Ooo, Daddy

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(Authors note: This is a departure from anything I have submitted before. When my story, “Kelly and Me,” was published, I got an email from a reader who asked if I would like to engage in a correspondence with her, playing her Daddy. I did, and it was a remarkable experience. The following is the result of our exchange. Half the dialogue is mine, half is hers. I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun. I hope you enjoy it. As always, anyone who is engaged in any kind of sexual activity is over 18.)

I threw another log on the campfire, sending a shower of sparks into the warm night sky. My baby girl and I, for the first time, were spending a whole night together, away from Mommy, away from Lizzie, away from everyone. Actually, she isn’t a child anymore; she’s over eighteen and, although she’s got a woman’s body, she’ll always be my sweet baby girl.

The glow from the fire shone on our faces, as we sat and stared into the flames. She snuggled up to me and I put my arm around her shoulder, cupping her breast in my hand. I leaned down and kissed her soft, full lips.

“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, princess.”

We shared what was left of our bottle of dinner wine, and I saw that she was lost in some inner space.

“What are you thinking about, sweetie?”

“Oh, I’m just thinking about the first times we, you know, did stuff with each other.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“I saw you coming out of the shower that day, Daddy – you looked so big and strong and sexy…I could see you had something happening under your towel, too, and I tried not to stare. I wondered what it would be like if one day we took a shower together…”

“I remember our first shower together.”

Daddy came in the bathroom to pee, while you were in the shower. The doors are frosted glass, so all I could see was your outline. You were bending over, washing your legs, so your breasts were dangling invitingly.

I could see your pretty pink panties with the lace on them sitting on top of the hamper. I picked them up and held them to my face, while I let a stream go into the toilet. I noticed that they were wet and had a sweet, musky odor. While I sniffed them, my penis started to swell, and I had trouble finishing taking my piss. I opened the shower door and climbed in behind my baby girl.

“Ooo, Daddy, what are you doing in here?”

“Daddy thought he’d wash your back for you, sweetie.”

“Oh, Daddy, your hands feel so good on my back….Ooo, Daddy, your hands feel so good on my butt. Oh, I like you washing my butt crack….Ahh, that feels good when your finger tickles around my rosebud….Your hands feel soo good on my thighs….OH Daddy! You can feel the backside of my pussy from there.”

“Lean back on me, sweetie, let Daddy reach around you and wash your front.”

“What’s that poking against my butt, Daddy?”

“That’s Daddy’s cock, sweetie. Let me just soap up your tummy.”

“That really feels good, Daddy…Ooo, you’ve got one of my boobs in each hand…OH… AH… yes, yes… do my nipples some more… AHHHHHH…oh, Daddy, I came a little bit…”

“Spread your legs a little bit, sweetheart, so Daddy can get your pussy nice and clean.”

“Ohh, Daddy, my pussy gets all tingly when you soap it up like that….spread it open so you can get the inside…. Oh DADDY, your finger is inside my little cunny. Oh, I’m soo wet in there… wash my clitty a little bit… oh yes, yes… wash it faster, Daddy…faster faster…Oh, I’m gonna cum, Daddy… I’m gonna cuuuuuum… OOOOO…AHHHHHH…ahhhhhhh…mmmmmm…. Oh Daddy, that was sooo good, so good…”

“Turn around and kiss your Daddy, sweet baby.”

“Oh Daddy, your great big hard cock is poking me right in the belly.”

“Maybe you’d like to tell Daddy how you washed my body?”


I turn around and hug you, Daddy – you hold me tight, and you can still feel my body shaking a little from the orgasm I just had. My knees are still shaking a little, and you hold me and kiss me for a few seconds. Your body is warm and wet, and we slip against each other, my glistening breasts sliding and mashing against your firm chest, your cock rubbing against my tummy. I can feel how aroused you still are, Daddy – your hands quickly side down my back to my ass again, grabbing me, squeezing big handfuls of my butt hard, owning me.

My hands start to slide around your body…I grab the soap, and massage it all over you, lathering you up in the shower, running my hands all over your back, your chest, your tummy, your butt, thighs…saving the best for last.

I slide my hands up to your rigid cock, gently washing you, massaging your dick….I let the soap wash off, then I stare into your eyes as I drop to my knees in the shower, squinting a little as the water gets in my face a bit.

I start to lick you, my tongue swiping your cock in big, broad strokes, wiping the water off you, then I open my mouth wide and take as much of you into gaziantep rus escort my mouth as I can, moaning while your hips thrust forward to push more into me. I choke a little on your dick…I can’t get the whole thing in.

I start to rub my pussy again, gently, it’s still sensitive – massaging the sides of my clit softly as I wrap my warm, wet mouth around your hard cock.

You grab my head…you can’t help yourself, and push deeper, making me gag as you hit the back of my throat… “Daddy, that’s not nice!” I stare at you reproachfully – you know I’m just teasing you.

“Daddy, let me get something really quick,” I tell you. You let me hop out of the shower. I rummage around in the cupboard for a second but also grab a towel – you can’t tell what I’m doing.

You hear the door open.

“Baby, where are you going?” you ask.

I giggle. “Oh, I’m done in the shower, Daddy – I’m going to my room, now. See you later!” and I laugh as I run down the hallway.”

I hoped you’d chase me down.


I chased you into your bedroom. Daddy’s cock was soft and you thought it looked funny flopping around. I caught your naked little body around the waist, threw you on the bed and started tickling you.

I started kissing you again. While kissing, I fondled your breasts. There’s something special about teenage tits; so young, and so firm, so new.

I cupped my hands under them and lifted them up, feeling their shape and their weight. I caressed them first with light strokes, just using my fingertips, then a gentle massage all around, tops, sides, bottoms, carefully avoiding your nipples.

Daddy’s mouth moved from your lips, down your throat, across your chest, until I got to your breasts. You held my head in your hands, as my lips and my tongue moved over your beautiful orbs. I took the tip of my tongue and circled it around each nipple, watching them swell and harden. Drawing one, then the other, into my mouth, I suckled, flicking my tongue across the swollen tips.

Your breath was coming in ragged gasps. I could feel your body start to quiver, and my hand cupped your sex. I sucked harder and slipped one finger into your cunt, just as your first orgasm sped through your body.

” ‘Daddy! Oh Daddy Daddy….oh God….oh Daddy, that felt so good. ” “That was a little one, baby girl, they get better from here.”

My mouth moved lower down on your body, kissing, licking, nipping with my lips. You squealed when my tongue tickled your navel. I kissed my way across your mound, and licked that little crease between your lips and your thighs. You drew your knees up and spread your legs wide.

Daddy kept teasing you with my mouth, kissing your creamy inner thigh, across your naked mound, and down the other side. My lips caressed each of your puffy lips, now swollen and pink. When my tongue found your slit, your clitoris and minora peeked out.

I spread your lips apart, and gazed at your beautiful teenaged pussy. Your inner lips were quivering, like rose petals in a light breeze. I opened you up and looked into your tight little vagina, that was secreting a milky white fluid.

Your odor drove Daddy crazy, and I had to taste your musky sweet nectar. I licked, kissed, and sucked, drawing each of your pink lips into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue.

” Oh God, Daddy, that feels soo good. I can’t believe how good that feels.”

I drove my tongue as far as it would go into your vagina, and ran it around and around, touching all sides of your slippery wet walls. I have a clit fetish, and the tip of your little pearl was just peeking out from its hiding place.

Sliding your hood back, I exposed your entire glans. I ran my tongue in little circles around it, then flicked it back and forth. You were mewling and writhing around.

Crooking my finger, I slipped it into your pussy, massaging your G-spot. While still working with my finger, I sucked your entire clit into my mouth.

You arched her back, raised your hips, and fisting your hands in my hair, pushed your cunt into my face as hard as it would go.

“Oh…Oh…Daddy…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cuuuuum, Daddy….OHHHHH….ahhhhhh….mmmmmmm. Oh God, that was so good.”

“Tell Daddy how it felt when we fucked the first time.”


Daddy…when you fucked me the first time…

I remember waking up on the weekend and the house was really quiet. I was up in my bedroom, and it was already bright and sunny outside – you had let me sleep in because it was my birthday and school was out anyway. You were sitting on the side of my bed, watching me wake up.”

” Sleep well, princess? “

“Yes, Daddy, where is everyone?”

“Mommy went to do some shopping and took your sisters with her. Happy birthday, baby girl!”

I giggled. “Oh that’s right, thanks, Daddy. I guess it is my birthday.”

You started to massage my gaziantep swinger escort calf through the sheet. I thought it seemed a little strange, but I didn’t mind, because it felt good. I was just wearing a t-shirt in bed, and you were wearing a robe.

I remember I was really sleepy and it took me a while to wake up.

You were just petting me softly for a while, and I liked that. After you had rubbed my legs for a while you sat closer to me and started to massage my hair, and I’ve always loved it when you do that. You almost put me back to sleep, but I was starting to get excited, because you had been hinting for a while that we might do something special this birthday, and with everyone gone, it looked like it might happen.

Your hands felt so warm and gentle rubbing my head and playing with my hair. I fought to open my eyes back up and smile at you, sighing with satisfaction.

When I did, I was a little surprised, because you were starting to take off your robe. You had it off your shoulders and down around your waist, and you were just undoing the belt. I lifted up my head and watched with wide eyes as you opened up the front and I saw your cock. I stared at it for a little while as you kept petting me…it made me a little nervous but really excited.

It was mostly full, but it was still getting harder and standing up. “Daddy…wow” I giggled.

You smiled at me.

While I was staring at you, you slowly pulled the sheet down around my waist. You didn’t leave me naked, but you got to the bottom of my t-shirt. You slid your hands up under my t-shirt, rubbing my tummy. I remember it made me feel crazy…I was getting butterflies, and I could fell myself getting slippery between my thighs.

You bent down and started kissing my tummy….I moaned and arched my back as your tongue and lips brushed against my skin, feeling you touch me like that…you slid my shirt up so it was bunched around my chest, just covering my nipples, and you gradually moved up until you were kissing the undersides of my breasts. It felt soooooo good, Daddy.

I whimpered when you lifted my shirt higher with your teeth and started sucking gently on my puffy little nipples. Your mouth was so warm and soft and wet…I had never thought you could make me feel like that, Daddy, it was like electricity going through me, and I was starting to gasp and rock my hips. I wasn’t even really sure what I was doing, but my hips just felt like they needed to move, Daddy. You started to lift my shirt up, and I helped you get it up over my head.

You were kissing my breasts again, then, and I would have let you do that all morning, it felt so good, going back and forth, sucking them gently…my hands were grabbing the sheets, and then you took my hand and put it on your chest. I liked that; I started rubbing your chest and back while you played with my boobs.

I was getting so turned on…you started to slide your hand down my tummy while you kept kissing me, and I desperately hoped you’d touch my pussy, it needed to be touched so bad. I kicked off the sheet and opened up my legs for you as your hand got closer, but you teased me a bit, first touching my tummy, then my legs, inside my thighs, then just brushing the outside of my mound. I was trying to hump your hand when you finally touched me, and you only had to rub my little clit a couple times before I started to cum. My legs started to shake, and wailed with little pouty sounds when I felt myself cumming, my hips shoving themselves at you.

You kissed me full on the lips, deeply, coiling your tongue around mine…I loved that.

You started to kiss back down my neck…my chest…my tummy…Oh my gosh, I realized you were probably going to kiss my pussy, and it kind of scared me – I was really self-conscious and worried I’d taste bad. I kind of squeezed my legs together, even though I was moaning and panting really hard, but you gently took hold of my knees and opened them up. I remember blushing as you stared at my little pussy for a while, feeling your hot breath on my wet, puffy lips.

Then you put your mouth on me….oh gosh, Daddy, it was like I was in heaven. It really felt like my pussy was melting, and it probably was, kind of, I was getting so wet. Your tongue sliding all over my pussy and my clit felt so much better than my fingers ever had. I remember trying to tell you it felt good but not even being able to make words with my mouth, just making sounds.

“OhhhOH Da…MMM….Daddy Ye..Yeah….Ohh…..”

I was spreading my legs, pushing my vagina against your tongue, begging you to keep going….and you did, for sure. I came again when you started gently sucking my clit, feeling myself swell between your lips, it was just too much for me. I was getting kind of noisy – good thing no one else was home, Daddy.

After I came you left my clit alone for a second, which was good, because I was sensitive. You spread my legs wide gaziantep travesti escort open and you started to push your tongue into my pussy. I was just breathing and feeling you; I had put my finger inside before, but it was very strange to feel someone else entering me like that. I got a little twinge when you kept pushing deeper, stretching me slightly, pulsing against my unused opening…it made me a little nervous again. It felt good, though, the way your tongue was pushing in and out a little, but your cock is a lot bigger than your tongue, Daddy.

You moved up a little…straddled me. I saw your cock down there, Daddy, ready for me, all big and red and hard, with a little cum on the tip…I really wanted it, but I was a little scared. You leaned down to kiss me, and I giggled when I saw my pussy juice all over your cheeks, and I wiped it off and kissed you. I broke off and gasped when I felt your big dick bump against my pussy, but you whispered in my ear not to worry, and you just started rubbing it up and down my slit, sliding in my wetness, gliding against my clit. We kissed again, and I started to hump you back gently as you rubbed my pussy with your dick.

Then I felt you stop…you slowly pulled back, Daddy, and you lowered your hips…you pushed your way between my tight, puffy little lips, and your cock head felt really big. I was holding my breath, my mouth and eyes wide open as I felt you get deeper…deeper…then you stopped, right where I was holding you back, and you told me to breathe, princess, and smiled at me. I panted for a few seconds…you could tell I was scared, probably being a little too dramatic, and you whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry, baby girl, this will only hurt for a second, I promise.”

Then you pushed again, harder, and it did hurt…I could feel myself stretching a little bit, a little more as you strained into me, then I squealed a little when I felt a little stab of pain and you suddenly pushed deeper. It was so crazy, Daddy, feeling you moving deeper and deeper inside me, having someone else but especially you fill up my pussy with your body. Your cock felt so warm and hard in me, and it was sore but it really felt right to have you on top of me and sinking into my tight pussy. You kept going, slowly, inching your way up my vagina, until I felt you sort of poke me inside (now I know you were hitting my cervix, Daddy).

I grunted a little, and you backed up, then pushed in again…I felt silly, but it made me grunt each time. You kept pushing deeper and deeper until you were all the way in, making me stretch to fit you. I could feel your body starting to squish my clit again, and that made it all feel a lot better, because I was cramping inside a tiny bit and it felt like a burning ring where my pussy was spread around your cock. You held yourself there while I panted and adjusted a bit, kissing me, telling me you loved me…my nails were dug into your back, I remember that, Daddy.

Then you started to pump me, slowly pulling out, making me wince and gasp a little, then pushing back in, and I would grunt and moan when you pushed against my cervix and my clit. I felt so small under you, Daddy, and you were so big and powerful – I liked that a lot.”

You could tell how I liked it when you rubbed my clit with your pubic bone, and you started to grind against me a little harder, and you were going to make me cum again soon. I could tell you were feeling something powerful, too, Daddy, because you were starting to move a little harder, still holding back a little for me but not much as you made my little body shake, stuffing me full of your cock with each thrust. You were breathing harder, and I was whimpering and grunting through my nose as I could feel myself getting hotter down there, my pussy getting ready to cum again, and then I did, and I told you…

“Oh Daddy, Daddy, I’m gonna….I’m…I’m gonna cum, oh, ohh…Oh, nggggggAHHHH!”

And then, Daddy, when my hips started to buck under you and my body was shaking from my orgasm, you fucked me just two or three more times, deep and hard, then you pushed really deep into me, deeper than before, and I felt your big penis start to pulse in me, and I felt a sort of whooshing feeling where my pussy was squeezing you…you were making me all warm and wet inside, Daddy, as you squirted big, hard, squirts of cum right up into me. You held me tight as we came together and you delivered your cum into my little pussy, my first cum. It was a lot, Daddy – I know because I had to change my underwear a couple times that day because it kept running out.

You petted me and kissed me for a while, Daddy, and I felt all glowy, like I always do now when we have fun together.

That’s what I remember of the first time.


Daddy will always remember our wonderful camping trip. I get a big smile on my face and all tingly in my groin, just thinking about it.

The place we were going was about an hour away from our house, so we packed up the pick-up truck with all our gear the night before. We filled a big thermos full of coffee, and were on the road by six in the morning. As soon as we were around the corner and out of sight, you scooched over on the seat and cuddled up next to me. I leaned over and gave you a quick kiss; I wanted to kiss you longer, but I needed to keep my eye on the road.

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