remember it like it was yesterday, and not over 20 years ago. I had been between his legs, sucking him off there at his desk in his office, and I could tell he was getting ready to cum in my mouth, something I didn’t really want at the time, but then he looked me square in the eye as he stroked my cock filled cheek and said, “That’s it, just like that, I’m gonna cum in that sweet mouth of yours.” I swear all I heard was my dad’s voice when he said it, I suddenly creamed my panties at that exact moment, and started attacking his cock with my mouth, and I let him cum in my throat. Afterward, I regretted having the taste in my mouth, but god he sounded just like my dad and I wanted my dad to do exactly what that nerdy professor had just done.

That was it for me, from that moment on, my daddy was my fantasy whenever I came. Not saying I didn’t play around, a girl needs to party you know, but my daddy was my go to fantasy that I used to push me over the edge any time I needed to climax. I had even made it my mission to bed my daddy at some point, but I didn’t know how. I mean he and mom were pretty rock solid from what I could tell at the start of all this, a true American Marriage, a love story with the happy ending and all that, and I certainly didn’t want to break that up, you know?

That didn’t stop me from letting my dad look at me, though. And, I know he looked at me, a lot. I could tell every time I walk by him in the house in something skimpy, he would always be flustered about something, in fact that was when my dad started to not be so sweet to me all the time. He would act all annoyed about something or another, and sometimes he would even be snippy towards me, his sweet and precious princess. I knew better though, because I would listen to him and Mom going hot and heavy later in the night after I had given him a “hard” time.

Daddy wasn’t the only one either, I caught the my brother, sneaking peeks at my tight little body every now and again too. One time, just after Otis had turned 18, at a neighborhood party my parents threw, I even watched him sneak off to his room when he thought no one would notice, and I listened to him spank his monkey from the other side of our bathroom’s door. I couldn’t help but laugh at it, he was jerking off to me, and he kept saying my name as he did it. Later that night I even overheard when Daddy moaned out my name when he was fucking Mom. She apparently didn’t mind, because she seemed to be into it, which also gave me hope that Daddy and I might one day happen. Come to find out later, I even got a little sister out of it that night.

So, all that out of the way, lets really start my story. I was at a college party the day before Easter during my sophomore kartal escort year. I had hooked up with a guy, I am pretty sure he was a Junior, that had been sniffing around, thinking I was an easy lay. I was feeling good and letting him feel me up when I noticed, my brother’s best friend, Davey, a freshman, was there at the party, he was just roaming around like a geek, taking a few pictures of people at the party, even one of the girls on my squad. I overheard him tell one girl, I never saw her face though, that he was going to trick my brother into thinking he had scored that weekend. Ugh…Davey was such a creep, and I certainly didn’t need him spotting me there on the couch, he probably would have tried to interrupt, and I also didn’t need my brother knowing what I was doing at that party, so I took the guy up to an empty bedroom and gave him a very special massage with my mouth.

After the party I went back to my dorm room, but my roommate had a date in the room and I knew that meant I shouldn’t interrupt them. So unfair too, I was kinda hoping that she and I could have a bit of a cuddle before bed, but I guess some other girl was gonna get a lucky lick tonight instead. I was just glad I could still go home to my parent’s house, and sleep there whenever I wanted. It was something I did most weekends anyway, and no one at home would be bothered by it anyway.

When I got to the house, all the main lights were out, so that should have meant that everyone was already in bed, so I quietly entered the house and headed towards my room. But when I got closer to my room, I saw that my bedroom door was open and my nightlight was casting a shadow that was moving around in my room. “What the fuck?” I thought to myself as I snuck up to my own bedroom to see who was in there. I peeked around the door frame and what I saw made me instantly wet. My daddy was standing there at my dresser, my panty drawer was wide open. I could make out his right hand moving up and down while he was holding a pair of my panties up to his face. “Oh my god, Daddy, is this what you do when I am not home and everyone is asleep?” I asked myself. He started to stroke faster and I could tell he was about to cum. I wanted nothing more than to walk in close the door behind me and ask if I could help him take care of that daddy cock he was stroking.

But I knew better than to scare him like that, he was an older gentleman after all, who knows if his heart could take a surprise like that. So, I quietly crept back down the hall, and went back to the door and made a little louder show that I was home, and to give him a chance to make an escape from my room before I made my way back there myself. But when I came back to the door, the light from my brother’s and I’s shared bathroom was lighting up my room and I heard the sink running. I slowly entered my room and looked over to the bathroom to see my daddy finish washing his hands and he turned to dry off his hands, I looked up at me seemed startled by my appearance.

“Oh Christ, Jessica, you scared the shit out of me!” he exclaimed, as he dried off his freshly washed hands.

“Wonder why he had to wash off his hands?” I asked myself rhetorically and smiling as I caught him look me over covertly, I was still in my party clothes after all. I said to him in an innocent voice I reserved for when I wanted to wrap him around my finger, “What are you doing in my bathroom, Daddy?”

“Uh, I use it sometimes, late at night, so I don’t bother your mother while she is sleeping, she is a light sleeper when she is pregnant. I figured since you weren’t home, you wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, Daddy. I just hope I didn’t have any of my unmentionables laying about.” I lightly teased him, him not knowing that I knew he had just had my under garments pressed to his face as he likely came just moments ago, he obviously wanted my tight little body enough to sneak into my room, behind my mother’s back. She probably isn’t putting out these days, because of the baby or something. “Poor Daddy…”

“What? Oh…uh…no, I didn’t see anything you’d be embarrassed to have me see. I think you mother keeps everything straightened up around here, so your brother doesn’t pitch a fit about the shared space.” He casually explained to me as he tried to get by me to leave my room and the scene of his crime. “Sorry to be in your way, Princess. I’ll head on back to bed now.” His eyes nervously avoiding mine.

“No kiss goodnight?” I pouted at him.

“Of course, Princess. Always for you.” He said, turning back to me and offering to kiss my forehead as always did growing up.

“Night Daddy.” I said smiling as I rose up on my tip toes and held out my arms to hug his neck and kiss him back with what I am sure he assumed would just be the usual peck on the lips. But I had another idea, just before I reached his lips, I pretended to lose my balance and “accidentally” pressed my lips into his much harder than he was expecting. The kiss was much deeper than even I was expecting, if I’m being honest. I wanted kartal otele gelen escort to let him have a chance with me if he was brave enough but leave it to my daddy to be a gentleman. He softly pushed me away with a look of shock and concern on his face. “Oops, sorry Daddy, I must have tripped” I said and tried to pass it off as if I had had a few drinks that night.

“It’s okay, Princess. Go on and get some rest, I am guessing you had a fun night out tonight.” He replied, and quickly turn away from me and headed out the door. I could swear his pants had a bit of a tent leading him back to my mother.

“Well, maybe she will get to be the lucky one tonight.” I sighed and fell into my bed.

Nothing was said the next morning about my late arrival other than Mom, telling me she saw me passed out on my bed earlier when she walked by my room, so she had set out another plate on the table for breakfast if I wanted some. I said “Thanks,” and sat down with the family and had a nice Easter breakfast.

It was a few days later that I next had any real interaction with my father, and yes I am using the word father on purpose. He and the rest of the family were sitting in the living room watching some show or another, and I came in to join them, I wasn’t doing anything else that night anyway. I got the notion to walk by him a little slower than a good daughter should and give him a good look at how pretty his little princess had grown up. Since I was wearing basically my sleeping attire, which was a baby blue satin babydoll and my matching, smaller than they should be, boy shorts, I didn’t figure he would mind getting an eyeful of my display.

Boy was I wrong. Apparently, mom really wasn’t putting out lately, because my little show flustered him up something fierce and now he was cranky about it. He even told me I needed to go put on some clothes, because get this, my brother didn’t need to see me dressed like that all the time. I stood there in shock. Mom and Otis just sat there looking at each other, surprised that he was scolding me in such a way, after having not said anything about it in the past. I looked at him with near tears in my eyes, and dropped my head and said, “Sorry, I was just trying to be comfortable,” then left the room and didn’t come back out that night.

To my surprise, very late that night, after my mom and brother had likely already gone to bed and I was laying there in the dark not able to sleep myself, I heard my door open. I watched the shadow of the man I loved more than anything in the world sneak quietly into my room. I did my best to pretend to be sleeping as I felt his presence looming over my bed as I lay there. It felt like an eternity, he just stood there in the dark watching me “sleep.”

Then he whispered to me, “I am sorry, Princess. I shouldn’t have said anything about what you wear. I was just…I fucked up, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

He didn’t have the guts apparently to say it to me directly, but at least he was apologizing to me. I resisted letting him know I was awake, mostly because I was still a bit hurt, but I did shift a little in my bed to feign a restless sleep and maybe get a better view of him standing there in the dark. My plan backfired though, because my movement set off his flight reaction. He almost dove into my bathroom to avoid me waking up and finding him in my room, in the dark. When he felt safe that I wasn’t awake, I heard him shut the bathroom door.

I lifted myself up off the bed, wondering to myself “Why did he go in there instead of going out the way he came…” and then it hit me. That and the subtle rhythmic sounds I recognized immediately from the other side of the closed door. Seriously, I have heard the twerp enough times recently to know the sounds of someone jerking off. I had left my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor earlier too, so he was likely using my panties I had worn today, to assist him. I shocked myself at how wet the idea of him not only sniffing my panties, but my used ones. He was probably nose deep into the gusset that had rubbed against me all day collecting every little drip of moisture that I created while sitting around the house today, dreaming of my sexy daddy.

I heard the unmistakable grunt from the other side of the door that indicated that he had just climaxed. I dropped back down onto my bed expecting him to come back out the way he came, but he never did. After waiting quite a while, I stood up and made my way over to the door and listened carefully. Nothing. So, I slowly turned the knob and opened the door, I figured if he was still there, I could pass it off as needing to pee in the middle of the night. But again, nothing. He left out Otis’ side of the bathroom. I quickly found my clothes, and imagine my surprise when I took up my used panties, and found them to be extremely wet.

Oh my god, Daddy must have cum in my panties or at least used them to clean himself off with them. I quickly brought them back to room to kartal eve gelen escort examine them in better light. When I got them back to my bed I turned on a side light that I used for reading in bed, and inspected the evidence of my daddy’s lust. I lifted it to my nose and took a whiff of my daddy’s essence. It was definitely semen, it had the smell for sure, but it wasn’t nearly as thick as I would have expected it to be. Not really that big of an issue at that moment, as I got a wild idea to put them on and wear my daddy against my skin. They were cold and wet against my skin, but damn it if they weren’t lava against my cunny. I rubbed myself through the wet panties adding even more moisture to them as I came hard against my daddy’s gift to me.

Next thing I know, it was morning and I woke up and immediately dropping my hand back down to my panties. It was odd they didn’t feel dry and crusty as I suspected they would. Again, I have a brother that jerked off into all sorts of clothes that he would leave laying around, and I occasionally had to launder at the request of my mother on my weekends at home, so I had a bit of experience with the crusty remains of masturbatory acts. My panties were just a little stiff, but apparently had dried as I slept. Then the thought occurred to me, “was daddy snipped? Did Mom make him get a vasectomy after she got pregnant? Wait, how long ago did he have it done? Was the baby even his?” My mind raced as I got up and left my panties on and got dressed.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table just as Daddy came into the kitchen. I looked up at him and smiled, hoping that he would understand that I wasn’t mad at him anymore for scolding me the night before. He paused and seemed to get my unspoken message and he smiled back at me. He grabbed a cup of coffee too and some toast, and joined me at the table. Neither one of us really ever said anything to each other for the next 20 minutes, we just sat there with each other as company, but my brain was still in overdrive. I decided that I was going to ask him about it, I just didn’t know how, so instead I spoke up finally saying, “Daddy?”

He looked up from his paper, and replied. “Yes, Princess?”

“Um…” I started, but didn’t really know what I was going to say, so I just kind of winged it. “You scared me last night.”

“I know, baby doll. I am sorry for being a jerk, I have no right to tell you how to…”

“No, Daddy, you snuck into my room to use my bathroom again…” I started again.

Daddy’s eyes got wide, and a look of worry started forming.

“If you need to use it, just come into my room to get to it, I don’t mind. It just scared me because you snuck in, I would have been fine if you just let me know. Instead I woke up to my bathroom door closing suddenly. It made me hide under my covers because I didn’t know who was in my room with me in the dark.” By this point I was starting to put on a little show to get a little sympathy from him, and maybe make him squirm just a little bit.

Just as he was getting ready to respond, Mom came into the kitchen still in her robe. She looked at us as we looked back at her, and she asked me, “What has you all worked up this morning?”

“Oh…uh…I was just telling Daddy about the nightmare I had because he scolded me last night for the way I was dressed.”

“Yeah…” he added as he nodded his head and turned to mom. “Guess I overreacted last night and got her thinking that I didn’t love her anymore.” Turning back to me he continued, “But we all know that isn’t true is it, you’re still my precious princess.”

Mom rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breath that caused Daddy to whip his head back around towards her. “Sarah!”

“What? I didn’t say anything.” She played innocent, which is the exact thing she does to goad him into a argument, so I took that as my cue that it was time to head off back to my dorm before classes start, and let them have whatever row mom was wanting to have with him.

The drive to the dorms wasn’t very eventful, but when I got there, my roommate asked me if I remembered to bring her notes back that I had borrowed.

“Shit I forgot, sorry, I will get them tomorrow.” I said and gave her the sad puppy dog eyes I had used often in the past to get her to overlook minor mistakes.

“Seriously Jess?” she asked not buying my sad attempt to avoid her annoyance. “I needed those notes back, today.” She said in a huff as she left our room after a pretty lengthy back and forth that left me a bit drained if I am being honest. Boys are right, girlfriends are hard sometimes.

She was mad, and she had the right to be, I understood that. I had let her down, but I could make it up to her. I didn’t have to go to my first class that day, so I had plenty of time to drive back home and get them and be back here to still save the day.

At least that was my plan, anyway.

I got back to the house, went in. Not seeing Mom in the kitchen, I just headed down the hall towards my room where I had left the notes. Imagine my surprise when I hear what I could only assume was my mom masturbating in my brother’s room no less. I, being curious, snuck up to the Otis’ bedroom door and chanced a peek. What I saw there was nothing less than mind blowing.

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