Owned by the Club-Part 2

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Owned by the Club-Part 2

I was awakened by a biker shouting that we needed to get out lazy asses up. We had work to do. The little blonde and I joined the beautiful toilet girl outside where there were a dozen bikes parked. Our job was to clean them. If there was any dirt left on any of the bikes, we would get the whip.

At least we could use the hose and soap to clean our cum covered bodies while we worked. I used the hose to wash my ass and pussy. I washed my two helpers asses and cunts as well. As we scrubbed the bikes, several club members came out to look at us. I got bent over the bike seat that I was cleaning and fucked first in my pussy and then he switched to my ass. He pumped me for about twenty minutes and came. He slapped my ass and told me to get back to work.

We cleaned bikes and got fucked for the rest of the afternoon. I got used to hearing the other girls gag and choke on the cocks being forced down their throats. I heard them gulp down all the cum they could and suck the rest of the jizz off of their own tits that had leaked out of their mouths and splashed on their breasts.

One of the club members was not happy with the way the little blonde had cleaned his chopper. I thought she would be dragged away and whipped but he only back handed her across the face and told her to do a better job before he came back for his bike.

Another motorcycle roared up and dropped off another girl. She was tall and slim. Very pretty. Without a word, she stripped and began to help us wash and clean. I noticed a fresh tattoo of the club logo. The tat was not on her arm but just above her pussy. It went up to her bikini line and just above. She saw me looking and said that all of us would be getting tattoos like hers before long. We would have to keep our pussies shaved clean at all times. She also told us that the tattoo guy had a lot of fun as she laid on the table with her legs spread wide. He would stop his work and pull her head off the end of the table so that she hung upside down towards the floor. He would then fuck her face. If she resisted at all, he told her he would burn her nipple with his cigarette. She let him choke her and slap her tits for almost an hour before he shot his load and finished the tattoo.

I made up my mind that he could fuck my mouth as long as he liked. I didn’t want to be burned or beaten. I knew now that I was a piece of club property and they would make me do what they wanted so I might as well get used to it.

I had not eaten in a long time. One of the guys inside the club came out with some scraps of hamburger and fries and what looked like pizza. You bitches had better eat what you can while you can. He said this as he tossed the leftovers on the ground at our feet. We were all so hungry that we dropped to our knees and picked up the pieces of trash. We wiped off as much of the dirt as we could and ate like starved animals. The beautiful toilet girl said this is all she had gotten to eat in three days.

It was getting dark but all the bikes were clean. Others bikers began to arrive as we went inside. As they set down, we brought them drinks and gave them lap dances and blowjobs. We were taken to the back and fucked like the night before. I was on my belly taking a really big cock up my ass when the door blasted open and two members holding a sixteen year old boy came piling in. They threw him face down to the mattress beside me. He started talking fast. He said that he lived on the streets and that he made money giving old men blowjobs in an alley behind a pool hall. When the two bikers offered him a ride, he thought that they would take him off somewhere and have him suck them off.

As he was talking the bikers were ripping his shirt and jeans off. Without any warning, one of the bikers shoved his cock up the young boys ass and started pounding away. The boy begged him to stop. He was not used to getting fucked up the ass. He only did blowjobs. He was told that he would be giving plenty of blowjobs and to shut the fuck up.

I heard him grunting and groaning as the biker tore into his virgin ass. I almost started to offer my own ass if they would leave him alone. I knew that would lead to trouble so I kept quite. The second biker picked him up and carried him to a table in the corner of the back room after the first guy had shot a load up the boy’s ass. I was still face down getting Escort my ass reamed so I could no longer see the boy. I could hear him choke and cough as the bikers cock went down his throat. After some time he was told to swallow that cum and clean up the biker’s cock.

When my guy finished ass fucking me, I got up to go dance. I saw the boy out of the corner of my eye tied over the table as one biker fucked his ass and another fucked his mouth. When I was brought to the back later on for another fucking, I saw that the boy was still getting gang banged. He would be in for a long night. He just moaned each time a cock rammed home and laid over the table resigned to his fate.

As a cruel joke during the night I was told to go give the boy a blowjob. I helped him flip over on the table and sucked his cock. I was surprised at how quick he came. Then I flipped him back over and was ordered to suck out his ass. I told him to push like he was taking a shit so as to help me get his cum filled ass sucked dry. My belly was actually getting full as I swallowed what must have been a quart of biker spunk from the poor kid’s asshole. He would get it filled again and soon. I was told to get the fuck out of the way as the next cock invaded the sixteen year olds butt hole.

I think the sound of his cries of pain and the choking coming from his cock filled throat made me realize how lucky I was not to be new to ass fucking. In a way, the boys at my old high school had done me a favor. Thanks to the gang fucking I got, I could now take on most anything these guys could dish out. I vowed that if I ever ran into one of those school boys again, I would give him a blowjob and fuck he would remember for life. In fact, if I could make it to my class reunion, I would let them gang fuck me like in the old days.

I finally got a chance to have sex with the beautiful toilet girl. Another biker had another three way fantasy. I loved the way she tasted even as I licked the fresh piss from her tits, belly and ass. I licked her pussy and ass clean just as she had done for me the night before. I found out that her own boyfriend had started giving her golden showers before he joined the club. She had been drinking his piss for some time. He liked to show her off to his friends. He would make her do more and more daring things in front of them.

First she would have to wear tiny string bikinis if they went swimming. The swimsuits barely covered her nipples and pussy lips. Then when the guys came over to play poker, she had to wear only a sexy pair of panties and see thru bra. She would bring them beers and if they pinched or grabbed her, her boyfriend said nothing. One night as her boyfriend was losing and had no more money to cover a bet, she had to give three blowjobs to his friends to pay off what he owed. He took her to amateur night at a strip club. She spent the night giving lap dances to old men. Next, he had her work the street for a whole weekend. She bruised her knees on the concrete in the alley as she knelt to suck cock. She used her hands to keep from being pressed into the brick wall in front of her as she was being fucked in the ass from behind. He made her pay their rent with her pussy. She sucked off store clerks for beer and free gas. She went to adult movie stores dressed in tight short dresses and let the customers take her out for a quick fuck in the back seat of their cars. She was not allowed to keep more than ten dollars a fuck because the store owner took the rest but she had to come home with a hundred or take a beating. Her boyfriend even sold her to a couple of old guys that he met in a bar. They took her home with them for the weekend and did things to her that she will not talk about with anyone.

Now she was biker property just like me. I wanted to spend forever with my tongue in her sweet pussy. I think I was falling in love. I barely noticed the guy doing me doggie style while I ate her out. I ate her cum. Finally I drank her piss. I rolled her over and sucked her asshole. I would have eaten her shit but it did not go that far. I just wanted to hold her. We were separated and fucked side by side. She smiled over at me and told me that she really loved rough sex and her boyfriend knew it. She knew she would be whipped again and often. She got wet just thinking about it. She even liked the idea of being a whore. Being taken by strangers and made Escort Bayan to service them in any way they liked turned her on more than anything in life.

With that she turned to the biker fucking her and opened her mouth to his kiss. I could tell that she was about to cum again. She moaned and raised herself up to meet his thrusting cock over and over. She screamed as he shot his load deep into her cunt. She was still coming as he pulled out, got up and left. She grabbed for my hand and forced my fingers into her pussy as she finished her climax.

My boyfriend finally showed up. He fucked piss girl right in front of me. He held her ankles over her head and pounded her good. She raked her nails across his back and begged him to fuck her harder with every stroke. I got so hot watching that I grabbed the biker fucking me by his ass and pulled him into me as deep as he could go. He ran his tongue over my neck and face and into my mouth. I pulled his hands to my tits and begged him to squeeze the shit out of them. He moved his mouth down and started biting my nipple. The sight of my boyfriend fucking my new slut lover while feeling the biker in me biting my tits put me over the top. My cum was running out of my pussy over biker cock and down to the dirty mattress under my ass.

After the biker came, my boyfriend pulled me over to him. I knelt behind him as he continued to fuck piss girl. I ran my tongue down his back and started licking his asshole. I pushed my tongue deeper into his ass each time he stroked his whore’s fuck hole. I could here the sixteen year old grunt and cry in the background. Out on the dance stage, the little blonde and the new girl were doing a lesbian show for the growing crowd. I could here the guys cheering them on to more and more perverted acts. The girls were ass to ass with a two foot double headed dildo up their butts. The bikers yelled at them to butt fuck each harder. It would not be long until the girls were dragged from the stage and real cocks replaced the dildo in their asses.

By the end of my second night, I was told that I had fucked nearly every club member. Piss girl and I both passed out from exhaustion but not until we had been taken out to the front to perform toilet duty for several hours. We lay there on the wet ground in each other’s arms while bikers pissed on us in our sleep.

We hosed off the next morning and tried to clean out our pussies and asses as best they be could. We set to work cleaning bikes. We were joined by the sixteen year old. He could barely walk. He had a black eye from some rough biker who punched him as he fucked him. We didn’t talk much. Our bodies were sore and raw. I could hardly stand to touch my pussy. Our backs were scratched and red. The five of us were also very hungry. I decided to try to bribe the first guy I saw for some food. I thought I would let him pimp me out. He could keep the money if he would just give me something to eat.

Thanks goodness my boyfriend showed up with some tacos and burgers. He let me eat while he stepped inside with some guys to talk about a big run they were planning. The others looked at my food with starving eyes. I had to share what I had with them. It was all soon gone. My boyfriend came back and saw that all the food was gone. He yelled at me for sharing my meal without his permission. Now I would have to be whipped. My beautiful piss girl got back handed for offering to take my beating. I knew I would get it worse if I didn’t move quick.

I was taken to the back and tied with arms and legs apart. I was left there for quite a while as there was no one around to punish me. They arrived soon enough. Just as I had witnessed before, I was whipped without mercy with bullwhips. They stung my tender nipples. They ripped across my ass. Soon red stripes appeared across my back. My thighs were hit with lashes that circled my leg. Even my pussy felt the sting of the whip. The other girls and even the sixteen year old were made to watch. For twenty minutes my punishment continued. I felt faint. I begged for mercy just as my piss girl lover had before me. I promised to be good. I would whore with the rest of the girls. I would help raise the club babies. I would fuck anybody who I was told to fuck. Finally the whipping stopped. I was left to hang there limp. When the men left, the girls quickly set me free and help me to a chair to recover. Bayan Escort A warm glow covered my body as the pain subsided. I felt high. I actually liked the feeling. My beautiful girlfriend smiled at me and told me that I would come to love the pain. The little blonde nodded yes as well. Our newest girl looked at my red stripes and ran her hand lightly across them. She seemed as though she were in a trance. I looked down at her tattoo and traced it lightly with my fingers just as she was touching me. I wondered how soon we would all be adorned with such artwork. My fingers wondered farther down and teased her pussy lips as I continued to stare at the tat. She flinched a little at my touch but did not move away. I knew she was sore. Still, I could not help but stroke her.

The little blonde came up behind me with a clean wash cloth and bathed my back and ass. She kissed my whip marks lightly. She stroked them with her tongue. I could feel her hot breath on my body. As she played with me, my piss girl had turned her attention to the sixteen year old. She dropped to her knees. She could not resist sucking his young cock. Her soft moans gave away the fact that she really loved having his organ grow in her mouth. It soon began to hit the back of her mouth and force it’s way down her throat. As she sucked, the two girls with me made a sort of sandwich. I was pressed from front and back as fingers worked their way into my holes. Tongues played with my nipples and my ass at the same time. I felt an orgasm beginning to come from deep inside of my cunt. I opened my legs wider and reached behind me to hold my ass cheeks open to the invading fingers in both my pussy and ass. I entreated my tall tattoo girl to bite my nipples and rake them with her teeth. Both the girls got into a rhythm of forcing their fingers in and out of me at the same time. Nearly all of their tiny hands could fit inside of me. I must be stretched quite a bit by the constant fucking of nearly a hundred men. My arms circled both girls and held them tight. Our breathing grew heavy. I heard my own moans as my pussy grew hotter. I begged them to bite me and dig their nails into my tender flesh. I told them to call me all the dirty names that the men had called me while they fucked the shit out of me. They dug their fingers deeper into my holes. My knees grew weak as the most intense orgasm that I may ever have had swept over me.

The sixteen year old groaned as he shot his seed down piss girl’s throat. She spent quite a while licking and slurping his cock clean. She flipped him over and spent an even longer time tonguing his asshole as if to give him some relief from all of the biker cocks so brutally shoved up his tender young ass. She then guided his face down between her legs and began to teach him how to eat her wet pussy. I envied him as he tasted her sweet hole. Her legs wrapped around his head and held him captive between her thighs. Tattoo girl knelt between my legs and lapped at the fresh cum juice oozing from my cunt. The little blonde moved over to share piss girl’s pussy with the sixteen year old only from behind. The tongue on my clit felt so good as I watched piss girl start to come on the tongues inside of her.

We would have spent the rest of the day in each others arms if we were not ordered back outside to continue cleaning motorcycles. All of us had been naked for so long that we began to tan all over. Without much food and working hard cleaning and dancing as well as being fucked so often, we were all getting more slim and in better shape. I had to hand it to this club. They had about a hundred of the best looking sex slaves you could ask for.

That night, piss girl, the little blonde and I were taken to the tattoo parlor. We were still nude so I figured that the cops never messed with the club members when they were wearing their colors. We were taken to a table one by one and tattooed like all the other girls. Just as I had been told, I was mouth fucked by the tattoo artist. He said very little except to tell me not to move. Now I was marked as a biker sex slut for life. Any club member who saw my tat had the right to use me any way he wanted.

We were taken back to the club and introduced as club property. Everyone was there. The place was packed with leather clad bikers and naked dancing bitches. No wonder my boyfriend wanted to join this club. I danced, fucked and ate pussy until dawn. My boyfriend and I were now full members of a biker club. I was ready for my first big motorcycle run. It was coming up soon.

To be continued if you like…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32