Outdoor On-call Cocksucker

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Amia Miley

I was horny. Again.

Sunday evening and I was logged onto gay dating site, thinking that tonight might be The night when I get on my knees… once again. Yes, I don’t do this often, I have a prudish background. When I was in my university years, I was against sex without feelings, instead I was searching for at least a hint of love before intimacy, and as a result… I was living mostly as a monk. Now in my early 30s I’d say I’m wiser – or sluttier 😉 – and less concerned about that, though it still doesn’t feel right to just fuck around. A certain number of circumstances must come together for actually doing quick fuck-and-go, or in my case mostly blow-and-go…

So here I was, staring into the screen and showing to others my decent “Looking to connect” profile headline (with detailed description saying nonsense like “sports or cultural buddy would be great” 😉 ), when I came across a profile of a younger southern European guy with cut cock (fairly rare to find in Prague) and leaving an impression that he’s into suck-n-go sessions. I left him a “you’re hot” trace when few min later I got a message back:

“Looking to connect?”

“Haha, yeah…”, I replied.

“I have two connections to suggest.

1. My dick to get connected to your mouth

2. My throat to be connected to your dick

Both options are perfect for me, choose one.”

Damn, he knows how to talk to me. It was easy! “I prefer to be the cocksucker ^^”

As a reply, I got a few pics of his cock, one of them featuring another cocksucker on his knees in a darkened place (with unrecognisable face). Damn… This is hot! I want to be that guy! A text was attached: “Big and thick one to feed your mouth properly”.

His cock is beautiful – it appears big with nice head and it’s cut! That’s my weakness. Uncut cocks are usually not only unappealing (the extra skin is not really a work of art, and I don’t like its feel on my tongue either), but they also don’t taste that well. And man, when I’m to go slutty, I want it to be worth it, right? So yeah, I’m picky, what can I say 🙂

So it turns out he also likes suck-and-go style, moreover istanbul travesti in unusual (public) places. I tell him that I love that, but that it’s been a while.

“Time to repeat it. I have plenty of warm and fresh cum to feed you.”

I’m hard and ready to sin 😀 I just clarify with him that I don’t consider swallowing safe, but that he can give me facial and that I’m in a bit submissive mood. He agrees and adds “Don’t worry, I treat accordingly my sucking faggots.”

“Are there many of them?”

“In general, there are boys that enjoy serving me.”

Fuck, he’s good at this. At the talk. I’m definitely ready to go down. But I have to give it my best to beat the competition 😉

He suggests to meet at a park nearby by the pillar of a massive bridge that goes over it. I’m a bit reluctant, I recall that place and it feels too public for my taste, but it’s also after sunset, dark-ish. I’m like yeah, let’s do this, I deserve it after months of nothingness! (partly caused by the remains of my prudishness, partly by my pickiness and partly by the pandemic)

Final confirmation of time and place and I’m on my way. My heart is beating faster, my limbs are shaking a little bit like I’m cold. Am I really going to do this? I don’t even know his name nor saw properly his face! What if he lied and is actually a slutty reservoir of STDs? But damn, I’m so horny… and he’s got a dominant side, he knows how to talk to me and treat me. And it’s been a while since I did this…

Alright, a moment of truth. Getting closer to the spot. About 100 meters away, it’s fairly dark, I can’t see much but it looks like there’s no-one by the pillar, except a little to the left there are still couple of guys at one of those outdoor workout places, but it’s far enough from the pillar. Hm, is he one of them? Maybe he likes to combine workout and pleasure. But sweaty balls, hmm, not sure how I feel about that. I’m usually a cleanliness freak. But then, I’m so horny…

I tentatively continue, checking my phone whether there’s a message from him. Nothing. Ok, getting closer, he’s definitely not here. Maybe he bailed. Another istanbul travestileri fake profile? I wait. Feeling like some low horny bitch… yet I’m half hard! Damn I’m a slut 😀 What happened to me over the years? What would a younger me think if he saw me now? Hm?

A message from him: “Where are you?” Ok, maybe we misunderstood each other and I’m waiting at a wrong place. I reply. Nothing. Suddenly I notice some shadow approaching. Fuck, too late to bail now. It’s happening. Damn, what have I done…

He’s here. I can’t see his face properly as it’s dark and he’s wearing a mask (Covid-19 pandemic, you know). I say “Hey”, but no reply. He walks past me closer to the pillar, I follow. Without a word, he’s unbuttoning his jeans. “Fuck”, I say, remembering our agreement and nervously sinking to my knees with my back to the concrete massive pillar. The outdoor workout place to the left is almost deserted now. And a dimly lit pavement to the right, about 10 m up hill – someone might theoretically see us if they had reason to focus, so I’m staying quiet.

He’s finished unbuttoning and pulled his cock out. Pity, I wish I got to do it. But I’m not disappointed. It’s not huge, upper medium size I’d say, but it’s just beautiful. I stare at it, enjoying the view. I’m painfully hard myself. He’s semi-hard so I get to work. I feel he’s looking down at me, waiting. I lean in and lick his shaft first, then his balls. I can say it’s working, he’s getting a bit inpatient. He grabs my head and guides me to his dick head. I open and swallow it… damn, I love the taste! It really is a great cock! And just enough to make me gag:) I’m sucking, licking, taking it slow and enjoying it. I occasionally try to look towards the pavement to check if we’re safe. I see no-one. He’s moving his hips to try to mouth fuck me. I’m with my back to the pillar so I can’t move much. I’m coughing and gagging. He rarely gives me an opportunity to get off his dick and breath. So needy… and so am I. A bit of saliva starts to run down my chin. It will soak my t-shirt and I still need to walk home, but what the hell. I’m loving this. This is travesti istanbul where I belong.

Wait, what did I just thought? Nooo, I don’t belong here, I’m just experimenting… right? But it’s so damn good.

He suddenly pulls by my hair to make me look up at him, his dick still in my mouth. What’s going on? I’m a bit disappointed that I’m interrupted. Suddenly I hear a spit sound and immediately I feel it on my cheek, forehead and another in my hair. That bastard spit on me! He spit on me!! What the f*?!!

But wait, why did I moan?

Why did my cock stir? And did I start sucking more vigorously? Oh boy… so here I am, on my knees in the middle of a public park in some dirty corner, cock of an unknown guy whose face I did’t even properly see in my mouth, he spits on me and I’m enjoying it. I am such a slut. Damn… He’s definitely true to his previous words: “I treat accordingly my sucking faggots.” I remember them well.

He holds my head by both hands and slaps his dick on my face. Then forces it back into my mouth and makes me suck. I happily comply. He’s got the right to be served. He deserves it, I can feel it. I suck and cup his ball sack, he tenses.

“You want my cum?”, he speaks for the first time. I let the beautiful dick leave my mouth and say “Yeah…”.

He starts jerking off right in front of me. I look up to meet his gaze. This is so hot. I didn’t even take my own cock out. I’m just serving him. Suddenly he moans and – cums…. right in my face! One shot over my right cheek, the other hits my nose and forehead, another goes into my hair. He keeps cumming. Fuck, even his cum smells good. I just stay on my knees, eyes partly closed – you know, trying to enjoy the scene but not getting it in my eyes. My right eye lid has cum on it, I have to keep it closed now. With the other eye I see he’s putting his softening dick in his pants already.

Without a single word, he turns around and leaves.

I’m kneeling there, face and hair covered in this strangers cum. Horny and… happy. I reach into my pocket to take out the paper handkerchief I brought with me. I wipe the cum out of my eyes, but keep the rest on. Now I get off my knees (boy they hurt), check around to make sure no-one sees me, fish out my dick and jerk off. I’m cumming on the pillar within like 15-20 seconds 🙂

I’ve been used and I enjoyed it. I guess we know what that makes me…

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