Our Secret Diaries Ch. 03

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This is the final instalment (so far) of our diary. Make sure you read the other parts first. All characters are 18 years old or over.



Well the chance came sooner than I expected. A couple of nights later I was fast asleep. I was having this fantastic dream. My back was warm from another body and warm hands were caressing my breasts, my stomach and my entire body. They stroked my breasts through my thin nightie, starting at the edges and finishing at the nipple. I could feel my nipple getting harder and harder beneath the nightie. The hand moved to my stomach and then slowly down to my waist, slowly tracing patterns on the smooth silky material. I was feeling really warm inside, as the hand moved up and down and around.

Next it moved to my hips, gently stroking around the front, feeling my soft pubic hair through the material, and down, down the inside of my thighs, back up the outside to my bum. I felt those magic fingers caressing my cheeks and in between through the silken fabric. They reached between my legs to the back of my cunt which was starting to get wet and then continued down the inside of my legs. This time when it returned the hand was underneath my nightie, bare skin on bare skin, tracing round my hips. The hand reached into my sparse pubic hair and down the outside of my vulva, slowly ever so slowly.

I was starting to feel really wet as my dream lover’s fingers started caressing my cunt. I stirred a bit in my sleep and as I settled back down I felt something firm resting between the cheeks of my buttocks. I felt the fingers stroking the inside of my labia, up toward my clitoris and reaching inside my vagina. I was so wet I felt like I was going to come. The finger reached deeper and deeper, in and out, so slowly I could barely feel it move.

The object resting between my buttocks was getting harder and larger. Obviously a cock! So my dream lover was male! I was starting to emerge from my karataş escort deep sleep. After a while I became aware of the cock moving slowly between my legs until it rested at the entrance to my cunt. I shifted in my sleep, turning my pelvis outward to my dream lover. His hand was still inside me, two fingers now and I was starting to shake with ecstasy. The cock was still resting its head at the entrance to my vagina.

Slowly, slowly I felt the head nudging into my dripping cunt. The hand still caressed my clitoris and around my labia as I felt my body being stretched by the dream cock. My god it was big! I was feeling so full. But millimetre by millimetre it kept sliding into me, then out a bit, then in a bit more. I wondered how much more there was, how much more I could take before I came in my dream. I was getting closer and closer as that cock gradually filled me up. The magic hands were caressing my breasts again, this time underneath my nightie which was wrapped around my breasts now. My breath was starting to come shorter and I felt about to explode. The hand moved to my bum and I felt a moist finger at the entrance to my arsehole. It slowly started to push gently in while the cock continued its way up my cunt.

By now I was totally out of control and waves of pleasure washed over me. As the finger reached its full extent I could feel myself coming. By the time I stopped spasming I was almost fully awake and I realised the cock inside me was a real one! My dream lover’s free hand continued to caress my taut breasts, while the finger slipped slowly out of my bottom. My dream lover could only be HIM. I guess that proved he knew who I was the other night. I couldn’t believe his boldness, coming into my bed like this and fucking me, thinking I wouldn’t wake up. Or maybe he was so horny he didn’t care. Or maybe he wanted me to wake up. Anyway I wasn’t going to let on. I let out a little sigh and sank back down as if still asleep. karkamış escort I wanted to see what he would do next. After what we’d done the other night I couldn’t imagine what was left to do. Not that I would have minded more of the same.

Unbelievably his cock was not yet fully inside me. I couldn’t imagine that I could take any more but it just kept coming, slowly, slowly. He was starting to move in and out a bit now and his breath was becoming shorter.

Suddenly I had this overwhelming urge to climb on top of him. I told myself not to be crazy, it would spoil everything. The magic depended on our not knowing how much the other one knew. I knew it was him, but I didn’t know if he knew I knew it was him. I now knew that he knew it was me, but so far he didn’t know if I knew that. But I couldn’t resist. As if still in a dream I rolled over on top of him, turning him onto his back. I still had my back to him but I could sense his panic.

There was very faint moonlight in my room, coming through the thin curtains and I knew I would be able to see him if I looked. And he would see me looking at him. I lifted my leg up and slowly turned around so that I was properly astride him, facing him. I kept my eyes closed and my face as relaxed as I could so that he could imagine I was still asleep. Actually I was looking at him through slits so that he wouldn’t see my eyes. He looked so wild lying there, not at all his usual daytime look. Really beautiful and sexy and turned on. A shiver ran through my body and I almost came again just looking at him. His cock was still inside me further and fuller than ever now I was on top, and I started to move up and down. His panic subsided and his erection grew even more.

I flexed my vaginal muscles and watched his mouth open and his eyes widen. He no longer cared if I was awake or not, but I still wasn’t letting on. I was enjoying this. I bent over so that my small breasts hung over kilis escort his head. He reached up with his lips and started caressing my nipples with his tongue. I was still trying to keep a relaxed face but I was getting so turned on. But he was too out of it to notice. I kept flexing my cunt muscles and he still seemed to get deeper and bigger. I was starting to come again and I could see, hear and feel that he was getting close too.

Suddenly I felt it blast through me as my breasts started quivering and my cunt contracted around his beautiful, hard, thick cock. That was the final straw for him and he started spasming and pumping inside me. I could feel his come washing over my cervix and I thanked my lucky stars this was my infertile phase. I wondered if he’d been watching my cycle (how could he?), or was he just too randy to care. I suppose he assumed I was still on the pill. I still had my eyes closed (more or less) and I was still pretending to be asleep. How could anyone believe that? But it was still worth a try.

As soon as I could collect my breath I slid off his gradually contracting cock and lay down in my original position with my back to him as if nothing had happened. I gradually lengthened my breathing until it sounded as if I was fast asleep again. That required a major effort because I was far from asleep. I was getting aroused again by the sheer boldness of what we had each done. Slowly so that he wouldn’t notice, my hand moved to caress my still quivering breasts and then found its way down to my flowing cunt. It plunged in with my juices mixed with his copious sperm as I stroked all around my glowing labia and clitoris. I knew I would come again. I could hear his gentle breathing.

After some time he whispered my name, “Lucy, are you awake?” I didn’t answer. Just hearing his breathing, knowing that he didn’t know if I was asleep or not, was pushing me over the edge. If I came now would he realise I was awake, or would he just think I had returned to my dream? Too bad anyhow because I couldn’t stop myself, I was coming, coming, coming as if I hadn’t done it in weeks. I felt his hand on my breast and his growing cock pressed against my bum. I pushed back and forth against him as he rubbed against the slippery crack between my cheeks until he came again too.


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