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She came in after a hectic day of errands and “being Mom.” She dumped her things by the door and headed for the computer, hoping he had sent another message.

She still couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her friends knew her as a forty-something mom, happily married and a little on the frumpy side. They’d all have been shocked to hear she was sending and receiving explicit emails from a man she’d had an affair with 20 years ago. But despite the occasional guilty feelings –proper married ladies don’t do these things!–she was enjoying the experience. She felt like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. Pushing these boundaries was bringing out her sexual creativity, and sex with her husband had become more passionate and fulfilling. Right now she wanted to awaken that wild, sexy part of her, so she anxiously checked her inbox.

And there it was :

**Hey hot stuff! Ready to fantasize?

I’m watching you take off you clothes and stroking your beautiful breasts. I want you to lay on the bed so I can lick your pussy and play with your clit. Then I’ll put my finger in your pussy, just as a teaser for what’s coming later. I’ll fuck you with my finger and massage your g-spot till you moan with pleasure. When you’re so wet you can’t stand any more, you’ll beg me to put my big, hard cock in you and I’ll fuck you till you cum all over me.**

Of course, reading that made her hot and wet. She was tempted to lock herself in the bedroom with her favorite dildo and take Alsancak Escort care of it right away, but decided to wait. She wrote a quick note back to him instead:

**Wow! You got me really hot! Now lets see what I can do for you. You just stand there while I kneel in front of you and slowly unzip your jeans. I’ll pull them down and admire the shape of your cock in your underwear. Once I take that off, I’ll put your beautiful cock in my mouth and suck on it hard. I’ll lick around the head and rub my hand up and down the shaft. I’ll move down and suck on your balls while I fuck you with my hand. Now that you’re nice and stiff, I’ll push you down on the bed and when I’m naked, I’ll suck on you some more. Then I’ll rub your cock between my breasts while I play with your balls some more. Now it’s time to climb on top of you and slowly guide your cock into my hot, wet cunt. I’ll ride you hard and slow until you cum, screaming, “Yes! Yes!”**

Now she was just about crazy! But she decided to prolong the excitement. She went to the kitchen to make dinner, feeling her juices making her panties damp. Concentrating on cooking was difficult as she imagined what she would do to her husband that night…and what he would do to her.

That night, as she undressed for bed, she was sure her husband must be able to smell how wet she had been all evening. She knew he’d be pleased with her playful mood. As he lay in bed reading (pretending not to notice her) she reached across Alsancak Escort Bayan to him beneath the blankets. She cupped his balls in her fingers and immediately felt his prick begin to stir under her palm. This caused a wave of heat and wetness between her legs, and she had to have him in her mouth! She threw off the blankets and knelt between his knees. She took his small, soft cock completely into her mouth and relished the feeling of him growing large and stiff as she sucked on him. She loved the smooth texture of his skin and the felling of energy and excitement coursing underneath that softness. Another surge of feeling in her pussy made her shift position. She straddled one of his legs so she could press her throbbing clit against his calf. They both made wordless sounds of excitement as she played with him. She took him out of her mouth and licked the sensitive spot just below the head of his cock. When a bead of wetness appeared on the very tip, she licked it off and ran her tongue gently around where it had been, teasing. “Ooh,” he moaned, “You’re sooo good at that!”

Now she made her way slowly up his torso, licking and kissing him. She lay on top of him, feeling his hardness against her belly. She kissed him and sucked his tongue into her mouth just as she’d done to his prick. “My turn,” she said, laying on her back and spreading her legs apart. Her clit was pulsing and aching to be touched. He lay down with his head between her legs, then licked Escort Alsancak all the way up her slit. When he touched her swollen clit, she felt a jolt of excitement. “Aaahh!” A sound of pleasure escaped her lips and she breathed faster. He sucked gently on her clit, then rubbed it with his tongue. When he put a finger inside her, she moved her hips, helping him find the sensitive spots that would bring the intense orgasm she craved. After a few minutes, the intensity of her pleasure began to build.

“I need more in there!” she told him in a low, fervent voice. He knelt and slid his stiff cock into her aching pussy. “Yeah, that’s what I wanted!” she sighed. She used her finger to massage her thrumming clit while he glided in and out of her. “Oh, yes!” she cried out as her whole body tensed and writhed. The exquisite orgasm she’d hungered for all day filled her with pleasure.

But it wasn’t complete until he was satisfied, too. So she disengaged, feeling a little pang at the emptiness of her cunt. She pushed him down on his back and briefly took him in her mouth again, tasting herself on him. She could feel the throbbing excitement in his cock and knew he was close. She rose up and mounted him, sliding up and down slowly. She squeezed the muscles in her abdomen and vagina, embracing him with her body. She watched his body tense and heard him moan with pleasure. While he was coming, she felt the shivery aftershocks of her own orgasm. Then she lay on top of him, relishing the sensation of him filling her as they both breathed heavily and relaxed after the acute release.

Later, as she lay next to him waiting to fall asleep, she thought of the emails. This new, sexual woman she was becoming excited her. Where would this fascinating woman take her next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32