One Night with You

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Setting: High-rise hotel room overlooking the city, room windows open on a chilly autumn night, lights off with only the moonlight flooding the room.

Dress: You’re wearing a black leather mini, tight pink top with spaghetti straps, and black stiletto heels.

As we walk in the room you shiver and glance back at me with a grin and look of disbelief. I assure you that I will do my best to keep you warm. I wrap my arms around you and nuzzle my face into your hair against the back of your neck. I kiss your neck gently as you toss your hair to the side and smile. My hands slide to your shoulders as I slip your jacket off and let it drop to the floor. My hands wrap back around your waist, sliding up under your full breasts, cupping them firmly. Your nipples reacting immediately to the chilled air, pushing against the soft fabric, threatening to snap the already strained straps holding your top. You turn around, bringing your arms up between your breasts, burying your face into my chest as you whimper softly. I guide you back to the bed, stopping as your legs reach the side.

I lift your chin with my finger as I lean down to kiss your full lips. My tongue slipping gently into your warm wet mouth, brushing against your tongue, then pulling back as I suck on your bottom lip. My hands now come up to cup the sides of your face, as I kiss you deeper, our lips sliding against each other, tongues exploring, as my hands slide back into your hair. I tilt your head back as I nibble at your bottom lip. I then begin to kiss your chin, jaw line, and neck, sucking softly at your warming flesh, licking at your earlobe before sucking it into my hot mouth. I slide my hands under your arms lifting them up around my neck as my face nuzzles deeper into your neck. My hands now sliding down your back, grasping your rounded ass, before sliding down and lifting your skirt as my strong warm hands grip your soft supple cheeks, pulling you against me.

I slide my hands up along your hips, lifting your top up slowly, watching as your massive tits drop and bounce softly as your top passes over your head. I smile as you wrap your arms around your waist, lifting your tits up as you shake your hair out. Your eyes twinkle as you lick your lips and ask if I like what I see. I chuckle as I assure you that I do, you look incredible bathed in moonlight, your hair shimmering as it cascades around your shoulders. I ask you to remove your skirt, you oblige me by turning around and slowly shifting the skirt down over your curvaceous hips, then bending at the waist as you push it down to your ankles, giving me a view of perfection that I cannot resist. I move up behind you, grabbing bahis siteleri your hips and pushing the bulge in my slacks against you. You squeal slightly as you place your hands on the bed to brace yourself against me. I rock you back against me as my hands massage your hips, I moan softly as you lift your ass higher in the air, arching your stomach down to the bed. I lean over and kiss the middle of your back, sliding my tongue down your spine to your tailbone. My hands sliding along your sides as my tongue traces back up your spine, kissing gently on my way up as my hands slip underneath you, grabbing your full hanging tits, squeezing them as my fingertips brush against your erect nipples.

I slide my hands firmly down your back as I kneel on the floor behind you. My hands now gripping your cheeks, thumbs to the inside of your thighs as I spread your lips slowly, opening your petals for my eager tongue. I rub the outer edges of your pussy with my thumbs in a circular motion, opening and closing your pussy, spreading your slippery juices as my tongue pierces your hot dripping slit. My tongue lapping at your sweet wetness, slipping in and out of you, probing, exploring as I bury my mouth deep into your slick pussy. I moan softly into you as my hands spread your cheeks wider, your head turned, laid down on the bed, one hand gripping the bedspread as the other hand reaches back underneath you to rub at your clit only to find my tongue already there. I reach under and take your fingers with mine, guiding your them to your wet pussy. I lick the tops of your fingers as you curl them into your dripping slit, forcing my tongue into your pussy along with them, spreading you wider.

I slide my tongue up along your slit, between your cheeks as I find your tight asshole. My tongue flicks and teases at it as I feel your body tense and relax before I begin to probe deeper into you. My hot tongue slides into your tight star, penetrating deeper as my hands grasp your cheeks and spread you wider. I moan as I exhale into you, hearing your breathing quicken as your fingers continue to slide in and out of your pussy. I can hear your moans increase in intensity as my tongue continues to probe deep into your asshole. Your fingers now rubbing your swollen clit as your breathing becomes a steady panting, I reach up and pull your free hand behind your back. I then pull your other hand from under you and place it on your back as you whimper in frustration.

I bring your slippery fingers to my lips as I begin to suck on them, taking them into my mouth, my tongue searching for every drop of your essence on them, as I slide my hand under you and begin to rub your canlı bahis siteleri swollen clit in a circular motion, slowly at first, then faster and faster as I begin to vibrate my fingers from side to side. My free hand holding both of your wrists behind your back as I my other hand continues to vibrate against your clit. I slide my thumb into your quivering pussy as my fingers stroke your clit. I watch as your breaths begin to come quicker, hissing through clenched teeth as your body begins to tense. I whisper to you, telling you that you are going to cum on my face, as my fingers work your clit faster and faster. I feel your body begin to quiver as I drop my lips down close to your hot wet slit. My tongue licking and lapping at your slippery pussy as I hear a low moan vibrate through you. I feel your body shake as your release begins, I cover your pussy with my mouth, my tongue deep inside you pulling your hot juices into me as I continue to suck and lick all of your wetness. I moan against your quivering pussy as my fingers keep rubbing your sensitive clit, keeping your orgasm going. I feel you shake and spasm against my wanting lips, pushing yourself back into my mouth. Your hands now grabbing the bedspread as your voice gets louder, crying out “Yes, yes!”, as your pussy trembles beneath my mouth. I dip a finger deep in and out of your wet pussy, then quickly slide it into your tight asshole causing you to orgasm again as my tongue continues to lap at your dripping pussy.

I roll you over to your back, grabbing your knees and lifting them up to your chest as I drop down and bury my face between your thighs. My tongue licking deep inside you, then sliding up your slit as I suck on your clit, holding it gently between my teeth. Your breathing ragged as you tell me you want my cock, you want my cock inside you now. I stand and take my shirt off, then drop my pants to the ground as I look down at you on the bed, your one hand still rubbing your pussy as your other hand grabs at your gorgeous tits, squeezing and pulling at your rock hard nipples. A fine sheen of sweat shimmers on your skin as the moonlight cascades across your nubile body writhing on the bed eager for me to enter you.

My cock standing fully erect as I move over you, throbbing with anticipation. I slide my thighs under your legs lifting them up as your hands slide down and grab the shaft of my cock. I moan as you rub the head of my cock up and down your slick pussy, wetting it slowly before guiding it inside you. My thick cock spreading your pussy lips wide as a long low moan slips from your lips. I lean down to kiss your panting mouth as the shaft of my cock slides canlı bahis slowly up into you. Your mouth meets mine and we kiss passionately, our tongues entwining, your taste still permeating my lips, as I begin to deepen my stroke into your hot wet pussy. I hook my arms under your knees spreading your legs wide as I begin to quicken my thrusts into you. I begin to thrust harder into you, rocking your body as my hips slap against yours. Your large gorgeous tits begin to bounce in rhythm as my cock continues to pound deep inside you. I speed up my hips, making your tits rock faster and faster as your hands slide up my chest before wrapping around the back of my neck. You moan softly as your hips rise against my cock, forcing it deeper inside your fiery pussy.

I lift your left leg up onto my shoulder as my hand begins squeezing your tit, rolling and pulling at your nipple. My cock still stabbing into your hot slit, the sound of our skin slapping together echoing through the room. I roll you to your side, holding your leg high above my shoulder, my hand firmly under your knee, as I straddle your other leg, allowing me to penetrate you deeper, my cock sliding into you at a different angle, rubbing inside your pussy in new sensitive areas. I watch as you suck on your fingers, grabbing at your tits, your eyes closed, moaning softly. I slap your firm tanned ass, stinging the flesh as you yelp in surprise.

I lift your leg over to the bed, rolling you to your stomach, my hands grabbing your hips as I pull you to your knees. My cock slides easily back into you as I reach under and hold your tits firmly, using them to pull you back into my thrusts. I begin to fuck you harder now, slamming my cock deep into your dripping pussy, our hips slapping against each other as my hands now grab your cheeks spreading you wider allowing me even deeper into your sweet wet pussy. Your hands are now stretched out in front of you like a cat, clawing at the bed as I feel your body begin to shake. My breath now becoming shorter as beads of sweat drip from my forehead onto your back. A low moan rumbles in my throat sounding more like a growl as my grip on your hips tightens. My pace quickens as my cock slams harder and faster into you, your hips bucking back against me. You cry out for me to fuck you, harder, harder, my thrust pausing deep inside you as my hot sticky load floods into you. Your body shakes and releases, soaking my cock, your juices dripping from my sack, as I fill you with my oozing cum. I shake with each thrust as your tight wet pussy sucks the cum from my rigid cock. I place my hand in the center of your back, pushing your chest down to the bed as I slowly continue sliding in and out of you. My cock draining, my breath reduced to panting as I lean down and kiss the back of your neck and whisper to you “I’ve wanted you from the moment I met you, I always knew you would be incredible.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32