Pam and Tanya: The Next Night

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Candlelight flickers in the bedroom. A tall, slender 40’ish woman reclines on the bed, wearing a black lace camisole. Around her waist is a black lace garter belt, the silk straps leading to sheer stockings. A tiny silk thong covers her most intimate area. Open-toe pumps on her feet complete the ensemble. Her dark brown hair frames a beautiful face, painted with deep red lipstick and dark mascara. On the bedside table, a bottle of wine chills in an ice bucket. Beside it, there are two glasses. One is empty, wearing the smudges of lipstick on its rim. The other is full, untouched for the time being. Feeling the results of the wine, Pam (the woman on the bed) reflects on the events of the day. She awoke in the arms of her live-in maid, Tanya, after a night of passionate lovemaking. She had not intended for this to happen. Her husband, John, had gone away for the weekend on business. She had planned to spend the weekend relaxing, but fate had stepped in and changed her plans. Now, with her husband away, she had taken a younger female lover. After waking to the sight of a naked, 20’ish, African-American woman in her bed, they had spent a lazy day together, making love. The highlight of the morning was taking the girl on the kitchen counter. Her dark skin against the cool marble countertop had aroused Pam in an unexpected manner. She had spent a long, delicious hour licking the girl slowly, until she came in a quivering orgasm. The young woman returned the favor by having Pam bend over the same counter, licking and nibbling her from behind. In a moment of kinky revelation, Tanya even took a banana from a nearby fruit bowl and inserted it into her employer’s hot wet vagina. Working the fruit in and out of the woman, Tanya relished in her loud moans of pleasure. Midway through the afternoon, Pam had gotten a naughty idea. With the house all to themselves, she and Tanya would play-out a fantasy. An innocent fantasy that would provide a long night of passion.

She had sent the girl out with list of items to retrieve for their evening. While Tanya was out, Pam took the time to get ready. She took a long hot bath, making sure to pamper her lithe body. Lotions and perfumes were applied, lingerie was chosen, and make-up was finished. Now, she waits for her lover.

With the list that Pam had given Tanya now complete, the young woman drove home. An anxious feeling of anticipation fluttered in the pit of her stomach. It was nearly dusk when she pulled into the driveway. Carrying the bags into the entryway, she found a pair of strappy black heels with a note attached.

“Get the silver serving tray from the china cabinet and place the items on it. Change into the outfit that I’ve hung in your room, along with these heels and come to my room.”

Doing as she was told, Tanya hurried to the dining room. She emptied the bags and placed the items on the tray. Her mind raced as she imagined how each would be used. Separately, each had its own purpose; a coil of soft cotton rope, wooden clothes pins, a feather duster, and a long string of faux pearls. Grouped together, they became the playthings for a kinky evening.

Placing the tray on a table at the bottom of the steps, Tanya retrieved the heels and walked to her room. She gave a light gasp when she saw what was hanging on the doorknob. A French maids outfit, complete with white, lace-topped stockings and little white cap awaited her. Trying to control her shallow breathing, the young woman quickly showered and dressed for her employer. Before taking a last look in the mirror, Tanya dabbed a touch of cologne behind her ear and between her breasts. The maid’s outfit was obviously from Pam’s lingerie collection, because it was a little to long for her, but the smaller bust size caused her larger breasts to bulge over the top, creating cleavage that would make anyone look twice.

Tanya got the tray and made her way up the steps, being careful to balance Caferağa Escort herself on the high heels. Taped to the door of the bedroom was another note.

“I am the mistress of this house and you are my maid. When you enter my bedroom, you’ll obey my every command and submit to my every whim.”

With a trembling hand, Tanya gave the briefest of knocks.

“Come in” Pam replied in a low purr.

Opening the door, the young woman saw her mistress reclining on the bed.

Smiling, Tanya entered the room and said, “You called for me, ma’am?”

“Did you bring what I told you?”


“Put the tray down on the dresser and show me.”

Trying to be coy, Tanya held each item up for her mistress’s approval.

“Good. Now, bring the pearls to me.” Pam commanded. Tanya did as she was told.

Walking to the edge of the bed, she held the pearls out. Taking the pearls from her maid with a long lingering touch, Pam smiled. Holding the pearls by each end, she slowly ran them over her body, first between her breasts, them down across her soft belly. Tanya watched the woman, wondering what she would do next. Lifting a knee and rolling onto her side, Pam threaded the pearls between her legs, with one hand in front and the other behind her, dragging the pearls back and forth across the crotch of her silk panties; she moaned a sexy little moan.

“Do you like watching me?” Pam asked. Tanya nodded her head.

In an effort to please both herself and her maid, Pam worked the pearls harder and harder across her panties.

“Kiss me” Pam commanded. Tanya did as she was told. Lips touched and tongues played together. Tanya’s hand went to her employer’s breast. Pulling away suddenly, Pam reprimanded the girl.

“Do not touch me unless I tell you. That’s your only warning. If it happens again, you’ll be punished.” Pam said in mock sternness.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tanya whispered.

“I see you’ve dressed in your uniform. Turn around for me.” Pam purred, still working the pearls across herself.

Tanya turned her back to her employer. Letting go of the pearls for a moment, Pam lifted the girl’s frilly skirt.

“You’re not wearing panties,” she said, admiring her lover’s ass. “Why?”

“Mistress didn’t give me any panties to wear” Tanya replied in character.

“Bend over and spread your cheeks for me” Pam ordered. Tanya did as she was told.

Focusing on the young woman, she saw moist, wet lips peeking from between her legs. Grabbing the pearls again, the woman continued pleasuring herself.

“Touch yourself for me” Pam said between heavy breaths. Tanya did as she was told.

“Now, it’s your turn,” Pam said, holding the string of pearls out to her maid.

Taking the pearls from the woman, Tanya passed them over her outstretched tongue. Then, as her lover had done, she dragged them over and between her exposed pussy lips.

“Does it feel good?” Pam asked.

“Oh, yes!” Tanya said excitedly.

Climbing from the bed, Pam took her place behind the girl. Reaching forward, she gripped the girl’s thighs and placed her tongue over her swollen clitoris. The feeling of the pearls along with a hot tongue, Tanya immediately felt the urge to come. Fighting as best as she could, Tanya slowed the pace of the pearls. She heard a low giggle from behind her.

“Ready to come?” Pam asked.

“I don’t want to, but I’m close” Tanya whimpered.

Suddenly, a sharp slap was delivered to her exposed ass.

“You will not come unless I allow you to come” Pam said, a little louder than necessary.

“No, ma’am” Tanya whispered.

“Stand up and face me.” Pam commanded. Tanya did as she was told.

Leaning forward, the older woman kissed the younger woman again. Instinctively, Tanya’s hands went to Pam’s breasts. Another slap was delivered to her behind.

“What Caferağa Escort Bayan did I tell you before?” Pam snapped.

“I must not touch you unless I’m told to do so or I’ll be punished.” Tanya whimpered.

“That’s right. Now, get me the rope.”

Tanya retrieved the rope and held it in front of her. Snatching the rope from the girl’s hands, Pam ordered her to strip naked. Peeling the uniform from her body, Tanya gazed into her employer’s hungry eyes. Once naked, Pam grabbed the girl around the waist and pulled her close.

Stepping out of character for a moment, Pam asked, “Are you alright with this?” Tanya replied with a nod and quick wink.

Continuing to kiss her, Pam lowered the young woman to the bed. Gently taking her wrist, Pam stretched it to the bedpost and secured it with the rope. After doing the same with her other wrist, the woman tied the maid’s ankles to each lower post.

Stepping back to admire her work, Pam smiled an evil smile. Wriggling her hips a bit, she pulled the panties from her bottom.

“You’ll like these. They’re very wet.” She purred.

Holding them to Tanya’s face, she asked, “Can you smell my excitement?”

Tanya breathed deeply and nodded.

Stretching the waistband, Pam pulled them over the girl’s head and inserted the moist crotch into her mouth as a gag.

“This should muffle you a little, because I know you’re going to get loud when you find out what I have planned.” Pam teased.

Straining a little against her restraints, Tanya lifted her neck to see what Pam was doing. A pang of fear and excitement rushed through her as she saw her mistress pick up the feather duster.

“Are you ticklish, my dear?” Pam asked. Suddenly, Tanya began to think the game was going a little too far.

“Relax,” Pam said, comforting the young woman. “You’ll enjoy this.”

Lightly brushing the feathers over Tanya’s breasts, Pam saw the girl pull tight against her bonds. She squirmed to get away from each stroke of the duster. Testing and teasing as she went, she found the girl was most ticklish on her sides and on the soles of her feet. The panty-gag did little to muffle the sounds of the girl’s shrieks as she relished each tormenting stroke of the feathers. Electricity shot through her body as the older woman heightened her senses with the feather duster. A slight sheen of perspiration had collected on Tanya’s body. Blowing lightly on Tanya’s nipples, Pam watched as the nubs of flesh grew as hard a tiny dark marbles.

Without a word, Pam turned the feather duster in her hand and rubbed the tip between her lover’s legs. Tanya thrust her hips as high as she could to get relief from the wooden handle. Using one hand to part the swollen lips, Pam worked the handle in and out of the girl, giving a little twist as the stroke continued. Tanya’s moans were quite loud now.

At that moment, in a hotel several hours away, Pam’s husband, John, returned from his late dinner meeting. He had been unable to focus on work that day. Earlier that morning, he had logged-in to the home’s security system with his laptop and had witnessed Pam & Tanya’s encounter in the dining room. The grainy, black & white image of his wife pleasuring another woman on the kitchen countertop had been on his mind all day long. Connecting to the system with his computer, John scanned the 5 cameras that watched over his home. Night vision images of the dining room, garage, living room, and entryway showed no activity. However, the upstairs hallway camera showed faint light coming from their bedroom. With the door slightly ajar, he could faintly see the edge of their dresser. There was something on the edge. Perhaps a tray of some kind with items on it. He cursed himself for not installing a camera in the bedroom, but he knew that Pam would never have allowed it. His eyes searched for any hint of movement. After a Escort Caferağa few minutes, a shadow approached the dresser. The dark silhouette showed a tall woman in heels. She picked something up from the tray and left the screen. What could be happening? John’s eyes remained glued to the flickering image on his laptop for more than an hour. Unfortunately, he saw nothing more for the night.

Deciding to give her young lover a little break, Pam stopped pumping the wooden handle of the feather duster. Letting it inserted, she gazed at the trembling maid on the bed. Tanya tried in vain to continue the rhythm by working her hips. The feather duster jiggled a bit, sending shivers of pleasure through her.

Pam turned and walked to the dresser. Glancing out the doorway for a moment, she thought she saw a red dot blink. Blaming it on the wine, she picked up several clothespins and returned to her task. Taking Tanya’s left nipple between her fingers, she stretched it upward. A moan escaped the girl’s throat. A moment later, Pam gently clipped the clothespin to the dark flesh and let the breast drop. A bolt of exquisite pain shot through Tanya. While the pressure on her nipple was snug, it was not totally uncomfortable. Pam did the same with the other nipple and stood back to admire her work. Two clothespins remained in her hand. Slowly sliding the feather duster from between the girl’s legs, she lightly rubbed the sticky lips. Spreading the lips apart, she carefully clipped a clothespin on each side. The weight of the clothespins pulled down on the lips, exposing Tanya’s clitoris nicely.

Pulling on her bonds, Tanya writhed on the bed. A mere kiss on her clitoris would send her over the edge. With pleading eyes, Tanya watched as Pam slowly stripped out of her lingerie. Walking to the dresser once again, Pam poured herself another glass of wine. Drinking deeply from the glass, she looked at the remaining liquid in the bottle.

“Would you like some?” she asked her captive. Tanya nodded.

Finishing her glass with another gulp, Pam carried the bottle to the bed. Lifting her left foot and resting it next to Tanya’s head, she slid the bottle down her body until it sat on the bed below her. Holding the bottle with one hand, and spreading her lips with the other, she lowered herself onto the slender glass neck. The alcohol from the wine burned a little as it was inserted, but Pam continued to fuck the bottle, just inches from Tanya’s face. After a few moments, she removed the bottle out and pulled the panties from her lover’s mouth. Tipping the bottle to Tanya’s lips, the girl drank greedily. When the last drops were gone, Tanya licked the neck of the bottle as well as Pam’s fingers.

“How did that taste?” Pam inquired.

“Heavenly” Tanya smiled.

“Then you’ll love this” Pam replied, taking her place on the bed above Tanya’s mouth.

The young woman’s eyes widened as her employer held onto the headboard of the bed and squatted down. Tanya detected a faint hint of wine as she licked the vagina in front of her. Without the use of her restrained hands, Tanya did her best to give Pam pleasure with her tongue. Occasionally, Pam would pull away from her lover’s mouth and immediately plunge down again.

With the house all to herself, the mistress became quite vocal. Cries and moans filled the house.

“Lick me harder, make me come” Pam shouted. “Stick you hot tongue in my pussy!”

Shaking from head to toe, Pam went over the edge and had the most powerful orgasm of her life. Still shaking, she gently untied her lover’s wrists and ankles. Once the girl was free, Tanya took Pam in her arms and kissed her lovingly.

“That was so sexy” she purred in her employer’s ear.

Cuddling on the bed, Pam nodded off. She floated in a dreamlike cloud of bliss, thinking of Tanya. She was barely aware of the movement on the bed. She moved to wrap her arm around the young woman by her side, but it wouldn’t move. Her eyes blinking open to full consciousness, she saw the ropes binding her wrists to the bedposts. Standing next to the bed, Tanya drinks from her wine glass, feather duster in her hand.

“Now, it’s my turn” she says in a low sexy voice.


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