One Step Closer to Heaven Ch. 03

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Female Pov

George led his guests — older sister, younger sister, and teenaged niece — through the entrance to the lobby garden. As they followed him into the sunlit interior, their stunned gasps pleased him despite his embarassment. He was counting on the quality and luxury of his living arrangements to take the pressure off his clothing. Or lack of clothing. Or whatever. He had hoped that when his family saw how wonderful his apartment was, they’d decide for themselves that sacrificing his clothing was a smart bargain.

They moved through the lobby garden, sun and shade joining with a hundred different textures to present their eyes with a green mosaic that triggered primitive responses in their brains, relaxing mind and body before they were even consciously aware of it.

“George, this is just unbelievable,” Marie breathed. “It’s like a Japanese garden in a tropical setting. Maybe we could just have Dinner right here in the garden. Do people do that?”

“Not really,” George replied. “This is the formal entryway for the building. We don’t have picnics or throw parties in the formal entryway. We go up to the roof for that. It gets used a lot more, so it has to be more utilitarian. But the view is spectacular, and it is well done even if more casual.”

He picked his way among river-washed gravel, the small round stones shifting under his bare feet. It was uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as sharp-edged crushed gravel would have been. Patches of alternating shade and sunlight gave the effect of a slow strobe that momentarily scrambled optic nerves and set Heather sneezing. George glanced over his shoulder. Kay followed close behind, breathing deeply of the natural scents that drifted on the cool, moist air, her hands outstretched to brush lightly against deep green foliage as they passed. The path followed a tiny stone bridge, rustic yet graceful and oddly delicate, over a narrow, shallow stream that giggled and danced among loose stones.

As they walked, George could feel his tension slipping away. His shoulders relaxed, the dull ache bled quickly out of his lower back. Perhaps best of all, his semi-rigid penis noticeably slackened without retreating into hiding like an eel into an underwater cave. It occured to him that none of his guests so far seemed the least put out by his nudity. In fact, he grudgingly admitted to himself, they appeared to be ready to accept and enjoy it. So far, the only one here who had a problem with his appearance seemed to be him!

George breathed deeply, rotated the last of his tension out of his shoulders, and moved towards the door to the front locker room. He told himself if these three women were okay with the state of affairs, then there was no reason to expect anything different from the others. Really, now, who was left to see him? His parents of course, but they’d certainly seen him naked before, albeit probably not in the last thirty years. And his brother and brother in law, but being guys, they weren’t going to see anything they didn’t already see in the shower every day anyway, so there shouldn’t be much trouble from that end. And there were Janey and Leah. Janey had already seen him naked, hell she’d taken pictures, then fondled his balls and stroked his cock! So, he told himself, the only one left who could possibly have a problem would be Leah. And Leah was a bit of a wild card. You never quite knew what you were going to get until the moment arrived.

So, he thought, this could work. He’d just have to be ready to roll with the punches. Presumably Janey had forewarned everyone. Certainly the three women with him hadn’t seemed surprised at all. These thoughts brought him to the locker room door. He waved his keycard at the magnetic reader and tugged on the heavy steel door. Looking over his shoulder again to make sure all three girls were with him, he stepped into the ‘country club’, as the residents jokingly referred to it, the designer-decorated, sumptuously appointed locker room that let onto the front sidewalk of Sinclair Towers.

“Wow!” Kay commented as they passed through the doorway. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a locker room that actually looked nice! My living room doesn’t look this good!”

“Yeah, this place is just incredible!” Marie confirmed. “George, how in the world can you afford to live in this kind of building?”

George chuckled quietly. “I don’t pay the going price, that’s how,” he said over his shoulder. “I agree to their rules about men and clothing, and they give me a break on the rent. It might seem a little pervy, but the way I see it, the place is worth it so I come out ahead.”

“I’m beginning to think these people are on to something here,” Marie said. “A wonderful building, stuffed with naked men. That sounds like a winning business plan to me!” All three women laughed. Even George smiled and chuckled, because Marie had just nailed the Sinclair Towers concept: attract wealthy, independent women by providing beauty, luxury, and grace, and garnishing with naked men 24/7.

“But do the men ever get out of hand?” Kay asked as they fixbet moved past rows of gleaming wooden lockers. “I mean, they have to be thinking about sex all the time, that’s just how guys are, and here they are running around naked, it seems like it would just make it worse than ever. So do the guys get, you know, obnoxious or aggressive or demanding?”

“Not that I’ve ever seen,” George replied. “This is a very high-end building. Very genteel. Residents here are carefully screened before they’re accepted. Good manners are the rule of the day, and of the night. I imagine if someone did get too pushy, the women would set him straight in short order. And if that didn’t work, he’d be gone within seventy two hours.”

“God, it sounds like a dream come true,” Marie breathed. “Naked men all around you and they’re NOT demanding sex? I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! Someone introduce me to a leasing agent quick, before I wake up.”

“‘Ree, girl, there is no way people like us could ever afford a place like this. We’ll just have to make sure we visit our brother more often, right?” Kay suggested.

“I bet my mom and dad could afford it,” Heather piped up.

“Would you like living here?” Kay asked. “Your place in the country is already so beautiful, I’m surprised you’d even consider moving.”

“I don’t know about leaving our place there,” Heather said, “but having a place here would be awesome. Can you imagine how many girlfriends would be coming home with me on the weekends?” All three women busted up laughing at the thought.

“You’d have to hire a bus to carry them all!” Marie quipped.

“Hell, you could sell tickets!” Kay countered.

“Here we are,” George announced, coming to a stop at the passageway that led to the outside door. “The door is just around that corner. Would you mind waiting here? The passageway can get a little crowded if too many people start milling about.”

“Don’t mind a bit,” Kay answered. She watched her brother’s firm ass cheeks flex and relax as he walked down the short hall away from them.

Reaching the inside of the steel door, George rapped on it sharply with his knuckles, giving the old “shave and a haircut” signal. Immediately, Roger Rabbit popped into his mind. ‘No ‘toon can resist ‘shave and a haircut,’ he thought with a smile. ‘They HAVE to answer.’ And indeed, within a second or less, he heard the double rap ‘two bits’ in response, followed by muffled laughter from the other side of the door. He grasped the solid-feeling knob and turned, releasing the magnetic lock, then pushed against the door to open it slowly onto the fall sunlight.

Leah and Niles stood immediately before him. They stared directly into his face at first, then both sets of eyes traveled slowly down his body to his feet, then just as slowly back up. Leah began to show a controlled, secretive little smile. Niles began to turn bright red. Although his beard hid his lower face somewhat, and the bright sun left George semi-blind, he was pretty sure that Niles’ mouth had just dropped wide open, and remained there.

George quickly scanned over Leah’s shoulder to ID the rest of the group. Grandpa and Grandma Hanover waited behind Niles and Leah, then Jerry, and last of all Janey. George looked directly at Janey, trying to make eye contact. She seemed to be avoiding his gaze. She also seemed to be having a hard time controlling herself as Niles and Leah, then the elder Hanovers, and finally Jerry beside her, awoke to the fact that George stood before them absolutely stark naked.

As the realization that he’d been set up sank in, George’s flush was quick and deep. His entire face and the length of his neck, almost down to his collar bones, turned a striking shade of red that was visible even in the relative shadow of the hallway. Once again, his balls were fighting with his penis for space under his lower ribs. He was aware that his throat was impossibly dry, and that his knees were shaking. He felt weak with fear and mortified with embarassment. Had Janey told them nothing? He was such a fool to trust her. Oh God, how would he ever live this down? And what in the frozen bowels of Hell should he say or do now? Without conscious decision, he went with the simple, direct plan.

“Uh, come on in,” he croaked, pushing the door wider. Niles seemed rooted to the sidewalk, perhaps as paralyzed with embarassment as George himself. Leah reached out and caught the door. Like the three women who’d arrived with him and watched him strip, she seemed a little less than surprised at his nudity. Or, he wondered, maybe her training as a social worker has prepared her to take things more in stride? Or more likely, just to hide her personal reactions so as to avoiding putting off her clients.

“Looks like we found the right door,” Leah said brightly. “Let’s go, honey.” She nudged Niles with her free elbow and took a step forward.

With door duty passed to Leah, George retreated towards the relative safety of the locker room. Maybe there would be other men changing in or out, as there fixbet giriş had been in the garage locker room. It would help, he thought. He would look less like a perv flying solo, and more like a member of a community with a few odd rules. He quickly covered the short distance back to the waiting girls.

“Were they there?” Marie asked. She looked at George with concern. To her nurse’s eye, he looked like a man about to pass out. He leaned against the wall to their right and nodded.

“They’re coming,” he whispered. Marie noticed his hands, while hanging next to his thighs, were trying to exert a shaky grip on the wall. ‘Be on your toes, girl,’ she told herself. ‘This looks like it might not be going as well as hoped.’

“George, are you okay?” Marie asked. His eyes were closed. She noticed a flutter in his stomach muscles. ‘Uh oh,’ she thought, ‘if he’s gonna spew, I don’t want to be down range.’ George swallowed several times, seeming to gain a little more control each time. Marie reached out and placed a comforting hand on her brother’s shoulder. He twitched reflexively at her touch. “It can’t be all that bad, big guy,” Marie said. “I mean, here we are, and no one has even criticized you yet, right?” George nodded agreement.

“Yeah, so buck up, Buddy Boy,” Kay said with hearty bravado. “Cause the barbarians are at the gates. This is no time to play the coward!” Kay reached out a hand also, but instead of placing a comforting grip on George’s shoulder, she smacked him on one exposed hip. He grunted at the sudden shock of pain. His eyes snapped open.

“There you are,” Kay said with a grin. “We were afraid you were going bye bye for a moment, and there’s no time for that. We have turkey to eat!” And with that, a sudden wash of voices reached them from the short hallway, followed quickly by a gaggle of Hanovers. “And here they are,” Kay announced.

“Hi, guys,” Heather called over George’s shoulder. “Welcome to Uncle George’s new apartment building. This place is awesome!” George could almost hear the huge, shit-eating grin in her voice.

First to round the corner into sight was Leah, with Niles firmly in tow. “Yep, we made it,” Leah announced. A few seconds later the elder Hanovers shuffled out of the passage, and as with Niles and Leah, Grandma seemed firmly in the lead with Grandpa balking, perhaps playing up his oxygen deficiency a little more than necessary. Immediately behind them came Janey and Jerry, audibly arguing as they stepped into view.

“I don’t care, and you’re just being an old fart, and you’re not going to ruin the first Thanksgiving George has ever hosted,” Janey declared. “You’re going to come in here just like everyone else and you’re going to have dinner along with everyone else and you’re not going to complain even once if you know what’s good for you!”

“That goes for you, also,” Grandma said sternly to the old man shuffling and wheezing next to her.

“And you!” Leah declared, poking a stiff finger into Niles’ thick plaid shoulder. “We’re here to have a family dinner, and that’s what we’re going to have. You’re part of the family, so suck it up and dig in, fella.”

“George warned everyone that there were some peculiar rules here in his building, and this is one of them,” Janey argued. “He’s not just being funny, there’s a rule in this building that all the men have to stay naked, 24/7. He’s just following the terms of his lease, and as long as we’re here you’ll follow them too.”

George’s head snapped up in sudden attention.

“What!?” Jerry shouted.

“Huh?!” Grandpa wheezed.

“Oh hell no,” Niles blurted.

The women were all nodding, their faces fixed in stern frowns.

“Wait,” George said, pushing his naked body away from the wall. His words and movement attracted everyone’s attention again. Everyone looked in his direction, but Grandma and the three men immediately looked away in embarassment. The younger women, he noticed, didn’t avert their gaze at all. “We have guest passes, right?” he asked, directing his gaze at Janey. He continued. “The lease says that I have to stay naked because I’m a resident here, but there are guest passes that allow temporary guests to come and go without having to strip down and show off their whatevers.”

George suddenly became aware all over again that he was the only person in this group who was naked. And now he felt twice as naked. He felt more vulnerable than he could ever remember feeling in his life. But somehow that very vulnerability was empowering, because now that he was standing here in front of everybody, butt naked and not trying to cover a damn thing, it was like he had nothing left to lose. The worst had already happened. It couldn’t get any more embarassing than this, and yet here he was, dealing with it.

“So we don’t have to get naked?” Niles asked. “But apparently you do? This isn’t just some sick practical joke?”

“Not a joke,” George reassured him. “If it was a practical joke, the whole point would be to trick all of you into stripping down, right? It’s not like I get a tremendous thrill out of standing here in front of my family in my birthday suit while you’re all dressed for Sunday brunch.” In the back of his head, a tiny voice commented that the thrill might not be tremendous, but it was substantial. Somehow the adrenaline rush he was getting from this experience was becoming downright pleasurable.

Yes, when he paused for just a split second to take stock of his feelings, he was in fact getting a hell of a rush out of this. And, he was aware that this was only going to happen once. However this all played out, for anyone in this group at least, there would never be another ‘first time.’ After this, any time any of these people came to visit, they’d know what to expect. They’d either take it in stride, or decide they couldn’t deal with it and stay away. The huge rush of reactive chemicals slushing through his bloodstream right now would never again be repeated with these people in this way.

George noticed his knees were no longer shaking. His face no longer felt hot. And besides, he had something to do here, a cause to champion. He had to reassure the other men in the group that they wouldn’t be required to strip down as he was. This, he felt sure, could be a key to making this Thanksgiving gathering work. He suspected if any of these three were told they would be required to strip and stay naked throughout dinner, they’d all bolt for the door.

“Janey,” George said, directing his comments to her once again, “we have guest passes, right?” To his horror, he saw Janey firmly shaking her head. His perception of strength and comfort deserted him all over again. “Janey,” he said more loudly, enunciating each word with individual care, “we have guest passes for the guys, right?” Janey continued shaking her head ‘no’. George fought down yet another surge of panic. ‘This has got to stop,’ he told himself. ‘I have to keep my perspective here, take it in stride, roll with the punches….’

“We don’t have guest passes?” George asked.

“I talked with Leilani, there are no guest passes available,” Janey explained. “Sorry, I guess I should have told you earlier. We’re just so busy, you know, I guess it slipped my mind.” George thought he noticed some of the women fighting tiny smiles at this, but he found it perfectly plausible. If there was some kind of reasonable delay, say a rush to secure guest passes for the holiday …. That was reasonable to expect, right? And if there were none available when Janey asked, well, Janey is a very busy woman, it’s reasonable to think that getting guest passes might slip her mind once she stepped into her daily grind. But it was also reasonable to expect that the building managers would have experienced this problem during past holiday seasons, right? So they would have taken steps to deal with it, because the rules are intended to make Sinclair Towers a pleasant place to live, not to make it impossible for residents to have family over for the holidays.

“Who has a cell phone?” George asked.

“Right here.” Niles nearly threw his tiny flip phone into George’s outstretched hand. George popped it open, studdied the tiny keyboard for a moment, then started punching in numbers for the duty property manager. Whoever answered, it would not, he reflected with some regret, be Leilani. After selling him on Sinclair Towers, she’d gone on to sponsor him in the gatherings in the rooftop garden. She’d also been the first to stroke him to completion, there in the open air and dappled light while others watched and cheered. He distinctly, and with sublime pleasure, remembered the feel of her soft, incredibly capable hand as it gripped, stroked, teased, milked the cum from his balls. He remembered the soft kiss of her lips on his chest as her wet tongue caressed his nipple. He remembered vividly the scent and swell of her as she gently guided his face into the sweet canyon between her breasts, surrounding him in her flesh so that all he breathed or saw or felt was her.

The ringtone from Nile’s cell brought him back to the locker room, and to awareness that he was standing, with a phone to his ear, stark naked in front of virtually his entire family, with a noticeably growing, twitching cock. Apparently his mind wasn’t the only place where memories of Leilani were stored.

“Hello?” a female voice said into his ear. “Sinclair Towers Duty Property Manager. May I help you?” George started to frown, then realized that he was using Niles’ phone. Caller ID would give her no indication that this call was from a resident.

“Hi, uh, this is George Hanover,” George said. “I’m in the locker room with some guests, and there seems to be some kind of mixup regarding guest passes. I was wondering if you could help us out here?”

“Just a moment, let me check,” the female voice replied. George heard keys clicking in the background as she accessed his file. The Duty Manager was back in just a few seconds. “Yes, Mr. Hanover, I have the note right here. First, let me say that we here at Sinclair Towers wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you’ll find that living here at the Towers is something to be thankful for, and we’re here to do everything we can to make this holiday wonderful for all our residents and their guests.”

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