Papa Gets A Late Night Visitor

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Arianna Sinn

The rain was bouncing off the ground outside when I quickly answered the door just wearing my boxer shorts.

Stood there looking like a drowned rat was my 21-year old pregnant pot bellied grand daughter Penny from way out of town.

In times past my little blonde haired grand daughter would often come to visit me in the summer and would stay for as long as a month at a time.

“Oh Penny sweetheart come in, what on earth are you doing out at this time of night, I was just about to go to bed. You’re soaking wet come on in the kitchen, lets get you dried off.”

“Thanks Papa, I finally left that jerk of a boyfriend but let’s talk about it in the morning, I just walked the last 100 yards in the pouring rain. My car finally stalled out just back down the street and my cell phone is dead.” She said as I peeled off her small coat and then she removed her wet blouse and took off her shoes.

So there she was, stood in a soggy short skirt and a bra with a huge potbelly looking like a blonde goddess.

“This skirt is soaked too.” She said as she unfastened it and let it clunk to the floor and her panties looked about 10 sizes too small.

“Why don’t you have a warm shower Penny, then maybe you can put your clothes in the dryer.” I said.

“Oh I’ll have to wring them out and dry them very slowly or they will shrink. If you have a robe I’ll take ’em all off then I can dry everything.” She said and I looked around for an old robe that belonged to her late nana.

“Try this sweetheart.” I said as I passed her the robe and then she turned away from me and took everything off as if I wasn’t even there, then wrapped the robe around her.

She had never been afraid to show off her body in front of me when she was growing up but it had been a few years since I had last had the escort bostancı pleasure. Seeing her breasts and her bare bum was nothing new as she had often sunbathed that way.

“Look its long past my bedtime dear and if I get too tired my arthritis seems to beat me up pretty bad, so I’m off to bed. Maybe try putting the clothes over the heater vents then they will dry slower.” I said as I locked the front door then trudged off to bed.

Several minutes later I heard the shower running and then I was just getting settled down to sleep when to my surprise she came into the bedroom and got into bed beside me like she had often done before in the past whenever there was a thunder storm.

Then she snuggled up really close and I could feel her body pressing into me as I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning when I awoke the bedsheet was pulled down slightly and we were facing each other and oh my goodness, all I could see were her heavy bare breasts and large nipples just a few inches from my chest.

My goodness I hadn’t realized that she had gotten into bed that way, but the more I looked the harder I got, but I didn’t move I stayed dead still as I continued to view the beautiful sight, then she stirred and opened her eyes.

“Oh papa, good morning.” She said as she smiled and put her arms around me then pulled me so close that we touched, I had to do something with my arms or they would have been squashed so I put one arm behind her on her bare back.

She squeezed herself against me again and then moved her head back and looked me in the eye and said that I had a ‘woody” and then chuckled.

She pushed towards me again and almost grinded against my erection and smiled again then chuckled as she said:

“I thought that people your age didn’t get those ümraniye escort anymore. I guess I was wrong.”

I told her I was kind of sorry but if she remembered it was her that had got into my bed without any clothes on.

“I know it’s my fault, I was just too tired to try to find something to wear last night Papa or to even make up the spare bed.” She said.

I told her that the view of her breasts had caused it so she moved down the bed a little and told me to move up a little until my ‘woody’ was almost between her breasts.

She brought her hand up overtop of my boxers and held it tightly against her breasts.

Then she told me to take it out and put it between her breasts, I was shocked.

“That’s not sex, Papa, so it’s okay.” She said.

Well I was certainly very eager so I eased down my boxer shorts with her help and shimmied back up the bed and buried my ‘woody’ between her breasts.

Oh my goodness, it was heavenly and so smooth as she held them together with her hands and at the same time she was rubbing her nipples and did they ever get hard and erect.

Then her hand disappeared under the sheets as I kept slowly pushing between her breasts, getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

I could feel her knuckles hitting me and I kind of knew then that she was rubbing herself.

This spurred me onto shoot like a young stud between her breasts, as it had been a very longtime since I had ejaculated.

The first shot went straight up and under her chin and caused her to smile, all of the rest got splattered and squashed between her heavy breasts.

She was amazed and I was amazed of course at this very quick turn of events.

I had really spurted quite a bit of cum, as I said it was plastered all over between her breasts kartal escort bayan and it was obviously all over my cock.

“Darn papa I’ll have to get showered again.” She said with a smile as I lowered myself on the bed and then my wet cock was flopping around touching her belly.

“You gotta wash that thing too, so you may as well wash my back in the shower, come on lets go and do it.” She said and she hopped out of bed. That’s when I first got to look at her bald pussy.

I followed her to the bathroom with my eyes glued to her bare butt that swayed a little.

Once inside she started the shower and stepped inside, I followed a few moments later.

I washed her back and her butt cheeks then she turned and told me to wash her breasts as I had caused that mess.

I did wash them willingly but it caused me to get another ‘woody’ as she didn’t stop me from washing her all the way down to her feet and then back up to her inner thighs. She parted her legs, which seemed like a clear invitation to wash her bald pussy.

I was sure running on adrenaline and went ahead but did it very slow, slow enough that I’m sure she liked it and I was still hard as a rock as she took the gel and soaped up her hands. She quickly washed my hard cock and then we rinsed off and she turned off the shower.

“Let’s go back to bed for a while, I need to look after your ‘woody’ again.” She said and we did.

“Now I’m going to lay on my side, move closer and face me Papa.” She said as she reached down and held my ‘woody’ and then started to stroke it while I held her big breasts.

“Mmmm I like to do it nice and slow, papa.” She said as she continued to slowly stroke my aching cock. She also kept letting the tip touch her moist vagina lips and then she would rub it upward over her clit.

Holy cow, I was in heaven but she did go nice and slow, even when I shot my load all over her bare pubic area and between her pussy lips.

“Now Papa, you don’t have any objection to me living here for a few months do you?”

Well, what could I say?

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