One Long Dream (3 of 7)

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“That’s one great ASS!” Jim thought as he watched this leggy sandy blonde walk by. She stopped and turned her head to check to see if he is looking. Jim raised his sunglasses and shouted, “You’re beautiful!” loud enough so she could hear him over the crashing surf. She giggled and started walking over to him pulling her top off to expose her 36C breasts swaying as she walked closer. She stood in front of him and turned around then, lowered her bikini bottoms slowly. Jim stared at her ASS, while her tan lined cheeks appeared. His mouth dropped open when the crotch of her bikini hung up, then popped out to reveal her wet pussy lips and the wonderfully tight looking asshole. She dropped the bottoms to the sand and turned around to reveal a shaved pussy. Without saying a word, she dropped down between his legs and started pulling his speedo down. His hard cock sprang up as it was set free from its confinement. Her head leaned forward with her mouth opening…

“Back in black, I hit the sack. I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back. Yes, I’m let loose from the noose, that’s” blared from Janet’s phone until she reached over and dismissed it. She turned over to face Jim and said, “Good Morning”.

“Morning” Jim replied “AC/DC! Good song to wake up to. Aren’t you afraid it will get stuck in your head?”

“AC/DC is always stuck in my head. I love those guys”. Janet then leaned over, reached down and grabbed his dick and gave Jim a small kiss. “Thanks for the loan. I really needed to get fucked last night”.

“Any time you need it, you know where it’s at” Jim replied.

“Well, it feels like it needs me right now” Janet said with a smile as she moved her leg over Jim and straddled him. She lowered her well used slit down to the tip of his hard cock and wiggled. She had just been asleep minutes ago, but she felt recharged and ready to go, but a little sore from the night before.

“I don’t think we have a lot of time for this teasing” Jim said nodding his head towards the clock.

“I don’t think this will take long. You must have been having one hell of a dream. I hope it was about this” she said as she lowered her sore wet pussy down on his shaft.

“We were on a beach…MMmmmm that’s good. And you were…YES!… about to put my cock… INNNnnnnn… OH! Your mouth MMmmm”.

“OH, was I” she replied as she continued to grind back and forth on his cock. She was rubbing her clit on his pelvis as she was grinding fast then slow back and forth.

“Your ASS MMMmmm was so perfect in tight …UUUMMMmmm red Bikini Bottoms” Jim continued as he stared into her hazel eyes. She started to pump up and down hard on his cock.

“And you took… Mmmmm offffff… your top…. and those tits swayed…”

“Oh, these tits” as she grabbed his hands and put them on her fleshy bouncing mounds. Jim held on to them still staring in her eyes.

“Oh, Yes! These wonderful, juicy, tits… MMmmm. I’m…. I’mmmmm…. about to….”

“Cum Jim! Cum deep in my pussy! Give it to me!”

“CCCUUUUUMMMMM!” he grunted as he felt the release of semen from his balls thru his shaft and deep inside her waiting cunt. Janet slammed down hard and stayed there feeling spurt after spurt deep inside her.

“Yes Jim! God yes… give it all to me!” Then she laid down on top of him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank You. Again” she whispered in his ear.

“We should get ready for work, then grab some breakfast in the lobby before we head to work” Janet said as she got up out of bed and headed to her room.

Jim watched her walk naked across the room, staring at her ass as it swayed back and forth. He wondered if she would need to borrow his dick again tonight. She did return it in better condition than when he lent it to her. Janet closed their doors and started singing “Dirty Deeds and their done dirt cheap. Dirty Deeds…”.

Jim showered and got dressed for work as usual, slacks and pocketed shirt with the protector full of pens and pencils. He kept his glasses in a case hanging from is belt. He wore brown loafers that didn’t go with the blue slacks he was wearing. He grabbed the escort car keys and headed to the lobby. The cheap hotel at least had a good spread of food for breakfast, and Jim had worked up quite the appetite. He filled a plate with eggs and bacon, toast, a few sausage links, and a banana, then sat down at a table facing their rooms. Janet appeared from the hallway dressed in her work suit. Her sandy blonde hair was back up in the bun and she was wearing those 3” heels again. Just the sight of her dressed for work made Jim wonder if today she was Miss Marshal or Janet.

“I see you’ve got a plate full. Give me a second and I’ll be right back” Janet said as she looked over to see what all they had. Janet was starving and surprisingly not hung over. She returned with a bowl of oatmeal and a muffin. They chit chatted a little as they ate then, headed to the car to go to the office. Once they were on the road Jim had to ask “So, today are you Miss Marshal again or Janet?”.

“I was going to talk to you about that. After the flight, last night, and this morning, I feel awkward asking you to call me Miss Marshal. After all I’ve had your dick in my mouth. As well as a few other places.” Janet began to chuckle. “This isn’t the home office, so I guess we don’t have to be so formal”.

“Well, if you’re not going to be so formal, you should take your hair out of that bun”.

“Oh, I wear the bun to keep the hair out of my face all day. I get really frustrated if I don’t. I think it makes me seem professional. Don’t you?”.

“Yes, but don’t take this the wrong way, you come off like a bitch sometimes” Jim answered trying not to get her pissed off before they even got to work.

“I know. I’m trying to. I’ve worked my way to a supervisor position, and I don’t want people to think I got there any other way than hard work”.

“I’ve worked for you for a few years now. I never once thought you slept your way there. Although, after last night, those bosses don’t know what they missed”.

“Thank you?” she replied, not knowing if that was a compliment.

They arrived at work and headed off in different directions. Janet spent the day in meetings with all the supervisors, laying out the different policies that the new company had for them to follow. Jim headed straight for the IT department and found the guys who did the same job he did.

Just as he got settled into an empty cubicle his phone chirped. It was a text from Mark. Jim hesitantly opened the text to see a picture loading. It was Trisha laying naked, in bed, ASS UP. Next picture was Trisha on all fours at the edge of the bed, her ass all shiny from being lubed up. Lastly a picture of what he assumes is Mark’s cock halfway in her asshole.

“Dude, she made me send these to you” the text read.

“I’m gonna have to think of a way to get even with her” Jim thought as he scrolled thru the pictures again.

“Damn she has a nice ass” he mumbled to himself.

Then He got a text from Trisha. “Enjoy having a hard on all day, again”.

Jim texted Mark back “thanks for the spank material”.

Mark responded “No problem. Trisha insisted we try anal just to get the pictures to send to you”.

“Speaking of Anal, I’ve got quite a story to tell you when I get back” Jim texted in hopes of tapping Janet’s ass in the near future.

“Hey, did you know it’s Janet’s birthday on Sunday? Trisha noticed it in Janet’s file”.

“No, but thanks for the info”. Jim thought for a moment “this could be the opportunity to give her the present he has been wanting to give her, and she obviously has an anal fixation”.

Jim met Janet around 5pm and they headed out to diner before going back to the hotel. Janet used the company expense account for them to eat some place nice. They had a bottle of wine with dinner, mostly Janet, then she had an after-dinner drink with dessert. When they got to the hotel Jim helped her again to her room. He stood by her door as she struggled to get the room key in the slot. Jim knew she was going to feel this one in the morning. Jim took the key from her and opened her door. Janet threw her arms around him and kissed him izmit escort bayan passionately, then said, “My hero” before walking in and collapsing on the bed. Jim followed her in to make sure she got settled. He removed her 3” heels and massaged her feet, one at a time.

“Oh, that feels good” Janet moaned. “Are you going to help me out of my suit to?”

“Whatever her highness needs my lady” Jim replied trying to speak in a British accent.

“Whatever I need? Janet questioned.

“Anything you desire, my lady” Jim responded as he began to roll down her nylons noticing that again she didn’t wear panties. Her pussy was well lubed up. Her pussy lips were open, and that clit was present and accounted for. “She must get horny when she drinks” he thought as he unzipped her skirt and lowered it down over her firm legs. He leaned over and began to passionately kiss her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He reached down and unbuttoned her blouse then, reached an arm around her and sat her up so he could remove her suit coat, top, and bra.

“AHhhhhhh” She groans as her breasts were relieved of their confinement. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she said as she went right back to kissing him again.

“I don’t suppose you’ll let me borrow your dick again tonight?” Janet asked with a big smile on her face. Then she did her best to give a pout with puppy dog eyes.

“It’s yours for the whole trip, but I want it back when we get back to Cleveland”.

“Thank God I forgot my batteries” she replied as she started to remove Jim’s shirt but was struggling with the buttons.

“I’ll do that, you just lay back on the bed”. Jim realized she was full, drunk, and tired so if he didn’t act quick, she would be asleep. He got naked almost instantly and started to climb in bed, but it was too late. She was fast asleep. Last night had been a long night, and with the time zone change, he knew she needed sleep as bad as he did. Jim tucked Janet in and got her a glass of water. He headed to his room to masturbate then get some sleep. He was glad Mark had sent those pics.

“Oh, fuck me harder! Yes, Yes, YES… Give me it all.” “You like that bitch don’t ya!”

“YES! Oh, fuck YES” “CUM over me baby! Cum anywhere you want. Oh, yes!”

“MMMMmmmm stick out that tongue BITCH! Swallow this load!”

“Give it to me. Give it all GGgggg to me. GGGggggg”

“MMMmm OH, Oh, Yah! Swallow that Bitch. Swallow it all. Yes!”

“FUCK! What the hell time is it” Jim thought as he checked the clock. 5:30am. “Well at least they waited until then. Usually this happens around 3am. I have to get up soon anyway”. Just then a naked Janet walks thru the adjoining door and walks over and crawls into bed.

“Sorry I fell asleep last night. Let me make it up to you” as she dipped under the covers and began kissing her way down his chest, then stomach, then navel. Then the tip of his hard cock. All Jim could see was a bump in the middle of the bed, going up and down, but he could feel her hot wet mouth on his cock. Sucking to get that prize out. Her tongue licking his shaft then her whole mouth dropped back down. Her hand was around the base slowly stroking up to meet her mouth on the down stroke then down on the up stroke. Her other hand was reaching around to his ass cheeks. She paused to wet her finger then started again even faster. She placed her wet finger against his asshole and circled it.

“Man, that feels soooo good! MMMmmm… you are so good at that… yes finger that asshole” he groaned. She plunged her finger inside of his asshole and began to make circles inside of him. Jim began to feel the pressure build up in his balls. This was going to be quick. Janet stuck her finger in even deeper as she was taking his hard cock back to her throat. “GGgggg” she let out a gagging sound. “Gggggggrrrgg”. Each down stroke she would gag a little then really suck hard on the up stroke.

“Oh, sweetheart. Baby… Yes, I’m gooona…”. Janet felt the hot spurts of cum going to the back of her throat, over and over. She swallowed the first few loads but then took his cock and aimed it at her tits izmit sınırsız escort to finish. Jim pulled back the blanket and looked down at her smiling face. She climbed up next to him and started to rub his cum into her fleshy mounds. Her nipples pointing out with the areolas all scrunched up.

“Your turn” Jim said as he kissed her deep. His salty taste still filling her mouth. He kissed her neck, then each nipple, her navel, and licked his way down to her mound then sucked hard on her clit.

“Damn!… That’s… Yes!… Mmm the spot”. Jim stuck two fingers in his mouth to get them wet then slowly inserted them inside her waiting pussy. She spread her legs wider so he could get them deep. He continued to suck and lick and play with her clit as he dove his two fingers in and out of her cunt. He would wrap his fingers upward to her G-spot with every inward thrust and grip tight to put pressure on her spot.

“Uuuuummmm YES!… YES! THAT feels so damn GOOOOD!” as she began to wiggle her hips up and down with his inward thrusts.

“FUCK that pussy!… Fuck it faster… UUuunnnnng MMmmmmmm”. Jim pressed harder on her clit licking hard across her sensitive button. He started thrusting really fast for a few seconds, then grab hard against her G-spot, then thrust fast again… Over and over until she began to shake… She was close.

“OOOoooohhhhhh MMMMmmmmm UUUunnnngggghhh…” she moaned as her vaginal walls grabbed hard on Jim’s thrusting fingers. Juices began to flood out of her hole as she clenched up into a shaking ball. Jim grabbed tight to put as much pressure on her G-spot as he could. It took almost a minute for her to stop shaking.

“Back in black, I hit the sack. I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back. Yes, I’m let loose from the noose. That’s kept me hanging about. I’m just looking at the sky ’cause it’s getting me high. Forget the hearse, ’cause I’ll never die” Janet jumped up and ran to the other room to silence her phone. When she came back, she said “Shower?”.

“You shook me all night long, Yah you, shook me all, night, loooonnnnngggg” Jim sang as he followed her to the bathroom in Janets room. Janet started the water and adjusted it to just the perfect temperature, as Jim watched her ass in the mirror pretending to decide whether he needed a shave or not.

They both got in and reached for the soap together. Jim handed her the shampoo bottle as he soaped up his hands and began to wash Janet’s front. She began to wash her hair as he rubbed her shoulders, almost massaging them, then worked down to her breasts. He stopped to get more soap on his hands, then proceeded to soap up her firm tits. He massaged them together, then one at a time, pinching her nipples when finished. She giggled when he tickled her sides. He worked down to her trimmed bush, then rubbed lightly over her clit. “MMMmmm” Janet moaned. He inserted a finger inside her pussy momentarily, before dropping down with the bar of soap to wash from her firm thighs down to her feet. She lifted each foot one at a time and she giggled again as he soaped the bottoms of her feet. He stood up and squeezed into her and started to reach around to soap her butt, however Janet stopped him.

“Jim, we don’t have time for this” she said and gave him a deep kiss. She then handed him the shampoo as she took the soap. He washed his hair as she did a fast wash over his torso, then stopped to pay a lot of attention to his semi-erect cock. Once Jim’s cock was nice and soapy Janet turned around and stuck her ass out towards Jim. Jim so wanted to drive his hard cock deep into that ass and Janet seemed to be asking for it.

“Janet, we don’t have the time for this. We will need to finish this at a later time”.

“DAMN! I guess you’re right. We better hurry up so we can grab some food on the way to the office” Janet said as she reached behind Jim grabbing his ass with both hands, then turned the water off.

“I’ve got big balls. I’ve got big balls, and they’re such big balls, Dirty big balls, and he’s got big balls, and she’s got big balls, but we’ve got the biggest balls of them all!” Jim sang as he headed to his room to get dressed.


Continued in “One Long Birthday Surprise”. Jim and Janet celebrate Janet’s birthday together. Jim has a special surprise for her.

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