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Authors Note: — This was my first ever attempt at writing an erotic story many years ago, or more of just erotic thoughts flowing through my head as I typed. I understand that it’s far from perfect as grammar/composition goes, but I wanted to submit it as close to original as I wrote it.

So please no negative comments as to how I need this or that. Just take it as free flowing erotic thoughts.

Thank you for all the support that this site has given and continue to give to allow people to express their thoughts.

As always, all persons described herein are over the age of 18 and consenting.

Dedicated to my co-worker who inspired me and started me into this journey

With that, I hope you enjoy. Cheers!


We enter the dimly lit hotel room. We kiss, our tongues playing with each other. I break away and tell you to unpack your toys and lay them out on the table while I take a quick shower.

After my shower, I come out wearing a towel and now it’s your turn. You are to come out wearing only a towel and stand by the bed. As you shower, I peruse the assortment of pleasure at my disposal.

I hear the shower end and I’m already excited with anticipation, my heart beating, my breathing shallow and fast. I turned the air conditioner on to not only keep my hardness down, but to bring the skin alive. You exit the bathroom as you were told, wearing only a towel. Your hair damp and hanging down. Your eyes sparkling yet nervous. I have you stand by the bed and turn facing away. I say the command that now controls you. You acknowledge. You are now under my power.

Sweeping your hair to one side, I kiss your neck, down across your shoulders all the while drinking in your smell. I place the blindfold on you. I then reach around and remove your towel letting the cool air ripple your skin. I stroke your arms, then your back, feeling you.

There are pillows in the center of the bed. I have you lay face down over them. Even with the cold air my cock is rock hard but I must withhold the temptation. With your vision blocked, I remove my towel letting the cool air attack my balls, moving them as if in agonizing death throws, shrinking them. My cock fighting but slowly losing to stay hard.

I start placing ankle restraints on each leg, all the while not saying a word, just letting you anticipate the next feeling. Then I spread your legs wider and attach the bar to the restraints, locking your legs spread. I hear a moan of pleasure come from the distance. I look up to see the most sexiest sight, your beautiful round ass in the air and your pussy spread open already glistening wet, wanting. My cock again returns, throbbing, yearning.

I Bursa Escort command that you put your hands behind your back. I place wrist restraints on and clasp them together locking your hands behind your back. Again, a moan of pleasure. With a sharp hand across your ass, I spank you for breaking the silence, which only elicits more moans.

As my hands caress your ass I can feel the heat of your pussy. I slowly slip a couple of fingers into your hot, moist love hole. Not only do you squirm and call out in pleasure, even I let out an audible moan.

My cock is so hard, aching to be quenched in your wet well. I tell myself NO, I can’t. I withdraw my fingers, and bring them to my mouth, tasting your sweetness. Instinctively, my cock jumps and pulses, as a large amount of precum oozes from the tip. I smile thinking at the aspect that we are both so wet.

Not denying you a chance, I come around and take your hair in my hands, pulling your head up. I command you to keep you mouth closed. I then take my cock and rub it across your lips teasing you. You moan again, and disobey by opening your mouth. I slap you with my cock and tell you that you will be punished. But first, taste of what you’re missing, as I put my swollen cock into your mouth. You hungrily suck and lick, as more precum pours out. My balls tighten as I hold your head down on my pulsing manhood. It feels so good with your mouth around me. Enveloping all of me. I instinctively start to thrust but catch myself, I can feel my balls churning wanting to explode. NO, I can’t, not yet, I tell myself, as I pull out.

Trying to keep myself under control, I leave for a minute to cool down and enjoy the view. I open a bottle of water and drink, trying to clear my mind and re-focus. I come back to you and offer you a drink which you accept. “Good, now open your mouth”, I command. With your mouth open, anticipating the return of my cock, I now insert the ball.

With the ball securely fastened in your mouth, I run my fingers through your hair feeling the softness in my hands. I take my semi-hard cock and slowly start to rub it on your face so you can feel the warmth, the weight, as I tease you.

Next I leave you laying on the bed and walk over to the table and choose my next toy. Seeing you laying there is such a turn-on. I’m excited at the anticipation of pleasing you. As you lay there waiting, wanting, you now feel the tingle of the cat-o-nine tails slowly pull down your back. I hear you moan out as I again drag the tails from your shoulders to your ass, down your arms and hands. Across your ass I whip just a little to get your attention. With your legs spread, I can see your soaking wet pussy. I pull the tails down across your thighs Bursa Escort Bayan and calves. Again, a little whip to your ass…that beautiful ass. I bring the tails back up across your shoulders.

I roll you over onto your back. Now I can take you fully in. What a sight. My cock instantly hard, pulsing. Your nipples so hard. I drop the tails across your tits. You squirm with pleasure.

Down across your belly to your pussy and back up. I can’t take it, I reach up and grab your tits, lean down and take a nipple in my mouth and suck. Oh my god. I’m not sure who’s getting more pleasure. My tongue flicking and rolling around one nipple then the other as I lose myself.

Your groans wake me from my pleasure trance. I roll you back onto your stomach with the pillows raising your hips. This time I position myself straddling your thighs, I can feel your warmth. Now I gently start rubbing your back, just a little oil to glide my hands. Then your arms and hands. I drip a couple drops on each cheek and slap your ass nice and firm. The sound of wet skin is such a turn on.

I slide back to rub your legs, you have such tight lovely legs, it feels so good. As my hands move higher on your thighs, I can feel your muscles contracting. I brush my fingers against your pussy. Such heat, so wet. I can’t help myself as I slip a couple of fingers inside. Oh my god, you’re so wet, the sound drives me crazy. I thrust in and out a couple of times, then pull them out and bring them to my mouth. Mmmm, the sweet taste turns on the wild beast in me.

I drop down and bury my face in your ass. My tongue probing, licking, drinking all I can get. I find your hole and thrust my tongue as far as I can, wishing I had a 6 inch tongue. I suck all the sweet goodness I can. Your clit is so swollen, I take it in my mouth and gently suck. I can hear muffled screams as your body convulses. My face is sprayed as you squirt uncontrollably. I’m so turned on, I don’t want it to stop. I lose myself.

I slid up, my face drenched in your cum, I straddle your thighs, I take my hard swollen cock and stick the head at your opening. One thrust and my cock is buried, my balls slap against your clit. My swollen, red hot cock quenched as your pussy envelops me, still pulsing from your orgasm.

I can do nothing but hold there feeling the exquisite pleasure. My hands squeezing your ass. As my balls churn wanting to explode, and as much as I want to empty myself, not yet. I pull out. I have to break away, but fuck it feels so fantastic. As I pull out, a flood of your cum soaks the pillow. In a brief moment of levity, I wonder what the cleaning person will think about all the cum on the pillow. I smile at the thought knowing what happened.

Wanting Escort Bursa to save my load, I step away desperately trying to cool down, leaving you panting on the bed. Trying to think of something, and after splashing cold water on my overheated cock, I browse the table of toys, hmmm, what next.

I decide. I get a vibrator and lube. I climb back on the bed and turn the vibrator on low and slid it in and out of your pussy to tease you. While working your pussy, I massage your ass with my other hand lubing up your asshole. Sliding one then two fingers in getting you ready. I pull the vib out and slowly work it between your ass cheeks. While still finger fucking your ass, I ready myself.

It doesn’t take much before I’m back hard and aching again. I take my fingers out and replace them with the head of my cock. Slowly pushing in as you open up, accepting me. Gently I slid all the way in. The condom helps numb the sensation just enough so I don’t cum immediately as you engulf me. Oh my, the feeling is magical. Mounting you from behind, my cock in your ass.

My hands grabbing, squeezing your ass as I start to stroke in and out. I can hear you grunting in pleasure with each thrust. As I continue, I reach around and insert the vib back into your dripping wet pussy.

I’m not sure that was a good idea. At least for me, as I now can feel the vib while in your ass. Feelings I’ve never had before. I start stroking faster and faster as my cock is getting harder and harder. The vibrations through your body is incredible. All of a sudden you start shaking and another muffled scream, my hand working the vib is drenched in your cum as you squirt again.

This sends me into a frenzy. I start driving hard into your ass. Knowing I’m not going to last much longer and my cock so hard it feels like it’s ripping from my body, I have to pull out. I roll you over onto your back. Pulling the condom off with one hand and removing your blindfold with the other, I climb on top of you, straddling your thighs. I want you to see me. I want you to see me cum. My cock so hard, so red, it’s purple head pulsing. My balls so tight, drawn up, I can feel it happening. I look at your face.

The ball still in your mouth, your beautiful eyes looking at me, wanting. I reach down with one hand and grab one of your tits, feeling the soft flesh and hard nipple in my hand. The other hand grabs my swollen cock and starts stroking.

Here it is baby! I erupt. With a loud grunt, the first stream shoots about your head, in your hair. That’s such a turn on that I thrust and shoot again, this time on your face. Each subsequent spasm lower and lower. Even dribbling down onto your stomach. After catching my breath, I reach up and untie the gag ball replacing it with my shrinking cock for you lick clean. I lean down lick your cum covered nipple then kiss you.

I untied you from your binds and exhausted we lay together covered in sweat and cum until recovered enough to shower together and clean each other.

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