Online Chat to Romantic Sex Pt. 02

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Hello. I am Deepak and these are my experiences in life and this is part 2 of the series. To read the first part, simply click on my ID in blue here and read Online chat to Romantic sex. I thought of narrating the same for our mutual pleasure. I will be talking of my real life sex experiences. I will not take the real names of any of my partners and will neither reveal the same. So please don’t ask me the same.

Thanks for the response for my first story. I am looking forward to hear your comments on this story as well. I do travel a lot in India, Europe and Middle East.

If you like my story, please put a 5 star at the end of the story as an appreciation. It will mean a lot.

So Let’s begin.

This story is about my first real life experience, how I met the first female of my life in an online chat room, which paved way into real meetings and my first sexual experience. This happened while I was 22, ten years ago. I am 6 feet plus tall, athletic bodied, fair, well endowed and in my early thirties now. My life has taught me that external appearances doesn’t matter much, as I have found top sexual experiences from partner of all colors, height and appearance. I am well educated as well.


After the tired nap, Hema [Let’s call her that name] woke up first and I woke up to her kisses. She kissed my lips and when I woke up, I opened my mouth and our tongues intertwined. She said she needs to take a bath and left to the bathroom. I laid down on the bed and it appeared to my naughty mind to get in the bathroom with her. I went to the bathroom door and slowly pushed it to see if its closed. She didn’t bolt the door and it opened.

Hema saw me and she was fully nude and was under the shower. She in surprise tried to cover her boobs and pussy and complained naughtily. “No.No.No. Let me finish my bath,” She said.

I moved forward and took her completely in my arms, hugging her nude body. My body got drenched in the shower and our bodies pressed into each other. My palms massaged her big ass cheeks and squeezed them. Her big nude boobs pressed into my chest as she put her arms around me, hugging me to her. The water kept pouring from the shower and flowed down our bodies, exciting us more. We kissed with the watery sensations over our bodies.

My cock was hard by then and I rubbed my cock into her vaginal area and then slowly bend my knees to position my cock between her thighs and on to her pussy lips. The wetness of my hard cock made it easier and I rubbed cock onto her pussy lips, as she moaned and pressed her fingers into my hair. yenibosna escort I held her by her hips and ass and started rubbing my cock on her pussy lips. I could feel her pussy lips and my cock head rubbing each other and after a few strokes, she slowly opened her thighs by keeping her one leg onto the Pipes.

I took it as an invitation to go in her and slowly tried to insert my cock head into her wet pussy. I held her ass cheeks and held her hips in place as her arms went around my neck . My cock entered her wet pussy in one full push and I was deep in her. A deep moan escaped her mouth. I kept moving in and out of her pussy as I squeezed her big ass. Our bodies whenever pressed to each other made slapping sounds. I took my cock out till my cock head and rammed it back into her every time. I moved my one palm into her clits and began to rub her as my cock went in and out in her wet pussy. We both were moaning loud and looked into each others eyes.

After a while she asked me to stop and turned around to bring her large wet ass cheeks into view. I slowly massaged her ass cheeks and spread them and pushed my hardness into her pussy and started to bang. My fingers gripped her hips as my cock went deep in her. My one palm massaged her tummy. I moved my palm further forward and massaged her breasts and nipples, one at a time , as my abdomen splashed into her big ass with my cock deep in her.

She slowly stood up in a 45 degree angle with my cock deep in her. This made it easier for me as my palms groped her both boobs from behind. My bare broad chest rubbed her back as I kissed her neck while fucking her. “My honey,” She moaned. I massaged her boobs with her nipples between my fingers and pushed in her with all my power. This was such a nice position to make love as we could feel each others body rubbing and pressing against each other.

I lowered my one palm to her pussy lips and began rubbing her clits as I pounded her pussy. The rubbing made her hornier and she said to keep it up as she is getting close to cum. Hearing this I moved faster and harder in her pussy and rubbed her clits faster. “I am cumming,” She groaned. I kept rubbing her clits and fucked her fast and deep all through her orgasm. She tightened her pussy when she came and pinched me on my arms as she came. “I love you honey. That was very nice,” She said.

I was still hard and deep in her pussy.

“Someone is so hard. I would love to go another round but now I need to suck him and taste your cum and drink it,” Hema said.

That zeytinburnu escort was very erotic and I felt my cock twitch in anticipation. She moved forward and that slipped my cock out of her pussy. My cock was vibrating a bit and Hema looked at it as she lowered her face to my cock level. She slowly licked my cock head with her tongue and I moaned. Hema looked up and smiled as she took my cock head into her mouth and sucked . Her both lips slowly brushed along my cock head , up and down as her tongue moved along the underneath of my cock. She placed her palm over my hard 8 inch cock and started pumping it slowly. Her other palm rubbed my balls as my entire cock is now wrapped with her mouth and palms.

She began sucking me and kept taking more of my cock into her mouth. I held her by her hair as she took my cock in and out of her mouth. It felt so nice and she gave me some of the best blowjobs in my life. With every suck , she took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth . Finally she took my full 8 inch into her mouth somehow and started sucking faster and deeper. The deep sucking continued for a few minutes and I was feeling so horny and wanted to cum. My balls were tight and full of cum. She then took my cock out of her mouth and started sucking and licking my balls. She took my balls into her mouth and sucked them.

After licking and kissing my balls , her lips and tongue moved along my cock length, kissing and licking every inch of my cock. She took my cock back into her mouth and started to suck me deep and hard. I was so close to cum by now and wanted to explode. I told her I will cum soon and she smiled and showed actions with her palm to cum in her mouth. She continued her sucking and licking of my cock as I erupted in her mouth. I held her head and pressed her head fully into me as I came. My cum flowed into her mouth and I was in total ecstasy.

After a few moments, she slowly sucked my semi hard cock again looking into my eyes. I lifted her up from the floor and we kissed. After the kiss she told me she couldnt taste my cum as I sprayed the shots into her throat. Next time when I cum she told she will take it on her tongue to taste. She said I came a lot and she had a good lunch already. I smiled and kissed her soft lips.

We were still nude and I wanted to return what she gave me. I broke the kiss and began going down her body kissing her nipples, tummy, navel and upper vagina. I lifted her thighs and kept her legs up exposing her wet pussy.

“Honey, I just came. You don’t mecidiyeköy escort have to do this,” She said.

I smiled and sat down beneath her exposed pussy. Her ass was pointed in a 45 degree angle to me and that became one of my favourite positions to eat pussy. My palms massaged her ass cheeks as I pressed my lips without any delay into her exposed pussy. She groaned and held my head. I moved my tongue along her pussy opening and sucked her pussy lips. My palms massaged her big ass cheeks as I sucked her outer pussy lips. I took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked them making her moan.

I took my one palm off her ass and pushed my finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck her as I sucked her clits. I could feel her wetness on my finger and I inserted two fingers into her pussy. Her pink inner side looked nice. I kept sucking her clits and moved the tip of my tongue on her clits to excite her even more. I made a lot of random movements on her clits with my tongue which excited her.

“Suck me more. Faster. Yeah finger like that there,” Hema said.

Her palms pressed my head onto her. I moved my fingers out of her and pushed my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. I placed my one finger on her clits and rubbed her fast. I could taste her wetness on my tongue and I kept moving faster and deeper in her. I wished for a longer tongue to go even deeper. After a few minutes she groaned that she will cum soon. I moved my tongue deeper and faster in her hearing this and moved my fingers on her clits. In a few moments hear breaths began growing higher and faster and her orgasm arrived and she exploded on my face. She pressed my head and I kept moving my tongue in her all along her explosion. I could feel her wetness over my face and her orgasm slowly fading away. Her breaths slowly faded as I kissed all over her pussy.

She kept her palms on both sides of my face and we kissed. There were some remains of her wetness and cum and we kissed through that. We hugged each other and turned on the shower and bathed while kissing. She smiled and kissed me one final time before going out of the bathroom. In a few minutes joined her. She had ordered lunch for me and nothing much for her. She said she doesn’t feel hungry due to the cum she drank. I laughed and told not to joke and ordered her more food. But she didn’t eat much and I had to eat that too. She told me that what you eat will come back to me mischievously.

We watched a movie on TV and talked and planned to go out in the evening and also for a movie the following day. All that and more in upcoming stories.


I hope you liked this experience of mine. Do put a 5 star rating and I would like to hear your comments and opinions here in comments or you can message me by clicking the blue ID of mine and sending a message here. Who knows what we will find.

Have a great day and hope you came [Smiles].

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32