Oxygen Games Ch. 10

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[Recap: While trying to get his wife pregnant, Aidan has come up with a game to spice up their love life. It appears to be harmless enough, so Rosa reluctantly agrees. The games are getting intense, so Aidan confides in Cassie while Rosa continues to spiral as she fails again to become pregnant]


The car park of the clinic is empty when they pull in, but it’s more than empty though: it’s deserted, like they’re the only two people left on earth. There’s a light rain falling and the wind is chill, so they have to make a dash to the entrance. In the empty lobby, Aidan gives Rosa a kiss and they go their separate ways.

He checks in with the nurse at the Andrology department, the single person he’s seen, and is directed towards the chairs over by the window. The waiting room is also empty, filled with endless rows of grey plastic chairs, but it’s more than that: it’s if there has never been anyone here, ever. The profound silence is punctuated by the rattle of raindrops against the window. Gone are the blue skies of summer. Aidan folds himself into a chair and waits for his name to be called, brooding.

“We’re ready for you now,” a soft female voice calls from behind him.

Aidan springs out of the chair, suddenly nervous. The same nurse is waiting by a door with a clipboard and he forces his feet to propel him towards her. She’s smiling and familiar, about the same height as his wife, with dyed blonde hair, styled expensively in a way that frames her pretty face. She’s maybe six or seven years older than he is. He notices a wedding ring on the finger clutching the clipboard.

“Good to see you, Aidan,” she says.

“Yeah,” he replies. “I must get frequent flyer miles by now, hey?”

The nurse smiles brightly at the humour and he feels his mood lift.

She pushes open the door. “Shall we get started? I guess you know the drill.”

Aidan follows her through, down a corridor with evenly spaced identical doors on one side. He watches the way her bottom moves in her uniform, the white stockings on her toned legs. He notices her shapely calves and sees that instead of the sensible footwear of a woman who spends her day on her feet, she’s wearing viciously high heels.

“I’ve got you in the VIP suite,” she murmurs over her shoulder as they reach the end of the corridor. She opens the door and for a moment they are standing close, face-to-face in the doorway. She looks up at him and smiles again.

“Any problems, just shout.”

Aidan nods and closes the door behind him. The room is small, but furnished in warm, earthy colours. There isn’t a window, but the light can be dimmed as required. There’s a screen on the wall and a collection of videos underneath. On a shelf, he sees a box of tissues and a stack of magazines, but his eye is drawn to the grey vinyl armchair in the middle of the floor. The perk in his mood from the breezy exchange with the attractive nurse dissipates.

Aidan slumps into the chair, imagining her standing outside the door quietly, the hem of her uniform high enough to show off her toned thighs, the way the top button was undone so that he’d been able to glimpse a flash of cleavage. He couldn’t place it but there was something so familiar about her, about her body, but she wasn’t Rosa. She wasn’t the reason he was here.

Aidan unfastens his jeans, building himself up to the task at hand and fishes into his underwear to retrieve his manhood. His hand closes around unyielding steel.


He looks down at the cock cage locked snugly over his member. How could he have forgotten that he was wearing it? Why hadn’t Rosa unlocked him before getting out of the car? Why had she locked him in it in the first place? He realised he couldn’t remember even being locked up.

In a flurry of movement, Aidan stands and zips his jeans back up, opens the door and strides down the hall to the nurses’ station. The pretty nurse looks up from her screen and smiles at him.

“That was quick,” she says.

“No. I have a problem. I need to talk to my wife.”

The nurse frowns and checks her screen for a moment.

“I’m sorry, you can’t. She’s kurtköy olgun escort already in egg recovery.”

“How long before I can talk to her?”

“Probably a couple of hours. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I’ll wait.”

She cocks her head to one side, and says, “Is it about getting your sample?”

Aidan doesn’t answer, just shrugs awkwardly.

“Just to let you know, we need to take the sample now. It needs to be screened and ready for when the eggs are extracted. Is there anything I can do?”

“It’s… I… it’s complicated.”

The nurse stands up and flashes a reassuring smile. “Shall we go back to the room and you can tell me? Whatever it is, it’s okay. I’ve come across a wide range of behaviours.”

She raises her coffee mug to her lips and takes a sip, her eyes not leaving his.

“Okay. Though I don’t know how you can help.”

He leads her back down the corridor and into the little room. She closes the door softly, and once again Aidan is aware of being in close confines with her. Pressure begins to build between his legs, but it’s just making things worse.

She looks down at the bulge in his jeans and says matter-of-factly, “Okay, how about we let the dog see the rabbit?”

Aidan is encouraged by her businesslike tone, it gives him the nerve to undo his jeans and slide down his underwear in front of her, revealing the object of his torture. His eyes are on her face, keenly aware of the humiliation welling up inside himself as he exposes his problem to the lovely woman in front of him.

Her reaction is unexpected. She sinks to her knees in front of him, the hem of her uniform riding up to reveal more of her shapely thighs in her white stockings. He’s rigid now, his cock trying to burst out of the steel prison. Her eyes are fixed on his manhood, watching it swell and begin to poke through the bars of the cage.

“Hmm,” she says at last.

“Can you do something?”

She is lost in thought for a moment, then says, “I think so. It looks pretty standard.”

Her hands begin to move and he can see that suddenly she’s holding a strange-looking Swiss Army knife. She’s prising it open, picking through a number of outlandish options, more than would appear to have been able to fit inside the knife, and finally selects a specific tool. Aidan looks down at her, acutely aware of the pretty blonde head just inches away from his imprisoned manhood.

“Let’s try this. These locks aren’t usually that complicated.”

He feels her hands around his cock. They are cool and soft, reassuring. She works a tiny tool into the keyhole and begins to twist it. He watches her work, sees the concentration on her lovely face. There is a click and suddenly he’s free.

“There you go! How’s that feel?”

Aidan closes his eyes with relief, feeling his manhood unfurl as the blood rushes into it. He can feel a gentle breeze running over his tip, tantalising him. He opens his eyes and looks down to discover it’s her breath, his purple head poised almost within touching distance of her lips. Her eyes meet his.

“Do you need any more help?” she asks, softly, her smile wide and enticing.

Aidan nods.

She raises herself up slightly and moves forwards, planting a soft kiss on the underside of his shaft.

“Do you want me to unbutton myself?” she asks.

“Yes,” Aidan responds, his voice suddenly hoarse with desire.

She plants another kiss, this time on the tip, as her hands reach up to her uniform. He watches her fingers working on each button, opening up the front until she’s unbuttoned down to her waist, revealing a plain, white bra. Her breasts are firm and rounded, larger than Rosa’s, and in response his cock swells until he is absolutely rigid.

She continues to pay attention to his cock, planting kisses along his shaft, feeling him twitch at every contact. Each touch of her lips to his skin sends a shiver of pleasure into his core. As she tends to his member, she pulls her arms out of the sleeves of her uniform and, unencumbered by clothing, slips her hands around her back to release her perfect breasts tuzla escort from the bra. They stand firm on her chest, her nipples hard. Aidan’s hands move down to stroke them. He feels the softness of her skin in the palms of his hands and her hands come up to meet his.

The nurse is looking at his manhood now, watching a clear stream of precum leak from his tip. Aidan should feel mortified but just then, she reaches out with her finger to scoop it up. After a brief hesitation, she pops her slick finger into her mouth, smiling appreciatively at the taste.

Wordlessly, she twists his wrists, showing him that she wants him to push her breasts together. She seems to delight in the feeling of his strong, wide hands cupping her mounds, his thumbs gently circling her areolae. She works her mouth up to the tip of his cock and pauses. Aidan waits; the only motion is the progression of his thumbs around the rigid nubs of her nipples.

Her lips wrap around his head and she plunges down onto him, applying suction that sends a wave of intense pleasure deep into his core. She pulls up and off him with a pop.

“How am I doing?” she asks.

“Uh. Fantastic.”

“Like I said, I’m familiar with a wide range of behaviours.”

She takes him into her mouth again. He can feel her tongue working this time, exploring the underside of his head, winkling into the folds of his intimate anatomy. Every movement is exquisite agony, impossibly magnified.

“You’re… you’re so good at this,” Aidan moans.

She doesn’t answer with words, but she plunges herself deeper onto him and he can feel contact with the back of her mouth. He feels the muscles in her throat pulse and she admits him further, sliding his shaft deeper until her lips meet the shiny metal ring still held in place around his base. He watches her throat swell and distend as his cock fills it, but then she opens her mouth wider and her tongue darts out, licking and teasing his testicles.

Her throat convulses powerfully, squeezing him, tearing a groan from his chest. Her tongue encircles a testicle and she sucks, drawing it into her mouth. Her tongue darts out again and he knows what she’s going to do as he feels her apply suction again, drawing all of his anatomy inside her mouth. Incredibly, she doesn’t gag or gasp on his length as she pushes him further down her throat, until he feels her lips closing on the ring, enveloping him firmly and entirely within her, her neck distended impossibly to contain the full size of his rigid manhood.

She begins to swallow, the rhythmic movements milking his cock, as she applies suction. Her tongue works its way around his balls, gently teasing and massaging them, sending waves of incredible pleasure through him. His hands are kneading her breasts roughly as he builds up to the pinnacle of his climax. He feels the pressure of her all around him, feels the need to swell and engorge even more, but restrained by her mouth and throat, compressed and subjected to the most exquisite torture.

She works him harder, her eyes never leaving his as she looks up at him from between his legs, her efforts spurred on by the spasms of his entrapped cock. It’s the way she’s looking at him that overwhelms Aidan’s senses, like she’s feasting on his erection as he feels her teeth clamp around the steel ring encircling his root. Her tongue is working inside her mouth, swirling over his shaft, teasing his balls as she traps them in her moist, warm cavity. He realises that she’s locked onto him, caging him with her mouth and throat as securely as the steel device she removed, but this time his cock is being pumped and teased instead of denied.

He’s so close now, gasping for release, seeing her lips up against his root with all of him taken inside her. He wonders that she’ll need to breathe at some point, but she keeps going, sucking harder, forcing him to the edge.

A wave of ecstasy sweeps through his groin and his cock locks solid. He fears that he’ll choke her but she pulls off him, bringing her cleavage up, clamping his hands with hers, burying his tip in the soft crease between her lovely, soft breasts pendik escort as he shoots his load across her skin. Each burst sends an indescribable wave of pleasure through his cock and he unloads another thick gob of semen onto her, spurting and spurting until the valley of her ample cleavage is filled with his seed. He has never come so much or so hard.

The last spasm releases only a single drop, and he feels a cramp in his emptied balls. She looks up at him and grins. He grins back, eyes lingering on her familiar, pretty face. Her hands are still pinning his, pushing her cleavage together and maintaining the reservoir of milky liquid.

“Do you have the sample cup?” she asks.

It takes several seconds for the question to penetrate the post-orgasmic fog.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Better fill it up, before it gets cold.”

Aidan retrieves the container from his jeans pocket and unscrews the bright yellow lid. She’s kneeling there in front of him, arched backwards, her hands pressing her breasts together, waiting.

“Careful now,” she reminds him.

Aidan brings the rim of the container up to her cleavage and scoops his cum into it. When he’s done, the container is completely full.

“That’s really good work,” she says, straightening up and releasing her cleavage.

Her breasts are shiny, covered with the remains of his semen, and a trickle of cum runs down her chest but she catches it with a finger and lifts it up to her lips. Looking Aidan dead in the eye, she pops it in and makes a show of rolling it around her mouth.

“That’s a good sample,” she pronounces as she rubs away the slick sheen of the excess on her chest with a tissue, and retrieves her bra from the floor.

She takes the sample container from him. “And that’s plenty. Usually, we’d just get a teaspoonful.”

“Thanks to you. You were unbelievable.”

She smiles and opens the door, standing there topless but not at all self-conscious, her ample breasts tantalisingly close to Aidan.

“I’ll let you get sorted, and then just head out to the waiting room again.”

She closes the door, leaving him alone. His balls are aching and his mind is reeling. It takes him a while to get it together and zip himself up.

Out in the waiting room, the weather is still awful. He’s the only person in there, even the nurse has disappeared, leaving him alone among the lines of grey chairs. Aidan hunkers down in one of the chairs to wait.

At last, he hears a voice behind him call, “Hi babe.”

Rosa is standing there, radiant and smiling. She has a little purple velvet pouch in her hands and she’s clutching the draw-strings tightly. Aidan gets out of the chair slowly, his muscles stiff from waiting.

“Shall we go?”

Aidan kisses her. “Yeah, let’s head out.”

He leads his wife out into the car park. The rain has finally stopped, but the wintry gusts swirl around them, making them hurry to the car. He opens the passenger door for her, and she jumps in excitedly. There’s no trace of her anaesthetic.

He gets into the driver’s side but before they leave, he turns to her.

“How did it go, Rosa?”

She’s bubbling with excitement, and he can feel the anticipation in himself. She holds up the little velvet bag and teases the drawstrings apart. Nestled in the soft purple fabric are two beautiful golden marbles. He looks up from the treasure in her hands to her face. She is beautiful, her smile melts him, he can see the tears in her eyes.

“We could only get two. But aren’t they beautiful?”

Aidan opens his eyes, disorientated for a moment, still caught between the powerful dream and the real world. White walls, white sheets. It all comes flooding back, and he sinks deeper into his pillows, alone in his own bed. The two little golden spheres; the look on his wife’s face; the transcendent joy he felt. He feels it begin to evaporate now, as much as he tries to hold onto it, and it’s like clutching at smoke.

Reluctantly, he swings his legs off the bed and sits up, stretching his back, preparing to start a new day.

[Next chapter: The final bet.

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