Paradise Lost

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A Mike and Melanie story


It was the middle of November, when we booked a last-minute vacation to St Martin. I’d always wanted to spend time here since the amazing experience I’d had when we paid a brief but memorable visit on our honeymoon. This past spring, we had spent our third anniversary at St Lucia, and although it’s a lovely island I was disappointed to find they did not have nude beaches.

I’d wanted to stay at the clothing-optional resort right on the beach, but the accommodation Mike found was at a resort hotel further up the beach. Although Mike is more comfortable being nude nowadays, he is not so keen to be nude all the time.

We flew on Friday, right after Veterans’ Day. Once we were checked in, I couldn’t be more pleased. Ours was one of three units that shared a private pool. The other units were empty, so we were free to swim naked any time we wanted. It was clear from a surreptitious glimpse at other sets of units around the property that nude sunbathing and swimming was quite usual, although not necessarily the norm.

A visit to the beach below the resort revealed that there was also a sectioned off area of beach where one could sunbathe nude, even though it was nowhere near the official beach. At this time of year there were only five other couples using this section and three of them were a lot older than us.

The nice thing was that waiters from the restaurant just on the edge of the beach, came by every so often to see if you wanted something from the bar. I don’t consider myself a big drinker, but on holiday it was nice to order a bottle of sauvignon blanc and enjoy it over the course of the morning. That was how we relaxed on Saturday and Saturday mornings. After lunch both days we drove over to the official nude beach and enjoyed the company of fellow nudists there. When we first came here on our honeymoon cruise, the taxi driver who brought us over said “Welcome to Paradise”. This was Paradise as I remembered it. The sense of freedom almost as the plane wheels touched the tarmac.

When we had been here before it was not unusual to see people walking the entire length of the beach nude. Now, that was no longer permitted. Although I did see a few brave souls still do it before nine am. Too early for me.

The story was that due to the many cruises bringing in families from the States, pressure had been put on the authorities to impose a restriction limiting the areas of the beach, where nudity was permitted.

Nudity never seemed to be a big thing for European families, who often had children with them from toddlers to teenagers. But we North, and even South, Americans can’t seem to find it natural.

I must admit that, having grown up in a very conservative Mennonite background, I do find nudity stimulating. I’d never seen a cock before Mike’s, and it wasn’t until our cruise brought us here, that I realized first that they came in so many sizes and shapes and then that Mike’s fully erect four inches was nothing to write home about. Not that I would, of course, although I have since discovered that my mother has been out in the world I little more than I had realized growing up, which has now made for some interesting conversations.

Late Sunday another couple moved into the unit at the furthest end from ours. On Monday I woke up around seven-thirty, early for me. I got up without disturbing Mike. He was still dead to the world. I realized I needed to pee. There was enough daylight leaking round the blind to go without turning on any lights. Done with that, I crossed the room and quietly slid open the patio door. I slipped by the blind to minimize the light I let into the room and closed the door again quietly.

I was immediately aware of the sound of someone in the pool. I turned and moved a few steps forward. A tall man was doing lengths in the pool. As the pool is less than full length, maybe twenty feet, he was turning every couple of strokes, before doing another racing turn. You know the kind where you kind of flip under and round and push off from the end. These pushes took him halfway back to the other end. I think if he wanted, he could have just gone from one end to the other without a stroke in between just with a stronger push.

Did I mention he was naked and his lovely well-muscled body cut so easily through the water? He was intent on what he was doing and had no idea I was watching. He had been swimming freestyle, but now he flipped to his back and a very nice package broke the surface on his next turn actually right in front of me. Why am I so obsessed with men’s junk? I’m not like this when I’m at home. I don’t go around wondering about the men I work with. It’s only when we go somewhere where nudity is all around me that I can’t get my mind off it. There are so many shapes and sizes, and then the ‘growers’ and the ‘showers’, not to mention circumcision and color.

I tried to ignore the feelings that were immediately aroused and began to do some exercises. I have started yoga and bursa escort unrolled the mat I had brought with me. Five minutes later as I straightened up from a full sun salutation, I found the man had climbed out of the pool and was looking straight at me.

He smiled and I smiled back. He mouthed a silent “Hello”, and I did the same. I guessed his wife was also asleep. He might have been in his late thirties, maybe fifteen years older than me, but he looked incredibly fit. For me this was quite a turn on as I am a closet fitness junkie.

You’ve probably already spotted what a fibber I am, when I told you walking the beach before nine was too early for me. I am almost always awake by seven thirty and often a lot earlier. It’s Mike who’s the lie-a-bed. I enjoy doing my exercises quietly on my own, and sometimes I’ll sneak back to bed while he’s waking up. From time to time I surprise him with a BJ, but mostly he responds well to a little stroking. Time permitting he’ll reward me with one of his premier pussy eating sessions. Nature may not have blessed him in the penis department, but he has a long and highly talented tongue now he has learned to use it. He’s also attentive, witty and smart and has a libido which almost matches mine. No, when I’m surrounded by nude men, I’m not sure anyone’s matches mine. However, I will say Mike is usually the only beneficiary.

I guess I kept looking at this man for rather a long time, because he seemed to be getting self-conscious. I’m sure I was looking at his face, at his nice smile, but I was aware his penis had been stirring and was now definitely growing. The fact I was as naked as he was might have had something to do with this. Mike and I almost always sleep nude, especially in a climate like this.

Anyway, I felt my body responding to his, even if not in quite such an obvious way.

I looked from him to the pool and we both moved to our respective ends: he back to the ladder and I to the built-in steps. There was no deep end. I think the water was about three and a half feet deep, maybe a little more. I swam one way on one side and he swam the other on the other side, but he swam faster and soon we were swimming side by side, stroke for stroke. I guess he slowed his pace and somehow, we had moved towards each other for suddenly our bodies were touching, not continuously, but more and more frequently. And then we stopped swimming and his hands were on my bum and mine were on his. In fact, mine may have been there first.

I drew him towards me and pressed my tits into his chest. My nipples were on fire. They need almost no prompting. Inevitably, my hand dropped to his cock, which was now thick and full. I stroked it and he gave a muffled groan. I longed for him to touch me, but at that moment there was the sound of a sliding door, and we both dropped instantly into the pool separating in doing so. Luckily it was Mike, who just smiled at us.

A minute later the door on the unit at the other end opened, and a woman in a nightgown stuck her head out. By now her husband, if that’s what he was, was swimming vigorously with his head down, while I was doing aerobic exercises in the water. So perhaps she was not as cool with a little play as Mike was. I certainly wasn’t going to dump him in it. I finished my exercises and came out of the pool to join Mike for breakfast. A few minutes later I looked out and our neighbors were both in the pool, as naked as babes. So obviously she had no hang-ups with nudity as such.

Mile was not quite ready for breakfast, but he was definitely ready for something. His cock seemed to be desperately trying to grow beyond its inevitable four inches. I pushed him back on to the low bed and we quickly positioned ourselves into aa comfortable ’69’. We are a perfect match for that. I was full-throating his little cock as he ate my pussy. He has learned to control the time it takes him to climax so that we can both have quite long and satisfying sessions. I was nearer the foot of the bed and heard a noise. On the upstroke of my tongue on his cock I raised my eyes to see both our neighbors at the door watching us. On the next upstroke I lifted off his cock long enough to give them a smile. Then back to the task at hand, as I gave him a vigorous hand job, while continuing to watch our watching neighbors. At that moment Mike erupted in a stream of cum and I plunged my open mouth back over him to catch the moment. What can I say? I really like the taste of cum, his cum anyway.

I hadn’t really finished, but he had given me plenty of pleasure. Not all sex has to end in orgasm, although I’m generally blessed in that I don’t struggle in that department.

When I looked up again our new neighbors were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they had gone to have some fun of their own. While Mike jumped in the shower, curiosity got the better of me and I slipped out of our door and along to theirs. Sure enough, their blinds were not drawn and I could see his long thick cock pumping vigorously in bursa escort bayan and out of her pussy.

As I watched I felt my juices run down the inside of one thigh. I was already so primed by recent events that my fingers crept to my eager zone. In an instant the fingers of my right hand were frigging my clit as I bent slightly forward to allow two fingers of my left to slip into the awaiting warmth. It took no more than a minute or two for me to be wracked by the spasms of orgasm as I watched him climax and his sperm leak from her pussy lips. I think we almost came together my neighbor and I. I don’t think his wife was as lucky, but as I said orgasms aren’t always required.

As I recovered and straightened up, I heard a noise and turned to see Mike watching me. I smiled and silently mouthed “no more to watch”. He made a sign of eating and ducked back in. Breakfast was ready.

As I tip-toed back to our unit I caught sight of one of the gardeners who had undoubtedly just witnessed an unexpected spectacle. Oh well, so I would gain a local reputation, or perhaps not. Maybe, he’ll keep it to himself. I’ll see if he’s watching tomorrow.


Once we had had our breakfast Mike and I jumped in our rental car and headed off to the nude beach. We found a spot to park beside the tree in the parking lot, stripped off our clothes, grabbed our beach bags and snorkel gear, and headed for the beach. We went for a swim while two of the beach crew put up an umbrella beside our chairs.

I love the feeling of swimming naked. I didn’t bother with fins and snorkel this morning; I just took my goggles so I could see whatever fishes were present along the reef. Mike did not stay in very long. He went back to our chairs as soon as the umbrella was set up. Mike is a red-head and doesn’t tolerate the sun too well. He loves the nude beach as much as me and for most of the same reasons, but he likes to be covered in high SPF suntan lotion and stick to the shade of the umbrella.

After swimming up and down the shore side of the reef I swam around to the outside. It’s usually not as interesting but it did allow me to swim down past where the rocks are. In case you don’t know the rocks right in front of the bar/cafe are the official end of what is now the officially designated nude beach.

Imagine my surprise therefore (ha ha), when I emerged from the sea stark naked in front of a group of clothed tourists. I stood ankle deep rinsing my goggles while the cameras came out. I love to be photographed. I looked up, pretended to be surprised at the attention and ran along the beach until I came to the rocks. There of course I had to slow down and give the tourists a good view of me as I carefully stepped around the rocks.

Who should I bump into but this older white guy who likes to hang out in front of the bar at the boundary with the nude beach? He wears a broad brimmed straw hat and usually appears to be innocently reading. Why is he called The Legend? It’s because he has a semi-flaccid penis that is about eight inches long and proportionately thick. It is a definite attention-getter.

I’d heard of him, but this is the first time I’d seen him. Now I couldn’t be much closer, but he showed no sign of noticing me even though I took the time to inspect the goods. Yes, he was unusually endowed and that as always had a pleasant effect of me. I figured you could make about six of Mike’s penises out of what he had there. You have to wonder if it gets any bigger when it’s erect.

Inspired by my little adventure and this encounter, I returned to Mike and our chairs.

We like to be on the front row closest to the sea, because that is where most of the action is. I’m not talking about watching the kids on banana boats, the seadoos, the little sail boats or the kayaks.

I’m talking about when the taxis start rolling up at the end of the beach right beside the iconic sign. That’s when groups of voyeuristic tourists from the cruise ships come to see the nudists.

We are quite the tourist attraction. I know that is how Mike and I first came to be here. With the encouragement of friends, we had embraced the nudist experience. A few do, most don’t.

I’d already encountered the first arrivals on my jaunt to the rocks, but now I would sit with my legs open showing my pussy as they came by. I love to do this and Mike loves me to do it too.

Now that we had been here a couple of days we had begun to feel like we were regulars. After a while we took a break to visit the club’s beach bar for Happy Hour. I won’t mention the bartender by name. If you’ve been there you probably know it as well as we do. She may be the best maker of cocktails I’ve met, certainly one of the fastest.

Cocktails in hand we returned to our chairs and continued to entertain the tourists. Every now and again I liked to let my hand absentmindedly stray to my pussy and stroke my labia before turning a page in my book. Some people like to hide behind sunglasses. bursa bayan escort Usually I do, but today I was in a different mood. Every time I caught a voyeur’s gaze following my hand to my pussy I looked up and gave them a big smile. That really unnerved them.

About twelve–thirty we went to have a leisurely lunch at the club’s restaurant, where all you need is a towel to sit on.

We don’t generally listen to any news when we are on holiday but today there was some buzz to catch up on. Someone told us a 7.2-magnitude earthquake had struck in northwestern Turkey on Friday with nearly a thousand dead. Relief teams were coming from all over Europe and from the States.

However, of more immediate interest was news of a tropical storm now named Lenny that was 200 miles South-West of Jamaica. Unusually, it was coming from the West. The question was would it strengthen and move north into Florida or the Gulf. I even overheard some nervous nelly saying they had changed their return flight to get out the next day. Why would anyone do that? It would be unprecedented for it to come anywhere near St Martin. Most of us were pretty confident but there was just a hint of wait and see.

Mike decided it was the perfect excuse to drive into Marigot after lunch and stock up with rum and beer. After a quick shower by the Guard house at the entrance, we went to our car and left the club. I let him drop me off at the entrance to our hotel, so I could relax and have a swim.


That was not quite how it turned out.

I walked back to our unit and found everything neat and tidy. I went to open our patio door and found our neighbors were exercising themselves in the pool. I use the word exercising themselves euphemistically, as she was on the poolside with her legs spread and he was enjoying her with his face down in her crotch. I must say she seemed to be enjoying it too as she reached forward and pulled his head tighter into her.

I slipped out of the sun dress I had pulled on only fifteen minutes before. I gently opened the door and slipped into the pool. I hardly made a noise but she saw me and nodded. This sign of agreement was all I needed to move up to him and reach around to find his stiff cock. He had been totally unaware of my approach and jerked to a stop and looked round at me in surprise. A moment of doubt crossed his face as he looked back at his wife. She smiled and grabbed his head pulling him back to his interrupted task. I still had my hand on his cock, but I managed to duck under water between him and the side of the pool and cover him with my mouth.

He was long enough that I could jerk him and suck him at the same time. Mike would have killed to see this. Too bad!

I have pretty good lungs but I still had to come up for air just as his wife’s feet started thrashing the surface of the pool. As I brushed the water from my eyes, I could see her eyes rolled back in her head and her pelvic muscles throbbing. It must have been a good one. I gulped air and dipped back down. I felt him reach down with a free hand and find my pussy. He had no trouble slipping two then three fingers into me. I fucked his hand as he fucked my mouth and then I felt him tense and explode. Sperm filled my mouth and floated around me as I surfaced coughing. Another couple of thrusts with his fingers and I experienced a pleasant little spasm or two.

Not really great on my Richter scale but certainly not unwelcome. After that we sat on loungers and introduced ourselves properly. She was called Brenda and he was also a Michael, although he did not like his name to be shortened. He did However for reasons that were never explained happily answer to the nickname Buck. It turned out they came from New York and were old hands at the nude beach thing, although it was just their second time in St Martin.


When Mike returned, we were still talking and he joined us. I found he had brought both news and more shopping than I expected. People in Marigot were already stocking up with necessities. Mike had called the representative of our airline and it appeared flights were fully booked and there was quite a waiting list. Apparently, the latest forecasts suggested Lenny might just come our way.

In addition to plenty of booze he had brought six 5-liter bottles of water. I thought he’d gone mad, but he said they were flying off the shelves at the supermarket.

He’d also bought a ton of canned food. When I asked him what he would do if the storm never came. He said he expected they had foodbanks he could donate it to. That’s so like Mike, always prepared and always ready to be generous.


I won’t bore you with the fun times we had with our neighbors, Brenda and Buck, on the following day. It was a gorgeous day and we made the most of it in every sense. (After we were home, I found Mike had recorded quite a lot on his camcorder. The naughty man.)

But then we were constantly distracted by the news that Lenny was strengthening to hurricane force and that the predicted path looked ever more likely to cover parts of the Lesser Antilles. Mike’s decision to buy food was validated by the reports we were now getting. My lovely and loving husband seems to have an intuition for these things. Lucky me!

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