Our First Date IRL

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You’re playing hookey when you should be at work, dressed very carefully for the occasion: skirt a bit shorter, heels a bit higher, blouse a bit tighter than you usually wear to the office, but nothing to arouse suspicion. A tiny silken wisp of a thong, or perhaps no panties at all. Your pulse racing as you drive to the dollar movies, buy a ticket for the matinee of some third-rate chick flick so stale it’s probably already playing on cross-country flights.

Even if you didn’t know what I look like, I’d be easy to spot in the near-empty theater (three grey-haired old ladies and a few high-school couples, cutting class and already making out even before the lights go down), all alone in the back row. You feel the briefest tingle between your legs, like a faint static shock as you walk up the aisle, suddenly and unexpectedly embarrassed as you realize only the granny section is here for the movie.

“Hi sweetie, I’m glad you could make it!”

Although the hug and kiss I greet you with is quick and casual, my hand isn’t merely resting on your ass but sizing up the merchandise, which you acknowledge and encourage by subtly melting into my arms, your firm tits mashed against my chest. I stroke your knee as non-chalantly as I can while we sit, murmuring small talk until the lights dim and the previews begin at the usual earsplitting volume. I lean in close and hiss into your ear, my voice almost a growl:

“You’re so fucking hot I can’t stand it: I wish I could taste that sweet pussy right now!”

Without a word, you guide my hand up under the hem of your skirt, taking a dainty nibble of my earlobe as my fingers inch closer, letting your knees ease wider. We sigh into each other’s ears, a long, slow, simultaneous exhale as I find you even warmer and wetter than I’d hoped, rough fingers gliding frictionlessly between soft petals; hot, honey-thick juice like warm syrup sticking to my skin. You’re just beginning to relax and enjoy my two thick fingers thrusting knuckle-deep inside you when I withdraw, take a long sniff and suck them clean. The trickle between your legs is becoming a torrent as a handsome stranger nearly old enough to be your father savors Kadıköy Escort the musky aroma and spicy sea-tang of your aroused cunt with obvious enjoyment.

“Smooth as a little girl,” I leer, adjusting the awkwardly-bent lump in my pants so my swelling dick has room to stretch out.

Your eyes flash mischievously in the flickering light of the screen. “I know you like it that way, so I shaved this morning just for you … Daddy!”

All I can manage for an answer is “Ungh!,” but taken together with my ever more-urgent finger-banging, you know you’ve struck a nerve.

“I know you want to taste my wet, sticky little pussy, don’t you Daddy?”

“Uh-huh!” I gasp, fingers twisting and straining inside.

“Go ahead … nobody’s watching … I want to feel Daddy’s tongue in my horny little cunt …”

I somehow manage to squeeze my tall frame between the rows as you casually hook one knee over the arm of your seat.

Even though you’ve been shivering with anticipation for it all morning, the hunger with which I attack you makes you bite your own hand to stifle a howl; no man has ever made you feel this way, as if your sex was a succulent, ripe piece of fruit. You understand why they call it being ‘eaten out,’ I’m devouring you so greedily you wonder if there will be anything left of your tender pink orchid when I’m done.

Again and again, I feel your thighs tense up and your breathing get shallow; sometimes you put your hands on my head out of reflex but you force yourself not to push me away, concentrating instead on ‘For God’s sake, keep it down, what if somebody were to turn around and see me like this?’ And then all at once your stiff, eager clit retracts without warning, and I plunge my tongue lower, snaking inside as you shudder to orgasm, not wanting to miss a drop of my new young friend’s thick, fragrant girl cum.

I take a particular Sadistic delight in making you feel like you have to scream when you dare not make a peep, and after awhile it feels as if every muscle of your body is on fire from the strain. You finally haul me back into my seat, glancing around to be sure we haven’t been spotted. I reek of pussy Ataşehir Escort juice, my beard is so saturated with it I notice your chin is wet when you break the kiss after sucking my tongue clean. Not the least bit squeamish, a true dirty girl who likes it just as wet and messy as I do.

“I want something to eat *too*, Daddy,” you coo, looking even younger than the difference in our ages would suggest as you sink to your knees on the cold, sloping concrete floor.

I make no effort to help you, enjoying the extended anticipation as you fumble a bit uncertainly to release my cock in the dark, being unfamiliar with my wardrobe. Belt buckle, jeans button, zip (careful to lift away to avoid catching the skin, I note: this isn’t the first time this little girl has helped herself to some man meat). A soft chuckle as you discover the button securing the fly of my silk boxers.

“That was easy!” you snicker sotto voce as my cock springs free through the generous opening.

You squeeze me, you stroke me, you heft my downy balls as if trying to guess their weight. You lick off the pre-cum, kiss, lick, tease. I begin to wonder if it’s even going in your mouth before, at long last, you finally you take the plunge.

All at once, I’m rewarded with the sort of total-commitment, gag-inducingly deep, soaking wet, all slurping, famine-victim-wolfing-a-banana, throat-pounding, incredible HEAD that makes me want to shout my gratitude for having been born with a dick, although of course I can’t make a sound. A tongue-twirling, toe-curling symphony of well-coordinated erotic delight, as soft as velvet and as relentless as a milking machine. The mother of all blowjobs, adept and practiced as a Bangkok hooker but with the tireless, youthful enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of a cheerleader going down on the captain of the football team on prom night.

Although it’s completely unnecessary, I can’t resist gathering a fistful of your shiny hair and driving you down as I pump my hips up to meet you expertly deep-throating all seven-plus inches of my fully erect cock. One of the high-school boys a couple of rows closer to the screen notices your bobbing-for-sausage Maltepe Escort act and grins at me. I flash him a thumbs up and he shakes a loose fist up and down and nods toward his lap: though I can’t see, his girlie is giving him a hand job. He’s understandably lost all interest in the tepid flick, but he’s mesmerized by your superior deep-throat cocksucking. I pull your hair aside to be sure he has a good view, proud to have such a sexy, beautiful, talented young lady devotedly gobbling my knob.

“Bet he doesn’t get *his* cock sucked like this,” I whisper, pointing out your admirer.

Though I’m sure you’re embarrassed at being discovered in this way, you make the best of it, plunging me deeper and faster, slam-fucking my cock with your throat until high-school dude and I are both shaking our heads: ‘Damn!’. But I too have been anticipating this rendezvous all day, and my brimful, aching balls can stand no more: in an instant your mouth fills with a tremendous blast of hot cream, you barely have time to gulp it down before the next thick spurt, then another, then another. I shoot a larger-than-average load of cum under normal circumstances, but these are hardly normal circumstances, and ever since we set up this little date I’ve hardly been able to think of anything else, and I haven’t cum in days.

“Gawd, drown a girl why don’tcha?” you tease softly, curling around my arm and licking your lips like a cat finishing a dish of cream as I hastily stuff and zip my well-drained tool away. Young blood down front can only shake his head, and has to quickly play it off as a reaction to the lame movie when his girlfriend notices and looks around, the two of us already cuddling innocently.

“You know,” I whisper, “if you hadn’t just made me cum so hard I almost passed out, I’d take you through those curtains down there and fuck you in the hallway to the fire exit!”

“And if you hadn’t just made *me* cum so hard I almost peed all over you, I’d wrap my legs around you and beg you for it!”

“Next time,” we giggle like kids.

As the lights come up, high school dude flashes you a huge grin, being careful not to let his girlfriend see. You give him a wink and blow him a little kiss, and I make sure to keep a hand on your ass as I guide you towards the exit.

But as soon as we hit the daylight, we’re strangers again, you walking to your car and I to mine, not even a glance to give us away …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32