Oops… I Did It Again Ch. 03

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Karen and I froze as mom started down the steps. We both got dressed in the nick of time, but the smell of sex was still in the air.

“Aren’t you two up a little late?” she asked as we started up the steps.

“Since when do we have a curfew? Besides, we were just watching t.v. No laws were broken” I retorted with a chuckle in my voice.

Mom stared at the two of us as we made our way to our rooms. After I was sure we were out of mom’s sight I grabbed my little sister and gave her a quick kiss good night and headed off to bed.

The next couple of days went by without incident, other than the way mom looked at us. I was beginning to think she was on to us but didn’t know how to confront either of us.

I went to work like any other normal Monday and had a jump in my step, put there by my baby sister. I was having trouble concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing because all I could think of was getting home and getting in her panties. I guess she was thinking the same thing cuz at lunch she sent me a text message that made my cock jump.

“Cum home and eat me for lunch. Moms gone 4 the day” she said

“Ill b home in 10 mins” I replied.

The ride home was a blur. I think I stopped at the red lights. I think I stopped at the stop signs. At least I hoped I did. When I got home I saw that my mom’s car was there and felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. I opened the door and called out, “anyone home?”

I walked into the living room, noone. I went upstairs and treaded lightly, not knowing what awaited me. I walked up to my sister’s room and peered in. She was laying on her bed, naked as the day she was born, playing with her tits and pussy.

“Mmm… I thought you would never get home. Get undressed and get your cock over here,” she purred as her hands moved deftly over her aroused body.

“Where’s mom? Her car is in the driveway?”

“She went out with Aunt Kathy. They went downtown for the afternoon. “

Whew!!! I got undressed as I moved towards her and by the time I reached the bed I was as naked as her. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke it and my hand replaced hers on her pussy. God, was she wet. I bent down and lapped at her wet slit as she slowly jerked me off.

“Oooohhhh…that’s fixbet it. Mmmm right there. Lick my pussy. Oooh yeah,” she moaned and cooed as I continued my assault on her pussy.

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me with as much vigor as I on her. It felt like heaven, having my sister sucking me off. She definitely was a skilled cocksucker.

We stayed in a 69 for a few minutes before I climbed off and turned around. I gave her a kiss, driving my tongue deep into her warm mouth. She moaned into mine as we tasted each other. I aimed my pole at her wet opening and slid it inside of her. We started to fuck very slowly, mainly because I wanted to hold out as long as I possibly could. She didn’t want to have any part of that. She started to scream, “fuck me harder, fuck your baby sister harder. Ohhh God, fuck me. Break me in two.”

I did as I was told. I started to fuck her with a fury that would break her in half.

We were going at it pretty good and we were lost in the heat of passion. Neither on of us heard the back door open. Mom was home and we didn’t hear her. At least not at first. I thought I heard a noise and asked, “did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” she said, still grinding underneath me.

“Shhh… someone’s downstairs” I whispered.

“You’re hearing things. Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum hard,” she begged as I slowed my pace.

I shrugged my shoulders and picked up my pace. I was close to cumming. I could feel my orgasm building and I wasn’t going to stop now. Or so I thought. Just as I was about to unload and Karen also I heard the gasp that I feared I would never hear. I turned toward the door to see our mom standing there, hand covering her mouth, trying to make sense of the sight in front of her. Her two children, naked, fucking each other with reckless abandon.

She turned and walked away without saying a word. Karen and I looked at each other, wondering what we were doing.

We got dressed and went downstairs. Mom was sitting in her chair, staring off into space. I guess being the oldest I felt I should maybe say something. But what? How do you tell your mom you actually enjoy fucking your sister?

“Mom, I can explain.” How original. She looked up at both of fixbet giriş us, took a deep breath, and told us to have a seat. Now we start to worry. Although looking back, she didn’t seem angry. And for good reason.

“Kids, I think it is time for a little talk.” Uh oh, here we go.

“What you two were doing is completely natural for consenting adults. You were consenting, weren’t you?” she asked my sister, as if I would stoop so low as to rape her.

“Yes mom, I did this of my own free will,” Karen replied.

“O.K. I was just asking. Don’t get all bent out of shape.” She paused and took a deep breath. “I guess I was waiting and wondering if this was ever going to happen to you two.” She paused again and Karen and I looked at each other quite quizzically.

“You are very beautiful people and I would rather you experimented together than with some disease infected whore or bum off the street.” We both relaxed, knowing that there wasn’t going to be a tirade that would send us scurrying for safety. But mom did drop a major bomb on us.

“My brother, your Uncle Dan, and I experimented too. In fact (sigh), we are still experimenting.”

This just about knocked us out of our seats. Mom and Uncle Dave? Fuck buddies?

“It started the summer after my sophomore year in college. I saw him masturbating one night and rather than walk away, I stood and watched. It was arousing in a strange kind of way. As I watched him stroke himself I let my fingers move under my skirt and I started to play with myself, wondering what it would be like to hold that beautiful cock. To suck that beautiful cock. To fuck that beautiful cock.”

I sat there, stunned at this revelation. I was also turned on beyond belief. So was Karen. She had reached over and was caressing my cock on the outside of my shorts. Her other hand was between her own legs, gently rubbing her now wet pussy through her panties. Mom was also busy with her hand as she relayed her story to us.

She continued with her story. “I knew it was wrong, but for some reason I wasn’t going to be happy until I had his cock inside of me. I took a deep breath and undid my skirt. I took off my panties and snuck quietly into his room.”

Mom was watching us as she was telling us her story. Watching as my sister was caressing my cock and playing with her pussy at the same time. She got this look in her eye that said this wasn’t going to be the end of it. Mom stood and proceeded to take of her pants. She sat back down and was now able to stroke her pussy without any interference from her jeans. She continued her story.

“I walked up to his bed and knelt beside him. He jumped as he heard me and tried to cover up. I put a finger up to his lips and to him to be quiet. Mmmm… I took his cock in my hand and picked up where he left off.”

Mom’s stroking got a little more intense, as did my sister’s. On both of us. We were all pretty worked up when mom stopped and looked at Karen. “Take out your brother’s cock for me. I want to see what you have been able to fuck behind your mother’s back.”

Karen reached into my boxer’s and fished out my cock. Her hand felt so good wrapped around it. I can’t believe I didn’t cum on the spot.

“Mmm..my, my, my. Look at that beautiful cock. No wonder you can’t keep your pants on,” mom said as Karen jerked me off. “Now my two sweet things. Doesn’t it fell good knowing that you don’t have to sneak around anymore?”

We both nodded in agreement. Hell, I would have done just about anything at this time. I still hadn’t cum from before and I had a huge load building. I figured, if mom was going to let us, and if she was going to watch us, let’s put on a show for her.

I told Karen to stop jerking me off. “Take off your panties,” I said rather sternly. She did as I told her. I laid her on her back and slid my cock into her hot, wanting pussy.

“Oooohhhh yeah, fuck her. Fuck your little sister.” Mom panted. I obeyed her. I wasn’t one to disobey my mother.

I was ramming hard into Karen while mom had her fingers busily working her own little oven. I was close to cumming and now the decision. Where to deposit my spunk.

“I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming,” I grunted as her pussy walls grabbed hold of my cock and wasn’t going to let go for nothing.

“Cum in your little sister’s pussy. That’s it. Cum for mommy. Cum with mommy.”

I heard those words and let loose with what had to be about fifteen ropes of cum. I kept pumping as my and mom’s orgasm’s subsided. Karen was on the verge so I stayed inside her. She came moments later. I bent down and gave her a sweet kiss. Mom just smiled, got up and put her pants on.

“O.K. , who wants pizza?”

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