Paradise Isle – The Mermaid Pt. 03

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(fetish, Mermaid)

Mermaid adventures

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read Parts 1 and 2 of The Mermaid, first.

Robert and Julie wanted to sleep in, but as Robert had a morning tee-time with Johnny, they had to get up early and finish breakfast before their new friends showed up. The plan was for Kendall and Julie to hang out while the boys played.

Julie wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of her husband running off to have fun, while she was stuck with her constrained mermaid existence, but she ultimately decided that he was entitled to his vacation. And spending time with Kendall was better than laying around alone.

The guys expected to be gone for most of the day, so the girls planned on enjoying themselves on their own.

Johnny and Kendall knocked on their door right on time and the guys left immediately thereafter.

The two girls chatted for a while, with Kendall sitting on the edge of the mermaid pool, admiring Julie’s tail. She was clearly enthralled by the thing.

Kendall questions Julie. Why? Why did you allow it? Why do you put up with it?

“Didn’t you want to be Ariel, when you saw that movie? I know I did, and a lot of my friends too.”

“I did, I did.” Kendall answered, excitedly.

Julie smiled and nodded, “I think it was part of the reason I got into competitive swimming. And that got me my college scholarship. And that really worked out well.”

Julie paused to see if Kendall understood, and she decided that her new friend did. So, she continued.

“So when we got here and Robert sprung this thing on me, it seemed like fun; like living out that favorite old fantasy. I didn’t understand how elaborate and restrictive it would be, until it was too late to argue, even if I’d been inclined to.”

“If you’d know then what you know now?” Kendal asked, leading her on.

Julie chuckled. “I’m not sure.”

Kendall laughed.

“Yes, it’s certainly a pain, but it’s fun too. I am living like a real mermaid.” She paused for a moment then Julie reached up and took Kendall’s hand. “Remember that song, ‘part of your world’?”

“Of course,” she replied.

“Well, now, like this, I’m part of Ariel’s world. And it’s kind of cool.”

Kendall smiled, and nodded. But a moment later, her smile disappeared. “Did Robert know? How restrictive this package would be?

“I mean, he signed you up for it, and if you hadn’t liked the idea as much as you do, it could be torture.”

Julie thought for a moment, it was a good question.

“Well, Robert knows how much I like the water, and how much I liked Ariel. It was my nick-name, after all, but I doubt if he really understood everything that the package entailed. I think he’s disappointed, by the restrictions. That’s why I let him off the hook, to play a little golf.”

“Hah, and it works out wonderfully, because I get to hang out with Ariel!” Kendall said laughing, and she pulled Julie’s arm up and leaned down to give her mermaid friend a quick kiss. “You are just so cool. I love you.”

Eventually, they decided to go out, so Kendall wrestled Julie outside and onto her lounge chair so they could catch some sun. Of course, it was an awkward and comical exercise, and they wound up laughing a lot throughout the process.

After the required hour, or just short of it, they repeated the exercise, with a little more grace, and got into the big pool, to float and swim, people watch and later, get some lunch.

The two of them enjoyed themselves until Julie, embarrassed, realized that she had to relieve herself, her bowels were demanding that she take a dump. Damn! She thought, of all the times to need to use the public dip tank!

Hesitantly, she asked Kendall to wait while she swam over to one of the locations along the pool’s edge. There she went through the process with the rushing water.

When she looked over, Kendall was watching intently. Damn, how humiliating, she thought.

But when she had finished, and rejoined her friend, the girl wanted to know all about it. Julie spent the next ten minutes explaining, as dispassionately as possible, how mermaids relieved themselves. At least how they did it at the resort.

“That’s really neat.” Kendall said, somehow fascinated.

“If you say so.”

As they floated along, they chatted and people-watched. It was clearly a favorite past-time for all of the guests, Anadolu Yakası Escort although in some cases some seemed to enjoy being seen just as much as watching others.

“Watch this.” Jenny said, as they arrived at one of the long, fairly straight runs of the river.

When Kendall paused to look, Jenny took off swimming like a real mermaid, or perhaps like a dolphin, as she moved fast, like one. Quickly she left Kendall behind. It felt so good, and fun to be moving through the water so fast. Just like old times, only now with her tail, much sexier…

Having completed her run, turned around, and returned, she pulled up in front of her astonished friend, breathing hard, but also laughing.

“Wow, you’re fast, and graceful too. I know you swam in college, but that was impressive as hell! I could never swim like that.” Kendall said, impressed and enthused.

“Only mermaids can swim like that.” Julie said as she flipped her tail, causing a splash behind them.

Kendall laughed. “Perhaps, but it also takes talent and experience.”

After a while they found and settled onto a couple of seats at a waterside bar, and ordered drinks.

“I really do adore your mermaid tail. I’d love to try it. I want to be Ariel, too.” Kendall said dreamily, after chugging her Mimosa.

“Are you sure? This life isn’t for everybody. It was my favorite fantasy when I was young, and somehow, I never grew out it. And what would Johnny say to it? You guys are on your honeymoon, after all. It does put a big crimp on what you can do.”

She paused for a moment, then with a chuckle, added, “and on sex, too, you know.”

Kendall laughed. “It’s always been my fantasy too. I know a lot of girls like us. And just between you and me, my husband has the hots for you. He’s turned on by you and your tail.”


“Yup. We were talking about it last night.”

“So, if you signed up for the Mermaid package, you think he’d be okay with it?” Julie asked, an idea forming.

“I’m sure he would.” She replied, confidently.

“Well then, why don’t you go for it?”

“Now? How?” Kendall asked. She was clearly excited, but unsure how it could work.

Julie, waved her arm back up stream, “Let’s get back to my room, and call Giselle, our concierge rep, and see if you could change to the mermaid package for the rest of your stay. If you’re really up for it, that is.”

Kendall nodded, enthusiastically. “You think I might be able to do that? It would be so cool!” she asked, already slipping off of her seat and into the deeper water.

“We won’t know if we don’t try. But are you really sure you want this? It’s not all fun and games, you know.” Julie said as she followed her young friend, she wanted to make sure that she was truly serious.

“I’m sure. And I’m really, really excited.”

Julie laughed, “really, really?”

“Yes! Now get a move on.” And Kendall took off swimming toward Julie’s suite. Julie the mermaid passed her like a flash, and was waiting, giggling when Kendall the slow human, finally showed up.

After struggling out of the big pool and up into her suite’s mermaid pool, Julie grabbed her phone, and putting it on speaker, made the call.

“Hi Giselle, this is Julie.”

“Hi Julie, how are you? A happy mermaid, I hope. No troubles?”

Julie laughed. “Yes, I’m happy. I’ve gotten used to the quirks of life as a mermaid. Actually, that’s kind of what I called you about.”

Julie then went on to explain how she had a friend, another guest, Kendall who was staying as a standard guest in room 43-231, and who was hoping to be able to switch over to a three-day mermaid package, immediately. That’s all the time that remained in their honeymoon on the island.

Before the woman on the other end could say anything, Kendall spoke up. “Hi Giselle, this is Kendall, I’m here with Julie, and I would really like to try out the mermaid package.”

Giselle took a moment before replying. “Hello Kendall. Girls, I have to say that what your asking is a challenge – a lot of work. We’ll have to outfit you, and change rooms to a mermaid suite, and there will, of course, be an additional cost.”

“I understand,” Kendall replied.

“Okay. First, I’ll have to check availability. And since we usually don’t do packages like the Mermaid for less than a week, I’ll have to get management’s blessing. Can I call you back? It shouldn’t take me more than an hour. Kendall, if we can arrange it. Will you accept the costs? And are you ready, to be fitted, immediately?”

“Yes, and yes.” Kendall said excitedly.

“Alright, I’ll call you back on Julie’s phone, unless you have yours with you.”

Kendall shook her head. So, Julie spoke up. “Use my phone, please Giselle. And thanks for tackling this.”

“My pleasure. That’s what I’m here for.” She answered before hanging up.

The two of them waited for almost an hour, making plans if and when Kendall became a mermaid. She was excited and nervous, so Julie did everything she could to help her relax.

When Julie’s phone rang, Kendall actually squealed like a kid at Christmas. And it was justified as Giselle provided the happy news that everything was approved and that she’d meet Kendall at her room, with some help, in fifteen minutes to relocate her and Johnny’s things to an available mermaid suite. That done, she’d take her straight over to be fitted with her tail.

Kendall was overjoyed and kissed Julie enthusiastically before running out to meet up with Giselle.

Julie, knowing that it would take hours, prepared to relax and wait. Then it hit her that she wouldn’t have any way to get lunch. She had planned to eat with Kendall, out in one of the pool’s restaurants. Room service would be difficult, she couldn’t open the door. Damn!

Frustrated, she turned on the TV, and watched some movie until hunger finally drove her to act.

Resigned, she pulled herself out of her comfortable pool and began slithering her way out to her patio. It was a laborious task, using her arms to lift and slide her ass backwards, across the floor.

Outside, she moved over to the adjacent lawn where it was softer and easier to slide.

I’ll probably get grass stains on my fishy ass, she thought, mockingly.

When she finally reached the edge of the big pool she swiveled around and slid in with a splash. From then on it was easy for her to swim to the nearest island restaurant with settings for mermaids.

She was just floating up to a table, when she spotted Mateo leading Mia along the path nearby. Mia waved delightedly and Julie waved back, what else could she do. Mateo spotted her too, and quickly led Mia in her direction. Julie wasn’t all that pleased; she wasn’t in the mood to deal with those two.

“Hello, Julie mermaid. We came back, hoping we’d see you. Join us for lunch.” Mateo instructed in his normal commanding tone.

“Oh, thanks but I’d rather not.”

“Nonsense. You’re alone and we’d love to hear more about your mermaid life. Wouldn’t we Mia?”

Mia removed her obscene pacifier. “Oh yes. Please, join us. Master really wants to learn more about your tail. And I’d certainly love to visit with you.”

And she replaced the thing in her mouth, easily as if she’d done it a thousand times, and had no issue doing it.

Julie found herself interested in the girl, even if she didn’t appreciate the way her ‘master’ treated her. Feeling sorry for her, she agreed. Why not, what harm could come of it, she told herself. And she knew she had hours before mermaid Kendall would be finished with her dressing.

“Alright. I’m hungry.” She replied, agreeably.

They found a waterside table for her, and shifted over a café table, so they could sit just above her on the restaurant’s deck.

Mateo quickly took control, flagged down a waitress, and they ordered drinks and accepted menus.

“I do find you fascinating,” Julie said to Mia, while Mateo was distracted, still speaking to the server.

Mia just nodded, gagged by the dido in her mouth and unable or unwilling to speak.

A minute later, Mateo dismissed the waitress and then turned to stare down at Julie. “Mia, go ahead and tell lovely Julie, about us; or should I call you Ariel?” he finished with a condescending smile.

“Julie will be fine.” She replied.

Mia removed her pacifier, holding it up casually near her cheek, like a smoker might hold their cigarette, and began her story. While Mateo just nodded along, smiling proudly.

She explained that they live in Costa Rica, where Mateo was born and raised. He owns the nation’s version of YouTube, although it’s much more risqué.

They met when she went down to celebrate her graduation from college. She never returned to the US.

He’s the kind of man she always dreamed of, but never found, until then. He’s strong, forceful really, and he knows what he wants. She’s his princess, as well as his pet — that started in the bedroom, and has progressed to be something more than just a sex game.

She has everything she ever wanted. Money, clothes, a big comfortable house, no worries, responsibilities, commitments or debts.

There are servants to take care of the house, the washing and the cooking. And she has a driver and escort who accompanies her whenever she needs to go out. People stare, and it is humiliating, but that’s part of her life as her lover’s pet.

At that point, Mateo interrupted her monologue. “We’re the perfect couple. I have my lovely pet, and she has her masterful man, and a comfortably pampered life. Oh, and we enjoy great sex.” And he laughed loudly.

Mia smiled happily and nodded. “I am pampered and spoiled, and happy to be Mateo’s sex object. And, I enjoy all aspects of our sex life. All of them.” And then she put the pacifier back in.

Julie couldn’t help herself. “But Mia, what about the, ah pacifier?”

She watched as Mia blushed and then looked at Mateo, who nodded, ‘go ahead.’

She once again removed the thing. “It’s become just another aspect of my existence. Mateo thinks it’s necessary. And although I do find it annoying and humiliating. I keep the thing in my mouth because he wants me to.” And she slid it back into her mouth, with a well-practiced motion.

Julie smiled half-heartedly. “And you do whatever Mateo desires.” She could tell that Mia was uncomfortable with these questions, self-conscious or embarrassed, but not so much that she couldn’t talk about them.

Mia nodded, and Julie thought she could see a sheepish smile on her lips hidden behind the pacifier.

It was so bizarre, Julie said, over and over to herself.

Mateo then took over. “You see, Julie, my dear. You wear that beautiful tail, despite its constraints, just as my Mia gags herself with that sexy dildo.” Mateo said, smugly. “You are a mermaid and she is my happy and well-trained pet. Now enough about Mia, please tell us about your days as a mermaid. I understand that it is only a fetish that you’re enjoying during your stay here. How long have you worn that delightful tail and how long will you be wearing it?”

Julie was still analyzing Mia’s lifestyle, and how it related to her mermaid adventure, and she wanted to ask about the collar and leash routine, but she broke off her internal debate to answer him. For a moment she had contemplated just blowing him off, but for some unclear reason, she felt compelled to tell him what he wanted to know. There was a power there, that she couldn’t fathom, or resist.

“Today is my fifth day as a mermaid. And I have another five days to go. Actually, I have earned another half-day for violating the rules for the package. So that makes it more like six days.” She spoke self-consciously. Under his gaze she was now feeling shy.

“Oh, that’s interesting. So, tell us about the rules, and the punishments.”

Julie then explained how she was locked into the tail and how she was required to spend most of her day in the water, like a proper mermaid.

Both Mateo and Mia nodded, and smiled, clearly interested.

“So, you have no choice but to live as pretty Ariel for the duration of your stay.”

“Well, our reservation is for a full fourteen days. I was supposed to have four days to relax and be a human again, before our departure. But that’s now reduced to three-and-a-half. Unless, of course I violate the rules again.”

“Interesting.” Mateo commented.

Mia reached up and tapped the end of her pacifier, drawing her master’s attention. It was clearly a signal. A request to be allowed to speak.

“You may speak, my dear.”

Mia grabbed her pacifier and removed it. “What did you do to earn your punishment?”

Julie watched the dildo slide back into Mia’s mouth before responding. She was clearly well trained. It was kind of scarry…

“I fell asleep. I was sunning myself, on our patio to help my skin dry out, and stayed out of the water too long.”

“That’s brilliant.” Mateo said. “The punishment aspect, I mean. Now please tell us about sex as a mermaid.”

Julie didn’t want to go there. She had no desire to share those intimate details with this couple.

When she didn’t speak up Mateo glanced over at Mia and nodded.

Mia removed her pacifier, again. “Julie, please. We really need to know, if master signs me up for the mermaid package, which I know he’s considering, it will be necessary that he can fuck me, in all three of my holes. Please Ariel, be open and honest with us.” Finished, the pacifier was returned to Mia’s mouth.

Julie, found it difficult to refuse the poor girl. Despite her explanation of why she kept the thing in place. Julie opinion was that she was being abused. She felt sorry for her and wanted to be friendly. But she was still having a hard time building up the courage to explain mermaid sex.

Finally exasperated, Mateo slapped his fist down onto the table, startling both women. “Julie, tell us,” he ordered, commandingly.

Julie flinched, intimidated, and she noticed a frightened look appear on Mia’s face, too. She tapped at her pacifier, requesting to speak, but Mateo shook his head. “No Mia, Julie is about to tell us. Aren’t you my dear little mermaid?”

Julie took a deep breath and quietly began to explain. “I have two openings, one in front that allows me to pee and provides access to my pussy, and another one in the rear, that allows me to poop.” Her voice trailed off at that admission.

“I can’t see them.”

“They’re difficult to see, but I can easily open them.”

“Show me please.”

Julie again hesitated, but a glare from the master, convinced her to demonstrate, so she slid back on the bench, away from the tabletop to allow him to see, and pushed a couple of fingers into her front slot, blushing as she did.

“Ah, I see. So that is how you have sex? It seems like it would be difficult to insert a cock, with your legs held close together inside there.” He said sounding both curious and skeptical.

Damn! She thought, wasn’t she going to be allowed any modesty…

Feeling the absolute need to answer, she took a deep breath, before launching into the explanation. “We have found that rear entry, into my pussy is much more successful than through that front hole.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32