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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 81 – Trouble on the Horizon?

A few days after we returned to school, the middle school principal called me to his office.  My first thought was that one of the boys had gotten into trouble or might have become ill or injured, so I went to his office oblivious to what this was about.  It wouldn’t stay that way for much longer. 

“A parent stopped in here last night while I was still in the office,” he began.  “It was Reece Morenus’ father and he wanted to know who his son was hanging out with when he wasn’t at school.”

My stomach flipped, because I knew this meant that Reece’s dad was out to cause problems for us.  “What did you tell him?” 

“I explained that we didn’t keep track of what our students were doing once they left the school grounds, so I wouldn’t be able to help him.  The thing is that I don’t believe he was asking so he could thank you for spending so much time with his son.” 

“I know, because Reece has mentioned that he had a problem with his dad about this before.  I’m not sure how we’re going to handle it, so I’ll have to talk this over with Reece and his mother, since she’s the one who gave her permission for him to spend so much time with us.  From what I understand, Reece’s dad is a mean alcoholic and that’s the reason Reece’s mom was eager to have her son get out of the house on the weekends.  I don’t want to do anything that might exacerbate the situation or cause it to escalate into something that becomes potentially harmful for Reece or his mom, but I have no idea what I’m going to do.” 

“I know how you must feel, because I’ve dealt with Mr. Morenus before as well.  It was at a school function that was held in the evening and he arrived intoxicated.  He was extremely belligerent and verbally attacked me about something that I wasn’t aware of, but I believed he was going to physically attack me as well.  Fortunately, there were a few male teachers and a handful of fathers who heard what was going on and they came over to back me up, otherwise I’m not sure how that situation might have turned out.”

“I hope I’m as fortunate as you were.”

When we got home, I didn’t mention my discussion with the principal to the boys, because I wanted to speak to Reece about it first.  I was hoping he might have a suggestion about how I should deal with his dad and defuse the situation before it spun out of control.  However, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to remain anonymous for much longer.  There were quite a few other students that knew Reese had been hanging around with Dakota, and there was a group of faculty members that were also aware that Reece was spending a great deal of time with us.  I imagine they also knew he was spending nearly every weekend with us as well, so Mr. Morenus might be able to find this out if he happened to confront the right individual. 

When Reece joined us the following weekend, I managed to get him alone for a brief time so we could talk privately.  I started out by telling him what the principal had told me, and then I asked what he thought it might mean. 

“I’m not sure, but my mom and dad have been arguin’ a lot about me bein’ gone so much.”

“I thought your dad didn’t know when you weren’t home.” 

“I guess he musta noticed some of it when he wasn’t drinkin’ over the holidays and then he just figured the rest of it out from there.”

“Do you think he might attempt to cause a problem for us or come after me?” 

“I’m not sure if he’ll come after you, but he might try to cause a problem.  You won’t get into any trouble, though, seein’ my mom said I could spend time with you guys.”

“That might be true, but I’m worried about more than just having a screaming match with him or even a physical altercation.” 

“You mean you’re worried about him comin’ after you with a knife or a gun?”

“Yes, that’s a possibility, although it might be a slim one.  Does he own any weapons?”

“Yeah, he used to go huntin’, so he has a shotgun and a rifle at home, but he doesn’t go huntin’ any more cuz of his drinkin’.”

“That makes sense, but if he still has those weapons then it means the possibility of that type of an attack or a confrontation is even more likely.” 

“I’ll talk to my mom about it when I go home and see what she has to say.  Maybe she’ll have an idea about how we can stop what he’s up to.”

“That would be greatly appreciated, because I’m worried about him harming one of the boys when he’s trying to get at me.  They might try to protect or defend me and then they could get injured or killed in the process.” 

“Yeah, I’m sure they’d try to help you if my dad came after you.”

“That’s what I’m most afraid of.  I don’t know what your father thinks I’ve done wrong, unless he believes that I’m trying to replace him as your dad.  You haven’t slipped up and called me that when you were at home, have you?” 

“No, I’ve been really careful and haven’t done nothin’ like that.” 

“Then I’m not sure what he’s so upset about.”

“Me neither.” 

“And I don’t want you to mention this to the other boys.  We’re not sure if anything like this is going to happen, so there’s no reason for them to get upset or start worrying about me.”

“K, I won’t say nothin’ to them then.”

We ended our discussion and didn’t lara kendi evi olan escort speak about this again for the rest of the weekend, although I was distracted during much of that time.  I kept glancing out the windows to see if I could spot anyone lurking outside, and I’d also jump whenever I heard a strange sound and immediately go on the defensive.  That’s why I nearly punched Glen when he came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, because I hadn’t heard him approaching. 

“Whoa, what’s up, Dad?  You seem awfully jumpy lately,” he said when this happened.

“Yes, you’re right.  I’ve just got something on my mind and you startled me.” 

“What’s botherin’ you?  Can I help?”

“No, it’s nothing for you or the other boys to worry about and I’ll figure it out by myself in time.” 

“Ok, but I hope you do it soon, cuz you’re not as much fun when you’re actin’ like this.” 

Even though I still showered with the boys, I didn’t let any of them sleep with me over the weekend.  I was afraid that I’d talk in my sleep and unintentionally let them know what the problem was, or I’d have a really bad dream and somehow harm one of them without meaning to.  None of them were happy about my decision and said they hoped I would work out my problem soon, because they weren’t happy when I was acting this way. 

Reece apparently talked to his mother about the situation after he got home, because he came over to speak with me about it after he and Dakota got out of the art club on Tuesday.  To prevent the other boys from overhearing our conversation, I told Dakota that I needed to chat with Reece alone and handed him the key to the SUV so he and the other boys could wait for me there. 

“I talked to my mom and she’s gonna talk to my dad about this,” he began.  “She said she’s also gonna call my grandpa and have him come and take Dad’s shotgun and rifle to his house for a while so my dad won’t be able to get his hands on them.  Then, she’s gonna tell Dad to drop what he’s up to or she’s gonna divorce him.”

“And she thinks that will make a difference?” 

“Yeah, she said she didn’t think Dad would want to go through a divorce cuz it would be embarrassin’ for him, but he’d also have to fix his own meals and do his own laundry.  She’ll also remind him that she wouldn’t be there to keep him from wanderin’ out of the house when he’s drunk and then get arrested again.  If that happened, then he’ll prob’ly get fired from his job, cuz they weren’t happy when it happened the last time.” 

“Yes, I’m sure that could be a big deterrent.”

“Even if he doesn’t get fired, he won’t have enough money to eat out all the time or be able to pay someone to do the housework for him.  That’s cuz he’d have to pay my Mom alimony and give her even more money to cover child support for me, and she said she also thinks she’d end up with the house too, because she’d have custody of me.  That’s why she’s pretty sure that he’ll stop whatever he’s been doin’.”

“I hope so, because I don’t want this to get nastier than it already is.  I just can’t figure out what his problem is.” 

“Mom told me that Dad thinks families should stick together and spend time with each other.  That doesn’t make sense to me, though, seein’ how he’s actin’ and what he’s doin’.  How can he think getting’ drunk all the time is better for our family?”

“I’m not sure, so I hope your mom’s plan works and stops this before it gets any worse.”

“Yeah, me too.”

I take it that Reece’s mother must have confronted her husband, because things seemed to calm down a bit after that, but I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder for Reece’s dad.  I was also concerned about other problems that might pop up now, since recent events have seemed to stir up my imagination.  Unfortunately, I was seeing other potential problems wherever I looked, and only a small fraction of them were caused by Reece’s dad. 

During the week, I received an unexpected call from Paul.  I was a little surprised to hear from him and wondered what he wanted. 

“Eric, I got a call from a guy I know that works at Juvy and he told me that Shawn wants to speak with you.  The guy said he didn’t know how to contact you, but since he realized we were friends he was hoping I would pass along the message.  How do you feel about getting in touch with him again?”

“I’m not sure.  Do you have any idea what Shawn wants?”

“No, other than that he wants to speak with you.” 

“How would I find out when they have visiting times at the detention center?” 

“I can help you with that.  They offer both daytime and nighttime hours for visiting the inmates, to encourage friends and relatives to visit, but not all of the boys have someone who comes to see them.  Some of the boys might go the entire time in there without anyone showing up, and I don’t think Shawn has had any visitors, other than me.”

“That’s a shame, but it might explain why those boys are in there in the first place.” 

“Yes, I suppose it might.”  Paul then explained the details that I needed to know.

“Ok, let me check and see if I can take some time off from work so I can go there and see him.  I’m doing this because I don’t want to take the boys with me, since they’re still not too fond of Shawn after what he did.  I don’t want to leave them alone either, so I’ll do it one day when I’m supposed to be working.” 

“That would probably work out best for you.”

“Yes, and I think I’ll plan to go on a day when I’m scheduled to either be at the elementary or high school, so the boys won’t realize what I’m up to.  As I said, they still haven’t forgiven Shawn and I don’t want to make matters worse, so I’ll do it on a day when one of them is involved in an after-school lara otele gelen escort activity.  The other two go to the cafeteria to do homework while they’re waiting for me to pick them up, and it will give me a little extra time to complete the trip.  I’ll call you back and let you know when I’m going to be able to do this, and then you can call Juvy and make arrangements for me to visit Shawn.”

“Ok, I’ll be happy to do that for you.”

After I hung up, I started wondering about what Shawn could possibly want, but I was left with more questions than answers.  I wasn’t ready to take him back, but I didn’t want to turn my back on him completely and figured the least I could do was to go there and hear him out.  Once I cleared my time off with the school district, I called Paul back so he could let Shawn and the administrator know when I’d be there.

I wasn’t going to be able to do it until the following week, but I think my sons still sensed that something was up.  When they asked why I was acting so strangely, I merely explained that I had a lot on my mind, although I couldn’t go into detail.  When they continued to press me about it, I told them it concerned one of the kids I was working with at one of the schools, although this was a little white lie.  It did concern another kid, except it wasn’t someone from any of the schools. 

Since they knew I wouldn’t elaborate further, they didn’t mention the matter again and things seemed to calm down a bit.  Then, after I dropped the boys off at school the following Wednesday, I drove directly into the city. 

During the lengthy drive, I couldn’t help but wonder why Shawn had asked for me to visit.  Did he merely want to apologize and say that he’d learned his lesson, or was he trying to wheedle his way back into our home?  Possibly there was something else on his mind instead, and I’d soon find out. 

When I arrived at the Juvenile Detention Center, I parked the SUV and left my phone in the glove box.  Paul had alerted me that visitors weren’t allowed to have their phones with them when meeting with an inmate and they would be taken from them while they were in the facility.  Unfortunately, on occasion the phones taken from the visitors would come up missing when that person was ready to leave, and I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I left my cell phone in the car.

As I entered the building, one of the guards patted me down for contraband, which included phones, weapons, and drugs, before I was allowed to see Shawn.  That’s when I got my next surprise. 

I was expecting Shawn to be on the other side of a protective barrier, either glass or wire, and possibly we’d have to pick up phones to chat, but that wasn’t the case.  I guess I’ve seen too many movies and television shows about prisons, but this visit was taking place in an open area with several round tables, and there were multiple visits going on at the same time. 

As soon as I was seated, Shawn was led in and he sat down across from me.  “Thanks for comin’, Eric,” he began.

“You’re welcome, but I’ll admit that I’m more than a little confused about why you wanted to speak with me.”

“Mostly it’s to say that I’m sorry for bein’ such an asshole and causin’ so many problems for you when I was there, and for wreckin’ one of your four-wheelers.”

“I appreciate that and it shows you’ve obviously matured a little while you’ve been here.” 

“Yeah, I guess, cuz I’m really sorry I made such a big fuss about the boys bein’ naked.  That was nothin’ compared to what I’ve seen and had to put up with since I’ve been here.  I’m in a group dorm and we all change in there at the same time, so I’ve seen a lot of naked boys, and we have to take group showers too.  There are about a dozen guys in the shower at the same time, so I’ve seen more dicks and bare asses in here than I ever did at your house.”

“I hope you didn’t carry on about it, like you did when you were with us.” 

“I started to complain when I first got here, but I was quickly told to shut up and get over it.”

“I’m sure you were.”

“And you might remember that I was worried about your sons tryin’ to do somethin’ to me when I was at your house, but nothin’ like that happened ‘til I got here.  The first night after lights out, I was forced to blow a couple of the older guys, and then a couple nights later a group of the guys held me down and took turns fuckin’ me.  It hurt like hell, but I’ve kinda got used to it now, cuz it’s still happenin’.” 

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I was also forced to fuck one of the younger boys.  I felt really bad about havin’ to do that, but I was told to do it or I’d pay the price, and I didn’t wanna find out what that was.  The kid didn’t seem to mind it, though, maybe cuz he’d been fucked before, and I have to admit that it felt really good doin’ it to him.” 

“I didn’t realize things were quite that bad in here.”

“Yeah, they don’t have enough guards at night, so the guard only comes around about once every hour or so.  They have one of the other boys keep watch for him while they’re doin’ this stuff so they don’t get caught.”

“I see.”

“I wish I’d been smarter and stayed with you guys, cuz that was a lot better.” 

“I wish you’d realized that when you were there.” 

“Yeah, me too.  Do you think maybe I can come back when I get out of here?  I might get released this summer.” 

“I’m not sure about that, because you weren’t very nice to the other boys and there are still some bad feelings over that.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right, but I’d like to tell them I’m sorry.”

“I’ll pass that along for you.”

“Ok and thanks.”

“I think Paul told me that when you’re released you’ll probably go back into lara rus escort foster care, so why don’t you give that a try first.”

“Aren’t you a foster parent?  Isn’t that how you got your sons?”

“No, I’m not a regular foster parent.  I just take in boys on a temporary emergency basis to help out, and yes, that is how I got my sons.” 

“So you won’t take me back?”

“Why don’t you try foster care first?  I’ll have Paul check up on you to see how you’re doing, and then he can let me know how you are making out.  If you’re doing well there and not causing any problems, then maybe I’ll consider giving you another chance.” 

“I hope so, cuz your house was great and I was such an idiot to do the things I did.  I’ll even let you and your sons fuck me, if that’s what you guys wanna do.”

“I’m not sure that will be necessary, but let’s go slowly and see how things work out first.  Ok?” 

“Yeah, I guess so.  I just hope you’ll all forgive me.”  

After we said our goodbyes and got up to leave, Shawn raced around the table and wrapped his arms around me.  At the same time I heard him say, “Please forgive me and thank you so much for coming to see me.  I’m so sorry, Eric!”

At that same moment, I heard the guard that was in the room with us yell, “No physical contact!,” as he headed in our direction.  Shawn squeezed tightly before he released me and I noticed he had tears in his eyes as he pulled away, so he obviously wasn’t as tough and hardcore as he’d pretended to be when I first met him.  I had an urge to tousle his hair, but wasn’t sure if that would be allowed either, so I merely told him to take care and stay out of trouble before I turned to leave.  As I went past the other guard as I exited the room, I turned back to see what Shawn was doing, and he was still standing by the same table and staring at me as I departed.  I gave him a little wave before going through the door, and he waved back, and then I left the building.   

Once I was in the SUV, I thought about what Shawn had said and considered the situation further as I made the long drive back home.  I hurried so I’d get to the school before the boys realized I was missing, but I still arrived a little late, although not by much.  When the boys questioned me about my tardiness, I merely told them that I got held up at school, and then we loaded into the SUV so I could take them home.

Now that we’re well into the New Year and the issue with Reece’s dad was hopefully behind us, and I’ve also met with Shawn, but there was still plenty of things a great deal ahead of us that we’d have to deal with.  First of all, the boys will be having their next birthdays from February through May: Glen’s birthday is on February 6th, Jamie’s is on April 7th, and then Dakota’s is May 8th.  We’ll also celebrate Reece’s birthday on August 3rd, but there’s much more going on than just the birthdays. 

We’ll be going on our trip to Universal Studios in late February and staying at the Universal Orlando Resort.  Then, we’ll be celebrating Easter with the Muellers in April, and Michael will be coming for another visit at the end of May.  We’ll also be celebrating the first anniversary of when the boys came to live with me in June, and then the first anniversary of our becoming a legal family in July. 

I also have to see my lawyer and make out a will, but first I need to ask Paul if he’ll do me a favor.  I’m going to leave my entire estate to be split equally among the boys, including any others I might add later.  I also want to make a special accommodation for Reece, Laine, and Caleb.  I’m not including Aaron and Brady in this because their families are better off and will be able to help their sons, but Reece’s family isn’t doing well and Laine and Caleb’s family has hit some rough times. 

I’m going to ask Paul to be the executor and the boys’ legal guardian if something should happen to me.  That way he’ll be able to handle things if they’re still minors if I should happen to pass away and can use the funds to run the household.  This would include a little something to compensate him for what he’ll be losing if he has to give up his job to do this.  He can also set aside money for their education, and this will include Reece, Laine, and Caleb as well, so no matter when it happens Paul will be here to make sure each boy gets his fair share. 

As far as the present is concerned, we’re all going to be extremely busy over the next few months, me in particular, and I hope we’ll all be very happy as well.  No matter how you look at it, the past few months have been incredible and it’s been a fantastic experience.




I know I could have written a lot more, especially if you consider the list of things I mentioned in the final paragraph, but the story is getting extremely long and possibly even rivaling War and Peace in length.  It needs to end somewhere and I felt this was as good a place as any to stop, so this will be my final post. 

If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to email me, I would love to hear from each of you to see what you thought of this story and any other comments you’d like to make.




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