Pamela’s Secrets

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My first live-in girlfriend Pamela and I had been together for a couple of years when we finally got away on vacation together. She was 23 at the time, a brown-eyed beauty with long silken brunette locks and very lovely full set of breasts which lost none of their entrancing buoyancy when freed from her 36C cups.

I had been instantly attracted to her when we worked together in a bar going through college and lucky enough after some perseverance to get together. Pamela, for all her tall, long-legged attractiveness and sallow skin that gave her a permanent naturally-tanned look, was not sexually outgoing, I found out at first. I was her second serious relationship and she maintained only her first love had ever screwed her.

The one time before going on vacation when she’ d been reasonable sexually adventurous with me was when we had a surprise encounter one drunken night with her best friend Lorri – something I wrote about previously. Even then there had been no sexual contact between her and Lorri but I was delighted to be able to fuck both of them in the name of a one-off bit of alcohol-induced fun.

I always used to tease Pamela about her sexual secrets but she was never forthcoming and insisted that I was only her second lover. Now, the only vacation she’d had since getting together with me was right at the start of our ‘relationship’ when she’d been single a few months and her and I were not actually shagging as yet; more of a casual basis.

I think I’d only made it to second base if I remember rightly and then she was off on a vacation to Spain with Lorri and a few other girls. Lorri’s parents owned an apartment in a hotel complex in the south which the girls stayed in for nothing.

Their ten day holiday went past pretty quickly if I remember and I did the usual thing of fishing for a bit of salubrious info when they returned, but girls being girls, there was nothing said. All I ever got to hear over the months was that there had been some snogging with the hotel entertainment staff, but names and details were vague.

However, when Pam and I got the chance to go to Lorri’s parents’ apartment a couple of years later for a token amount of rent, we snapped up the chance for a week in the sun and jumped on a last minute flight.

The weather was terrific, the hotel very well appointed, and the apartment ideal. The first two days there we sunbathed around the pool and hit the local town’s hotspots at night.

It was on the third day that Pamela – sunning herself in a gorgeous little white bikini that showed off her tanned figure to maximum erectile effect – was approached by a couple of lads while I was up at the pool bar. I took it to be a pair of holidaymakers trying their luck but when I got back she somewhat sheepishly introduced me to Denis – a typical dark-tanned, handsome Italian hunk with shoulder-length black hair who wore a tight pair of swim shorts – and to Antonio, a Spanish guy with a crew cut and slim, but muscular, build. They both looked fit and aged, like us, somewhere in their early twenties; I was not up to speed at the gym then and wasn’t as toned as those two, so first impressions were a bit intimidating.

More surprising was the fact Pamela knew them – they were part of the full-time hotel entertainment staff and had recognised her from her previous holiday with the girls.

Denis’s English was quite good and they both were pretty polite and good company. We shared a few drinks and then the guys left, inviting us to stay in that evening and catch the hotel show.

Word seemed to spread. Pamela palmed off my enquiries about Denis and Antonio and the holiday snogging rumours in good humour. But not long after, another guy appeared, this time with two cute chicks in tow which was a relief and a pleasant surprise for me. More of the entertainment staff.

The girls were very happy to see Pamela and greeted her like an old friend. The bloke, Alex, an Irish guy with a solid build, good tan and spiky hair, was a bit more cagey around her; maybe not so familiar.

The girls were a bonus for me – Sally who was twenty, all white smiles, brown hair tied back, lovely little proportioned figure on her enhanced by a yellow bikini, and Morena, a local Spaniard who exhibited all the qualities single guys go to Spain for – full, ruby lips, sparkling eyes and smile, sweeping dark locks that curled around her elegant long neck and shoulders. Her tits kept drawing my eyes like a magnet, encased in a sporty-type bikini top designed only to show off her assets and not for any other athletic purpose.

She had those sort of large breasts which spread in firm mounds across her chest, curving out the sides of her torso in two firm glorious globes; looked cast from the most perfect and classical of moulds. Her nipples were big, pushing against the silver-grey material of her top as we spoke; thick and erect.

I kept consciously avoiding erections myself as laughs rang out and the girls shared jokes, bumping against gaziantep escort ilanları me as I lay on my sunbed. Alex was wary of me, I thought, and couldn’t take his eyes off Pamela. But then again, I wasn’t going to blame him for that. We ended up promising to take in the show that night and join them for drinks after.

So the evening passed and we got together with the entertainment staff. Everything got merry – the ones we’d met and a few others, plus staff, sitting around the hotel bar until the wee small hours.

When we got back up to our apartment Pamela was drunk and invigorated, I thought, by the attentions of the guys and the fun and banter of the night.

We made it into our apartment only minutes before she stripped in the half-light – her tall athletic figure enticing me with those full breasts and little brown perky nipples – delicious and ripe. When she got horny, I knew from experience she lost a lot of inhibitions and could surprise me with her sexual positivity –some might say aggression. Right then was one example – my generally shy girl deciding she wanted a bit of drunken alfresco sex.

She was already fingering herself, opening the balcony doors and dragging the quilt off our bed and out. She always kept her pussy shaved and by the time I’d whipped off my own gear I found Pamela on all fours –heart-shaped ass cheeks facing me, legs apart and a handful of fingers delving into her smooth wet folds.

There seemed little time for foreplay – she’d taken care of that herself – and demanded breathlessly that I just fuck her out there in the moonlight. So I knelt and took my very hard cock in my fist. I luxuriated in sliding the head up and down her soaking cleft, catching her little clit on each downward stroke.

She was gasping, ravenous. So I plunged my dick in to the hilt and felt her pussy contract around me. Pam attacked her own clit with fluttering fingers and began to groan and cum hard.

I was slapping her ass, pumping in and out of her convulsing pussy. She was lost in orgasm and didn’t see the light come on next door and the couple appear on the adjacent balcony.

I did, got a shock and pulled out.

The pair were in their early forties, the guy tall and greying, the woman a very nice blonde milf wearing just a t-shirt which in the low light showed a pair of very trim legs.

She gasped. The guy wore that typical male goofy grin and his shorts were bulging. The balconies had only thin railings so their view was an unobstructed one of us fucking doggy-style, side-on to them, Pam’s head down and ass stuck up high against my groin.

Pamela was cumming, her face buried in the bed quilt she’d taken onto the balcony, so she did not see our surprise audience.

I smiled, not willing to stop – buzzing too much. Anyway, the woman was damn hot, so I made sure I withdrew my cock fully, leaving just the head nestled in Pam’s pussy folds, then slammed back in.

This made Pamela howl some more with pleasure and also brought a grin to the blonde woman as she watched wide –eyed, a hand hovering in front of her face in shock.

Her husband started to pull her back in, grinning like a madman and giving me the thumbs-up. But she resisted, struggling humorously with him, unable to take her eyes off us.

Pamela had reached round and was fondling my balls, hissing at me to come up her. But I had a new agenda.

I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the milf and pulled my cock out. She immediately feasted her eyes on it and allowed her hubby – not one to miss a chance that guy – to get a grip of her breasts. I grabbed my dick and began to jerk for her. I thrust two fingers into Pamela’s wet, gaping bald pussy and began to pump fast, which sent her into another groaning orgasm.

I told her with a growl I was going to cum all over her, so she wriggled off my fingers, spun round and lay out on her back, legs wide apart, now fingering her clit furiously.

Her eyes were half-shut. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t glimpsed our audience but she just kept on frigging herself and telling me to shoot all over her.

I was watching the milf, who was now reaching back and massaging her hubby’s cock through his shorts. His manipulations of her tits had produced nice firm nipple bumps under her T-shirt. He saw me looking, and he also saw me glance down at the rising waist of the T, as I was sure I saw bare flesh there in the dim light.

The guy was a sport. He could see Pamela spread out in the most erotic manner, begging for cum, so he gave me a wink and grabbed the hem of his wife’s T-shirt.

He lifted it right up. She reacted instantly, but then stopped, looking dreamily at me as her own exposure took effect.

I got a superb view of her pussy bathed in the pale light from their room – a prominent mound, waxed clean, white bikini area protruding from between a pair of taut thighs, tanned lovely and golden.

She had a high slit and the hood of her clit peeked out the top between her pussy lips. His fingers snaked down there, she opened her thighs and I got the lovely sight of her full gash. She was wet – a tell-tale glistening as hubby’s fingers slid between her legs.

That tipped me over. I looked down at Pam, spread and erotic, and to the horny blonde fortysomething, baring her pouting, plucked pussy and getting off on watching me jack-off for her.

I shot, blasting stings of white cum onto Pamela’s writhing sallow flesh. Her moans increased, which was a good thing because I heard the blonde give a little exclamation of delight, too. I watched her hubby hook fingers up into her open pussy as she watched me wank off, and he gazed at the beautiful sight of my girl spread and shining wet between her legs and high on orgasm.

When I finished spurting, the couple slunk back inside, not before he dragged the milf’s T up over her head and off, giving me reason to smile broadly at the retreating view of her perky tits and their tight cherry nipples as she disappeared inside – no doubt for a hot session of their own.

Pam remained oblivious to their presence – too keen to get inside and clean up – her inhibitions kicking in as the high receded. I smiled to myself, and also kept things to myself – I still had four days to go and the vacation has just become a raging success already as far as I was concerned. But as it turned out, my mind was to be blown in quite a manner in the days that followed.

So the next day after screwing my quiet girlfriend in full view of our neighbours, we found ourselves by the pool as usual. We were a bit hungover, so it was well into the afternoon before Pamela fancied a drink. As we were on vacation, I forced myself up to the bar and indulged. After a couple, we were feeling no pain and the hangovers were banished.

That night, the entertainment was once again good and we enjoyed just perching at the bar watching the show with the hundreds of other guests. The three guys on the staff that Pam knew – Denis, Alex and Antonio – did some take-off of the Starlight Express musical and whizzed about the place on rollerblades which was a laugh.

One of the girls was skating about , too – the little English babe, Sally, as I found out when she sneakily pinched my ass before skating off as I ordered drinks, much to Pamela’s amusement.

The other girl we knew, Morena, was a bit of a singer and took to the stage later to belt out a few musical numbers. All in all, pretty impressive.

My night got an extra twist when a lean, tanned, greying guy at the bar nudged me and asked if I was going to be taking the air tonight. I thought it was a gay come-on until I caught the wink and recognised him as the bloke from the balcony next door. We had a laugh. He was bursting with enthusiasm for our show, then I nearly had a heart attack as I turned to introduce him to Pamela only to find his milf wife deep in conversation with her. I hurriedly explained to him that Pam had no idea they’ d seen us but he assured me his wife was discreet and they had thought that the case anyway.

He was Neal and that hot blonde fortysomething with the cheery little titties and toned athletic legs was Cathy. She was even better-looking close up: nice green eyes, devilish bright smile, natural blonde hair I realised as she tossed her side-parted fringed locks – not platinum but somewhat lighter by a few shades of lemon than strawberry. She looked what I’d always imagined those pure bred country-girl blondes to look like when they hit milf-hood; A gorgeous and elegant little package with plenty of fun. And she had enough at my expense, teasing me in her own particular code and loving the ribbing she and Neal would give me when Pamela went to the bathroom. They had come abroad for a restful week in the sun without their daughter who was still in school.

We never really talked directly about the hardcore aspect of the sex they’d seen, nor I about the details of what she’d exposed to me – there was just a friendly, sexual tension about our chatter – them telling me what a fun thrill it was to catch us and me returning the compliment. We did decide, however, not to freak Pamela out by revealing what went down the night before, although I was sure they were on the brink of doing it at some moments, much to their glee and devilment.

When the bar closed we all walked up to the adjacent apartments together. Neal and Cathy said goodnight with a glint in their eye, but Pamela was dog-tired. She also was mortified when she found out they were right next door and petitioned me constantly as we undressed for bed, wondering if they’d seen us the night before. I covered, told her course they’d not – they would have said; that fun kind of couple weren’t they? Who would have minded anyway? Eventually, she had to agree and drifted off to sleep happy.

I lay awake for a while, buzzing a bit on the drink and meeting with Neal and Cathy, although I was damn tired, too – all the sun and sangria.

I did think that at one point I heard next doors balcony doors open and low voices outside, but I never got up the energy to go investigate and slept sound until the bright morning woke me.

That next day, my world got a whole lot hotter and it wasn’t the sun.

We spent the day down the beach. Lovely bikini-clad bodies everywhere, and plenty for Pamela to check out too, as I kept asking, and she reluctantly admitting.

Back in the hotel the plan was actually to hit the town after dinner in their smart restaurant, but that was scuppered when Neal and Cathy joined us at the bar for pre-dinner drinks and insisted we have dinner with them – their gift. Pamela was happy but expressed her mild bemusement to me; I didn’t have the nerve or heart to tell her why this couple might want to buy us dinner.

Cathy had a little white dress on which showed off the cleavage of her perky titties to maximum effect. As dinner progressed in the busy restaurant and the wine loosened inhibitions, Neal teased her about the waiters getting a good eyeful down her dress when they attended to us. Cathy laughed it off, commenting that she had nowhere near the effect that Pamela would have with her ‘bouncing boobies’ as she called them.

Pamela took it in good spirit – she was wearing a sexy red dress which tied up behind her neck but revealed no flesh at the front. Her tits were held up beautifully by the tight material, though and, we all took a good look as she discussed support with Cathy.

Cathy let slip that she, too, had no bra on, but her cleavage secret was in the ‘invisible tape’ she was wearing under her dress. To demonstrate, she actually lowered her dress a little at the front and pulled up the end of a bit of tape from the side of her boob. I couldn’t quite see everything but Pamela shrieked with laughter and clapped as a passing waiter got a great shot of Cathy’s exposed right nipple; his eyes about bulged clean out his head and he very nearly collided with the sweet trolley.

Cathy fixed her dress back an giggled with a wink to me as Neal guffawed at his wife’s gall.

After dinner we were at a bit of a loose end, wondering whether or not to hit the town. But because we were all having such a good time the four of us ended up sitting in the hotel bar watching the show again. Neal bought a bottle of champagne so the girls were very happy and very tipsy. They did as the night before and would become involved in their own little conversations while we guys chatted generally and checked out the attractive women amongst the crowd, plus the show girls as well.

Neal confided in me that they’d gone onto their balcony the previous night right enough but hadn’t done anything because there was no light from our place. I confirmed that we’d been so worn we’d just gone to sleep, but we both reckoned that there might be some fun in the offing that evening and talked it up like two enthused schoolboys.

But I was a bit more reticent when I thought about it carefully – Pamela could be quite shy sometimes when it came to it, and knew nothing of what had been seen the other night. So I gently hinted to Neal that Cathy should attempt to loosen Pam’s inhibitions a little.

As the show wore on we were again accosted by the performers – little Sally buzzed up to us on her blades during the Starlight bit and gave Neal and I a peck on the cheek each, before bending over in front of us and slapping her tight little sparkly shorts- encased ass cheeks much to the audience and our amusement.

Then the three boys – Denis, Antonio and Alex – would whiz by, crouching down at the girl’s crotch height – we were sat on four bar stools – and pretend to gaze with shock up their dresses. They got a clap and a laugh.

Then Cathy said to Pamela, “We should really give them something to look shocked about when they try that again.”

Pam took it as a joke, but I hear Cathy continue to insist as the two of them made for the bathrooms during the show interval. Neal raised his eyebrows and said, “Y’know, Cathy might just do it. She’s had a bit to drink and what with the fun you gave us the other night. . .”

“Hey, I’m hoping so,” I laughed, though I didn’t believe she quite had the nerve to flash the guys in such a packed area.

Then Neal moved his barstool out from the bar, placing it opposite me. He read the frown on my face and said, “Come out her across from the girls. Give the skaters a channel to skate down between the stools and let’s make sure we get a good view of any flashing as well. . .”

Up for a laugh, I did so. When the girls came back they expressed confusion but laughed when Neal explained. We were right across from them and I could see as far as both Cathy’s and Pam’s toned mid-thighs as I looked up their respective white and red dresses. It wouldn’t take much of a hike to expose their crotches if they went for it.

About a half-hour later, as we indulged in some more banter, the show kicked-off again. Eventually the skaters started to work the crowd and Neal announced over the music and other bedlam that it was almost time to test the girl’s nerve.

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