Our Family Vacation Ch. 09

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Joefelton

Our Time In Hollywoodland

Day 14

I wake up with my head on Danny’s bare chest, one arm draped over his torso and my leg up over his legs. I shift carefully not wanting to wake him but don’t get very far when I feel his very hard cock press against my thigh.

“Well it seems part of you is up and ready for the day,” I whisper mostly to myself.

I slowly slide down the bed and under the covers and gently spread Danny’s legs so I can lay face to face with his delicious morning wood. Without using my hands I give his hard shaft a few gentle licks, causing him to moan slightly in his sleep. When I reach the head I give it a quick, soft kiss and suck before kissing my way down his shaft to his big, full balls. Still without using my hands I give his balls a very thorough tongue bath.

Once I finish with his balls I slide my tongue up his shaft in one long, slow lick until I reach the head. Finally I bring my hands into play as I pull his cock up from his abs so it points straight up. I give the head a few loving kisses before slowly sliding it past my lips. Danny moans softly as I slurp and lick at his cock head for the next few minutes, just enjoying his feel, taste and smell.

I pull his cock from my mouth making a popping sound and kiss down and back his shaft. When I again reach his head I give it one last loving kiss before taking it back into my mouth. This time I don’t stop with just the head and ever so slowly slide every last centimeter of his throbbing meat past my lips and deep into my throat.

As I feel my forehead press into his abs and his balls press into my chin I hold him there until my lungs are crying out for air. Though my body is shouting at me to breathe I hold him balls deep for a moment more before slowly moving my head up off his cock. As the last inch of his cock dislodges from my tight little throat I finally take in the much needed oxygen my body craves. Though I’m gasping and panting trying to catch my breath I don’t neglect my favorite toy. Until my breathing is back to a somewhat normal rate I let my tiny hands slide up and down Danny’s saliva coated manhood.

I’m a little surprised when I hear above me, “Fuck Abby that was amazing.”

I lift the blankets over my head and see Danny smiling down at me, “I’m glad you liked it but I’m not done with you yet.”

“I hope noaaaaaaaaahhh,” Danny starts but trails of into a moan as I slam all nine inches of his rock hard cock deep into my mouth.

After a moment of holding him deep in my throat again I pull my head up his shaft but before even half has cleared my lips I slam back down exciting yet another deep moan from Danny. As I feel his balls press against my chin I pull back up his cock until just the head in in my mouth then dive right back down again. After a moment of me face fucking myself hard on his cock I feel his hands on the back of my head.

This is what I was waiting for, once I feel his hands on my head I pull up off his cock so again just the head is in my mouth then stop my movements. Danny gives me a groan as if asking ‘why did you stop’ but when he lifts his head to look down at me he sees me staring up at him and he understands what I’m wanting.

He entangles his fingers in my hair before forcing my head back down his shaft. He holds me there for a moment then pulls me back up his cock before pushing me back down again. For the next five to ten minutes I lay limp between his legs as I allow him to use my mouth as his personal sex toy. I can tell he is nearing his end as his breathing gets heavier and his movements get more erratic. With one final shove he forces my head back down his shaft while thrusting his pelvis up to get every last millimeter lodged deep in my throat.

“Ohhhh Abbyyyyyyyy,” he moans as I feel his shaft pulsing in my mouth and throat and his balls twitching as he pumps what feels like a gallon of hot cum into my hungry little belly.

Once his orgasm passes he pulls my head up so about half his cock in still in my throat and holds me there while he thrust up into my mouth and blasts a few last shots of cum into my mouth and throat. I figure that he is finished with me but instead of letting my go of my head he pulls me off his cock and throws me onto my back. I gasp for air while he jumps up on his knees then before I can really react he spreads my legs and dives face first into my wet pussy. Still reeling from the amazing face fucking he gave me I just lay there as he licks and rubs me to orgasm after orgasm.

After what had to be at least my seventh orgasm he finally pulls away, his face dripping my juices as he raise up to his knees between my legs, “Abby did you mean what you said last night about me taking your virginity?”

At first I just virtuously nod my head still catching my breath before finally gasping, “Yes please fuck me Danny.”

Despite feeling as weak as I do I kahramanmaraş escort force myself to rise up on my elbows so I can watch as Danny gently rubs his once again hard cock up and down over my lips and clit. He gives me one last look to ask if I’m sure which I again nod in answer before he carefully slides his head into my virgin hole.

I’m finally getting what I have wanted for days and just like that life gets in the way. Just was I feel Danny’s cock press against my barrier there’s a loud knock at the door, “Danny hurry up and get dressed. Dad is waiting downstairs for us so we can bring up the luggage before Mom and Abby are ready to get dressed.”

“I’ll be down in a few minutes,” Danny yells, “go ahead I’ll be right behind you.”

“Yeah right. I’m not leaving this spot until you come out this door. I’m not letting you stick me with all our crap. So hurry up.”

“I’m sorry Abby,” Danny tells me as he pulls out of me.

“No Danny please,” I beg as I grab for him as he starts to get off the bed, “Danny please just fuck me real quick. I don’t care if Jack hears or if he tells the whole world just please take my virginity, make me yours.”

Danny gives me a look saying how much he is sorry and leans over and gives me a sweet, gentle, loving kiss, “Abby you deserve better than a five minute quickie for your first time, and I promise I’ll give it to you, just not now.”

With a huff I fall back onto the bed, “you better not wait too long or I might have to find someone else.”

As Danny pulls his shirt into place, “Don’t even think about it. Any guy who tries touching you will lose that part of his anatomy.”

“You’ve been warned,” I grin at him.

“And so have all other men,” he grins back before leaving the room.


I lay there cursing my bad luck for a few minutes. I would have preferred to just lie there in bed waiting for Danny. I make myself get up, for a moment I consider just going down to my room completely naked but with the luck I’ve been having I would get half way before Jack or Daddy showed up with my bags. So instead I pull on my shorts and shirt, but just carry my panties, socks, bra and shoes, and go down the hall to my room for the first time.

I fall back on my bed and just lay there thinking about how close I came to Danny being my first when a few minutes later someone knocks on my door. I expect it to be Danny with my bags but instead find Mom waiting on the other side.

“Morning sweetie. Daddy and the boys just went down to get our bags.”

“Oh okay Mom,” I tell her hoping she doesn’t come in since the bed has clearly not been slept in.

To my relief Mom simply says, “Well I just wanted you to know one of the boys should be up with your stuff in a bit,” before walking back down to the elevator.

After Mom leaves I pull off my clothes and jump in the shower. A few minute later there’s another knock at my door, figuring this time it will be Danny I go to answer it wet and naked but rethink that idea and wrap a towel around me just in case I’m wrong again.

It is a good thing I did because when I open the door I’m greeted by Jack with my bags. He’s looking down when I first open the door and starts to ask, “Abby where do you want theee…” but strained off when he looks up and sees what I’m wearing.

I open the door for him completely and grab one of the bags, “Here Jack just put them over here.”

After putting the bag down I look back to see Jack just standing there staring at me with a clear tent in his jeans, I don’t think he’s quiet as big as Danny but still impressive based on what I can see. I clear my throat and he snaps out of it and starts bringing my other stuff in.

As he does I tell him, “Jack I’m getting back int the shower so when you’re done just close the door behind you.”

“Yeah sure Abby,” he stammers.

After he interrupted my moment with Danny I wanted to get a little pay back, so after looking back to see he’s still watching me I drop the towel giving him a full view of my naked back and ass before closing the bathroom door. I giggle to myself when I hear him groan, even through the door.

I wait until I hear Jack leave before leaving the bathroom and getting dressed.


After a quick breakfast in the hotel dining room we go out and explore the city. We do most of the typical touristy things like going to the Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame, taking a celebrity tour, and so on. To wrap up the day we have diner at a semi fancy restaurant not too far from our hotel before saying our goodbyes and going back to our rooms.

I just about punched Jack when he invited himself to Danny’s room so he could watch a movie with us. They picked some action movie where every other scene was of cars, guns or explosions. I couldn’t care less about a movie at the time much less the one they picked, so before the movie was half done I excused myself and went to my room.

As soon as I close kapalı gaziantep escort the door I strip off my clothes and throw myself down on my bed. I feel like crying as I lay there thinking of how every time I think Danny and I might finally get our moment alone something or someone gets in the way. To keep myself from completely losing it I flip on the TV to some cooking competition and try to relax and forget about my horrid luck.


Some time later I’m still watching the cooking show as I start to doze off. I must have actually fallen asleep because one moment I’m watching the show and the next thing I know there is an infomercial on and someone is knocking at my door. Still not in the best of moods I go to the door not caring that I’m completely nude.

I open the door and find Danny standing there in just a pair of shorts. I start to ask what he wants but before I even get the first word out he walks into my room, grabs me and pulls me into a deep kiss. We stand there in each others arms making out with the door still wide open for I’m not sure how long when suddenly Danny puts both hands on my ass and lifts me off the floor. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. After another few moments like that Danny kicks the door closed and carries me toward my bed. When we reach the bed we fall back onto it and roll around for I have no idea how long, not once breaking our passionate kiss.

When we do finally pull away from each other in panting gasps Danny simply gives me a grin before leaning back down and kissing my neck. With soft sensual kisses Danny makes his way slowly down my neck toward my breasts. With slow deliberate movements he circles around my right breast until his lips reach my hard nipple which he hungrily sucks into his mouth. For a few moments he sucks, licks and nibbles at my nipple before moving away and returns to gentle kisses toward my left breast. Again he circled around my breast until he reaches my left nipple and repeats what he did to the right.

When done with my breast he continues his slow kissing down my body. From my left nipple he kisses his way into my cleavage before slowly moving lower covering my flat tummy in kisses. He stops for a moment when he reaches my bellybutton, I never would have imagined it felt so amazing to have someone kissing your bellybutton like that.

As he continues his journey down my body I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter with each soft kiss. When he finally reaches my throbbing clit he gives it a gentle kiss before aggressively sucking it. Almost immediately I yell out as my body begins shaking in a powerful orgasm. Danny never stops as he continues to work my little clit through my orgasm.

I have no idea how long Danny continued his administrations to my gushing pussy. I lose track of how many orgasms I have as they hit me one after another with barely any time between them. Finally as I just lie there panting barely conscious Danny pulls away from my pussy, his face dripping with my juices. I just watch as he stands up next to the bed and slides his shorts down releasing his rock hard, pulsing nine inches of manhood.

Danny gently spreads my legs as he climbs between them. He grabs his cock rubbing it over my pussy a few times and even slaps it once against my clit drawing a deep moan from me before placing the head at my drenched entrance and finally says the first words either of us have spoken since I opened my door, “Abby are you sure about this, once we do this there’s no taking it back, you would have lost your virginity to your own brother?”

“I won’t be losing anything Danny I’m giving it to you. Now please make me yours,” I moan.

He gives me a goofy grin, “Well since you said please I guess I have to now.”

With that he pushes his hard shaft into my pussy until he reaches my barrier and looks down at me, “Last chance.”

As an answer I pull him down into a kiss as I wrap my legs around him and pull him into me, finally making me a woman. Despite myself as his cock broke through I let out a squeak of pain.

“Abby, you okay?”

“Yes just give me a minute please.”

“Of course Abby the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you,” he says before kissing me again.

For several minutes we just lie there holding each other as we kiss as I get used to having his hard shaft deep inside me. Eventually I feel comfortable enough to start softly grind beneath him. Danny lifts himself up enough to pull out just a couple inches to allow me to be in control. When I feel like I’m ready I look up at him and in almost a growl say, “Please fuck me big brother.”

“Gladly,” he smiles before pulling all but the head out of me before slowly sliding it back in. For maybe ten minutes he continues this slow in and out movement then without warning he slams hard into me making us both moan.

“You okay,” he asks again.

“Yes,” I growl, “now stop asking me that and fuck me!”

And kaliteli gaziantep escort fuck me he does. I guess now that he knows he won’t hurt me he begins fucking me as hard as he can. I hang on to him as best I can as he starts pumping harder and faster into me with each stroke. It’s not long at all before I have another orgasm, my first with a cock inside me.

‘Oh yessss Danny fuck me,” I scream, “make your little sister cum on your big hard cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!”

“Oh fuck Abby you’re so tight! I’m sorry I can’t stop myself,” he groans as with a final hard thrust he pushes every last inch deep inside my gripping pussy.

I’m so lost in my own orgasm it takes me awhile before I realize my big brother is shooting his seed deep inside my unprotected pussy. When I do realize this fact I have another stronger orgasm as Danny continues to pump me full of his cum.

When we both finish our orgasm Danny rolls off of me and we just lie there panting as we recover. Some time later Danny rolls on his side and looks at me with a concerned look on his face, “Abby are you okay with what we just did?”

I turn on my side to face him, “Are you?”

“I asked you first.”

I grin, “And I asked you second.”

He gives me an annoyed look, “Seriously Abby are you good with everything?”

I give him a huge grin and lean over and give him a passionate kiss, “Does that answer your question?”

“I think so,” he grins before pulling me back into a kiss.

After our kiss I cuddle up to him and fall asleep.

Day 15

My dreams that night are full of me in all kinds of sexual situations. Danny is my co-star for most of my dreams but Mom and Daddy both are there too from time to time, and even Jack makes an appearance at one point. As I start to wake from my sex filled adventures I’m dreaming of someone licking my pussy. The dream seems so real, so real in fact I can feel the person’s moth and tongue working on my wet, little pussy. It is only when I finally open my eyes and see Danny’s head between my legs I realize it wasn’t all just a dream.

“Oh god Danny that feels so goooood,” I moan, letting him know I’m awake.

He looks up at me, never stopping his gentle tonguing of my clit, and winks at me before sliding two fingers deep into my tight slit. For at least half an hour and nearly a dozen orgasms Danny uses his mouth, tongue and fingers on my body.

He finally stops after giving me my biggest orgasm of the morning yet, “Good morning little sis.”

When I catch my breath enough to talk I laugh and say, “No you just made it a great morning.”

“Glad I could help,” he grins before climbing over me and kissing me.

As we kiss I can feel he is ‘up and ready’ and reach down between us and start stroking him. To my surprise Danny pulls my hand away.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Abby I just have other plans for that,” he grins before returning to our kiss.

As we kiss I roll us over so I’m on top of Danny before breaking our kiss and getting up on my knees and straddling him. I lift up as I grab his hard cock and place it at my entrance. As I slide down taking the first inch or so into my needy pussy Danny grabs my hips and holds me there. I give him a ‘what are you doing’ look.

He smiles and shrugs, “I said I had other plans for that.”

“And what exactly are those plans?”

Instead of answering me he suddenly pushes me off him and stands up. I’m about to ask him what he is doing but before I can he reaches over and picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

“Danny what the fuck?!”

He just laughs and slaps me hard on my ass before making his way toward the doorway. I start to struggle, believing he’s going to bring me out into the hall, but instead he turns into the bathroom. While still holding me he reaches into the shower and turns it on. When he has the temperature where he wants it he steps in and removes me from his shoulder and puts me down on my feet.

I reach for his cock but again he pulls it from my reach, “I’ll tell you when you can have it Abby.’

“Well hurry it up then!”

Out of nowhere he slaps me hard on the ass again, but before I can complain he grabs my hips and quickly turns me around and my face into the shower wall and pulls my ass back toward him. So there I am face and chest against the cold tile wall as warm water sprays over us and he kneads my ass with his strong hands. I am about to ask what he has planned next but before I can he gives me the answer by thrusting all nine inches of his hard cock deep into my pussy.

“Oh fuck Danny!”

As he continues his deep hard thrust into me he grabs my hair and pulls my face back so he can kiss me on the cheek, “you like this Abby?”

“Oh yesssss,” I moan as I feel an orgasm begin to build.

For the next half hour or so Danny bangs my little pussy with all his might, every so often randomly giving my ass a hard slap. After I finish my third powerful orgasm Danny suddenly pulls out of me and turns me around and pushes me to my knees. I move to suck his cock but he tangles his left hand in my hair and holds my face about and inch from his cock as he quickly strokes it with his right. I’ve seen a few porn movies so I had a pretty good idea of what Danny expected to happen next so I just knelt there waiting for my big brother to blast his cum on my face.

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