Our Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 02

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I had just experienced a first. I’ve barely been married for a day and I’ve now celebrated the union with incredible sex with my bride and as of just a few minutes ago, my older step daughter. It was something that we had promised each other in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding, but as much as I believed it would happen someday, I never imagined that it would be on an airplane at thirty thousand feet, with my wife and several friends looking on! But that’s how it happened and I remained seated, in a slight daze, as I watched Tracy strut down the aisle to where her younger sister was seated.

‘Hey Teri, check this out!’ I heard her say as she neared Teri’s seat. She put her foot up on the armrest and opened her legs to Teri’s watchful eyes. Placing her fingers on her labia she spread them and allowed my jizz to drip down her leg.

Teri’s eyes widened as she realized what she was seeing. She’s had enough sexual encounters with Tracy to recognize every pore of her sister’s naked cunt. And she knows the difference between Tracy’s own cum and mine. This was the first time that my sperm had ever been deposited inside of Tracy’s vagina.

‘Oh my God Trace! Is that Rob’s cum?’

Not waiting for an answer, she leaned forward and licked the slick cum from Tracy’s leg.

‘Holy shit, it is Rob’s! Did you just do it? How come you didn’t come get me? What did it feel like? Where is he? Does Mom know? Are me and Amy the only people on this plane who still have our clothes on?’

Tracy stood there grinning at her sister. There were too many questions to try and answer, and Teri already knew most of them anyway. Instead, she just kept on massaging her deflowered cunt and the fluid continued to drain down her leg. Amy leaned over and licked some of it off and ran her tongue up to Tracy’s clit. Tracy stood up on the armrests and spread her legs to allow Teri and Amy a chance to take turns consuming the load of seed that I had deposited inside of my step daughter. They licked her clean and then spent a few minutes kissing each other and sharing the last flavors of my cum and Tracy’s that were blended in her hot young hole.

‘C’mon you guys,’ Tracy said as they finished up, ‘you need to get naked and join the party! This is turning into a mile high orgy!’

She climbed down from the armrests and looked across the aisle at Carol and Candi who were busy sucking on Sue Fine’s firm nipples. Sue looked up at her and asked, ‘Tracy was it a moment that you’ll never forget?’

Tracy smiled warmly. ‘Yes it was. I love him so much. I’m so glad that Rob and Mom got married. I feel like he married me too.’

Sue pulled Carol and Candi closer and squeezed them to her breasts. ‘Oh God, you’re such a lucky girl! And god I love these two! Mmm, come kiss me.’

Tracy leaned over to kiss Sue just as Carol lifted her face to join them. Candi was only a moment behind and together they shared a four way kiss. Across the aisle, Teri and Amy were slipping out of their seats, and their clothes, and moving forward in the cabin to see what they could do to join the fun. They didn’t have to go far to find Amy’s parents enjoying the twins, Melinda and Lucinda. The two Mexican girls were on their knees between Tom and Dawn’s legs licking and sucking, and Teri and Amy stopped to watch the goings on.

Melinda was trying her best to get the head of Tom’s monster cock in her mouth. He’s so huge that was about all that she could take. Her sister was having an easier time getting Dawn to cum in her face. Dawn grabbed Lucinda’s head and held it tightly between her legs while Teri and Amy watched her writhe in orgasmic delight.

Teri turned in the aisle and gave her mom a hug from behind, surprising her. Trish was standing close to our travel agent, Rita, and from what I was guessing; she intended to find a place for them both to get comfortable together.

‘Why Teri honey, you’re just in time. How would you and Amy like to join me and Rita tuzla escort in a mile high relaxation therapy session?’ She winked at her daughter and kissed her cheek. ‘Can we all fit in your seats back there?’

Teri and Amy got the message and turned back around while Trish took Rita’s hand and lead her back down the aisle to the seats in the rear.

Michelle, our flight attendant was still standing beside me. Rhonda had reseated herself back in the seat opposite Trish’s empty seat. She looked up at Michelle and patted Trish’s vacant spot.

‘Come, sit down and join us. Randy’s taking care of things and so I think you deserve a little break time.’

I was glad to see Rhonda taking the lead, but I must admit I was anxious to help Michelle get out of her clothes. As she stepped past me Rhonda stood up and faced her, giving her a quick kiss, and then grasping her blouse and unbuttoning it as Michelle was sitting down next to me. She offered no resistance, and Rhonda very quickly removed her top. Joe and I were both admiring her full breasts that were pushed upward and together by her cream colored lace bra. Rhonda wasted no time in unbuttoning Michelle’s skirt and pulled it down and off as Michelle raised her hips up off the seat. She wore a matching lace garter that was strapped to her stockings and a tiny cream lace thong that was still pushed slightly to the side, exposing her pouting vaginal lips that my fingers had been violating just a few minutes ago. She had a patch of dark brown hair above her pussy that was neatly trimmed and I longed to see it all. Rhonda obliged me by pulling the thong down Michelle’s legs to her feet and removed it. She held it up and then waved it under Joe’s nose. They smiled together and she dropped the panty in Joe’s lap. It came to rest atop his restiffening rod.

I was watching Michelle’s face the whole time. Her eyes kept moving from Rhonda to Joe and then to me. But I think her smile brightened each moment that our eyes met. Our gazes fixed on each other as she reached between her breasts and unclasped the front hook on her bra. She pulled the cups back and exposed her magnificent globes. They were about the size of small grapefruits and perfectly shaped. The bra was not a necessary garment to keep those beauties in place. Her nipples were pink with perfectly round areolas. I couldn’t resist leaning over to kiss and suckle on one. Rhonda leaned across the seats to take the right one in her mouth and Michelle slid slowly forward, parting her legs, as Joe knelt between them to taste her flower.

We continued our three way assault on our favorite flight babe. I occasionally moved up to kiss her mouth. She was an excellent kisser. She tasted fresh and warm and her tongue just seemed to melt into mine. And she had a way of sighing, ever so softly, letting me know that she was loving the moment. Soon those sighs became louder and Rhonda and I were now gently biting her erect nipples as Joe was jamming his tongue into her hot wet hole. When she came she cried out loud and clutched our heads to her chest while she bucked her hips in the seat. It was wild and exciting to be with someone who we had only just met a few hours earlier.

As Michelle relaxed her grip on my head I caught sight of someone passing by my seat in the aisle. I turned my look just enough to see Tina, the copilot, walking toward the rear of the plane to where Trish and Rita were sitting with Teri and Amy. I watched her from my seat while I felt Michelle drifting down into my lap where she found my solid shaft and decided to use it like a lollipop. I leaned back and rolled my head. I realized that Tracy and Sue had paired off in the seats across the aisle from me and that Tammi and Jill had done the same. They were involved in some serious necking. I guessed that Tom and Dawn were still occupied with the twins and I decided that watching and listening to all of the lovemaking around me would be a good way to enjoy the blow job that Michelle pendik escort was giving me.

My dreamlike state was interrupted though when I saw Trish walking back up the aisle with Tina holding her hand. She smiled, nearly laughing, when she spotted Michelle’s brown hair in my lap.

‘Rob darling, do you suppose you could tear yourself away? Tina says she wants to do it with the newly weds, and that means both of us. There’s some empty seats right here.’ She pointed to the set of seats that were unoccupied between ours and Teri’s. ‘I’ll see about getting Tina undressed and relaxed and you can join us anytime. Just make sure that you don’t exhaust yourself.’

She winked at me and then pulled Tina down into the seats behind Joe and Rhonda. Tina was grinning at me the whole time. Now I had a dilemma. I hated to make Michelle stop what she was doing. I knew I couldn’t last too much longer. But if I let her finish me off, would I be able to recover quickly enough to join my wife and our copilot? I decided to risk it. The thought of seeing Tina undressed in a few minutes sent a surge of excitement through me. There’s something about the prospect of having sex with someone new that always adds to the excitement. Michelle had me cumming within two more minutes and I relaxed as she swallowed every drop and still kept me hard with her talented mouth. She of course had heard Trish’s plea and knew exactly what was going through my head. She was doing her best to maintain the desire in the head that she was working on. Finally she released me. She looked up at Joe and Rhonda who had been watching the whole time. She grinned at them and then smiled at me before we kissed. I could taste my own cum in her mouth. She had replaced her lips with her hand on my cock and she gave it a good squeeze, keeping it rock solid.

‘I guess you have some more business to attend to.’ She said. ‘Captain Tina is waiting.’

She gave me one more squeeze and then flopped back into her seat. Joe and Rhonda laughed and Michelle and I giggled a bit as I slowly stood up to see how Trish and Tina were getting along. Tracy glanced at me as I was getting up. She gave me a knowing wink as if to say, ‘You can do it Rob! Go get ’em!’ I smiled back while noticing that Sue Landers was buried between Tracy’s legs, obviously giving them both a lot of satisfaction. Tammi and Jill were necking, kissing and groping each others’ breasts. What a friendly flight this was!

I took two steps and looked down to my right. Trish had wasted no time in removing Tina’s uniform. Her naked body was splayed out in the seat and Trish was busy licking the hairless mound between her legs. Her breasts were taut and firm with eraser like nipples standing full and hard. Tina had both hands in Trish’s hair, guiding her to her most sensitive spots. But when she saw me she let go with one hand and grabbed my stiff dick. It was still slick with Michelle’s saliva and it slipped easily in Tina’s grip as she stroked me and pulled me closer. I grabbed the seat back to steady myself as Tina took me in her mouth. The feeling was becoming familiar, but this was a new face, and a new body, and a new tongue lapping at my sex tool. I was in heaven.

Trish was applying her skill at cunnilingus and Tina was having a hard time maintaining a rhythm on my flute. She kept having to catch her breath and cry out as Trish tugged at her clit. When she started to cum, Trish kept her on the edge and then heightened the sensation with a full release. It was only when Tina’s waves began to subside that she gobbled my meat again with gusto. But then Trish came up for air and joined Tina by sucking on my balls and teasing my ass with her fingertip. I wasn’t sure how long I could last under those circumstances. Tina came to my rescue when she begged me to fuck her.

I traded places with Trish and tried to stick it to Tina from above. It was uncomfortable though and so I pulled her to her feet. We kissed and held each aydınlı escort other for a minute. Then I slowly turned her around as I sat back down in the seat behind me. She figured out my plan and backed herself down into my lap. Trish knelt in front of us, and as she had done just a little while earlier with Tracy, she helped to push my cock into Tina’s hot hole.

She was wet and slippery with her cum and Trish’s spit and I was easily in to the hilt on the first try. Trish continued to use her hand to help me fuck our jet’s copilot. Tina leaned back against me and I put my hands on her breasts.

‘Oh yes! Oh God it feels so good inside! Umm, pinch my nipples!’

I obliged her and gave them a tug. That got another cry of exquisite pain. Trish was sucking on my balls again and frigging Tina’s clit with her thumb. I turned to my right and noticed that Randy had returned. He was standing close by and just watching us fuck. Lucinda appeared behind him and grabbed his dick. She started to masturbate him from behind. I don’t think he even knew whose hand was jerking him off, but he just leaned back against her and let her do it.

I moved my hand down to Tina’s mound. She was wet from all of the action and juices. I was able to push my finger into her cunt on top of my dick. The pressure on her clit made her thrust forward. As her cum oozed out onto my fingers I withdrew them and moved my hand up to her mouth. She was no stranger to the taste of cum and she eagerly sucked my sex soaked digits. The sounds and noise around us was getting louder. I could hear Lucinda cooing in Randy’s ear.

‘Yes baby, ooh you’re so big! You want to cum for me baby?’

Randy could only moan as he thrust himself into her grip. I saw a first drop of pre cum forming and then watched as Lucinda rubbed her fist over the head and he came into her fingers. She collected his seed in her hand and smeared it all over his dick and then up onto his belly. Then she brought her hand up to his face and pressed her cum covered fingers into his mouth. I think he was surprised at first, but he soon went from kissing her fingers, to sucking and licking them clean. Lucinda peeked over his shoulder and looked down at me. Our eyes met and she winked. It was like a signal to cum and suddenly I was shooting gobs of sperm into Tina’s cunt. Trish started kissing and pulling on Tina’s clit and she was cumming with me in a matter of seconds.

When I finished Trish was still down there licking Tina and as my cum oozed out she was lapping that up too. Tina moved her head aside and smiled at me. I grinned back and kissed her.

‘So Tina,’ I asked, ‘is this how most of your flights are conducted? Should I stop flying commercial airlines altogether? I mean, this has been exciting and all, but I have to admit, I’m exhausted!’

She laughed. ‘I always try to make every flight as comfortable as I can for my passengers, but you folks have allowed me to take that to a whole new level! God Trish, I’ve never had anyone use their mouth and tongue on me like you just did! I need to regain my strength and composure to help the captain get this jet landed safely! I hope you’ll all excuse me. And thank you both for my most memorable mile high experience ever!’

Trish and I smiled as Trish helped Tina stand up. I watched as she gathered her clothes and slowly got dressed while standing right in front of me. I hated to see her cover herself and I tried to burn the vision of her nude body into my mind so that I could relive the moment again in my dreams. Once she was dressed she bent over and kissed me again. Like the sex, it was a memorable kiss. She turned and kissed Trish and I saw her hand drop down to Trish’s pussy and she ran her finger up Trish’s wet slit. Then she stepped forward and walked back up to the flight deck. She opened the door and winked at us all as he stepped back inside and closed the door behind her.

Trish sat down in my lap and we hugged.

‘I think I need a nap.’ I whispered as she kissed my ear.

‘Mmm, let’s cuddle here. Maybe nobody will notice us.’

‘Maybe they’ll just figure that they have to entertain each other and leave the newlyweds alone. This is our honeymoon!’

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32