Opening the Marriage Ch. 06

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[Author’s note: this is the sixth chapter in a series of indeterminate length. Karla and Richie have been married for 25 years and have two adult children. He teaches at a community college in Texas; she’s a realtor. After meeting a neighbor, Karla started reading erotica and discovered that Richie had been writing and publishing erotica of all sorts on Literotica. They’ve been pushing their boundaries since then.]

The night Al and Joanie came over was obviously memorable. Even though our bed was king-sized, it wasn’t really comfortable for four, so I grabbed Joanie and we used the guest room for the night. Al and Karla stayed where they were. Everyone slept soundly, and I slid out of bed when I smelled coffee — thank goodness I had set the timer for it the night before. Joanie looked up at me and then promptly fell back to sleep. I threw on shorts, went to the kitchen and poured a cup for myself, then made sure to put out mugs for everyone else along with utensils and the rest of that stuff. I went out on the deck in back and sat there, my head still reeling from the evening.

I had seen my wife get fucked by a cock way bigger than mine. I had sucked that cock and swallowed his cum in front of our wives. I had eaten and screwed both women. There were things that hadn’t been done; things that might yet be done, and there I was, the author of lots of stories on Literotica, and now, not only had I entered the worlds I’d formerly been imagining, but so had Karla. What did that mean for us? For our marriage? What I could see — from my limited perspective — was that we had a few choices.

We could say nothing and just go with the flow, or we could put off talking about it, or we could talk about it and be true to what we’d promised in our vows all those years ago. I gotta say, my first impulse was to say nothing, except I knew that was not an acceptable option. So we were going to be talking about it — and soon. Just as I reached that conclusion, I heard someone in the kitchen, pouring coffee.

“I’m on the deck”: I called out.

“Be right with you” came Al’s bass voice.

He appeared in shorts as well, and sat down at the table.

“Quite a night, wasn’t it?” he asked.

“That, sir, is an understatement!” I replied.

“I gather it was the first night for you guys as a couple…”

“Was it obvious?” I asked.

“No — Joanie told me before we came over. Otherwise I would never have known, since both you guys seemed really comfortable. But I wouldn’t be concerned about how it appeared to us. I’m about to offer up some advice — are you open to hearing it?”

“Given that I’ve been sitting here wondering about our future as a couple after last night, I definitely want to hear what you have to say.”

“Good. Now, I’m not saying I’m omniscient or anything, but the first thing you guys ought to do is talk. When the girls get up, I recommend that we have breakfast and then Joanie and I will head home so you can talk. And take advantage of that opening! We’ve been in this lifestyle for at least ten years, and have been the first for about a dozen couples. The ones that were able to talk about it stayed married whether or not they continued to swing. The ones that didn’t talk it over eventually split. So I’d start by asking yourselves if you are committed to staying together. I’d also recommend you be prepared to be the first to answer any question you have. With me so far?” he asked.

“I am. That was going to be my approach anyway.”

“Good — then the next part should be really easy — listen to what she has to say. JUST LISTEN! If you catch yourself preparing to respond to something, you are no longer listening. Interrupt her, right at that moment, and ask her to repeat herself and let her know you stopped listening and you’re committed to hearing her. See, it takes work to just listen — especially in conversations about sex, money or relationships. And you have two of the three on the line. You may need to get a third party involved if you find that you are arguing, by the way, and Joanie is really good at that. Better than I am, anyway.”

“Thanks, Al. The way I see it, Karla enjoyed herself last night. And I got off watching her. The biggest worry I had was how I’d feel about her with another guy — especially one with a bigger cock — and seeing how much pleasure she got from it, from you, actually, took away any concerns. Now, how she felt about me doing the things I did is something I need to know. I think we’ll be okay talking it through, but I’ll be sure you guys are kept in the loop.”

Karla and Joanie teamed up to make us all breakfast, and then Al and Joanie left, but not before extending an invitation to their next party — the following Saturday. We immediately accepted, and, of course, the minute they left we both had second thoughts. And that, of course, turned out to be funny and it broke the ice so we could talk about our night.

“Well, Richie, was it as good as you imagined? Did you enjoy seeing what a slut I can be?”

“I did. In case you ankarada yeni escortlar didn’t notice — and you might not have, since you were a bit pre-occupied — I was hard as a rock watching you. Now I need to know — did you enjoy it all?”

“Absolutely! I had more orgasms last night than I had for the past two years! I realized what I was missing, and whether you like it or not, I found out I have a slutty side that I want to explore. One that will be very happy going to their party! And now I expect you need to find out my reaction to you sucking Al’s cock, right?”

“Um, yes.”

“Well, I did have some thoughts about it. The most prominent one was how the fuck did you manage to deep throat that monster cock?”

“Part of it’s just a size difference — having a wider neck was a definite advantage. And you know what they say about bicycles, right? “

“Hunh? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Once you learn how to ride one, you never really forget. I had some experience with a guy about the same size as Al, and knowing I had that, I was able to do it again. But how did you feel about it?”

“It was amazingly hot! It says to me you’re comfortable with your sexuality, and it doesn’t have to look like everyone else. Is there anything else you plan to try?”

“I’ve enjoyed getting fucked, way back in my younger days…”

“Oooh, maybe we could try a little role reversal. I saw some of those pegging videos, and began to think of some variations I’d like to try. Of course, we’ll need to go shopping. Kind of like one of your stories about visiting an adult book store. There are a few near Austin — I checked. We should plan on that, maybe even before their party. We could put our imaginations to work for that trip.”

“What have we unleashed? You nasty slut! But I like it! Anyway, there’s more from last night. Color me insecure, but I notice I had a thought that you would discover that being with other people might be more satisfying than being with me. Is there any truth to the ‘once you go black, you never go back’ thing?”

“I mean, big is big, white or Black. So I don’t subscribe to that noise. As for leaving you — not going to happen, dude. I don’t know if it makes sense, but whether it was taking Al’s cock, or going down on Joanie, or doing anything I’ve never done — it was important to me that you were watching. I wanted you to be proud of me. Is that weird or what?”

“No, it’s not weird at all. If you want to do something, I’m all for it. I mean, the more I read as well as write, the more convinced I am that sex is a wide open space and anything goes. There are still things I think I wouldn’t do, but who’s to say that in the heat of a moment I might not change my mind? We get to find out what pleases us, individually and together, and even better, I get to write about it. Hell, you might try writing about it as well — if nothing else, you have a different point of view. Imagine if we both do the same thing but write about it and it has different effects. That could be interesting, right?”

“Yes it could. Like when we go to their party, we can both write about it, right?”

The rest of the week was a strange combination of the ordinary and the unusual. Ordinary, like preparing for the upcoming semester for me, and showing houses for Karla. Unusual as in we had a lot more sex. Including a clandestine meeting at one of Karla’s open houses, where we arrived earlier than the showing hours, fucked and sucked in almost every room, and when she opened the house to show I left to go back to the campus and my office. That house went to contract the very next day — we still wonder if our adventure had an influence there..

We also managed a trip to that Adult Bookstore — and that was a story in and of itself. But we spent a lot of time in bed, only went out that one night, and together we went through the stories I wrote and published, and began to plot this series. Eventually it was Saturday, the night of the party at Joanie and Al’s.

“Still up for going?” I asked her. “I know my biggest problem is with names. I don’t know if I’ll be able to remember everyone’s name. And I guess it will be okay if I openly check out the boobs, right? Do we have any idea of what’s going to happen?”

“Nope. Not a clue, although I suspect we’ll get naked at some point, and that’s not a problem. I suppose it’s okay to say no to people, right?”

“I suspect it is. But I guess I’m really concerned about us. Will you love me if I spend the night fucking other women?”

“Only if you promise to still love me if I get gang banged by every dick that’s there! I can’t believe I just said that — and more importantly, how wet the idea of it makes me! I want every guy there to want to fuck me and I want that to turn you on something fierce! What would that do for you, knowing your wife was the kind of slut to take on all comers?”

“Um, notice this extremely uncomfortable bulge in my pants? Does that answer your question?” I responded. She came over to me and dropped bayan escort elvankent to her knees.

Looking up at me, she began to undo my pants. “The idea of being married to a woman who is hungry for cock evidently appeals to you, eh?” At that moment my cock, as hard as it ever got, sprang free and quivered in the air. She began to stroke it lightly with one hand, and play with my balls with the other.

“Almost as much as the idea of seeing it jammed down your throat. Show me how you want to swallow my cock. Suck it, woman!” I commanded, and then groaned in delight a she did just that. Her first attempt went halfway down my aching dick. She held it there and I could feel things happening in her mouth. Then she pulled back until just the meat was in her mouth and used her tongue on the bottom of it before diving down and burying her nose in my pubes. It felt like she was milking my cock with her mouth! I wrapped my hands in her hair and held on as she did things to my dick I’d never felt before! I was ready to cum so quickly it was like being a teenager again!

“I’m going to cum. Cum down your throat. I can’t hold back! Swallow every drop! I…uunnn…” and I’m not sure one can translate the noise I made into letters. After, Karla said I “roared.” Whatever — it was amazing!

When she pulled her mouth off, I sat down hard, my pants and underpants around my knees, my naked ass smacking on the hard kitchen chair.

“Stay right there. I’ll be back.” With that she got up and went upstairs, returning shortly with a bag I’d seen in our bathroom.

“We are going to do something about that jungle! Hold still now.” And before I knew it she’d taken out a pair of barber scissors and was whacking away at my pubic hair. (When I was first learning about sex — from a book — I read that as public hair and couldn’t understand it.) I closed my eyes and trusted her.

“Okay, that was the first step. Now put your legs over the arms of the chair — there’s some fine tuning to do.” Again, I trusted, even as I felt things in areas that rarely are touched. And then I heard the buzzing and felt her using one of our electric razors. When it turned off things felt cooler, and when I opened my eyes there was no hair there and I was hard again.

“I like the way your dick looks bigger without all the hair, don’t you?” She asked. “I wonder how it feels?” and she wasted no time, pulling off her pants and panties and guiding my cock between her lower lips. It did seem to sink deeper into her — but pretty soon it wasn’t any sort of issue as we got into rhythm and came quickly. (By the way, I recommend monthly touch-up parties — we enjoy them immensely!)

Anyway, we did as Joanie suggested and packed a small bag with changes of clothes and toiletries. I simply dressed in easy-to-remove t-shirts and shorts, but Karla came out of the bedroom in a stunning wraparound dress that clearly advertised it was wrapped over nothing but her — no bra and no panty lines, just a very clingy, extremely sexy second skin that almost has me cancel going out! But bless her soul, she was primed to party so we made our way to their house. When we arrived, there were already three cars there in addition to their two. We went around back into their gated backyard, and we found Al in shorts and an apron at the grill, with a number of people around the patio in various states of undress. In a moment Joanie came rushing out of the house, wearing only bikini bottoms, her pert breasts bouncing smartly as she rushed to greet us.

“You made it! I’m so glad! Look Al, Karla and Richie are here, and if Karla isn’t the hottest woman here, then I will NOT have any anal for a month!” she squealed, hugging each of us. Given the volume level of her intro, I noticed we suddenly had an attentive audience. “I can’t wait to introduce you guys when everyone gets here. Only one more couple to go! If you’re hungry, Al’s in charge of food. I’ve got liquid refreshment inside. Help yourself and get comfortable, okay?” With that she rushed back inside to attend to something, and showing off her round butt, split by what was now revealed to be a thong. Appreciative sounds came from a couple of different sources.

Suddenly Karla looked over my shoulder and the look on her face said she was very surprised by something. I turned to look as she made her way towards a sexy woman who was just entering. There was something familiar about her….

“Monica? I never imagined….I mean, I never suspected…..oh, fuck. Who’d have imagined this? Richie, this is Monica Canota, and she taught both of the kids when they were in high school. Monica, this is Richie, my husband – the one who never made it to parent-teacher nights. And this is?” she asked, pointing to Monica’s escort.

“Well, bless my soul, Karla, if I’d have suspected we’d meet at one of these parties back when your kids were in my classes, I have no idea what that would have done! It could have been very interesting! This is my husband Tobin. He runs an accounting firm in town.” escort bayan etimesgut She turned to him. “I had Karla and Richie’s son and then their daughter in their senior years. Well, not in that way, I mean they were students of mine. That was six or seven years ago, now, am I right?”

“Seven for Tony, five for Michelle. And, in case you didn’t know, Tony was somewhat enamored of you. Called you his hot teacher.”

“Well, he was quite a hunk — under other circumstances, I might have been very tempted. But really, dear, I couldn’t hold a candle to you. I bet he still fantasizes about his hot mommy!”

“I never thought of that, but damn! I wonder….” Said my wife. We exchanged glances — and after 25 years, we managed to have entire conversations that way! I realized that I had some expectations of the evening that did not include running into someone we knew.

“Well,” I said, “I think I did see you at some school event — I though you looked familiar. I am now very sorry I skipped those sessions. Perhaps I can make up for that over the course of this evening.”

“Judging by how you’re hung, I’d be delighted to make up, down or even in and out” she said.

“God, honey, you are such a slut!” said Tobin.

“And you love it, you voyeur!” she replied.

“True. I do love it — but I don’t just watch.”

Karla took his arm and pressed her boobs into it. “No offense, Tobin. We’re first timers, and frankly, that seems like a smart way to begin. If Monica and Richie don’t mind, of course.”

There was a moment as we eye-balled one another. Monica was younger than Karla, about the same height, and I would describe her figure as lush. There was more meat on her bones than Karla, in a slightly larger package. Her blue eyes sparkled as, having done a similar evaluation of me, she apparently approved, so we drew closer. And then Joanie called for everyone’s attention.

“Hi all, we’re delighted to see everyone. As you’ve noticed, we have some new faces (and nice bodies) joining us tonight. I’m thrilled to introduce two of our neighbors, Richie and Karla. It’s their very first time at an evening like this, so be kind, be courteous, and be sure to rock their world because we want them to become regulars. Karla’s a realtor, and Richie teaches at the community college. Not only that, but he’s publishing regularly on Literotica. Anyone here fans of ndeavour? I’m not sure he’s available for autographs, but we have relived a few of his stories in the short time we’ve known him. For the benefit of our new friends, when you introduce yourself, please share one rule of our group.”

“We’d like to go first, if that’s okay” said a woman who appeared to be older than both of us. Joanie nodded. Both she and the man she was with were naked and clearly older — they not only had silver hair, they had silver pubic hair! I’d never even thought of that — might become a detail in a story! “I’m Alanna, and this is my husband Tom. And just so you know, we are both north of 70 and retired, although I’m busy with painting and Tom’s a musician. If that throws you, then you’ll miss out on lots of experience, I assure you! The first rule to remember is simple — no means no.” Both of them were in very good shape, tan all over, and it was interesting to note that all their hair was sliver. And that Tom was fairly well endowed.

Tom spoke up. “Let’s say Karla was wondering if an older guy was really more experienced and asked to find out. I almost can’t imagine ever saying no to such a gorgeous woman, but it has happened. Especially if I’ve left my Viagra home.” He waited for the laughs to subside. “Ask another time — the answer might change.”

“And be sure to keep asking until he says yes” said a tall blonde with small breasts and an all over tan. “I’m Nancy, and that hunk over there with the tattoos is my man Danny. I love him dearly, but after spending time with Tom, I made sure Danny got coaching from him. Tom — and Alanna, I’m told — are like fine wine that improves with time!” There were nods from a few heads in the room. “The next rule is simple — there’s a set of safe words that we’ve all agreed on. Red means stop. Orange means slow down. If you aren’t able to speak because something’s in your mouth, then bang three times on the nearest flesh and things will stop so you can speak. No one will have a problem — we’ve all had moments that were overwhelming. We understand.”

The next to speak was a black man who had — at some point — been an athlete. He had the physique for it. At first glance he didn’t appear super endowed — kind of blew the “all black guys are hung” myth out. “I’m Matthew, and I’m married to that slut with the big tits and great ass, Tanya. We have a home remodeling business. I guess the next rule is this: speak up. There’s nothing worse than suffering because you aren’t getting what you want. Or you are getting more than you need. And besides, who doesn’t love to hear dirty talk?”

Joanie spoke up at that point. “And know that we keep this private and confidential. You are welcome to exchange contact information with anyone and everyone. You are welcome to arrange to meet outside of these parties — just like the four of us did last weekend. And while it might go without saying, I’m going to say it anyway — be discrete if you meet any of us in public.”

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