One Night at a Time – Joy

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Joy and I were coworkers at a consulting firm. She had been working on a consulting engagement on my team and had been a little flirty while we were working together. Joy was a cute blonde, shoulder length hair, 5’5″, medium tits and a nice ass.

We had finished up the engagement and were having a wrap up dinner with the client which evolved into an afterparty at a dance club. Joy had left her car at the client’s office and rode over to the dinner/dancing with me. She was really enjoying herself dancing with other staff members and client personnel. I was not keeping track but evidently she was also enjoying her share of adult beverages. Things started winding down about 11 pm and people started to head home. It was a Thursday and we all had to work the next day. Joy and I headed out to my car, with me helping her along the way. It was clear I was not going to take her back to her car and let her drive. When we got in the car, I fished her driver’s license out of her purse. I got her to confirm her apartment and headed that way.

Joy was semi-awake and chatting away at me. Some of it was even coherent. About halfway to her apartment, she unhooked the seat belt and laid down across the front seat, her head resting against my hip, one hand on my thigh. She began massaging my thigh and my cock began to get interested in what she was doing. Soon my cock was hard and her hand had moved up to squeezing my balls. Joy moved her head to my lap as I adjusted my steering wheel to give her room. Reaching down, I unzipped my pants and fished my cock out. I could feel her hot breath on my cock, her head resting on my stomach, her mouth just above the head of my cock.

Sitting up in my seat moved her head down into my lap, her lips touching the tip of my cock.

“Oh yummy,” came a voice from my lap.

Her mouth opened and she took the head of my cock into her mouth. Joy sucked on the head as I drove, her hand moving up to grasp and slowly stroke my cock. As she sucked, her tongue darted around, licking into the slit of my cock. After a couple of minutes of that she began to take more of my cock into her mouth, eventually swallowing my entire cock, the head pushing into her throat. She was bobbing up and down at a pretty good pace as I pulled into her apartment complex. Parking the car, I leaned my seat back a bit giving her full access to my cock. Joy suddenly stopped and reached for my belt undoing my pants and pulling my underwear and pants down to my knees. Soon my cock was buried back in her mouth and her hands were working my balls. As the cum started to build up in my cock I began to hump her face driving my cock deep into her throat, my hand resting on top of her head.

My cock swelled in her mouth and cum began to blast into her mouth. She tried to pull up, but my hand in her head kept her from escaping as I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. Some of my cum went straight down her throat, some filled her mouth. I relaxed the hold on her head and my cock pulled out of her throat.

Releasing her she popped up in the seat, swallowing as she did.

“Damnit. You gotta give a girl a chance.”

She sounded pissed, but her eyes had a sparkle to them and she was grinning as she said it.

“You have a little cum on your chin,” I said.

She swiped her finger up her chin scooping it into her mouth.

“I better get on up,” she said.

“Do you need any help?”

“Maybe a little.”

I got out of the car and came to her side opening the door to let her out. She basically fell out of the car and I caught her. Helping her to her feet I walked her up the stairs to her apartment. She fished the keys out of her purse and I opened the door.

“Shhhhh my roommate is probably asleep.”


We stepped into her apartment and she stood there a little unsteady.

“I think I got it now,” she said.

“You sure?”


“Okay, I will see you tomorrow.”

As I turned to leave she touched my arm causing me to turn back to her. She leaned bahis şirketleri in and kissed me.

“Wish you could stay.”

“Do you want me to? I could probably stay for a bit.”

“Yes, but my roommate cannot see you and I need to get some sleep.”

I hugged her and gave her a kiss, “Another time maybe?”

“We’ll see,” she said smiling.

I turned and went out the door.


I was at my desk when Joy dropped by about 11 am. She plopped into the chair next to my desk. Her skirt rode up to mid-thigh and she had a tight sleeveless top on that showed her tits off nicely.

“How are you feeling?”, I asked.

She grimaced, “My head is still hurting, even after taking about six aspirin. And for some reason my throat is sore,” she smiled.

I laughed as she moved closer to me. She leaned forward so she could whisper.

“I was hoping we could do something else last night. Have been wanting to fuck you for a while and I had taken my panties off before we left the club last night.

Sorry I was not in any shape to play around.”

“Wow, so if I had reached under your skirt last night?”

“You would have gone right to pussy,” she said, smiling.

“I am really sorry I missed that.”

“Well after what I did for you, I think you owe me one.”

“Interesting, how do I pay you back?”

“You around this afternoon?” she asked.

“Yeah, here all day. What do you have in mind?”

“You will see,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me.

“I cannot wait then. Looking forward to it. By the way, you are really good at sucking cock.”

“I know,” she said as she walked away from my desk smiling and shaking her ass.

My phone rang about 2 pm, it was Joy.

“Can you get away for about an hour?”


“Good, meet me in the lower lobby in 10 minutes.”

We were on the 45th floor of the office building. I took the elevator down to the lower level tunnels and waited for her. She popped out of an elevator a couple of minutes later with her blazer on and carrying her purse.

“Follow me,” she said as she took off down the tunnel headed to the parking garage.

I followed behind watching her ass imagining what it looked like naked and regretting I did not try to play with her ass/pussy last night. We got to the parking garage and got into the elevator. She hit the button for floor 10 – there were 12 floors in the building.

“Where are we going?”

“No where,” she said as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. Wadding them up she placed them in her purse.

“Looks like this is about to get interesting.”

“I hope so, based on what I was sucking on last night it should be.”

The elevator stopped and the door opened. Joy stepped out and waved to me to follow her.

“This way.”

She walked over to her car and unlocked the doors.

“Get in.”

I got into the passenger side as she peeled off her blazer, throwing it in the back, and got in. Her skirt had ridden up to just covering her bare pussy. Looking at her, I could also tell she had taken her bra off and her already hard nipples were pressing against her top.

She started the car and headed down the ramps. Pulling out of the garage she sped away from the office, clearly we were in a hurry to get somewhere. I reached over and ran my hand up her thigh until I touched her very bare pussy. My finger ran over her pussy and she shuddered. Joy slid down in the seat a bit giving me a little better access to her. I began stroking her pussy lips with my finger, she was already very wet.

“Oh god, that feels so good. You touching me is all I have thought about today.”

She jumped as my finger slid into her. Joy’s eyes were about half closed. My finger worked around in her pussy, my finger getting soaked. She moaned as I pulled my finger from her and raised it to my lips to taste her.

“Yummy, have you ever tasted yourself?”

She blushed a little and nodded her head yes. I brought my finger up bahis firmaları and put it in her mouth. She closed her lips on it and sucked it running her tongue around it.

Pulling my finger out, I began to unbutton her blouse. Two buttons allowed me to pull it to the side exposing her right tit.

“Where are we headed?”, I asked.

“A friend’s apartment near the office. She is out of town and I have been watering her plants.”


I lowered my head to her nipple sucking on it as I moved my finger back to rubbing her pussy. As one then another finger slid into her I could hear her gasp and she tried to push down on my fingers. I was slowly moving my fingers in and out of her, her juices beginning to soak my hand and her thighs. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that we were pulling into an apartment complex. I moved my thumb to her pussy and began to rub her clit between it and my fingers. Not sure, but I think we slid into a parking place.

“Oh god, I am not going to make it, I can’t wait.”

Joy started humping my hand, her breath growing labored. She grabbed her left tit and began to massage it. Suddenly she went stiff. Her pussy clenched my fingers as the orgasm hit her and she tried to push my fingers farther into her. It rolled through her body with tremors. She finally started to calm down and her breaths began to return to normal. I released her tit from my mouth and slid my fingers out of her pussy, pulling them up for us both to lick.

“Damn it, that was so hot. Let’s go inside. I need your cock in me.”

Stuffing her tits back in her blouse she got out of the car and grabbing her purse headed to an apartment right in front of us. Jumping out of the car, I followed her.

Stepping in the door, she peeled my suit jacket off of me and began tugging on my tie to get it off of me. I reached down and unbuttoned her blouse and opened it fully up. Joy unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off of me. She then slid down my body dropping to her knees. Untying my shoes she pulled them off of me along with my socks then worked back up to my belt. Unbuckling my belt she opened my pants and pulled them with my underwear down and I stepped out to them. Looking back up, my hard cock was right in front of her face. She pulled my cock down level with her mouth and took all of me in one move, her nose pressed against me. I twitched my cock in her mouth a bit.

She let my cock slip out of her mouth and stood up. I slid her blouse off of her shoulders and it fell to the ground. Joy pressed against me as we kissed, her tits smashed against me. My cock pressed against her skirt. Her kisses were passionate and hungry. Reaching behind her I unhooked and unzipped her skirt, tugging it over her hips letting it fall to the ground. Two minutes through the door and we were already naked. My hand moved to her pussy, my fingers moving over her lips, it was amazingly smooth, she must have shaved that morning.

“You like it smooth? I did it this morning.”

“Oh yes, I love a freshly shaved pussy.”

We were still standing by the door, clothes in a pile around us. There was a couch with a coffee table in front of it near us.

“Bedroom?”, I asked,

“No, I don’t think fucking in her bed would be very nice, I would have to wash the sheets and I do not have time for that.”

Taking her hand I led her over to the couch. I sat on the couch with her standing in front of me, her pussy right by my face. Leaning in with my tongue out I began licking her bald pussy. She trembled as my tongue ran over her. I could not get all of her pussy from this angle so I laid back on the couch.

“Come sit on my face,” I said, pulling her down on the couch with me.

Joy moved straddling my head and placed her pussy right on my face, her clit rubbing up against my nose. My tongue worked eagerly into her pussy and I could see her playing with her tits as she rode my face. Her pussy juices were coating my face. After a couple of minutes of this Joy slid off of my face.

“I kaçak bahis siteleri love you doing that, but I need your cock in me. We don’t have a lot of time.”

Joy slid down my body leaving a trail of her juices on my body. She stopped as the outside of her pussy touched the head of my cock. Reaching between us, she lined me up with her pussy and began to slowly slide me into her hot, very wet pussy. With me all the way in her she laid her head on my shoulder and groaned lightly.

“God it feels as good as I thought it would.”

“Oh yes, your pussy feels wonderful.”

Joy began to slowly slide up and down my cock. Contented purrs came from her throat as she rode me. She alternated between sitting up and bouncing on my cock and laying on me sliding back and forth. She was clearly building up to another orgasm.

She leaned next to my face, “Let me know if you get close to cumming. Not sure I want you to cum in me.”

“Sure, whatever you want.” I wanted to cum in her but anywhere on her would be hot too or maybe in her hot mouth again.

Joy picked up the pace. Riding my cock faster and harder. She was slamming her pussy onto me hard and I was just hanging on for the ride. Just before I was going to tell her that I might be cumming, she slammed down and held me as deep as she could as another orgasm raced through her body. I could feel her pussy clenching me, almost like it was milking my cock. Tremors again shot through her. They subsided and she laid on me catching her breath.

Looking up at me she said, “I guess I owe you one now.”

I laughed, “I guess you do.”

She slid off of me onto her knees next to the couch. Moving down she took my cock into her mouth licking and sucking her juices off of me.

“I love tasting myself on a cock.”

I could only murmur my appreciation. Thought she was going to suck me off again when she stopped and stood up.

“Get up,” she said.

I got up and she laid on her back on the couch. She pulled her legs up fully exposing her pussy to me.

Moving back onto the couch, I moved between her legs and lined my cock up with her glistening bald pussy. I teased her moving the tip of my cock around the outside of her pussy.

“Stop playing around and fuck me. Remember to let me know when you get close.”

Smiling at her I rammed my entire cock into her in one stroke. I took her legs pulling them all the way in the air giving me maximum access to her. My cock was pretty worked up and I knew I would not last much longer fucking her hard like this.

She was under me, her tits bouncing back and forth.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she kept repeating.

I could feel the cum building up in my cock. Looking down at her I asked, “Getting close, where do you want it?”

She slipped her legs around me pulling me into her.

“Oh fuck it, cum in me, fill me up with your cum.”

I grunted and rammed deep in her one more time as my cock swelled in her pussy and I began to fill her with my cum. Her legs wrapped around me kept my cock deep in her as I emptied my balls into her. Finishing, I collapsed on top of her trying to get my breathing under control. She slowly unwrapped her legs from me and then slid down beside me. I pushed my still semi-hard cock around in her as she moaned.

“That was amazing. Thank you for fucking me like that.”

“You sure it was okay for me to cum in you?”

“Yeah, I am on the pill, it just causes another issue for me.”

“What’s that?”

She blushed and looked away, “Well, I am getting engaged tonight and I am sure he will want to fuck me later, so I need to go home and clean out my pussy. I shaved for him, he has been begging me to do it. He has never fucked a bald pussy before. But, I wanted one last fuck before I said yes tonight.”

“Congratulations and glad I could help, I really like fucking you. Keep me in mind if you decide you need some cock.”

She laughed, “No I think this is the last stray cock that will pump cum into me.”

We got up, dressed and she took me back by the office and dropped me off so she could head home and get cleaned up for her fiancé tonight.

Walking down the aisle at her wedding six months later, she winked and smiled as she walked by.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32