One More Time_(1)

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I could hear the doorbell echoing in the hall; I waited impatiently bouncing on the doorstep to Drew’s home…

Finally the door opened, it was his mother. She looked me up and down, smiled hesitantly trying to remember my name, “Err… hi… Kerry? Is it?”
“Yeah!” I gave her my most charming smile, “Drew asked me to come over!”
She stared at me blankly, “he said he needed to talk to me?” I continued, “something desperate about Heather?”
Her eyes lit up in some sort of recognition and she smiled, “Oh right… well err come in.” I entered into the warm hall; it was huge, filled with beautiful (and probably expensive) works of art and a range of family pictures done by a famous photographer.

“Well if you want to go wait in his room…” Drew’s mother said closing the front door, “he’s in the shower at the moment…”
“Oh.. ok thanks..” I said making my way to the stairs, “err which is his room?”
“Up the stairs, first door to your right…” she said pointing.

Once upstairs I found his room quite easily, I entered and as I expected it was a large room, with a huge double bed. It was painted a pale blue and there were Knicks posters and posters of his favourite bands, Foo fighters, the Killers and the Red hot chilli peppers.

I sat down on his bed and breathed out a heavy sigh, I could hear the shower and steam was coming out from under the door to his ensuite bathroom…

It felt weird being so close to Drew again, alone.. especially as he was naked in the next room…

It had been 3 1/2 months since our last…. ‘encounter’ and I hadn’t really spoken to him since, yeah there was the occasional flirty e-mail and whenever I was with him and Heather and our large group of friends, he’s give me a sexy smile, or a wink… I knew he was thinking about our time together, and there’d be the occasional slapping of my arse when no one was looking… It felt so good to be bad, spending all of my spare time with my best friend, mostly thinking about the fact that I’d fucked her boyfriend…

Suddenly the shower stopped, and 30 seconds later, Drew walked out of his ensuite with nothing but a towel around his waist…
“Hey babe,” sending me a grin that could probably melt marble,
“Hi!” I squeaked girlishly, my heart was melting
“Damn!” He said putting his hands on his hips and grinning, “d’you have to look so damn hot all the time?”
I looked down at myself… to be fair I was dressed quite sluttily that day, I was wearing a really tight, strappy top and my skirt was only 10 inches long and I was wearing knee length high heeled boots…
“Well what about you?” I tried to say seductively, I couldn’t help it, with just the towel round his waist he looked like a surfer, such a beautifully fit, tanned body and his sandy blonde hair all shaggy and wet from his shower…

He walked up to me, cradled me in his arms and kissed me hard, I pulled away
“I thought you wanted to talk about Heather?”
“Not really… I just knew you wouldn’t come if I said ‘wanna Escort fuck?'”
I frowned at him, “so you tricked me?”
“Awwww Kerry baby… don’t be like that” he said moving over to me, “you know I love you!”

Those words… I…Love…You… it made it seem so right, the cheating the lying….

“I love you too Drew!” I said kissing him back,

Our kiss was interrupted by a call from downstairs…

“Drew hunny!” It was his mom, “I’m going to lunch with Tasha now, will you two be alright on your own?”
“Yes mom!” he called, once he heard the front door slam shut he turned to me and said, “we’ll be fine” before planting his lips on mine again…

Once we’d stopped kissing I said, “what about Heather?”
“What about Heather? It didn’t stop us before!” He quickly spun me round lifted up my skirt to see my g-string, squeezing my left butt cheek he said “mmm mm mmmmmm I’ve missed this beautiful ass!”
“Stop it!” I giggled pulling my skirt back down…
“If I promise to dump Heather will you be with me?”
“mmmmm” I mused, I did love him, “ok!” I finally agreed.

“Great!” he said bringing me in for a another passionate kiss, meanwhile taking my top off revealing my pink push up bra…

“You little slut!” He teased me, “you really are turning me on” he smirked,
“Shut up and kiss me!” I grinned taking my skirt and boots off and kissing him once again…

He stared at the matching g-string and grinned,
“You really are turning me on! You naughty little slut! Want to see?”
“Uh-huh!” I nodded,
He dropped the towel and I immediately got and my knees in front of him and started to stroke his beautiful erect cock,
“ooooo….. yeah…. baby…….. suck it! suck it!” Drew moaned,

I ran my fingers up and down his shaft one last time before licking the tip, he groaned, I put the first inch of his cock in my mouth and sucked gently,
I then started to move my head up and down running my tongue along his now throbbing cock…
“Mmmmmmm…..” He moaned, “You suck like a slut……. my little whore!”
I started going faster and deeper and then he took hold of my head to stop me,
“I going to cum in you slutty mouth!” he said suddenly jabbing it in as far as it would go without me choking and I feel his meat spasm as cum spurted out of the end…
as soon as he finished he pulled out of my mouth, I swallowed and licked his dick clean…..
“I love you Kerry!” He said shaking his wet hair, “now it’s your turn, he picked me up and threw onto the middle of the bed, he crawled on top of me and I un-hooked my bra and threw it away…

He made his way down to my pussy and tutted, “now these are very naughty little panties!” he said fingering my pussy through the fabric, I groaned…
“These are going to have to come off!” He sad pulling them down my quivering legs…

He took them off and threw them away, he kneeled in front of me on the bed and pulled my legs up so my pussy was facing the air, he then rubbed my clit slowly until I was wet, and Escort Bayan I opened my legs as wide as they’d go to give him better access then he placed his cock at the opening to my swollen pussy,
I thought like last time he’d go slowly then get faster, but with one sudden movement he thrust his cock hard deep into my pussy, his ball making a slapping sound as it hit my ass
“CHRIST!” I yelled, a mixture of pain and pleasure…
“Awwww come on!” he purred, “you love it really!” he said as he pulled his cock slowly out of my aching cunt, he then placed the cock on the opening and again with one hard thrust drove his hard cock into my pussy,
“FUCK!!” I screamed…

He did this several more time, me crying out every time, then he got into a more steady thrusting motion, then he pulled out…
“awwwww!” I moaned, “don’t stop I was going to cum!”
He grinned and started again, faster this time until I came, I mind blowing orgasm that set him off as well filling me up with his juices…

We lay there panting for about half and hour, too exhausted to move. Then he pulled out of me and stood up
“Where are you going?” I whined
“Don’t worry… I’ll be back” he said going into his bathroom.

He came back 2 minutes later with a condom and a bottle of lubricant..
“What d’you need those for?” I asked, “I’m on birth control…”
He shook his head and smiled, “I want your virginity!”
I laughed…
“You know I’m not a virgin silly! You’ve already fucked me twice yourself!”
But his eyes got darker, almost scary, “No, Kerry! I want your anal virginity! I’m going to fuck you up the ass”
I stopped laughing, I was horrified, why was he being so scary?

He made his way towards me and I tried to get off the bed, but the next thing I knew he was on top of me, pinning me down, he was so strong… I couldn’t move…
“Please….. don’t” I sobbed, “I… I thought….. I thought you loved me?”
“I do love you!” he said kissing my neck, “that’s why I want to do this, you gave Mark (my ex boyfriend) your virginity because you thought you loved him right? Well I love you so I’m going to take your virginity in the only way left!”
“Please…. don’t!” I was still sobbing,
“Stop it Kerry! I don’t like this crying… it makes me feel bad, but I’m going to do this!
“One way or another!” he said turning me over so my stomach was on the bed, he pulled my butt cheeks apart and squirted lube everywhere then open up my ass and squirted a load of lube in there as well,
“I do love you Kerry! So please stop crying, I will be as gentle as possible” he said stroking my shaking body,
“Ok…” I whimpered trying to wipe the tears from my eyes…

He put the condom on and placed his huge cock at the entrance to my butt, he pushed, slowly and steadily and it went in, I screamed, but he kept pushing, luckily the lube was making quite easy and soon he was almost all the way in.

I shuddered as I felt his groin pushing against my ass, his huge manhood was inside my ass…
“See the Bayan Escort wasn’t so bad! was it?”
“No..” I said,
then he started to move it in and out, slowly at first then getting faster, the pain started to ease and soon I was enjoying it…
He started to moan and groan and suddenly I felt his cock pulsating as it pumped vast amounts of cum into the condom…

He pulled out and pulled the condom off,
“Fuck me Kerry!”
I got up, still quite soar and went to lick his cock clean.
He kissed me and pulled me on top on him,
“Go on Kerry!… Ride me!”
I lowered myself slowly onto his cock, and he started to thrust once again…


“Oh, hi Heather!” Andrew’s mom churped as she locked the car, she waited for the tall leggy blonde, then they walked up the drive together,
“Hi, I thought I’d come a surprise Drew!” Heather said girlishly,
“Ok, well he’s upstairs!” His mom said pointed up to his room..
Heather bounced happily up the stairs,
She knocked on Drew’s door, but the was no answer…

Then she heard him panting, she smiled to herself, he was probably jerking himself off again, she adjusted her boobs and opened the door….


The scream stopped us in our tracks, I was just about to cum again, but all feeling disappeared when I recognised the voice and understood what had happened.

I look over to the door, where heather was standing in shock, I quickly got off Drew and tried to hurry towards her,
“Heather… please! let me explain..” I said rushing towards her
“KEEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME… YOU WHORE!” she screamed and ran,
“SHIT!” I yelled, “Where the hell are my clothes?!” I said looking around for them, I pulled my t-shirt on and my skirt, “Where the fuck is my thong?” I said looking around panicking
“Looking for this?” Drew said holding it up and coming toward me, “forget about Heather, and come back to bed!”
“NO!” I yelled, “And give me those!” I shouted making a grab at my thong, but Drew moved it away and dangled it out of reach,
“Give them to me!”
“You don’t need them, ” he teased playfully
“Yes I fucking do I have to go after Heather!”
“No you don’t, you’re staying here, I want to fuck you up the ass again…”
“How are you not fazed by this?” I screamed “just think your girlfriend just walked in on you fucking her best friend…”
“So? at least I don’t have to dump her any more!”

Then I realised, he wasn’t amazing, and he didn’t love me, he was a bastard, just out to get sex…

“Come here baby!” he said embracing me and trying to kiss me..
“NO!” I yelled suddenly crying, “YOU…. YOU ARE….. DISGUSTING…. I HATE YOU!” I yelled running out of is room, and out of his house, crying, I needed to find Heather…

“Bugger!” Drew said to himself still holding Kerry’s g-string, “Oh-well” he shrugged it off taking the under-garment and placing it in one of the draws of the bed side table…

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