Our Friends

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This story has been going around my mind lately and I cannot believe that is hasn’t been more prominent in my memory. This goes back nearly 20 years.

My ex wife has a best friend named Mary who was married to a man named Tony. One night the four of us had been out for dinner and back to our house for more drinks. As we were talking,.somehow the subject of swinging and swapping came up. As we discussed it, we agreed that it could only be in a special situation and would have to be above board.

Well more drinks later, the girls (who would regularly kiss in public for the shock value) both flashed us. As this was pre kids, Mary’s 36 Cs and my wife Angie’s tits were still perky. Mary was closest to me and she received a swat on the ass and I told her she was a “naughty little tease”.

Mary looked at Tony and said, “do you think I would be accused of being a tease?”

Tony replied, “not to me honey, but you kind of are teasing right now.”

She looked at Angie and said, “are you okay if I prove I am not a tease?”

Angie stammered and agreed. Mary came over to me, straddled me and started to kiss me. My goodness her lips were full and soft and understood why Angie liked them. My cock instantly began to stiffen and she moved back and forth on my lap.

I looked over at Angie who was standing next to Tony. “I cannot have the only fun here..”

Angie is a flirt and she began to rub her hands over Tony’s shoulders and broad chest. Her breasts were rubbing agianst his upper back.

I was getting hornier by the second. “What do uou say we swap for the next 20 minutes.?” They looked at each other and before I knew it they left the kitchen and headed towards the living room (they actually went up to our bedroom I bursa escort bayan later found out)

I asked Mary if she is okay with it and she nodded and kissed me softly. My hands pushed her skirt up towards her hips exposing more of her nylon cover ed thighs. (she has great legs and nylons/stockings are my cryptonite)

We wasted no time making out and groping one another. My mouth kissing her neck, my hands on her tits and her grinding against my hard cock through my jeans. I wanted to enjoy the time but also knew we had limited time.

We removed out shirts and her bra and traded kisses and caresses. I moved my hand between her thighs and massaged her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose. “oh my god, that feels so nice” she said

“You are so fucking sexy,” I said as we devoured mouths and tongues.

We stood and I pushed her to the wall and my hand immediately found her waistband and I slid under her pantyhose to find a wet slick pussy and a very sensitive clit. I massaged and rubbed her clit. “Yes…you are better at that then Angie describes ” as she begins to hump my hand.

She reaches for my cock as I am fi ger fucking her as I think I should. I grab her hand and put it behind her, taking control. Her breathing changes and whimpers escape as I continue my pace and my mouth on hers.

“Im gonna come…please make me come..” she pleads. I continue and with my palm I am rubbing her clit as I plunge in and out of her. “yes…oh…oh…gggrrmmmmm” she lets out as she comes on my hand. As she settles down a bit, she massages my cock “I want this…but hold on”

She walks to the doorway and the other two are headed back in smiling ear to ear also. Nobody says anything…until Mary says…”what gorukle escort do you all think about some extra time?”

Angie smiles…looks at me and then at Tony….”we agreed we could use another half hour..”

With that they turned and left us to ourselves.

I pulled Mary and helped her hop up on to the kitchen table right where we ate dinner every night. I grabbed her pantyhose and pulled them down as she kicked off her heels. Her pussy was nicely trimmed and I dove right in. I started right back on her clit as I slid a finger into her. I licked and sucked and fingered her and tasted the most wonderfully appealing pussy juices from her. I was now like a man that needed this for life.

I barely focused on her moans and her hand on my head as I finally noticed her cry…”oh my god, I am going to come again”. That was my cue to continue and inserted a second finger as my tongue and lips continued so taste her. She moaned and whimpered a bit more.

I looked up at her and said, “come for me…come on my face baby…” With that she started to moan a bit louder and her body was tightening with each breath….she fell back on her elbows as she wrapped her ankles around my head.

“Yes….oh fuck yes…you fucking are sooooo talented…oh uh fuucckkkk..” She gripped my two fingers and came again.

As she relaxed, she put her foot on my chest and pushed me back a little. She got off of the table and straight to her knees. “Your turn, lover” she said as she unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. My rock hard cock looked quite impressive in her hand and she made me feel like a great lover. She kissed and licked and sucked it. “I have wanted to see you for bursa merkez escort bayan so long and it is better than I expected,” she said.

“Thank you….and your hand and mouth are feeling fucking insane right now..” I said as I was doing everything to slow myself down. But it was going so fast and I was not feeling like I was going to be able to stop. “Where should I come?” I asked.

She looked up and said, “I want it down my throat.” And with that, this raven haired friend transformed into the hottest porn star in front of my eyes. I think she stroked me up and down with one hand as she played with my balls. She hummed as she deep throated me and gasped for air. “Give me that load…come in my mouth…”

I did not last long before I started to come. My hand on the back of her head now fucking her mouth and ready to burst. I grunted and groaned as I got closer and closer. Finally I thrust my cock into her mouth and held it there as I felt my cock twitch one, two maybe a third time. It felt like the biggest load I ever had.

We relaxed and I pulled her up for a hug. As we sipped our beers, she just tossed her pantyhose onto her bag on the counter. And we smiled like we just won the lottery.

A few minutes passed and Angie and Tony came from upstairs. Angie was in her silk robe and was wearing white stiletto pumps (she was not wearing those when we were out earlier). She looked at us and snuggled into Tony. “Well if those smiles don’t say it, I would be shocked if all four of us did not just enjoy the last hour.” She tilted her head, Tony kissed her. And she walked over to me as she and Mary switched spots.

Mary said, “he is better than you described” and winked at me.

Angie said, “Tony is really really sexy and fun too.” She looked at me, “Honey, I am already a little sore.”

We went right back to like nothing happened and they left about 30 minutes later. Angie and I cleaned up and went to bed. As we kissed goodnight, a deep passionate kiss, I whispered, “i love you…and glad you are sore..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32