Overly Attached Girlfriend

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Incest warning: This story line contains graphic sex scenes between an intelligent, sexually needy mommy and her 31 year old son, coerced by a sadistic, overly attached girlfriend. This is Part 3 in my Dating Site series. It may help to read parts 1 and 2. Do NOT read this if you find rough sex between a mother and son extremely disturbing. The story line has panty fetish cues before the main strap-on sex orgy, with mom-son fucking action, and a dark, sordid exploration of BDSM and humiliation themes. Not for the weak of heart, Leonard.


“I will be your girlfriend,” calmly uttered the half-naked brunette with the marine blue top and staring, psychotic eyes. Like an internet meme on a not small dose of crack cocaine.

She stared.

Her sadistic, powerful brown eyes catching the scene as a ray of moonlight fell through the curtains of a Lexington Avenue hotel room, catching her beauty. The glistening sweaty wetness of her damp, pungent crotch.

Sweat beads drenching Mistress Laina’s marine blue top, as she flicked the riding crop against Rick’s ass, speeding him up.

“I will be your girlfriend,” she commanded again. Her taunting eyes. Her penetrating, dark brown eyes staring; the subtle unleashing of a former good girl turned sadist.

Her curvaceous hips shifted weight as Laina placed her tan pantyhosed foot down on top of the groove of Rick’s naked back, while he fucked. She pushed him down like her slave, making him rut like a dog between his mother’s legs.

Previously, she’d made him yank his mommy’s thong panties down, while she watched.

She was an overly attached girlfriend, and she liked to have her boyfriends on their knees before her, humiliatingly begging Mistress Laina following prolonged cunnilingus, to fuck.

To rut his cock in an older woman’s cunt, between his own mommy’s legs, like a pit-bull terrier on heat.

“Don’t hide secrets in your house, boy,” those manic brown eyes glinting. “I stole the key,” and she laughed.

The kitchen knife on Mistress Laina’s bed.

Her $800 tribute in the white envelope still by the door. And, Rick, with his mother, Chloe, fucking senselessly as she dominated them both.

How did it come to this? How had Rick’s cock, fresh from his sister and mommy’s cunt, led him to this moment?

The answer was that simple dating site.

24 hours ago, Rick had spent just 44 minutes in a live dating chat session on Todd and Clare, and subsequently received a text offer he couldn’t refuse.

It read on his phone:


You have 1 new message.

Sender: Todd and Clare Dating

Profile: Overly Attached Girlfriend

Date: 6-15-2016 10.29pm


…Hello Doggy,

I’m offering you an overly attached girlfriend experience, and I will be your girlfriend, bitch.

I know you’ve got your sister’s piss soaked, dirty Tena panty liner wrapped around your cock. Such a beautiful, busy young woman your sister is.

Thanks so much for sharing her Facebook profile, I’ll blackmail you with that later.

I think you definitely need to be punished for spanking her so hard every Thursday. For telling me in our chat how you’re up to sniffing that filthy gusset liner that’s marinated against your sister’s pungent cunny for 12 long hours.

For being such a perverted little fucker, who needs punishment.

I know you’ve been watching me on YouTube, Rick. Seeing my pretty brunette hair, and eyes degrading you. You’re a creep. And, I’m staring into your soul.

Thank you for divulging so much to me Rick in a dating chat tonight. My offer is on the table. $600, and don’t forget my tip.

Meet me on the first floor of the W Hotel on Lexington Ave outside the computer room. Bring a pack of durex, a dog collar, and your mommy.

Yes, I repeat, bring your mom, Chloe, now you’ve told me all about how you fucked her. And, wear that piss stained panty liner you fucked your sister with in that Central Park women’s bathroom.

Room 44E. Don’t be late.

Signed, Mistress L.


Rick slumped lazily over the side of the couch, where his perverted, horny body had sunk, his head a chaotic mess. A wildfire raged through him from the events just 3 hours ago, in that filthy Central Park ladies toilet.

How Rick had unapologetically filled his little sister’s stretchy, needy pink cunt and asshole, pumping both her middle class holes with his incestuous seed until it oozed from the young woman’s bottom like clotted cream.

After returning to his apartment in Manhattan, he spent hours trawling Google for something filthier to do.

It was Rick’s cock, though, not Google, that took the young attorney back to the only dating site he knew that was anonymous enough to get him more cunt action than a toilet seat.

Where Craigslist and Backpage had failed to offer nothing more but gutter low life whores and pay-as-you-go escorts, this dating site, Todd and Clare, satisfied Rick’s need for intense, creative, and no holes barred sex with classy escort bayan girls who dropped their panties for moneyed lawyers.

Rick had fucked his way through an entire Todd and Clare city, and the Friends with Benefits thing had certainly paid off for him.

But he needed to do something filthier.

Something more than the regular skirt hiking, panties-down experience with twenty-something college grads. He needed something sleazier.

And Todd and Clare, Google’s answer to Pornhub with live-pussy-access, satisfied the dog in Rick, like he fucked his sister Jessica’s fragrant, yearning asshole in Central Park just 72 hours ago.

The problem with Todd and Clare, though, like all casual dating sites promising tight young pussies, is that they can attract overly attached girlfriends.


And in Jessica’ absence, Rick had found his match in an unassuming dominant female’s profile, clearly an advert for a dominatrix, named Mistress Laina.

He’d messaged her.

To admit his shame.

To confess how since Jessica had made him wear her piss soiled panty liner, it had sadly been his solo masturbatory aid for 3 whole days.

That small strip of cotton pressed between his sister’s legs, absorbing all her pussy juices. It was pungent. Her piss and pussy stained panty liner that his little sister had left him as a souvenir from the park.

The carnal smell of Jessica’s hairy cunt; her attractive brunette perfume still lingering in his nostrils.

He naturally confessed to Laina how he’d waited by the phone for Jessica to call, and the silence drove him mad.

He was a brother who knew he’d gone too far but he loved feeling like a pervert. To need Jessica’s pussy again.

Needing any friendly, sweaty pussy; he’d become masturbation obsessed. A perverted oyster-clam hunter with a boner that would not let up.

Masturbating for days on his sofa, in a jerk and sleep cycle that left him drained; Rick held his 25-year-old little sister’s cunny soiled liner up to his nose, again, by its sticky back, and he took a long drag of her pissy stained goodness; yellowy residues from his sister’s maternal cunt.

Like mom’s, Jessica’s crotch was imbued with the heady mix of pheromones, pussy odor, and gym sweat. Enough to make Rick’s cock throb with lust and confess all his sick and depraved sins to Mistress Laina.

The memory of Jessica’s hot, gushing urine that she flooded her worn gusset with—Rick’s little sister’s Tena panty liner pressing against her cunt—Jessica’s hairy Brazilian landing stripped cunny.

The combination of paced thoughts, made Rick’s cock stand to attention, and her ignoring him made him sweat cum.

She would be too busy this week, for her usual Thursday night spanking session, and she was no doubt turning the tables on her once dominant brother.

Making him a bitch to his little sister, and a source of income to Mistress Laina, now.

That toilet in Central Park had changed everything.

Jessica’s soiled panty liner had taken Rick by the horns, and held charge of a 31 year old corrupt lawyer who was fast decaying into a masturbating pervert needing to feverishly jerk off all day.

Needing to press his nose into a sexually healthy adult woman’s dirty, soiled panty liner, while rubbing his cock hard to orgasm.

And, to take days off work while he satisfied his disgusting pleasure.

Mistress Laina promised him one of her own dirty panty liners, if he was a good boy. And her bluntness, like her staring eyes, hit home hard.

The truth is that Rick almost dropped the phone when he got her text.

His sister’s pee soaked panty liner, still wrapped around his cock; he took a double take to feverishly read Laina’s above message again.

Rick had become a pathetic male loser, and his fetish charged his the sexual desire for Laina.

He’d taken the bait, hook, panty liner, and sinker.

Hurriedly, the 31 year old phoned his mommy immediately to get to an ATM. And he confessed first to his mommy, about the degrading turn of events and how he’d been spanking his sister, (her daughter’s) adult bare bottom every week since her sophomore year at NYU.

He’d met a sadist off a dating site, and he needed Chloe, his mommy, to be there while he purged his carnal desires.

Unlike most moms, Chloe was understanding.

Shopping late in Saks when he called, she was on hand within the hour for another fucking session, with Rick, and his dating-site dominatrix.

Chloe even paid for her son’s debauchery, for mommy always knows best.

She watched at the door, when they arrived at the hotel, while Laina ordered Rick onto his knees.

Seated there in the hotel room an hour before midnight, the pretty brunette, a half-naked vision in her marine blue t-shirt, stared at Rick and his mommy with a knowing woman’s charm.

She was an unrepentant nymphomaniac in every sense, whose salami sucking cunt delved for another thick piece of white-collar man meat.

A tuzla genç escort slave for an overly attached girlfriend; Rick panted like a dog while Mistress Laina pulled on her thick plastic and leather strap-on girdle. She was determined to stretch Rick’s own asshole wider than a garden pipe. Like he fucked his own mommy and her sister.

Jessica’s tight ass in that Central Park toilet.

So satisfying it was to dominate a man whose mind was still fixed on the pussy between his sister’s legs. And, in the payment of $800, Rick’s mom had hired Laina as a surrogate dominatrix for her son.

That fact, subtly vocalized from every frame of Laina’s staring eyes, made Rick madly in love. Her staring psychotic brown eyes, intensified his need to be her dirty little submissive bitch.

And under his loving mommy’s gaze he feverishly clambered through the door of her hotel room, on all fours, like the dog Laina had told him to be on Todd and Clare. Ready to do anything for her.

Her strawberry fragrance. The pungent residue of her sweat-laden pussy, drenched and engorged with excitement. The wet, thick snail trail from her pussy, ready for her victim’s tongue.

Rick whimpered in terror through Laina, his captor’s saliva-soaked, worn black thong panties, as his mommy watched.

Mistress Laina stuffed her dirty thong into his mouth, before she popper drugged and tied her spread-eagled paying customer, to the four wooden corners of her hotel bed.

Standing above him triumphantly, Laina, whose mascara and ghostly pale skin complemented the shiny kitchen knife in the palm of her hand, sent a shiver of fear down Rick’s spine.

“This is your mommy, is it?” said Laina, passive aggressively, as Rick arched his head upwards on the bed, before her, and his mommy.

Goddess, with a knife, was amused.

“Bark like a dog if I’m right.”

“Show me how good you fuck your mommy,” Mistress Laina ordered.

He didn’t argue.

The intensity of her psychotic stare growing wilder with every lingering second, as Rick gagged on Laina’s saliva soaked thong panties that she’d pressed into his mouth.

The sharp sound of unwrapping duct tape and a riding crop.

Mistress Laina lifted her knife to point at Chloe, ordering her without speaking to undress.

Laina made Rick’s mommy, Chloe, lift up her dress as he lay naked, spread eagled on the bed.

Watching his mommy’s skirt being lifted above her hips; her hairy bush glimmering as Laina cupped his mom’s cunt in her left hand, stepping forwards in the Moonlight, putting the knife down.

“I can see it in your eyes that you need this, Rick,” Laina told him.

“And, after this you will only fuck, look your best, and shave your face, only for me” she said, her staring brown eyes, a psychotic dash of sadism.

The fear Rick felt inside.

Laina stepped towards the bed, a robe revealing the thick plastic doll-colored white strap-on beneath. A perfect size for Rick’s asshole. Rick’s silent mommy’s dress cascading to the floor.

At 48, Chloe was in great physical shape, and Mistress Laina put her arms around her; pushing two fingers into Rick mom’s waxed-smooth cunt.

“Are you going to fuck your mommy for me, like a good little boy,” taunted Laina, moving one hand quickly inside his mommy’s cunt, the other gently massaging Chloe’s breast as though she was examining a female slave in a stable.

A trickle of creamy pre-cum already trickling down his mommy’s thighs.

Rick’s cock about to explode as he writhed on the bed against his duct taped bondage, watching Mistress Laina beckon his mom, stripped naked before the goddess; demanding Chloe’s tongue in position to lick her sweet gaping cunt.

Out of the corner of his eye, Rick could see his mom had begun to frantically suck Laina’s sweaty pussy.

Her beautiful breasts, those dark pink areola nipples.

Chloe was clearly no stranger to lesbian sex, her tongue was busily licking Laina. A steady stream of sweet nectar from the brunette’s cunt.

Continuing her walk slowly over to the bed, Laina demanded with her aura that Chloe keep her face humiliatingly pressed between her legs like a female dog obeying her mistress’s beck and call; the whole 5 yards to the bed.

It was then that Rick felt Laina’s hand grab him by his hair.

She squatted down above him, pushing his face in between her inner pink thighs, easing her legs apart to straddle him. Her marine blue t-shirt and strap-on girdle ready for action. Her damp cunt pressing against Rick’s face.

Untying him now, Laina’s damp slit commanded the back of that strap on, as she bent Rick over the bed to fuck his naked mom.

Mommy was already positioned, fully naked, waiting on her back; her legs wide open for her son’s cock like the metal stirrups at her gynecologist’s office.

Rick lay down on top of his mother, his cock finding her vaginal entrance, like it had so naturally before.

But this time, Mistress Laina was in charge and tuzla kendi evi olan escort in full control.

An overly attached girlfriend, and dominatrix of the highest caliber, with no equal.

By the time Rick started to protest, it was already far too late.

The tip of Laina’s strap-on was already positioned against Rick’s beautiful rosebud anus, and she merely twitched her hips and drove the anal probe deep into Rick’s rectum.

He groaned in pleasure and immediately started to rock back against Laina’s bullying strapon, as she took his anal virginity.

In turn, Rick’s cock pumped into his mother; fucking Chloe, bathed in mommy’s love, as Laina’s rhythmic hip thrusts delivered harder and without mercy up Rick’s athletic ass got harder and faster.

She excelled at the overly attached girlfriend experience.

Mistress Laina pumping Rick up the ass, with her favorite long strap-on, as he fucked his mom.

The X-rated scene to the New York hotel room, brought forth a torrent of frantic squealing from the young attorney.

All the while Rick massaged and kissed his mom; his strong hands pushing forward so that his bronzed chest pinned Chloe down and crushed her breasts and soft stomach beneath his wild rutting.

He felt like a *dog* on heat, fucking between his mommy’s legs.

Like the doggy Laina had told him to be.

Laina’s giant prosthetic pushing against his pear shaped prostate, the dominating force of Laina’s overly attached cunt. Truly an obsessive girlfriend slash dominatrix, and a force of nature.

“Who is your girlfriend!?” Laina said, as she thrusted, sodomizing both Rick and his Mom, whose cock was buried in her vaginal soil.

“Who is your girlfriend?” her cry growing louder and angrier as she busted Rick’s mom, at the bottom of the orgy, into sweet submission.

They made the perfect trio. And over Rick’s shoulder, his mommy Chloe on her back, legs wide open, vagina filled up with her son’s meat, felt the heavy thrusts of an overly attached girlfriend in vibrations driving through her son.

The pressure hitting the spring mattress with every hard pump from Laina’s hips.

Chloe’s huge breasts and spread eagled hips; embracing the dominatrix lover for her son, and in the process being a receptacle for Laina’s pleasure.

“You’re Rick’s girlfriend,” Chloe cried out, as Rick, sandwiched between Laina’s strap on, and his mom’s gaping cunt, knew then he’d found a girl dirty enough to quench the thirst he hungered and fucked his little sister’s cunt in that women’s public restroom.

Laina’s stiff, unforgiving strap-on driving her enormous 12 inch plastic cock up Rick’s bum; the impetus driving Chloe to scream out in pleasure as Laina’s deep strap-on began to squelch her cunt in orgasmic vibrations.

Rick and his mommy both crying out in shock; immediately Laina’s hard spank to Rick’s upturned buttocks, with the flat of her palm, reminding them just who was in control.

Laina wore the pants. And the strap-on.

“You are my girlfriend, Laina,” Rick’s loud, dark statement in the middle of his erection forcing up his mother’s cunt.

The staring overly attached brunette, penetrated him, determined that she’d take all his vulnerabilities, the criminal incest beneath her, and ultimately, control of Rick’s incestuous sexual liaisons from this moment on.

The dating site had finally yielded the sex Rick had desired so passionately. His body a slave to a worthy dominatrix, Mistress Laina… and his mommy, awash with Laina’s girl cum, forming a huge damp patch on the hotel bed.

Another memento of Rick’s depravity.

Mommy squealed louder and louder; not with pain but with pleasure until she suddenly pulled her knees up under her; Chloe’s whole body vibrating as she took in her son’s penis with an orgasm that felt like a total eclipse of the sun.

Squirting, cumming all over the bed; the streams of Rick’s bukkake juice running off his mommy’s face.

Mom’s cunt still wedged like cheddar cheese, by her son’s still hard cock.

In payment, and in lust, Laina’s whole body spasmed in orgasm, her pantyhose saturated with the smells and body sweat of her dirty new boyfriend and his mommy.

And to mark the occasion, as Rick slipped his cock out his mom’s lubricated cunt, from between his mother’s legs; Laina stood astride and put her fingers in her pussy and opened her pussy lips.

The overly attached girlfriend had a strong urge to piss and proceeded to let loose a pulsing torrent of golden champagne all over her slave and future mother-in-law’s back, chest, and face… soaking the hotel bed.

Becoming part of the family.

Even as he spluttered as Laina’s pee stream poured into his filthy mouth, Rick’s mouth made a fitting urinal to Laina’s toilet habits, and he cried out; “More please, more Laina!”

His beautiful cock glistening with Laina’s juices, having finished spearing in and out of his own mommy’s dripping wet cunt. Thoroughly soaking them in piss, Laina immediately lay down between Rick and his mom, the trio in a pool of her warm piss, as the overly attached girlfriend silently demanded they suck on both her breasts.

She wanted Chloe, her future husband’s mom, face level with her cunt first though, as a prize.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32