Our Anniversary

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Martha was examining her wardrobe. Tonight, she needed something special for it was their thirty-fifth anniversary. She finally dressed in silk for the night ahead. It was pale peach and the gown was cut up to her thighs on either side, swaying seductively as she walked, with a deep v showing her still upright breasts to their best advantage.

The gown hugged her abundant curves seductively showing off her body. Over this, she placed its matching robe held together with one diamond button. She sat to brush out her hair and to put on his favorite scent passion, for she knew it would be a night of passion. Their anniversaries always were for them.

He waited downstairs in the library. Finally, he knew her bath over, she would be at her dressing table. He removed her present from his desk drawer, and grabbing the champagne and two glasses, he slowly walked upstairs to their suite.

He knocked softly at their door. “Are you ready for me, my love? I have our champagne.

“Yes, my darling, I know how you love to help me brush my hair.”

He stopped inside the door and whistled softly. “You are as beautiful today, as that night so long ago when we consummated our love.

He put down the present and the champagne and walked to her. She handed him the brush and he carefully finished the one hundred strokes she gave her hair every night.

“Do you remember the first time I used this brush somewhere else besides your head my love?”

She reached and patted his hand, turning she smiled into his eyes. “Oh Martin, of course I do. My body still tingles as I think of you pulling me over your knees, my naked rear upturned for only your eyes. Your hands gently rubbing me as you explained you were going to spank me for getting drunk and driving home from the luncheon, I had attended. I was so mad and I fought you, but you were so brave and strong, you continued to spank me until I cried and pleaded for you to stop. I also remember standing in that miserable corner for the first of many times and the wonderful passionate sex we had all the rest of the night.”

He bent and pulled her to him and kissed her sweetly. “Do you still like to be spanked my love?”

She looked at him with wide eyes. “It’s been so long Martin, are you sure?” He smiled and drew her up into his arms and took her to the armless chair that sat in the corner of the room.

He sat down and pulled her over his lap. The long hair so well brushed, cascaded over her head and hid her face from him. He pulled up her gown and revealed her white still firm ass. He bent and kissed it lightly. It was one of his favorite parts of her body. She was always willing, no eager to allow him to plunder her riches there when he so desired. Like he would, tonight but she didn’t know that quite yet.

He swung his hand gently and the soft sound of his slap rang out in the room, then another etiler escort and another until he heard her first moan. She was a pretty pink, and he reached to dip his fingers into her juices already wetting her beautiful bare pussy. He licked his fingers lightly savoring her delicate taste and picked up the hairbrush. It was time.

“Prepare yourself,” my dear, he whispered into her shell like ear. She reached and held the chair sides and the pop of the brush echoed when it rebounded off her ass. “Oh Martin, she cried out in pain.”

“Your out of practice my dear,” he waited until she said, “Go ahead my love.”

He now got serious and in short order, as he counted aloud for her he had hit her nineteen more times. She was now moving her ass up into his swing as he repeated his strikes on the red warm parts he had already hit. He could feel her breathing get short and hard, and knew from her odor she was aroused and ready to come. He took his left hand and rubbing it into her flowing juices pushed into her ass with one finger and then another as he continued to hit her.

Finally she screamed out, kicked, shivered, and moaned “Oh Martin, Oh Martin, I had forgotten how wonderful it was.”

He pulled her up and pushed her over the bed. Reaching for the lubrication he pushed the tube into her ass and emptied it except for what he used on his rock hard cock. It was the biggest erection he had managed in months. He slid in without a problem as she pushed back and said,

“Fuck me my sweet, push that cock of yours so far up my ass I can taste it.”

He rubbed her sore ass as he moved and told her how much he loved her. He laughed when he saw her hand sneak down to her female center of passion, and groaned in appreciation when her fingers started caressing him through the thin wall separating them. The heat of her hand and her rubbing her clit set her off again taking him with her as he pumped her ass full of his come.

He collapsed for a minute of so on top of her and then they crawled up into bed and rested.

Suddenly he laughed, “I don’t remember that taking so much out of me the last time we did that.”

She turned over and kissed him deeply. “Me neither,” and then she wiggled lower and took him into her mouth cleaning him up and sucking and teasing him until he was hard again.

“I suppose you want me to do something with this thing now that you have it hard again?”

Smiling she nodded, “Yes lay there and enjoy.” She pulled up her gown and rid herself of the robe as she squatted over him and slowly fed her favorite cock into her hot, wet, and waiting center of passion.

He reached and pulled her closer so that he could worry her breasts and nipples as she bounced up and down on his raging cock. They were in their fifties but he would bet anyone that their sex life was fatih escort better as the years went by, one or the other was always thinking of something to make it hot once again.

He asked her as he gently bit her nipples, to talk dirty to him, to tell him what she thought was the dirtiest, most arousing thing, they had ever done together.

She settled on his cock rocking gently and smiling said “That’s easy my love. Remember the time we were in Seattle, and you brought me that horrid red wig and that leather mini dress? You made me dress up with outrageous makeup, no underwear, and those miserable high heels and go out in public that way?’

He grinned “I remember. You were a marvelous slut, my love.”

She leaned in and kissed him deeply. “I dressed up and you went into the bar, and waited for me. I came in and wiggled to the nearest stool,making sure that as I climbed on that stool that everyone knew I didn’t have any panties on. I had about twelve men hitting on me before you sauntered over and said “Excuse me gentlemen, I believe the young lady is waiting for me.”

I said, “He’s right you know, What is your name handsome?”

We then walked off together. We took the elevator on the way up to our room, that beautiful glass elevator and you stuck your cock in my wet pussy. We were so hot, that you came before we got to our floor. As the door opened you managed to get yourself put away but I clearly had come running down my legs. We went to our rooms and fucked like bunnies all night.”

As she talked she had been slowly moving up and down on his cock, and now he turned with her and getting up on her hands and knees, He pushed his cock slowly deep inside her warm and tight pussy. He was always amazed that after three children she still felt like she had that night so long ago when he took her virginity. Soon they were again climbing the mountain to lover’s paradise and she came for him just before he filled her with his own juices. Sated for the moment they fell together on the mattress, he curled her against him, and they slept.

Hours later, he woke up and quietly left the room returning with plates of cold supper and caviar and crackers. He woke her with a kiss and she smiled and left him to shower and change into something clean. He changed their bed while she was gone and poured the champagne leaving his present on the pillow along with his usual red rose.

When she returned she was wearing a black silk nightgown held together by ribbons. She had redone her hair but it was still loose and flowing around her shoulders. She did indeed still cause his cock to rise in anticipation at the rest of the night.

They feasted until they were replete and then cuddled in bed to watch an xxx rated movie he had purchased for their entertainment. It was then that she found his present.

Opening fındıkzade escort it as he set up the movie he heard her gasp of pleasure and her soft “Thank You” She put it on immediately and he heard the soft tinkling of bells as she walked to his side. She pushed him onto the bed and opening his pajamas pulled his cock out and sucked it into her mouth. Kneeling between his legs, she looked up into his eyes telling him how much he meant to her, and how much she loved his cock with her actions.

Every time she moved her head or bobbed it the bells on the ankle bracelets jingled and he smiled. They were diamond and ruby stones on the clappers of each tiny platinum bell. She swallowed him deep and sucked him with her usual finesse and he was soon giving her his all for the third time that night. He knew for the rest of the night into early morning he would be using his fingers, tongue and toys to satisfy his beloved Cat for she had again worn him out.

Licking him clean she tucked him away and he reached and poured the rest of the champagne into her silver bowl at his feet. She giggled softly and licked it up smiling at him as she licked her lips. He fed her caviar off his fingers while she drank her preferred milk.

He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out another present and reaching clasped it around her naked neck. It was a collar with matching diamonds and rubies on a platinum base with a small-engraved tag. The tag read Martin’s Cat.

She got up, went to see it in the mirror, and returned to sit on his lap and cry.

“Why are you crying dearest?”

“Tears of joy, my Master, only tears of joy. Sometimes I think you forget the years, the training, and the work it took to bring us here and have grown tired of the life we have lived. Then you do something like this and I am once again eager and eighteen and in love with a man who makes me be the best that I can be and takes no excuses.”

He kissed her tears away and told her, “ never would they be to old or would he ever forget. She was such a source of pride to him, she didn’t require discipline for she had grown perfect in her service.”

He continued, “I must admit however with a large smile, I had forgotten how much fun it was to paddle your gorgeous ass. Then to kiss away your tears before I ravished that ass with my cock and made you scream out in your passionate glory.”

She curled up between his thighs and sighed as she thought to herself and it was the largest hardest erection he had had in months, she just might have to get less perfect to make him do it again.

Knowing her so well, He whispered, “You need not disobey me, to get paddled my cat, just bring me the brush and I will understand.”

She nodded and smiled at how well he knew her.

“Now let’s go to bed, and I expect to find you with your lips around my cock when I wake up in the morning.”

She stood and reached to kiss him with a soft “that’s a date.”

They got into bed and as was his habit, he tied a long satin ribbon around her wrist and to the top of the bed. So, she had been kept bound for over thirty years. She couldn’t sleep without it and it made him comfortable to know she was always there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32