Original Angels Ch. 24

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


Rob asked me to write down my recollection of my week with Tammi and her dad after we left the ranch. He showed me the other things that he has written about us and he’s said it all pretty well.

When we left the ranch I told Tammi and her dad that I needed to stop at my house to get some clothes for school that week. Tammi was quick to tell me that I wouldn’t need any clothes at her house! Joe made a point of telling us that since we were all going to be together for the week, that if I wanted to I could call him Joe. Tammi insisted that she likes calling her father Daddy and Joe said that was OK too.

He let us listen to our favorite music while I drove Rob’s Navigator home. When we got back to Sedona I went straight to our house. We all went inside. I told Tammi and Joe to help themselves in the kitchen. They fixed some snacks and drinks while I grabbed some clothes for school. I was just shoving everything in a bag when they walked into my room. It was the first time that any man other than Rob had been there. It was kind of strange at first. He looked around and asked if this was where we slept when Tammi slept over at our house and I told him yes.

‘You mean you both sleep in the same bed?’

“Well it is a double bed.’ I told him. ‘And we’re both girls.’

‘So do you do anything besides sleep together in your bed?’

I knew what he was asking. He wanted to know what Tammi and I have done together sexually. I decided to play along with him.

‘What do you mean Joe?’

He stammered for a moment and then asked, ‘Do you sleep in the nude?’

I told him yes.

‘Do you touch each other?’ he asked kind of timidly.

I decided to be direct with him now. ‘Would it excite you if we do?’

That kind of threw him, but he managed to answer me. ‘Yes, I think it would.’

‘Well, I guess you’ll just have to peek in on us tonight in Tammi’s room.’ I winked at him and he smiled, knowing that I had just given him an invitation and permission to do just that.

We were turning to leave when I heard voices in the house. It was Teri with Tom and Amy. They were coming to get clothes for Teri just like we did. The men said hello to each other and I heard them talking while I helped Teri get her stuff. They were talking about how much fun they had at the ranch, and then their voices got lower. I guessed they were talking about sex, because that’s what most men do. I knew I was right when I heard them laughing at whatever they had said.

As we were all leaving the house and locking up, Joe asked Amy’s dad if maybe we should all go out for dinner on Wednesday night. Everybody said yes and so it was a date. We said goodbye and knew that we’d see each other the next night. I felt like an adult as we all got into the car again and I drove to the grocery store. We shopped for a few things to eat and then went to Tammi’s house.

When we got there, Tammi and I went to her room and I hung my clothes in her closet. We were sitting on the beds (she has twin beds in her room) talking about school when Joe walked in.

‘What time do you want dinner?’ he asked us.

We told him that we were hungry and soon would be good. He asked if he could take a shower before he made dinner for us and we said yes. I think it was really his excuse to get undressed and then not get dressed again. What the heck? I didn’t mind. I like seeing him without clothes on. He just never had been that way before when I was at their house.

Then he asked the telling question. ‘Would you two like to join me in the shower?’

I looked at Tammi for her answer. ‘Sure Dad. You go ahead and get started and we’ll be in in a minute.’

When he left I looked at Tammi again. ‘I guess he likes seeing us naked, eh?’

‘Yeah. I’m sure that he’s gonna love having us here with him this week without mom around. Don’t worry. He won’t do anything bad. But be prepared to see his penis standing up and watching us too!’ We giggled together when she said that.

‘Well let’s go get him revved up.’ I said. ‘We can wash him and let him wash us. I wonder how long it will take before he shoots his cum?’

We got undressed in Tammi’s room and walked down the hallway to her parent’s bedroom. We could hear the shower running and when we entered the bathroom Joe was in the shower with his back to us. They have a big walk in shower, so there’s plenty of room for us all. Tammi and I walked in and Tammi gave her dad a big hug from behind. He kept washing himself until she moved her hand down and held his cock. He stopped and then turned around to see who it was. He grinned at Tammi and then looked at me standing on the threshold. He reached over and turned on the second showerhead and the spray was coming from both directions. He motioned for me to come in and I did.

Tammi took the soap and scrubbed her dad again. Then while he was rinsing she handed me gaziantep yabancı escort the soap and we washed each other. Joe was watching us and when he was rinsed off he stepped closer and rubbed his hands over Tammi’s titties. She turned to face him and started stroking his cock again. I rinsed myself off and went around behind him. His legs were spread apart enough that I could put my hand under his butt and fondle his balls. I had never really done that before and I could tell he liked it by the way he moaned. Or maybe it was the way Tammi was pumping his dick. She knelt down in front of him and took him in her mouth. He started to rock his hips back and forth in time with Tammi’s sucking. I let go of his balls and pulled my hand back to his asshole. I slowly pushed my finger into his butt. I tried to do it the way Rob has done it to me because it always feels so good. At first he tightened his cheeks and I was about to take my hand away, but then he relaxed and my finger slipped in to my first knuckle. I wiggled it real slowly and I could actually feel his butt relaxing! It was amazing. My finger went in a little further and then Joe started moaning and holding on to Tammi’s head. I knew he was going to cum, so I just twisted my finger around gently in his ass and he tightened up again when he shot his stuff into Tammi’s mouth. His legs started to shake and I thought he might fall down. He let go of Tammi and put his hand against the wall to steady himself. I slowly withdrew my finger and let the water wash over it to rinse it off.

When he stopped shooting Tammi stood up and kissed her dad. I think she did the thing that my mom told us she likes to do sometimes. She still had some of Joe’s cum in her mouth and she gave it back to him with her kiss. If she did, he must have liked it, because he kept kissing her like it was the first time they ever did it.

When they stopped, we turned off the water and got out to dry off. We all stood in the bathroom not really sure of what to say. Then Tammi spoke.

‘Daddy, do you always shoot that much? I tried to swallow it all, but you just kept cumming! I had to give some back to you. Did you like that?’

‘Baby I’m not sure if I’ve ever cum like that before. Between your pretty face and mouth, and Tracy’s finger in my rear, I just felt so turned on! You two make a very sexy team!’

I looked at him and asked, ‘Did that really feel good? I’ve never done that to anyone before.’

‘God Tracy, it was fantastic! How did you know how to do it?’

‘Well, Rob has done it to me a few times and I love it when he does, so I just figured I’d try it.’

Can I ask you something Tracy?’


‘Have you and Rob ever fucked?’

‘No. He and mom have taught me a lot about sex and how to enjoy it, but I’m saving myself for the right time and person. My mom has been so cool about sex, but she has also tried to make us know that it’s not something that we should just do with anybody. It’s special and it’s meant for people who we really care for. I’ve shared a lot with Tammi because she’s my best friend. And I’m really glad that you and Rhonda have become good friends with Rob and my mom. It’s good to know that Tammi enjoys the same things that I do and that you and her mom are cool about it too.’

‘Wow Tracy,’ he said, ‘I’m honored that you feel that way. And I think that you are grown up way beyond your years and I’m thankful that you have helped Tammi and her mother and I to understand and appreciate and enjoy that. Can I give you a hug?’

I stepped into his arms and hugged him. He held me tightly, but not for too long. But I liked the feeling of his skin against mine. I could feel his cock against my belly and it felt good. Then we let go.

‘Should we go make dinner?’ he asked us.

‘Sure’ we both said.

We turned and walked out of the bathroom.

‘Do we need to get dressed?’ Joe asked us.

I turned and grinned at him. ‘What for? I like looking at you. Do you like looking at us?’

He just smiled and patted my ass as we made our way to the kitchen.

We fixed supper together. I made a salad and Joe and Tammi made a pasta dish. It was good and we sat naked at the kitchen table.

Joe asked me. ‘Do you really enjoy looking at me when I’m undressed?’

I answered, ‘Yeah, I like seeing men without clothes on. Every one is different.’

Joe laughed. ‘That’s what men say about women you know! But does it turn you on to see naked men?’

I thought about it for a minute. ‘I like it, but seeing naked men doesn’t give me an orgasm. It helps to get me excited though. What does it do for men?’

Joe thought for a moment. ‘Seeing pretty women without clothes on can often get a man so excited that he can cum without any other stimulation. It will almost always cause a man to get a hard on.’

‘But what about at the ranch? I’ve only gaziantep genç escort seen a couple of guys get hard down there and everybody is nude.’

‘You know it’s funny. I must admit that I was nervous about whether or not I could control myself there. But somehow I did, and I think it’s because when you’re out in the open there, you’re not supposed to be thinking about having sex. Most men equate naked girls with having sex, I guess.’

‘I never thought about it like that but I guess you’re right. So what about here and now? You got hard in the shower. Is it because we touched you and you thought about us having sex with you?’

Again Joe hesitated. ‘It was the way you touched me. When Tammi gave me that hug, I was OK. But when she started to touch my cock I responded. And when you stuck your finger in my rear! I’ve never had anybody do that to me before! It was a total turn on!’

‘So what about now? Are you hard under the table? Can I look?’

He smiled. ‘Sure you can look. I’m under control.’

Tammi was listening and enjoying the way I challenged her dad. ‘So Dad, what would it take for us to make you get hard again? Do we need to touch you and stroke your penis? Or can you get excited by just watching us?’

‘Well honey, if you do touch me like you did before I’d be hard in two seconds. But I could probably get hard again by just watching you if I knew that you were showing yourselves just for my sake.’

‘Would you have to touch yourself?’

‘I’m not sure. It might get excited with me not touching it at all. I just don’t know.’

Tammi looked over at me with a twinkle in her eye. “I think we should play a game. Let’s clean up the kitchen and then we can go in the bedroom. You’ll have to sit in the big chair and Tracy and I will show off for you in whatever ways we think we should so that we can make you get hard. But you can’t touch yourself until we say so. Wanna do it?’

I nodded that I thought it would be fun.

Joe smiled a big grin. ‘I think that sounds like a great game! But who wins?’

I giggled. ‘Sounds like everybody wins to me. But if we can make you get hard without you even touching yourself, then we win. And if we win, I’d like to see you make yourself cum. I’ve never really seen a man masturbate before and I always wanted to.’

‘OK,’ Joe said, ‘but if you can’t make me get hard, then I win, the game that is. But if I win, then I get to have you two touch me however I want you to, until you make me cum. Fair enough?’

Tammi and I looked at each other. ‘Sounds fair! Let’s do the dishes.’

We all got up from the table and started cleaning up. While we were doing it Tammi and I were teasing and bending over in provocative ways to get Joe going. He pretended to not notice, but I know he loves to watch us so much, he couldn’t help himself.

Finally we all went back to his bedroom. Tammi moved the big lounge chair over to the foot of the bed. She patted the seat and told Joe to make himself comfortable. He sat down and put his feet up on the end of the bed.

I went to one side of the bed and Tammi went to the other. We sat down together and leaned towards each other. I winked at her. She knows how much I love to show off and I know that she had been wanting to do it too. This was perfect.

I raised one of my legs and bent my knee as I laid on my side facing Tammi. She did the same. Joe was staring right up our legs and at our virginal pussies. I leaned over to Tammi and kissed her nipple. We’ve done that before but always in the privacy of our rooms and never with anyone else watching. Tammi lay back and let me continue. I know how much she likes it when I do it and I started to really get into it. I put my hand between her legs and let my finger slide into her pussy. She was really wet! I forgot about Joe watching and went nuts on her titties and rubbed my hand all over her slick little cunt. I felt her clit getting hard and I rubbed it the way I know she likes me to. She reacted the way she always does. Her hips rose up and I drove my finger in deeper. Then I scooted down between her legs and started to lick her. She held my head like she has before and guided my tongue to all of her most sensitive spots. (Like I didn’t know where to go!)

Tammi was thrusting herself into my mouth and I was eating like crazy. I had my legs spread wide apart and I suddenly remembered that Joe was down there watching us. Mostly I guess he saw me because my head had to be blocking his view of Tammi. But Tammi was making noises and I knew I had her close to cumming. I decided to try my finger again. I had never done it to Tammi before, but I rubbed my finger around her butt. She was soaked with spit and cum and sweat. My finger slipped inside of her very easily. She squeezed my head and pushed herself down closer to me. My finger went in deeper and she started to cum. I know how she gets gaziantep gerçek resimli escort and I felt her pussy throbbing in my face. I love the way she tastes when she cums and I just drank her juice as it squirted into my mouth. Tammi was cumming for at least three minutes and my tongue was starting to get sore, but I kept up with her. When she finally stopped I pulled my face away and rose up on my knees. I thought about Joe again and realized that I must be moving my butt back right towards his face! I wiggled it a little and felt my own juices oozing out of my pussy. I get so turned on when I make Tammi cum!

Then I turned around and looked at Joe. He was wide eyed and grinning from ear to ear. And his cock was standing straight up in the air! His hands were on the arms of the chair and I know he wanted to put them somewhere else, but he had resisted.

‘Ha Ha!’ I shouted. ‘We won!’

Tammi looked up from the pillow. She saw her dad and grinned. We both scooted to the end of the bed and sat with our legs open.

‘OK Dad! Pay up! How long will it take before you cum?’

Joe couldn’t stop smiling. ‘God, you two are so incredible together, I’m amazed that I didn’t shoot without touching myself. It actually was throbbing while I was watching you!’

He took his cock in his hand started to rub it up and down. He was holding it tightly and the skin was moving but his penis just stood tall and erect. The head was swollen and almost purple! I could see some slick drops oozing out of the hole. Then Joe closed his eyes and pumped even harder. He lifted his rear off the chair and his body went rigid. Then his cock started to jerk and he shot a gob of sperm. It went way up and landed on his shoulder. Then it shot again. This time it hit his chin. The next few spurts went on his chest and his stomach. Then it kept flowing out of the hole and down onto his hand. It made a squishy sound as he kept rubbing himself. I couldn’t believe it! It was so cool to see a man giving himself so much pleasure. I know how much I like to jill myself and I never thought I’d get to actually see a guy do it.

Tammi got off the bed and stood over her dad. She touched the gobs of cum and rubbed them around on his chest and shoulders and stomach. It got all white and gooey and she wiped her fingers on his skin. Then she put her fingers in Joe’s mouth and he sucked them clean. The scene was erotic enough, but considering it was my best friend and her own dad, it was amazing.

I looked at Tammi. ‘You know, we might have won, but I don’t think your dad looks like a loser. Joe you look pretty happy right now. What was the best part? What happened that made you get hard?’

Joe sat there with a glaze in his eyes. ‘Seeing you two kissing and watching the way you knew just where to touch Tammi was incredibly exciting. That got me going. But then staring at your pussy and your ass so close there on the bed, I almost shot my load before you guys even finished. I thought about doing it but then I knew that not only would I lose, but I’d lose badly! It would be like a shut out!’

We laughed. ‘So you think I have a nice ass and pussy?’

‘God Tracy. Any man would give his left nut to be able to look at you the way you let me look at you tonight. The vision is etched in my mind forever!’

I felt so proud and so sexy and so beautiful. And I was feeling turned on too. I realized that the flattery was as stimulating to me as the visual effect of watching Joe jack off knowing that it was Tammi and me who turned him on. Suddenly I wanted to go to bed with Tammi and be alone with her. I think she sensed it too. She took my hand and we both kissed Joe goodnight.

‘See you in the morning Dad.’

‘Thanks for a fun game Joe. I think we all won. Maybe we’ll have to have a tie breaker some time.’

We left him sitting dazed in the lounge chair.

In Tammi’s room we giggled and talked excitedly about how much fun it was to expose ourselves to her dad in a way that we had never done before.

She told me that she had never cum so hard before that she could remember. She was sure that it was because she knew her daddy was watching us. I told her how I had actually forgotten that he was there and I was just really into getting her off. Tammi thanked me and asked if she could return the favor. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs apart.

‘Can you see how wet I am? Come touch me. Lick me…’

Tammi jumped between my legs and proceeded to eat my pussy with a whole new zest. I let her have her way with me and she brought me off in the most incredible orgasm I ever had. I was thrashing around on the bed and crying out her name. I’m sure that Joe must have heard me. When I finally calmed down Tammi crawled up to me and we kissed and hugged and cuddled. Just as we were turning out the light, Joe knocked on the door.

‘Come in Dad.’ Tammi called out.

The door opened and Joe peeked in. ‘Just wanted to be sure you both are OK.’ He said. ‘I heard some noises down the hall.’

We giggled. ‘Oh that was just us doing girl stuff. We’re fine now.’ Tammi smiled. ‘Good night Dad.’

He closed the door and we fell asleep with our arms wrapped around each other and our lips locked together.

That was our first day at Tammi’s house. Do you want to hear about the rest of the week?

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