Paradise Isle – Bimbo Pt. 02

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Paradise Isle, Bimbo, Pt 2

(fetish, bimbo) Bimbo fun

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read part one of ‘Paradise Isle, Bimbo, first.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Paradise Isle, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures enjoyed at that glorious resort local.

From the moment Brielle in her new bimbo body stepped out onto the pathway leading to the open area of the resort, she felt the stares. And they made her feel extremely happy and successful. As she scanned the other guests, she could tell that they were enamored with the sight of her.

And she was fascinated with them, too. She hadn’t seen all that much of the place until then, and she now realized that the other guests were a very kinky lot. Often times bizarrely kinky or perhaps, insanely kinky. And some of them were disgustingly kinky, but who was she to judge?

Thankfully, it allowed her to fit right in. Sure, many of the women were very bimboesque in their own right. She wasn’t the only one with a pretty face and huge artificial knockers. And many of them were practically nude or fully nude. And she couldn’t follow their lead, not now anyway.

But, to her, none of them had her combination of beautiful face, gorgeous hair, huge breasts, and nipples and hour-glass shape. And unlike the vast majority, she was single. No escort, male or female.

That alone made her special.

All of the other women she could see had partners. And they ran the gamut. Men and women. Strong masterful people, or submissively attendant ones. There were women on leashes, or in chains, or bondage or latex. And some men too.

It was a very erotic crowd. And there were a lot of very titillating sights, and clearly, she was one of them.

Her gold bracelet also told its story to everyone who saw and admired her. So, she was approached often by many of them.

And she found out how powerful her new body is, as soon as she started talking to her admirers. She faced a steady stream of men, and women, who greeted and flirted, and even begged to have sex with her. And often it was an invitation from both them and their partner.

She though, was just surveying. When she realized how it was going, she immediately made up her mind to take her time and be selective. And her constant refusals seemed to add to her alure, and she drew even more attention. And loved every minute of it.

She was relieved that there were no fights, over her. It seemed like there could be, but the other guests were all well behaved. They knew the rules of the place.

It wasn’t long, though before she grew tired. She was still recovering from her procedures, and unused to her new body, so she found a restaurant and sat down to relax on a stool at the bar.

And immediately, a bartender appeared to take her order, and flirt with her while he assembled her drink, and ensure that she liked it, and offer her food. And all of it despite the requests for attention by other patrons.

It was just as she had imagined it would be. Pretty, sexy women get not only the attention but the best service too.

I can get used to this. She said to herself, before turning to chat with the guy, practically drooling over her, on her left.

He was appealing for a few minutes, but he turned out to be an ambulance-chasing lawyer, so she lost all interest, and turned to the naked woman in a slave collar, on her other side. She was more intriguing, as she explained that she was the happy wife and sex slave of the man holding her leash next to her. She described her life and her services, humiliations, punishments and pleasures. And some of them turned Brielle on, while others seemed too painful or uncomfortable. Finally, after a conspicuous tug on her leash the slave asked her if she would please join her master for sex.

When Brielle leaned in and looked at the guy, he was handsome enough, but his grin seemed a little predatory, so she declined the invitation.

He looked displeased, and whispered into his slave girl’s ear.

She turned to Brielle with a bit of fear in her eyes. “Please Brielle, I’ll service you too. I’m very good with my mouth and tongue.” And she leaned in and gave her a kiss, pushing her tongue in between her lips and up against her teeth and her own tongue. And it did feel good. Brielle felt her pussy twitch, but still. She wasn’t looking for sex with a dominant stud, or his sex slave. At least not on her first night.

So, she again refused, and şırnak seks hikayeleri the guy irately dragged his unhappy slave away. Probably to punish her for her failure. When the girl turned to look back, Brielle waved and shrugged apologetically.

She chatted with the hovering bartender again, for a while, before she began chatting with a pretty woman, and her female partner who had taken the place of the slave and her master.

They were both attractive and pleasant, and clearly interested in a threesome. She was tempted. She’d never made love with a woman before and they seemed like a nice couple. But she didn’t want to spend her first night as a bimbo with a girl, or girls.

She explained her reluctance and they accepted her decision gracefully, so she asked them for their number and promised to give them a call. They were good with that, and left her alone, with the hopes of getting it on, sometime soon.

Finished with her drink, and feeling tired, she stood up to leave, and as she turned, she bumped into a well-built guy wearing just his swim trunks. They were both surprised, but he quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her closely.

“Hi, I’m Ethan, and I think we belong together.”

She laughed, “Oh you do, do you?”

“Well, don’t you? You just jumped into my arms.” He said with a charming smile. And his firm chest and strong arms felt good too.

And she did want to get screwed, so she gently freed herself from his hug, and grabbed his hand. “Walk with me then, and tell me about yourself.”

He smiled again. “I’d love to. Lead on, my lady.”

As she stepped past him, and toward the exit, she chuckled. “I’m Brielle, by the way.”

So, the two of them wandered out of the place and began sauntering down one of the pathways.

As they chatted and got to know a little about one another, she at first led them in a direction away from her suite, but as she got to know and like him, she changed direction and led Ethan back toward her room.

And when they arrived outside her door, she invited him inside.

He turned out to be an excellent lover and very considerate and appreciate of her new body. He didn’t abuse her breasts, when she took off her bra, and he actually seemed to appreciate her corset.

He drove her to two consecutive orgasms with his mouth and tongue on her exposed clit, which he clearly found fascinating.

“I’ve never seen such a lovely and accessible little love bud on a woman.” He whispered, happily at one point.

And after she’d come for the second time, and nearly passed out in the process, he caressed her until she had regained some sense of her being, before he shifted off and slithered up to face her.

When she rolled him off of her, after they’d kissed for a while, and crawled up onto his hips to ride him, he didn’t resist.

And he gave her an excellent ride. She enjoyed yet another orgasm, before he finally allowed himself to cum inside her. And she happily enjoyed her fourth big-O while he did.

With that she collapsed on top of him and they laid quietly, holding each other warmly, while she caught her breath and regained her senses.

All in all, she had a fantastic time. A dreamed of session. A wonderful bimbo fuck. And she decided that the bimbo program was all worth it, and that her plan was a wonderful success.

Ethan, finally began to stir, and slid out from beneath her. “I’d really love to stay. But my wife’s spa day will be over soon. She told me to find something or someone to entertain myself while she was getting pampered. And I believe I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.”


He kissed her, again. “Oh yes. You’re the sexiest woman on the island, and I think I’m now the luckiest man in paradise.”

Brielle, smiled contentedly. “Well, my lover, I can say that at this moment, I’m the happiest woman on the island. So, we’re even.”

She kissed him and then gave him a gentle push. “No go on, head off. I need to rest. A girl can only take so much.”

He chuckled, as he pulled on his trunks and wishing her a nice nap, headed out the door.

It was late when she woke form her nap, but she was still tired, so after cleaning herself up, she ordered a room service dinner and relaxed, rehashing her experience of the day. Her happy and fulfilling day.

In the morning, she was awoken once again by a nurse’s knock on her door. She was there to check up on her, help her shower, and then assist her in putting on her corset.

“This is a procedure we follow for a couple of days after a program like yours, to ensure you’re still healing properly and following the necessary protocols.” She explained.

“I’m pleased to see that you’re still wearing your corset. Let’s make sure you can take it off and replace it, yourself, today, okay?”

“Yes,” resignedly.

“Oh, come now. You must take care of yourself, else there will be problems in the future.”

An hour later the gal had departed. Brielle was clean and rewrapped in one of her corsets. And she knew how to dress herself in the thing, and how tight she had to tie it to ensure that her body was happy. It was far tighter than she would have preferred.

She pulled on one of her few new dresses, and her heels, and wandered out to find some breakfast. And just like yesterday she enjoyed all the attention she garnered form the other guests as well as from the staff.

They were very attentive and served her well and despite being interrupted several times by suitors, all declined, she finished her meal and walked calmly back to her room afterwards. Of course, she was stalked by several guys and at least two couples, along the way. But she wasn’t interested. Not yet anyway; too early.

Back in her suite she relaxed for a while, before calling Luisa.

“Hi Brielle, how are you doing? Enjoying yourself?”

“I’m fine, and I am enjoying my new self, thanks. I was wondering if you could help me set up some time with one of the senior cosmetologists over at the salon. I’ve never been all that good with makeup, and I’d like to learn, now.”

“But you’re already so pretty.”

“Thanks, but I’m sure I can be prettier and more alluring with the help of some cosmetics.”

Luisa chuckled. “You really do want everyone lusting after you, don’t you?” She didn’t wait for an answer, and continued. “I’m sure I can schedule a session or two. When do you want to start?”

“As soon as possible. It will also be a way of getting away from all of the horny guys around here. They’re all after me.” She said giggling. That’s what she had wanted, but still, it was clearly a case of too much of a good thing.

“Alright, let me make some calls, I think Elora will be perfect to help you out. I think she’s the best we have. How many sessions would you like?”

“I don’t really know, two or three, maybe? Maybe more. I’ll have to talk to Elora.”

“Okay, fine. I’ll call you back in a bit.”


It was two hours later, almost lunchtime, when Luisa called back.

She’d arranged an appointment for her at the salon for a makeup session at four that afternoon, and again at one the following day.

Pleased, and a little hungry, Brielle once again ventured out, for food and fun. After weathering the gauntlet of people-watchers, and invitations, she arrived at a nice little restaurant on the fringe of the resort complex that overlooked the beach. She couldn’t go for a swim, but she could enjoy the view.

Per usual, now that she was a gorgeous bimbo, she caused a stir, among the patrons and the staff.

An attentive waiter took good care of her, placing her at a small table with a fantastic view of the surf and sand. And the couple at the next table immediately struck up a conversation.

Initially she wasn’t all that interested, but as they talked, and she got a good look at them, she loosened up and got friendly.

Her neighbors were a handsome couple, if you liked tattooed skin, a lot of inked skin.

Both Lucas and Khloe had fit and shapely bodies that were literally covered in tribal tattoos, in symmetrical, almost geometric patterns. And even though Brielle wasn’t a huge fan of body markings, she found them strangely attractive and arousing.

The tattoos complimented their bodies, and made them look exotic and erotic. Especially in their current setting.

While Lucas’ markings were heavy and aggressive in flame-like patterns, Khloe’s were delicate and pretty with thin, delicate lines, all swirls and whirls. On both of them the dark ink, covered most of their bodies, including, it seemed their asses, crotches, and Khloe’s pretty breasts.

At least it looked that way, Khloe had a tiny, string bikini on and Lucas was in one of those tight Speedo swim suits.

It was impressive and Brielle couldn’t help but be intrigued. “So, the tattoos?” she asked, as they finished covering the basics of where they were from and how much they loved the resort.

They chuckled. “Everyone always asks.” Lucas answered.

“That’s how we met. At our local tattoo parlor, and we found that we had much more than our love of body mods in common.” Khloe said, smiling.

“We kept on visiting that parlor, as we fell in love, got engaged and then married. We just kept going back for more.” He added.

Brielle chuckled. “You two sound like you have the routine down pat. Answering that question, I mean.”

They both laughed. “We do. Everyone always asks. But it’s our favorite topic, so, no worries.”

“Now, please tell us about yourself. You’re absolutely beautiful. Are you here alone? And for God’s sake why?” Khloe asked, smiling brightly.

Brielle, only a little uncomfortable explained her ‘girls just want to have fun’ philosophy and gave a quick description of what she’d been though in the past couple of weeks.

“So, this is the new you? They did a fantastic job!” Lucas spoke up, admiringly.

“Thanks, I think so. But I can’t fully enjoy it, yet anyway. I’m not allowed to remove my corset until I’ve heeled more. And I have to wear the bra too, most of the time.

“So that’s why you’re wearing a dress, and not a bikini. I bet you’d look spectacular in fewer clothes.” Said Khloe.

“Yes, but at least I can have sex.” Brielle, the bimbo said, smiling invitingly. Again, she was in the ‘why not?’ mode. That’s what I’m here for.

The pair got the message, and both smiled. Brielle watched as Lucas glanced at his wife, who nodded and licked her lips, suggestively.

“We do have one of those half-dome beach cabanas reserved for the rest of the afternoon, it’s lovely and fairly private and it overlooks the ocean.” He said, invitingly.

“If you won’t mind a little sand and sea spray.” Khloe added.

Brielle giggled., “Well, I’m not really dressed for a romp in the sand, but I’m sure I can manage.”

They continued to chat while they finished their meals, and then Lucas led, while Khloe held Brielle’s hand as they followed along. When they came to the end of the pathway, Brielle kicked off her heels, and Khloe picked them up and carried them for her, as they headed into the sand.

It was a typically wonderful day in paradise. The sun was shining brightly, but with a breeze off the water, it wasn’t too hot, and the view was beautiful.

Brielle really enjoyed the walk. She hadn’t been out and to the water since she’d gotten off the boat.

When they arrived at the shell-like beach cabana. Lucas made sure that the sand underneath was covered with a blanket before he stripped off his suit and plopped down on his back, smiling happily, to watch the two women, strip.

Khloe was, the first one naked, and Brielle just had to pause, to check her out. The woman’s body was very nice and her tattoos did cover her everywhere. They framed both her nipples and her pussy, drawing attention to those very important parts.

When she glanced up, she realized that Khloe was standing, watching her, looking proud. “You like?”

“Yes. I’ve never seen anything so, um, erotic.”

“That’s what he says.” Khloe said laughing and waving at her husband. He just laughed and nodded.

Brielle then stripped off her dress and bra, as the other two watched, and Khloe joined her husband on the blanket.

Standing there in only her corset, she put her hands on her hips and looked down at the pleasant pair. “You like?” she said, chuckling.

“Wow.” Khloe said, in awe.

“Damn!” Lucas exclaimed. “Those are truly magnificent.”

“These?” Brielle said, laughing, as she reached up and cupped her big breasts. “They do attract a lot of attention.”

“I can imagine.” Khloe chuckled.

Lucas held up a hand and Brielle took it and slid down onto her knees next to him, on the other side from his wife.

From that angle she had an excellent view of his cock, it was standing tall, and like his wife’s sex, it was framed by his tattoos. She was happy that his shaft wasn’t covered. She thought it was better that way. Its bright red color stood out against the black and white background, nicely.

Laying on the blanket, the two women sandwiched Lucas, and he wrapped an arm around each of them. The girls rolled onto their sides and then climbed onto his body so they could meet in the middle, lying on his chest.

It was awkward, and fun, and they giggled as they kissed, sometimes all together, sometimes a girl and a guy, and other times two girls.

All throughout, their hands were busy, although he was at a distinct disadvantage, so to speak. With his arms wrapping the women, all he could grab were their asses, while Brielle and Khloe had free hands to grope each other as well as the cock, in between them.

They wound up though, laying tangled on top of him with their fingers in each other’s pussies, enjoying the attention they gave each other. And while kissing they each achieved their orgasms. It was thrilling and titillating.

Lucas, meanwhile was able to scoot down just enough so that he could wrap his mouth around one of Brielle’s glorious nipples. He sucked and tongued and nibbled on her big bud, enjoying himself immensely.

And, it added to Brielle’s fun.

After the girls came, they slid off of his body and just cuddled into his sides while they recovered. Brielle needed it more than Khloe.

Several minutes later, Khloe pushed herself up to lay her head on her husband’s chest, so she could see Brielle.

Hesitantly, she asked. “Um, Brielle, did you have some work done on your clit, too? It seemed, much more, um, out there, than mine or anyone else’s I’ve ever encountered.”

Brielle chuckled. “Yes, I did. As part of my procedures, they removed my hood. My clit is much more accessible, and sensitive now.”

“Oh really?” Lucas asked, and his cock seemed to grow even bigger and redder.

Khloe, laughed and slapped her man on the chest.


“Down boy.” She said, chuckling.

“Yes. Your turn will come.” Brielle said, laughing.

“Oh, goodie,” he moaned, happily, and received another slap from his wife, before she asked, “It’s not too sensitive, or painful? I’ve heard stories.”

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