Orgasmic Awakening

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I’ve never written a sex story before but I’ve never experienced something like this before. My name is Lesley. I’m 38 years old and recently divorced after 17 years of marriage. My ex-husband was my first lover, and my only lover until I was 37 years old. We come from a small town in Michigan where it’s not uncommon to be married with kids by the time you’re 20. By the time I was that age I had 2 kids, but unlike most situations like that I married their father, and somehow we lasted together for almost 2 decades. We actually both managed to graduate college, and we did pretty well for ourselves. Of course we were madly in love at one point but people change, and after our younger son left for college my husband and I separated and then divorced.

I was obviously depressed for awhile after suddenly going from an active wife and mother to living on my own as a single middle-aged woman. Then I decided to give myself a present. Just to have some fun and clear my mind, I treated myself this fall to a weeklong trip to Italy.

The heavy tourist season was over and I didn’t run across too many Americans. So it was kind of a neat thing when I was in a train station in Arezzo, outside Florence, and I struck up a conversation with a fellow American. Both of us were waiting in line at the tourist office to check on hotel availability that night. He was an attractive young man, perhaps 24 or 25 years old, and he said his name was Brian and he was from Florida. Like me he was travelling on his own, although unlike me he was a veteran traveler. He said he’d been in Europe for several months and would be returning home at the end of October.

The line wasn’t long but it moved slowly, and by the time Brian reached the front we’d been chatting for around 20 minutes. After we got the hotel information he asked me if I wanted to get dinner and I said sure. Later that night we ended up at the same hotel, in rooms down the hall from each other. I wasn’t exactly looking to hop in the sack with him, but there was something exciting about the thought that for the first time ever there was absolutely nothing stopping me.

Then, at about 10 PM, I got a knock at my door. It was Brian, saying he saw my light on and thought he’d stop by. I invited him in and we talked for a few minutes about travelling. The hotel room was perfectly fine but it was small, perhaps 14X8 ft. He sat on the only chair at the desk and I was sitting on the bed leaning against the wall while we talked. By this time it was obvious there was attraction between us. I certainly knew I was attracted to him. He wore jeans and a gray T-shirt and was well built. As for me I’m in pretty good shape for my age. One thing I take some pride in is I can wear a 2-piece to the beach and get hit on by younger men. If I ask them to guess my age they usually say 28 or 29 to flatter me, but in reality I think I look about 32 which isn’t bad considering I’m 38. In any case, I could tell he was attracted to me as well. One thing escort gaziantep bayan haberleri led to another and pretty soon we were making out on my bed. It felt strange to kiss someone who wasn’t my ex-husband but it felt liberating too. Before long I lifted Brian’s shirt off and in the midst of our kissing we began slowly undressing each other.

After a couple minutes we were mostly naked and he pulled his mouth from mine. It was after 10 PM and even though I’d taken a shower before dinner I suggested we hop in the shower together. I think I suggested it because I wasn’t quite ready to have sex with this man yet but I very much wanted to be sexual with him. He took me up on my offer and we moved into the shower together.

I know I mentioned it already but I really can’t say enough about this guy’s body. It must have taken some effort for him to stay that built while travelling for several months. He had a hard and well-defined chest and stomach. But the thing that really got me was that butt. I love a powerful butt, and he had a fabulous one. Tight, muscular, compact, a perfect little bundle of loins! As we stood facing each other in the shower, I slid my hands around to hold his butt, grasping at it and pulling him towards me as I gazed down at his erection. That too was a beautiful sight. No, he wasn’t 10 inches long and as fat as my arm or anything like that. His length was normal although he was thicker than I expected. But the thing that blew me away was the curve. You see, I have a very active G-spot and his penis had this subtle, upward curve towards the end. OMG, I remember thinking to myself, silently rejoicing at the notion that it would probably be fairly easy for him to hit my G-spot. At that point I still had no idea what I was in store for.

In the shower we kissed some more, exploring each other’s bodies. I took his cock into my mouth a bit and he returned the favor by fingering me a little. But mostly we slowly and patiently explored each other’s bodies. When we were done with our shower and dried off a little, he picked me up and carried me to the bed, lowering me onto my back while he leaned on top of me. Slowly he kissed down my body until he reached my clit, and he ate me out briefly before moving up me again. By then most of my trepidation had subsided but it was still strange. I was about to have sex for the first time with someone other than my ex-husband. Yet I was incredibly excited, perhaps more lustful than I’ve ever been before.

Lust aside I’m not stupid so I reminded him we needed protection. Actually, for a moment I was afraid we might have to cancel these little plans because I certainly hadn’t brought any. Fortunately Brian said he had some condoms in his room, but he had to quickly throw on some clothes to go get one. Lying there naked on my bed, waiting for him to return, seemed like forever. In reality he rushed back and before I knew it he naked again escort gaziantep hikayeleri and poised at my opening. Then, I felt him slowly sink in. It was almost surreal but soon those thoughts were replaced by thoughts of lust and sensation. I opened my legs wider to accommodate him, eagerly holding his butt with my hands and feeling the muscles flex while he began grinding into me. After a minute or so of grinding I got a small sense of what was in store. Suddenly with every thrust he dipped his hips down and then scooped his cock up, finishing the motion by putting a perfect little tap on my G-spot, aided by his penis’ wonderful little curve. Several minutes of this had me writhing, on the edge of orgasm. But just when I felt I was close to cumming he stopped, and the feeling subsided. Then, like nothing had happened, he started up again.

I soon realized the torturous but wonderful game he was playing. He obviously noticed my sensitive reaction to the G-spot stimulation and had decided to tease me! From that point, several times he brought me to the cusp of orgasm only to stop and leave me hanging. He lowered himself onto me, his strong body pressing me into the bed while he grinded his cock. Still I eagerly clasped his butt, feeling him flex with every tireless thrust. He connected with my G-spot repeatedly, building for a minute or two, or however long it took to get me to the verge of orgasm – just close enough so he could stop, and leave me hanging. It was agonizing and thrilling, as I could feel a knot building in my gut. I’d never felt anything like it, and I still didn’t know where it would lead.

Eventually it got the point where I basically had to beg him to fuck me through it, to finally make me cum. The words he uttered in response are forever etched into my memory. I was surprised by his boldness as he whispered in my ear. I’ll try to remember the exact words but I’ll settle for the gist. It still blows my mind. He whispered, basically: “I’m gonna get you to the edge, so you can feel it just under the surface. Then I’m gonna start counting down from 10. When I get to zero I’m gonna either stop again, or I’m gonna speed up until you cum. But you won’t know which until you hear ‘zero.’

OMG. Can I say that again? OH MY GOD. In an instant the intensity level between us had doubled. Again I felt myself building to orgasm, my G-spot becoming swelled and sensitive at the feeling of his hard cock hitting it. Then, I heard that word: “Ten.” He paused for a second as if to let me think about it. Then, patiently but determinedly, “nine, eight, seven, six, five, four…” I seriously couldn’t take it. For a moment I was pretty sure just the sheer expectation of it all would get me over the top, but still I hovered. Then, “three, two, one, zero.”

He suddenly stopped and pulled out completely. That was the closest I’d been yet and now I was done being nice about it. I grabbed his chin, escort gaziantep bayan ilanları gazing straight into his eyes and told him “I want to cum, NOW.”

Then it began again, connecting, building, swelling. I wondered how many more times my G-spot would buy into this act before it got the message and decided to take a nap. Fortunately, not yet, as again I felt myself moving in the direction of climax. When I was on the cusp, again I heard him whisper that word, “Ten.” I gave him a look as if to say “didn’t you hear me? I want to cum NOW.” Yet down he counted. “Nine, eight, seven, six, five…” The suspense was killing me and the feeling inside me was almost too much. I grabbed his butt with my hands, trying to pull him into me. I felt the muscles in his butt flexing as he resisted my tugging.

I probably would have cum before he reached zero but he started thrusting straight, missing my G-spot and keeping me hanging. Then, “four, three, two…” I began writhing in anticipation. “One…ZERO.” For a split second he paused and I was afraid I’d spontaneously combust or something. Then, like a switch turning on he started moving faster and faster, his hips bucking as he thrust quickly, dipping down and then scooping up, hitting my spot over and over. It took only a few seconds and I came. And I don’t mean I came. I mean I CAME. Like a deep roll of thunder, or a pleasure-filled bomb erupting inside me. This was the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had, hands down. All that built up pressure, all that teasing, had finally burst and it felt indescribable, like waves coarsing through me threatening to consume me. My back arched involuntarily and brought my face to meet his. We kissed briefly before I crashed back down on the bed, writhing in sensation and screaming so that I must have woken somebody in that hotel up. Then, suddenly, as my orgasm finally subsided, Brian pulled out and quickly wrapped his hand around his penis, as if squeezing it. For a moment I thought he was going to squirt all over me like in a porno or something. But soon I realized the opposite – he squeezed his penis to keep his orgasm in, in some kind of desperate move to not let our coupling end. It worked. Moments later he pulled his hand away, trying to catch his breath as his steel-hard erection stood firmer than ever.

His assault on my G-spot finally ended a little while and a few orgasms later. After that first orgasm he didn’t tease me, but simply made me cum, and cum, and cum. I think I had 5 in all but I’m not positive of the exact number.

It sounds boring to say – that night we had vaginal sex for over a half hour, on a bed, in missionary position. But it was incredible. I’ve always been able to orgasm from intercourse but never quite like that before. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. As if that wasn’t enough, we had sex again in the morning. Again he teased me, although not quite as mercilessly. I came three times that morning and spent the rest of the day walking around Florence in some kind of slightly uneasy and buckle-kneed trance. It was, in a word, awesome.

Brian and I exchanged our travel plans for the balance of that week, but unfortunately our paths didn’t cross again. He asked me if I wanted to travel together for a few days but I explained to him, as much as I’d love that, this trip had to be for me. I haven’s seen him or spoken to him since then.

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