One White Rose Ch. 02

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(Thanks again to Frontma; editor extraordinaire)

(*Even if we knew what we wanted we’d still be unsatisfied*)

Roxanne Ferrier carefully took the last few steps to the front door of her house. She’d memorized the approach carefully all day long, including several tries blindfolded. Her whole body felt electric and was even more on edge now that the doorbell rang. It was time; it was her last opportunity to end this crazy turn her life had taken at the wedding so few weeks earlier.

Only when she’d fully opened the door did it occur to her that if this wasn’t her gentleman caller, this would be highly humiliating. For several seconds nothing was said.

“Hello,” Roxanne said cautiously.

“I must say that you look stunning, Roxanne,” the man’s voice finally rang out.

Roxanne certainly hoped she’d get some kind of positive reaction. She was in four-inch red heels, sheer red thigh-high stockings, a red G-string, and a gossamer full-length red robe that concealed nothing. Having opened the door to a total stranger would have been highly embarrassing indeed.

“Move back five steps,” he instructed her in that deep, throaty voice. Roxanne carefully complied. She was still getting used to walking in heels this high. As she took that last step she heard something heavy drop to the ground inside the door and then the door shut. She didn’t sense him draw close until she felt his hands part her robe and his breathe upon her left nipple.

He kissed it tenderly, then gently wrapped the tip of the nipple with his lips. Roxanne felt her body respond reflexively and a low moan escaped her lips. Dragging it out, he slowly pulled more of her aroused nipple into his mouth until he began flicking his tongue over the tip. Roxanne blindly reached out with both hands to pull his head in tighter to her bosom.

“No,” he commanded her. She imagined him standing over her as he pressed her arms to her side. “I need a large carpeted room,” he informed her next.

“To the left,” Roxanne indicated with her head. Roxanne started to go that way when the man suddenly swept her up in his arms and carried her in that direction.

Roxanne nestled her face into his neck and inhaled his scent. This mystery man smelt masculine with a hint of cologne and something she wanted desperately to become familiar with. She even realized how crazy that sounded but she was past caring. The man set her back on her feet and ran his hands over her throat and shoulders.

“I love the robe but I think we’ll have time for that later. Right now, I have a surprise planned for you tonight,” he told her.

“What is it?” she wished out loud. He responded by turning her slightly and swatting her bottom. “Ow,” she gasped lightly; the smack was playful, not meant to harm.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you about it,” he scolded her, then slid her dressing gown to the ground. He kissed Roxanne on her stomach and thigh as he reached down to put it somewhere else. Next he turned her around and began binding her hands behind her back. Finally, he began fooling around with her blindfold. She realized he was putting a second mask (a sleeping mask?) on top and then using hairpins to keep it in place.

The man moved a few pieces of furniture, then pulled Roxanne to the center of the room and had her bend over and spread her legs.

“Are you looking forward to this?” he whispered into her ear. Without knowing what it was, Roxanne nodded. He responded by pulling her G-string down and tossed it aside.

“Tell me you want this,” he asked.

“I … yes,” she murmured.

“Tell me,” he repeated. “Tell me how much you want this.”

“I want this; I really want this night to work,” she replied with urgency. The man kissed her deeply on the lips, their tongues dancing back and forth, and he drank deeply from her passion.

Before moving away he caressed her right tit, pinching the nipple and bouncing its small mass in his hand. In the past she’d always worried about her breasts being too small but since her lover had entered her life, she’d begun seeing them as a perfect complement to her lithe form. With the attention he lavished on her breasts, she really got the feeling he loved every bit of them too.

He guided her into a kneeling position, then she heard him moving off, and after a few more seconds she heard the sound of door opening. For a moment she had a doubt – a fear that he was leaving again. It took another second for her to realize the door hadn’t shut and that the cool night air was entering her home. Roxanne didn’t know what to make of that until she heard a van’s sliding door open and several voices. All the voices were in whispers with some hushed laughter.

As she heard the first person’s shoes resonate off the hardwood floor, the man spoke.

“Remember, don’t talk too much and no names,” he cautioned the newcomer. Roxanne’s heart started thundering in her temples as her fear of being manhandled by a number of total strangers overtook bahçelievler escort her. This was more than she had bargained for.

She found herself trembling and her lips opened to plead for this to end; her fear began to overwhelm her.

“Trust me,” the man surprised her, as he breathed onto her ear. “I’ll be right here.” Roxanne gulped and nodded her head.

The next sound she heard was clothes being removed. Roxanne’s ears strained to hear what was happening around her, catching the sounds of feet moving across the carpet toward her before the person’s knee brushed against her own as that person knelt down. She shivered once, then nearly jolted backwards when she felt a hand press against her left breast.

“Oh, nice,” the new voice said. It was a woman’s and very familiar. As Roxanne tried to place it, she noted the hand on her was tipped with well-manicured long nails. The female stranger’s other hand playfully slapped her other nipple, causing Roxanne to moan with pleasure. That same hand worked its way down between her extended legs, lingering a moment at her belly button.

“God, you are so slick,” the woman giggled as she ran a finger along Roxanne’s slit.

‘Oh, hell,’ Roxanne thought. She knew that voice and it belonged to Kimberly Wong, one of her workers. Roxanne felt betrayed and humiliated. Tears began to soak into her blindfold and she sobbed slightly.

“Horny little slut, aren’t you?” Kimberly teased. Despite herself, Roxanne found herself nodding. About that time she heard a second person undressing. Kimberly began rubbing her outer cunt lips as the second person came close. This time, she felt the heat of the person at her side, then rough man hands touched her stomach and waist.

“She’s a tight little thing,” the second person said. It was another person who worked under her at the office, Roger. She couldn’t stop another shudder passing through her frame. Before long, Roger’s hands began rubbing against her ass and competing for attention around her cunt.

“Hey,” Kimberly chuckled, “I was here first.”

“Sorry,” Roger laughed. “I will find some other part to play with.” To emphasize the point, he cupped her ass, then slapped it hard. His hand on the front brushed up her stomach to her right breast and began mauling it. Being abused by her two employees was becoming too much for Roxanne. She felt herself on the verge of calling out to her mystery lover but hesitated out of the fear that all of this might be an elaborate trap for her.

A third person was now undressing and a real dread was building up inside her.

“Someone help me get under her,” Kimberly asked. Roxanne could feel Kimberly fumbling between her legs but couldn’t seem to get it right. As Kimberly sidled up against Roxanne’s thigh, she felt the silk on Kimberly’s face – she was blindfolded too, and if she was, Roger probably was also!

‘They didn’t know who they were fucking’ Roxanne thought gleefully. Her next tears were tears of joy. They were having an office affair with her and had no idea; how deliciously erotic. The third person moved up to her left side, opposite Roger. His hands reached out to her head and turned her face toward him.

While one hand held her head in place the other sought out her lips and rubbed his fingers along them, slowly forcing them open.

“Stay just like that,” the third person ordered Roxanne. It was Sandy, the worker whose wedding had started her whole relationship with her mystery lover going. Something pushed against her parted lips – his cock. He pushed it forward and she began taking it into her mouth, licking and creating suction with her lips.

“Oh, fuck,” Sandy exhaled.

“What’s going on?” Sandy’s wife Julie called out. “Don’t get carried away, guys. I want some of the fun too.” There was the sound of clothes being hastily shed, then another body was radiating heat next to her.

A feminine hand reached out and touched Roxanne’s breasts, one conflicting with Roger’s, but Roger gave way and began concentrating on Roxanne’s back and ass. His lips on the back of her neck caused her body to undulate. For several minutes it went on like this, with Julie alternating between suckling on her breasts and kissing her when Sandy wasn’t making her suck his cock.

Kimberly was making serious progress on bringing Roxanne to orgasm all on her own, giving real credence to the rumors that Kimberly was a lesbian; she was so damn good at eating Roxanne out. Roxanne was successfully fighting off that orgasm until Roger stuck a finger against her anus.

“Aaahhh …” Roxanne screamed around Sandy’s cock.

“Did she just cum?” Sandy joked.

“Damn straight she did,” Kimberly answered, licking her lips. What followed was some kissing, licking noises, and Kimberly purring.

“Thanks,” Kimberly smirked. “I needed my face cleaned off.”

“No problem,” the mystery man answered happily. Roxanne was conflicted emotionally about that; bahçeşehir escort he was her lover after all.

“Hey, can I get down there?” Julie requested. “I want to know what it’s like.” By ‘it,’ Roxanne assumed pleasuring her pussy.

“Sure, but it is going to cost you,” Kimberly teased Julie. The interplay made Sandy’s cock twitch in Roxanne’s mouth. Apparently, Kimberly exacting some sort of payment from his wife excited him. The thought of that made Roxanne bob her head even harder, driving more of his cock down her throat.

“Arrgghh,” Sandy responded to her efforts.

“Hey J- …” Roger began.

“No names,” growled the man.

“Hey, can you help me back here? I want some of this,” Roger demanded as he took two handfuls of Roxanne’s ass and kneaded them painfully.

“Go it,” the man replied. There was some movement and a rummaging sound before she felt Roger shift around.

“This feels weird,” Roger chuckled.

“What does?” Kimberly asked as she sat up.

“He’s putting a condom on me,” Roger responded. A cool liquid squirted onto Roxanne’s back just above her ass and began to cascade down right after that. A hand (Roger’s?) reached out and began rubbing it along her ass and began to push a slick finger into her ass, making Roxanne jump again.

As Roger was working her up, she felt a new set of hands wrapping around her thighs, pulling fresh lips to her pussy.

“Wow,” Julie said in amazement, “she’s trembling.”

“Tear her up,” Kimberly laughed.

“Cumming,” moaned Sandy as he grabbed Roxanne’s head and began furiously face-fucking her. Roxanne struggled to breathe at the same time as she slurped more vigorously until she was finally on the receiving end of a strong blast of semen into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh, God, I wish it was Ms. Ferrier’s mouth,” Sandy gasped out between spasms. “Sometimes she’s such a whiney bitch that I want to slam my cock right down her throat.”

Roxanne felt like biting Sandy’s penis after that last comment but felt it wasn’t worth ruining her evening.

“Oh, yeah, she’s a real piece of work,” Roger joked. “Still, I wonder what she’d be like in the sack. Have you seen her tight ass? Man, I’d like to fuck that.”

“How would you shut her up?” Sandy inquired as he pulled his cock out of Roxanne’s mouth, splashing the last of his seed over her face.

“I’d find something to stick in it,” Roger bantered.

“I’d like to help with that,” Kimberly offered. “She’s got quite a tongue on her. I could put that to good use.” That earned a round of laughs all around.

Roxanne felt a warm cloth and a gentle hand clean off her lips.

“Do you need a break?” her mystery man asked softly. Roxanne had to think about it; she was tired but the edge of exhaustion now excited her. She didn’t want to reach her limit; she wanted to exceed it. She shook her head and smiled up at him, for which he rewarded her with a sensual kiss.

“How’s our date’s cock-sucking skill?” Kimberly questioned.

“Not as good as my lovely wife,” Sandy answered, “but I wouldn’t mind waking up to that every morning. She’s got a very hungry mouth.” Roxanne hoped her blush didn’t show, then realized it didn’t matter because only her lover could see if it did.

“Can I get a piece of that ‘hungry mouth’, oh host of mine?” Kimberly requested.

“Hmmm,” the mystery man ruminated then, “okay, hold on a second.” There was the sound of some sort of furniture moving around. Roxanne struggled to think of what it could be. “Come here,” he said and Kimberly gave off a small grunt.

“Spread your legs … lean over like this,” he dictated to Kimberly. “Now shift your back slightly.” Roxanne felt two hands stroke the sides of her face before carefully pulling her forward and to the side until her nose touched flesh. As she was maneuvered down, she realized that she was touching Kimberly’s ass. For a moment she flinched and the hands left her head, giving her freedom of movement.

“What?” Kimberly questioned. Roxanne remained still and silent for several seconds before she nodded minutely. The hands led her forward once more and her nose reconnected with Kimberly’s ass and slowly drifted down since Kimberly was either on all fours or belly down on a short table. Now she could smell Kimberly’s unique aroma. Roxanne felt her mouth water inexplicably; her tongue tentatively flicked out and tasted Kimberly’s flesh.

“Mmmm,” Kimberly sighed. “Is this your first time?” Roxanne didn’t answer with words but with the action of snaking down until she felt Kimberly’s molten folds. Somehow, she thought it would be worse — different in an unpleasant way, but it wasn’t. Somehow her mystery man had set her up for this by having her taste her own juices, savoring them.

Roger pushed a second finger into her asshole, propelling Roxanne’s nose and tongue into Kimberly’s vagina abruptly.

“Oh, yeah!” Kimberly exhaled. “That’s the spirit.” Roxanne bakırköy escort was desperately trying to breathe through her mouth as Kimberly pushed back.

“It sounds like everyone is having fun,” groaned Sandy. “What about me?”

“Give me a second,” the man said gruffly. Roxanne felt Sandy move off and seconds later she heard Kimberly mumble and something push through her body into her. Kimberly and Sandy were making out; maybe Kimberly was bi-sexual then.

Further ruminations on that situation were short-circuited by Julie maneuvering between her legs.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, then giggled. “I’ve never done this before. Are you sure …you know … she’s clean?” Roxanne hardly had the time to be insulted before the man spoke.

“I pre-selected this little co-ed and broke her in myself,” her lover bragged. “She’s never been with a woman before tonight, but then, it was hardly worth consulting her opinion, seeing as she exists solely to be our entertainment for the evening.”

“In that case, I’m going to tear me up some teenage ass,” Roger laughed.

He positioned one hand on Roxanne’s hip and used the other hand to line up his cock with her anus. He thrust urgently and was inconsiderate of her pain. Roxanne screamed and pressed deeper into Kimberly’s honey box. Kimberly moaned into Sandy’s mouth.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Roger and Kimberly said in an odd symmetry.

Roger kept pushing and pushing until she felt his hips push against her ass. In a distracted manner, Roxanne discovered and was thankful that Roger wasn’t that … impressive in length or girth. Not that the sensation of being anally raped her first time out was at all pleasurable, but it was part of the experience her lover had laid before her. After all, she would have never expected she loved spanking as much as she did.

It had been one hell of a night so far, Roxanne thought. Her lover had put his coat on her shoulders and placed her on her side, on the sofa while he took the others away. The man had even covered her with a light blanket before heading out. He promised to be back in thirty minutes so she was to keep the blindfold on, though she could go to the bathroom if necessary.

Roger had turned out to be somewhat disappointing. He had little stamina or staying power and only came that one time for her; in her ass. He had spent most of the party drinking her wine, bitching about work, and trying to guess who was doing what to whom. The man even caught him trying to peek once.

Sandy had been a much more active and attentive lover. Roxanne had intercourse with him once, on her back with Julie riding her face, and then gave him another blowjob right before they left. He’d even been kind enough to give her some of the wine he’d been drinking to deal with the aftertaste. Julie was definitely a lucky girl.

Julie had been more timid but had opened up as the night and the wine-drinking progressed. Toward the end she and the man had been talking. She’d thanked him profusely for the opportunity and apologized for ‘thinking he was a selfish ass’ before this event. That was a piece of information Roxanne put away for future use.

Kimberly had been the hardest on Roxanne, and the best too. She’d been hyper-aggressive and seemingly tireless. She’d blown the man and Sandy, gone down on Roxanne and Julie twice, been sexed-up by both women, and finished the night convincing Julie to have a lesbian three-way with her and Roxanne, which seriously had Roxanne reconstructing her preconceived notions of heterosexuality. Dealing with Ms. Wong at work was going to be difficult/interesting.

She must have dozed off because the next thing she felt was his lips on her cheek. She turned her face upward and his lips brushed hers.

“Should I let you get some sleep?” he inquired gently.

“No, no, I haven’t been with you yet and that is what I’ve really wanted all along,” Roxanne sighed.

“How was your gift?” he whispered.

“I – what do I call you?” she mused.

“I’m your lover; call me what you like,” he murmured, before kissing her once more.

“Lover – I was totally floored,” Roxanne admitted. “I didn’t expect anything like this, especially with that twist. Do they really not know who ‘entertained them’ tonight?”

“Not a clue,” he chuckled, then coughed. Roxanne had caught a hint of his true voice.

“How did I do?” she teased him. She certainly knew how she felt she’d done.

“Pretty much like a sexual locomotive,” he applauded her.

“So, do you really see me as a college co-ed?” she teased him once more.

In response, he pulled the blanket back, lifted up his coat and gave her left butt cheek a hard slap.

“Ow!” she cried out, but it was the answer she craved.

“I think I should let you mature a little more before I rate you as a college party girl. I’ll consider you a rising High School senior for now,” he taunted her right back.

He was kneeling beside the sofa so Roxanne did her level best to curl up around his body.

“Roxanne, have I made your life better?” he asked out of the blue. She had to think about it; not because she doubted that her life was better but because this was the first time he’d spoken to her in a manner that showed a lack of the desire to dominate her. It was somewhat scary, leaving her anchorless for the first time in their relationship.

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