Our Daughter Nude Model Pt. 02

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This is the second part of this story. While I hope that this story may be read enjoyably by itself, reading the first part first will put this continuation of the story in context. This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any real person or institution are unintentional and coincidental.


In a spirit of full disclosure and the encourage others, the author was nude and was seen while writing this story.

Denise and I had a walk equivalent of several blocks to get from our hotel to the old conference center where Sheila Lawson and Peter Windhoven were holding their “Nude Art” symposium. Since we were scheduled to appear nude before strangers for the first times in our lives, you might expect that we would have been slow and tentative that morning. To the contrary, without even thinking about it, we were walking towards the symposium at a very brisk pace.

When we were about halfway to the conference center, Denise said, “Geez Harry! At the pace we’re walking, you’d think that we’re eager to show ourselves off!”

I looked at Denise and smiled. “Maybe we are eager,” I said.

Denise smiled back at me. “Maybe we are,” she replied. Denise took my hand and we walked the rest of the way holding hands.

There were already a number of people milling around inside the conference center lobby when we got there. Across the lobby, we could see door open into a large room that had a lot of easels and chairs set up in it. That seemed like a good place to start looking for Sheila and Peter, and we did find them there.

Sheila, in an old-looking sweat suit, and Peter, in a corduroy jacket and jeans, were standing in a corner talking. The room was very brightly lit and already warm. The easels and chairs were set up around roughly three sides of an elevated platform. The platform was about three above the level of the room floor.

As Denise and I walked carefully among the easels towards Shelia and Peter, Sheila turned and saw us. “Good morning,” she called. “Are you ready to get naked?” Sheila started towards us. As she got closer, she said, “Good News. The final enrollment was 70 people, twenty more than we expected. You didn’t secretly sign up a bunch of friends to show off to did you?”

Once Sheila got next to us, she pointed to the platform. “Obviously, that’s where we’ll all be posing. We’ve got a table out in the hall that we can move in if we need it.” Sheila point to a door at the back of the room. “You can use that room to undress,” Sheila said, “or you can just strip off in a corner here. That’s what I’ll do. Peter will keep an eye on your valuables.” Apart from our room key, we had possessed the presence of mind to leave our valuables back at the hotel.

Our daughter April strode in just then, taking off her coat as she walked. She cheerfully called, “Good morning!” When April got up to us, she hugged Denise and then hugged me. “This is a great day,” April said. “I get to spend the whole day nude with my parents.”

Shelia was obviously pleased with April’s enthusiasm. She repeated for April the short explanation she had given to Denise and me. When she finished that, she added, “You probably want to take your clothes off now so that any marks your clothes left on your skin have time to disappear. In a couple of minutes, Peter will start herding everyone in.”

“I certainly don’t want a change room,” April said and walked to the back of the room where there were a few chairs without easels. Denise and I followed April. April tossed her coat over a chair. She then sat down and pulled off her boots and wooly socks. April stood back up and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. She wore nothing underneath. The nipples on her perfectly shaped breasts looked a bit hard to me.

“Are you excited about this?” Denise teased our daughter.

“Sure, aren’t you?” April teased back.

“Yeah,” Denise said with a grin.

Denise and I tried to neatly lay our coats in a pile on the floor. We sat down and removed our shoes and socks. We both stood back up, facing April in a rough circle. Denise was also wearing a sweatshirt, which she pulled over her head. Since we had been cautioned against underwear, Denise was also bare under her top. I pulled off the rugby shirt I had worn.

April, Denise, and I stood facing each other, all three of us bare from the waist up. We smiled at each other and, more or less simultaneously, undid our trousers and pushed them down. After we had each gotten our pants off over our feet, we were all naked and barefoot.

I have said, truthfully, that my wife and daughter were, and are, very beautiful women. I had always thought that they were both stunning no matter what they wore. That morning, I realized that they were both even more beautiful wearing nothing but their skin. They were also both sexy.

Sheila came up to us again, still in her sweat suit. “You’re all nude. Great! Just have a seat on those chairs. I’ll tuzla escort get started as soon as Peter gets everyone in the room.”

Despite being nude, April, Denise, and I were not very obtrusive sitting in chairs against the back wall of the room. After quite a bit of running around, Peter finally got everyone inside the room and seated at an easel.

Still in her sweat suit, Sheila got up on the platform. In a loud voice, she said to the room, “Good morning and thank you for joining us. I’m Professor Sheila Lawson. Together with my partner, Peter Windhoven (Sheila pointed at Peter); I’m the organizer on this symposium on Nude Art. We hope that you will have an enjoyable two days and that you learn something useful to you as you make your art in the future. We also hope that you make some good art while you are here.”

Sheila took a breath and looked around the room. As you would expect at the start of such a program, everyone was giving Sheila their undivided attention. Sheila resumed, “This symposium is only about depicting the nude human body. We believe that the human body is the highest form of art and that it should be exposed and enjoyed rather than concealed.”

Sheila pulled her sweatshirt off over her head and dropped her sweat pants. Now nude, she continued her introduction. “I am also one of the models for this symposium. You will be drawing my nude body and the nude bodies of the three other models we have with us. Will those models please join me on the platform?”

April, Denise, and I stood. We stepped onto the platform and formed a line slightly behind Sheila. I was acutely aware that I was standing naked on a platform in front of 70 clothed people. I was very conscious that everyone in the room could see my face, my bare chest, my bare legs, and my bare dick and balls. Rather than being intimidated or embarrassed, I felt like I had shed chains that I hadn’t even realized I was carrying. I was actually proud to be standing there exposed to the room. I glanced at Denise. The look on her face told me that she was feeling the same way.

Sheila introduced us to the attendees. “Our other models are April, Denise, and Harry. For obvious reasons, we’re not giving you their full names. You may be interested to know that Denise and Harry are married to each other and April is their daughter. April has some prior experience modeling in the nude. However, this is the first time for her parents. I’m sure that they will do a fine job for you, but please forgive any inexperience. We thought that it would be interesting to provide you with a couple of newbies as models. I’m sure that you’ll all be respectful.”

I kept looking around the room, trying to make eye contact with the artists who were looking at my nude body. I finally made eye contact with Denise’s friend Kerry Newell. Apparently, it hadn’t registered with Kerry until that moment that three of the nude models were people whom she knew, worked with, and socialized with. I saw a look of shock on Kerry’s attractive face and saw her nudge her husband Mike, who also knew us well. Kerry and Mike both stared at us open-mouthed. I smiled back at them. After a few moments, the look of shock on Kerry’s face turned into a somewhat sly smile. She made a “thumbs-up” gesture, whether to me, Denise with whom she was closer, or all of us I don’t know.

April, Denise, and I left the platform and sat back down after Sheila had finished her introductory speech. Sheila did the first pose, on her right side with her right arm holding up her head. While all of the attendees were diligently drawing, I did catch Kerry Newell giving a few surreptitious glances in our direction.

Sheila held her pose for a full 45 minutes. After Peter, standing by one of the doors, called time, April replaced Sheila on the platform. April’s first pose had her lying flat on her back with her legs slightly apart. Although it was not that demanding, I was impressed that our daughter held the pose unflinchingly for nearly an hour. During that time, several of the artists stood to get a better view of April.

We took a twenty minute break after April’s pose was finished so that the artists could get more coffee and go to the washroom. As soon as the break started, Sheila came over to Denise and me. “Are you two still ok?” she asked. We nodded affirmatively.

“Good,” Sheila said. “After the break, I want the two of you up there. Just stand together facing the artists. Maybe you ought to hold hands, you are married after all. And, whatever you do, stay perfectly still until we call the pose over. There’s a john for you in the change room.”

Although I had intentionally avoided fluids that morning, I thought I would be wise to take a quick leak. I ducked into the change room and immediately saw the toilet against one wall with nothing screening it. I took a quick piss and went back out to stand with Denise and April.

When most of the artists were back in front of their easels, Sheila told us “Get up there.” I followed Denise’s tuzla escort bayan bare ass onto the platform. We walked to the front of the platform and stood facing the room. I reached out and took Denise’s left hand so that our hands were clasped between us. Moving only my eyes, I sought out Kerry and Mike. Both of them were now smiling, and drawing feverishly. A few minutes into our pose, the building HVAC kicked on and a stream of warm air blew across my dick. The air felt good. I was again surprised at how good I felt to be standing nude on a platform with my nude wife in front of a room full of clothed people.

Standing absolutely still is difficult enough, at least for me, any time. It becomes more difficult when you’ve been instructed not to move at all so that you are constantly thinking about it. Still, I think that we managed it, at least well enough. At the time, it seemed like we were standing there for hours. It was actually “only” about 40 minutes.

We took a short break to stretch after the first pose. Sheila put us in our second pose, still standing, but facing each other with an inch or two of space between our bodies. Denise had her head tilted down, with her hair falling forward, and my hands were on her hips. We again had to stand completely still. The advantage of this pose was that I could see most of Denise’s face which was largely screened from the artists by the tilt of her head and her hair. I think that I can read my wife’s emotions from her face pretty accurately. Assuming that I’m right about that, Denise was quietly having the time of her life.

After about 45 minutes, Sheila called an end to the pose and announced the lunch break. To us, Sheila said, “We’re having some sandwiches and drinks brought in here so that you don’t have to get dressed, unless you want to.” None of April, Denise, or I wanted to.

Denise did challenge Sheila, politely. “How come April got to pose with her legs spread but you’ve had me standing up?” Denise asked. I glanced at April and saw that she was smiling.

Sheila was smiling, too, as she answered. “I was just trying to break you in gently. Are you sure that you’re ready to be that exposed?”

More emphatically than I’d have expected, Denise replied, “I’m ready. I really want everyone to see my cunt.” Denise immediately realized what she had just said, and blushed a little. She didn’t retract her statement though.

“I’ll see what we can do after lunch,” Sheila said, still smiling.

As the artists filtered back into the makeshift studio from lunch, Kerry Newell came up to us. “What got you into this?” she asked, not unpleasantly.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you over lunch some time,” Denise replied.

Kerry took a couple of steps to walk away, but then turned back to face us. “Is it really as much fun as it looks?” she asked.

“It is much, much better,” Denise answered.

Kerry ducked her head and blushed slightly. “You know, I think that I envy you,” Kerry said. She smiled and walked back to her easel next to her husband.

Sheila and April each did long poses to start the afternoon session. I couldn’t help wondering if Sheila had done that on purpose to give Denise more time to ponder, or anticipate, Sheila’s quasi—promise to let Denise display her cunt to the artists.

Sheila finally put us back on the platform. Sheila had me sitting on the platform facing the side wall of the room to my left. Sheila had Denise lying on her stomach with her chest on my right thigh. Denise’s feet and ass pointed towards the front of the room. Before Sheila left the platform, she pushed Denise’s thighs apart a good distance. “Hold that,” Sheila said as she left the platform. Denise wasn’t extremely exposed, but her cunt had to be visible to at least some of the artists. I hoped that she was satisfied, for the time-being.*

The pose was relatively comfortable, which was good because we had to hold it a long time. Of course, we had to stay stock still. However, Denise’s head was basically in my lap and she was facing the back of the room. About halfway through the pose, without moving anything except her lips, Denise started blowing a stream of breath onto my dick. She wasn’t blowing hard enough for anyone but me to notice. I think that she was hoping to get me hard. It felt nice.

When Peter announced that the pose was finished, Denise and I stood up, hugged each other, and kissed. That earned us a round of applause from the artists. Denise and I joined April, all nude, on the chairs at the back of the room. Peter began leading a discussion with the symposium attendees. The topics being discussed seemed to me to be technical art questions. Not being an artist, I soon quit listening and thought back on a strange, but exciting and rewarding day.

When the discussion session ended, April, Denise, and I started getting dressed. Sheila Lawson was still walking around the room, stark naked, answering questions. Kerry and Mike Newell came up to us as we were dressing.

“Do you escort tuzla guys want to get a drink?” Mike asked. “It looks like there is a decent bar next to our hotel.” It turned out that Mike and Kerry were staying in the same hotel as Denise and me. We agreed to walk back with them and have a drink.

Before we left, April reminded us, “You’re meeting Jeremy and me for dinner at 7:30, right?” That was April’s way of making sure that we’d buy her and Jeremy a good dinner, but I didn’t mind that.

“Yes dear,” I said. “Remind me how to find the restaurant.”

“I’ll text directions to Mom,” April replied.

It was around 5:00 p.m. We’d been nude continuously since 8:45 that morning. Clothes felt very uncomfortable. As we started to walk out with Kerry and Mike, Denise said softly, “I wish that I could just stay naked.”

The bar next to the hotel was warm and cozy on a cold February evening. It was the sort of place I like with dark paneling, good beer, a TV behind the bar showing sports, and an attractive barmaid. We talked for a time about Kerry’s and Mike’s impressions of the symposium and about how Mike had gotten so heavily into drawing.

Kerry asked the question that had clearly been on both of their minds all along. “What is it like to be a nude model, especially in front of so many people?”

Denise answered. “You know, we’re taught that we’re supposed to be ashamed and embarrassed when someone other than our spouse or our doctor sees our ‘private parts.’ I didn’t feel at all ashamed or embarrassed. It’s odd, but I really felt like I had gotten a special privilege getting to be naked and have all of you look at me.”

“Is it a turn on?” Kerry asked.

“Yes, but you can’t enjoy it fully in the moment,” Denise said. “There’s enough to think about just holding the pose. I’m more excited now remembering what I did today than I was while I was doing it. Oh, and, the anticipation is really hot. Thinking about what it will be like to be nude in front of a bunch of people really got me going.”

“What about you, Harry?” Mike asked. “How did you keep it down?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” I said. “It was a sexy experience, but the biggest things I felt standing up there nude were a sense of liberation and empowerment. Like Denise said, even though you’re standing completely still, you have a lot to think about.” I tried for a laugh: “Also, Sheila Lawson promised me that she’d cut it off if it got hard.”

“There’s a disincentive,” Kerry quipped.

“Would you do it again?” Mike asked.

“We are, tomorrow,” Denise replied.

“I meant after the symposium is over,” Mike clarified.

“Absolutely!” Denise said. “My concern is that we won’t be able to find enough opportunities to show off nude without getting busted.”

“You’ve become very much the exhibitionist,” Kerry said.

In an emphatic tone, Denise responded, “Try it Kerry. It’s great. The realization that people are seeing just you, not some pricey dress or suit, is really something. Besides, I think that my tits, ass, and cunt look pretty damn good.”

“They certainly do,” Mike said. “April looks incredible nude too.” Mike quickly blanched, fearful that he’d offended us talking about April.

I let Mike off of the hook by saying, “Yes, she is even more beautiful nude than clothed.”

Kerry asked, “Do you mind that your daughter is modeling nude?”

“I’m doing it too,” Denise said. “Actually, I think it’s great and I’m very glad that she got us into doing it.”

Kerry asked, “What’s that Sheila Lawson said this morning about April having some experience modeling?”

I related the story of how I had disliked April’s freshman job working in a dining hall and asked her to find something else this year. “So, she became a nude model for Sheila Lawson,” I concluded.

April did text directions to Denise so we met April and Jeremy at the restaurant on time. Denise and I had met Jeremy before, but we didn’t know him very well. As you’d expect of a water polo player, Jeremy was tall and fit-looking. He had the sort of square-jaw; genteelly rough looks that were almost the stereotype Joe College athlete.

Jeremy’s personality turned out to be anything but a smug athlete. Our dinner conversation ranged over many topics. I was impressed that both April and Jeremy seemed well and widely informed. Jeremy listened carefully when others spoke. When he spoke, it was in a soft voice, using complete sentences that only rarely contained “I” or “me.”

Jeremy already knew, of course, that April did nude modeling. He also knew that the three of us were nude models at the symposium. I was surprised when April said that Jeremy had never seen her nude. April teased Jeremy with a mock pout as she said, “I guess that my body just doesn’t get it for him.”

“You are very beautiful,” Jeremy said, seeming a little embarrassed. “I just don’t want to rush anything.”

I took Jeremy’s comment to mean that he was genuinely interested in and cared about April and didn’t want to risk screwing up a relationship that he really wanted by rushing into sex.

April continued, “I invited Jeremy to the symposium tomorrow. Professor Lawson will let him in for free.”

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