Our Daughter is Pregnant

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Becky, my darling wife, I have something to tell you that is very exciting. You might want to sit down for this. It concerns our daughter Gena. I’m proud of how she’s grown, learning so much from both of about us how to live. She’s always been so kind and sweet, but there have been real changes since she graduated high school. That was about when you taught her the truly important life lessons about what she was meant for and how to be truly happy. She’s always gotten good grades, absorbing knowledge and wisdom like a sponge, and your lessons were no exception. She’s always been my angel but with your guidance, she’s blossomed into the absolute most perfect daughter I could ever imagine. I’ve never seen her so proud, and I’ve never been more proud of her. She’s been spreading the news all day, bragging about what she’s accomplished to anyone who will listen. She did what most girls only dream of, she got pregnant by her father!

You knew it would happen eventually. We had been roleplaying daddy/daughter incest since we first met, keeping our taboo play secret from everyone else, with you calling me Daddy when nobody else was around. You had always gotten wet when I started talking about how I’d someday fill any college-aged daughters up with my cum. You knew that you’d someday be eating my cum out of our knocked-up daughter-cunt. Reminding you of that always made you tighten around me.

Then the magical day came when Gena hit her 18th birthday, and she could finally learn the secrets to happiness. You stopped our normal roleplay, and you started pretending to be her because you loved how it made me fuck you harder. You wanted our taboo fantasy to become reality. In the past, you were always so quiet during sex, especially when we weren’t alone in the house, but then something changed and your moans got louder than ever. You Suadiye Escort wanted her to hear your screams of incestuous ecstasy. You were teaching her. Then you started leaving the door open so she could look inside.

She learned. First, we kissed for longer than most daddies and daughters do, and in a more romantic way. She rapidly progressed, welcoming her daddy’s hands all over her body, then later demanding it, not with words but by pressing herself against me and wearing more and more enticing clothes.

You started blowing me in front of her, putting on display the true pleasure a woman can feel when worshipping the cock of a man she truly loves and cares for. Her mouth watered when she felt the bulge she caused press into her, and soon she practically dragged me to her room to begin her daily practice licking and sucking the cock that made her. She enthusiastically gulped my seed but wanted to become not just better, but the best little girl a daddy ever had.

It was also in her bed that she took me inside her for the first time. She loves feeling the cock she devoted herself to thrust inside her. Like her mother, she soon started leaving the door open a crack so that just in case you walked by you’d see your little girl’s smoothly shaved pussy bouncing happily on your husband’s cock.

You acted as if you were oblivious, but you knew what was happening. When we fucked at night, on the nights I didn’t fall asleep in our daughter’s bed, you were wetter than you had ever been before.

By the way, our daughter’s a squirter, just like you. She’s delicious.

She even finally gave me her ass. That’s right, now all three holes belong to me. The night we did it for the first time, I came in her mouth, pussy, and asshole, with her nursing my cock back to hardness with her mouth Escort Suadiye between sessions She wanted to sleep with my cum in every hole and feel completely claimed. She wanted to be my personal 3-hole slut, just like her mom.

Then one night, things changed. We were eating dinner when you mentioned to her, “Sweetie, I know we never talk about this sort of thing, but it’s about time since you’re going to start college soon, and I’ve heard a lot about what happens there nowadays. If you’re going to start dating boys we might want to get you on birth control.”

She looked at you with wide eyes, “No, mom, I’m not seeing any boys.”

Then you smiled and replied, “Well good then, we don’t need to waste money on those stupid little pills.”

At that moment, it was as if a switch flipped in our daughter’s mind.

That night, Gena was on a mission. She didn’t WANT to get pregnant, she NEEDED to get pregnant. Her belly was going to expand because of her own father as soon as possible.

You saw the change in her. You knew what was about to happen, and you loved it.

You knew what it meant when I suddenly started going down to our fertile teen’s bedroom to “tuck her in,” after I hadn’t done that for years. You knew what it meant when she started wearing short skirts around the house. You knew what it meant when you started finding her panties everywhere, and when she’d go to her room to remove her panties when I came home from work. You recognized the shining streaks running down her thighs, her tussled hair, her dreamy smile, and the smell of sex that filled the room every time our daughter and I were left alone for long enough. You heard the rhythmic sounds that echoed through the house every time I went to our daughter’s room, you saw her head on my lap, and you smelled my Suadiye Escort Bayan cum on her breath daily. She sat at the dinner table with my cum dripping off of her face while you served us dinner, knowing that only moments before she was properly worshipping the cock that made her, smiling as she felt the proof of paternal love splash on her face.

The other night while we were watching TV together, Gena jumped onto my lap then pulled a blanket over her. I saw you smile when her breathing changed, and I saw you move your hand under your skirt when she turned around and hugged me close with her head on my shoulder, pretending to sleep. She thought she was getting away with something, but her grinding movements and cute moans betrayed her.

You saw it all. All modesty and pretense around the house is gone now. I fuck her wherever and whenever I want, whether or not you’re in the room. I don’t have to ask to use my property and you both know that. Our daughter’s favorite spot is on her knees and between my legs, and she doesn’t even care anymore who sees her sucking daddycock. She loves to see the envy spread on people’s faces when they see her lips pucker around my spurting cock and then opening her mouth to show she got every drop of seed. She then gulps it all down and follows it up with a satisfied moan.

We’ve walked through the mall holding hands with her face plastered in my cum and my seed running down her legs for all to see. When Gena sees the look of shock and jealousy on the face of someone who notices that she’s been so thoroughly claimed, she squeezes me tight as a signal that she’s truly happy being known as Daddy’s property, forever and ever.

You witnessed it all. You recognized all the signs of her transformation because you’ve experienced them yourself. You knew what would happen if you didn’t get her on birth control. You are responsible for awakening her innate desire to have her own sibling grow inside her womb and she loves you for that. You wanted her to get pregnant by me just as much as she did because you knew our daughter would be happiest being just like you: Daddy’s little slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32