One Hot Wynter’s Night Ch. 03

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Maggie had no idea how long she lay on Kristoff’s bed. The passing of time was almost impossible to track with no sight of a clock and eternal porn bouncing throughout the room. The issue, other than being unable to remove herself from the situation, was that it was hot porn. Watching it was making her feel hornier and hornier, with every passing minute. As the pressure grew exponentially between her tightly clenched thighs, she was becoming, quite literally desperate for relief.

Increasingly turned on, Maggie found her hips attempting to twist, as she squirmed against the bedcovers. It was at that very moment that she had an inkling as to why Kristoff had altered the position of her hands. They now lay just out of reach of her pussy. No matter what she did, and she tried most things, she was unable to touch herself.

‘Bastard!’ she panted to herself, after one such attempt was rapidly cut short, the moment she remembered the camera running in the corner of the room. The last thing she wanted to do was give him the satisfaction that his wicked strategy was panning out as he’d planned. It was at that moment she had to begrudgingly acknowledge; she was way out of her depth, where this man was concerned.


‘Having fun?’ asked Kristoff, breezing into the room through a hidden door, just as Maggie was starting to gain the tiniest amount of relief. She had managed to twist her pelvis to face almost downwards and was ineffectually grinding herself against the mattress. Over the past hour, he had intermittently observed her torture on his phone. Indeed, the scene had turned him on so much that he’d managed to eject the remainder of his party guests in record time, just so he could return to his unwilling houseguest. It was a massive turn on, to know that she’d been restrained on his bed and placed in a permanent state of semi-arousal, until he saw fit to release her.

Maggie glanced around in shock, horribly aware of her red face, whilst a tell-tale flush engulfed her neck and chest. In bewilderment, she observed Kristoff place a crystal tumbler of scotch, ice cubes floating on the top, onto the bedside table. Then, slowly shrugging away his cloak as though aware of the spectacle he was exhibiting, the outline of his powerful, sexy body was revealed, covered in a crisp, clean shirt.

‘Let me go,’ she moaned, her pulse rocketing at the mere sight of him. Hell, he was an incredibly good looking guy. Given the ravenous expression across his features, she literally didn’t want to know what he had planned.

‘You’ll be pleased to hear that everybody has left now; my friends, your friends…’ he continued. ‘So I’m all yours.’ The words “and you’re all mine” were implied but remained unspoken. ‘And you’re feeling horny?’

Maggie found she could only groan in response to his question.

‘Need some help with that?’ he murmured, loosening the top button of his shirt, before pulling off his tie and throwing it onto the bed beside her.

‘Not from you!’ she spluttered.

Dropping down beside her, he playfully ran his fingers across the base of her stockinged feet. Unable to escape, Maggie’s body twitched and spasmed beneath his touch, whilst exhausting a lengthy groan of despair from deep within her throat. However, it wasn’t long before his touch moved from ticklish to sensual; Maggie could feel additional heat flooding to her pussy, making her even more swollen. She gasped pleasurably in response. Immediately, Kristoff removed contact, picked up his discarded tie from the bed and began to fasten it around her ankle. Then, lifting both her legs across to one edge of the bed, he tied off that ankle underneath the bed.

‘What are you doing?’ she gasped. He stood up and unbuckled the belt, which had been holding her thighs tightly together, before rocking her body so she lay facing upwards once more.

‘Dealing with my prisoner,’ he murmured. As he untied the scarf which had previously constrained Maggie’s crossed ankles, she kicked out with her unexpectedly free leg, causing her breasts to wobble vigorously.

‘Do you have even the slightest idea how incredibly desirable you are?’ Kristoff asked softly, as he stood for a moment to observe Maggie, in her bondage.

‘Let me go!’ she threatened.

‘You chose to be here,’ he reasoned, business-like once more, after his temporary warmth. Having made an unexpected grab for her free leg, he quickly fastened the scarf around it.

‘Under blackmail!’ she spat. ‘It’s hardly a choice!’

‘There was always a choice. There still is,’ he observed, his eyebrow raised questioningly. Maggie knew exactly what he was suggesting; if she wanted, she could be handed over to the police, and own up to the crimes of all the newspaper staff combined. Having no argument to fall back upon, she fell silent once more.

‘Have you decided if you’re going to beg for me to touch you?’ he smirked, knowing he’d won.

‘Screw you!’

‘Mmmm, is that a yes?’ asked Kristoff, suddenly pulling güvenilir bahis her legs wide open, in order to fasten her other ankle at the far side of the bed.

‘No!’ gasped Maggie, as the resistance which had previously been provided by the tightly clamped lips of her pussy was entirely removed, and the pressure on her clit vastly increased.

‘You will be begging for me,’ nodded Kristoff, reaching out for his scotch and swirling the ice cubes hypnotically around in a circle. Maggie found the sound of them chinking against the glass rather intimidating. ‘Because I’m using delayed gratification as your punishment. Very delayed.’

‘I don’t consent to this,’ she growled in warning.

‘I know,’ he confirmed. ‘Which is why I’m not touching you. And I won’t touch you, unless you are literally begging me.’

‘That will never happen!’

‘We’ll see,’ he replied, with a confident flash of his eyebrows.

Taking an unhurried sip of his drink, Kristoff encouraged one of the ice cubes into his mouth. Then, hovering over Maggie’s chest, he patiently waited for the warmth of his tongue to start melting it.

‘No!’ squeaked Maggie, her hips twisting, as she comprehended what was about to happen. The first drip of ice-cold water across her exposed nipple, just peeking out from beneath her bra, made her yowl in response.

‘Mmmmm,’ murmured Kristoff pleasurably, shifting his location to above her satin covered pussy, which caused a similar reaction.

Placing a large hand either side of her head, Kristoff then hovered directly over Maggie’s mouth. The proximity of his powerful body, coupled with his awesome presence, was overwhelming. She gazed up at him in disbelief, lips parted, as a single drip of ice-cold liquid fell directly into her mouth. She swallowed hard, whilst observing the corners of his dark eyes creasing up into a smile. That first frigid drop tasted very mildly of alcohol. Panting quietly, eyes still locked onto his, she licked her lips and awaited the next drop. It wasn’t long before all the ice had melted, shared equally between the two of them.

‘You are so incredibly sexy,’ murmured Kristoff sincerely, his mouth inches from her own. That simple statement caused her heart to leap within her chest cavity, whilst her body trembled with need. It was then she silently acknowledged pre-defeat to herself; if this man pulled out all the stops, she couldn’t say no to him, not even if her life depended on it.

Grabbing a feather and a scarf from his bedside cabinet, Kristoff quickly began to secure the material around her head, as a blindfold.

‘Don’t you dare!’ she growled.

‘If there’s one thing you can be certain of, I will always dare,’ he replied. For a long moment, Maggie lay there, her body tensed, awaiting attack. It was only when Kristoff physically observed her relax once more, that he trailed the feather from the base of her foot, all the way up one long leg, to circle around her exposed inner thigh. Unable to close her legs to him, Maggie groaned. Kristoff watched with pleasure, as her pelvis twisted in reaction, the sinews in her neck standing to attention as she desperately tried to hold herself together.

‘Oh you bastard!’ she exclaimed, fists tightly clenched within their restraints.

‘Only just realising, are you?’ he replied, the hint of a smile evident in the tone of his voice.

Working the feather around every inch of exposed skin, Kristoff slowly built Maggie up into a lather of frustrated desire.

‘Let me go!’ she sobbed. Hell, if he released her right now, she would literally jump him.

‘No chance,’ replied Kristoff, as the feather was replaced by a silk scarf, which drifted temptingly across locations where Maggie increasingly needed to feel his touch. ‘But on the bright side, you only have another twenty-two hours of this left to go.’

Maggie tried to control her body’s responses, as he continued with his teasing. However, upon hearing the low, deep rumbling of a vibrator, she was suddenly shaken into action once again.

‘I’ve changed my mind! Turn me over to the police!’ she yelped.

‘No you haven’t changed your mind,’ he chuckled, low and deep. It was a sound that made the hairs on the back of Maggie’s neck stand to attention. An entirely instinctive reaction, locked within the pure ancestry of basic animal attraction. ‘You should never go back on a decision. Besides, it’s too late for that now, so don’t even suggest it, or I’ll have to gag you.’

‘I can see your management methodology is a lot more stick than carrot,’ she shuddered, as he edged the vibrations along her arm, heading towards her chest. A wave of embarrassment suddenly inhibited her from talking further, as she realised how her words might be misconstrued.

‘I’m well versed in both, as it happens,’ he observed.

‘Well, I’m only observing the stick,’ she muttered.

‘Because that’s what you require.’

‘You don’t like wilful women?’ she accused, trying to maintain control, as the vibrator was güvenilir bahis siteleri circled wide around her nipple.

‘Mmmm, I adore them,’ he replied throatily. ‘Particularly when they submit to me.’

‘Don’t you mean, until they submit to you?’ she groaned, as he edged the device over her taut, hardened nub, sending intense pleasure signals through every nerve. Somewhere in the far recesses of her mind, Maggie made a silent pact to never fully submit to this man, whatever the consequences.

‘Hmph,’ he grunted, ignoring her implication. ‘I’ll soon have you broken in.’

‘I am not going to beg for you,’ she said, with more determination than she felt.

‘Then this will not stop,’ he explained, in a satisfied tone which suggested that scenario was fine with him.

Dragging the vibrator down her centre line, Kristoff grazed the crease between her inner thigh and panties, causing Maggie to squeal, her hips rising up from the bed, sideways and fighting. Once again, she shouted out in protest.

‘I can help you,’ he offered, sounding like the devil himself.

‘How?’ she gasped, writhing against the mattress.

‘Give me permission to touch you. I can help you.’

‘No,’ she groaned.

‘Very well,’ he said with a smile in his voice, sensing her resilience starting to crumble. Dragging the device across her satin panties, he paused torturously close to her clit.

‘Okay!’ she shrieked, breathing loudly. ‘I give you permission to touch me!’

‘Full permission?’ he clarified quietly, removing the blindfold, to look deeply into her soul. ‘This has to be all or nothing.’

‘You won’t hurt me?’ she asked timidly.


‘Fine. Full permission,’ she sobbed. Immediately, the vibrations ceased. ‘How are you going to help me?’

‘I’m going to allow you to come.’ Maggie made a small noise in the back of her throat. ‘Did I say something amusing?’ he queried.


‘You can’t what?’ he queried, in a more gentle tone than she had heard before.

‘I’m afraid you’ll be wasting your time,’ she said with a sigh. ‘I can’t orgasm when I’m with somebody.’

‘Bullshit,’ he breathed.

‘I never have been able to,’ she admitted. ‘I can only do it alone.’ It was actually a great source of shame for Maggie and she usually avoided the entire subject by faking it. She wasn’t entirely sure why she was sharing this information with Kristoff; it must be the effects of the champagne.

‘Haven’t and can’t are two very different things, Ms. Matthews. You just needed to meet the right guy,’ he growled. ‘One who is willing to put in the effort, to try the right things that correspond to your own twisted needs. A man who gets you. In my experience, I’ve never known a woman not to orgasm.’

Maggie felt her stomach clench painfully, in response to his words. She couldn’t help but cling on to his wicked promises, savouring them. For a long moment, he studied her carefully. At last, he spoke.

‘Against my will, I’m being drawn towards a wager.’

Maggie looked at him quizzically, but said nothing.

‘Give me the chance to help you come,’ he announced to Maggie, who couldn’t help but smile inwardly. She approved of his use of the word “help”, as opposed to “make”. ‘If I fail, we remove twenty hours from your sentence. You’ll go home immediately.’

‘And if you succeed?’ she queried.

‘Then you stay with me for an additional twenty-four hours. So until Sunday night.’

As far as Maggie was concerned, it was a no-brainer. She had never come whilst in the hands of another person before; the chances of him succeeding had to be considered extremely low.

‘Deal,’ she said simply, amused by the surprised look in his eyes.

‘You’re sure?’

‘I’m sure. Besides, I can’t stay beyond tonight because I don’t have a change of clothing.’

‘What on earth makes you think you’ll need clothing whilst you’re here?’ he enquired.


Kristoff had been gently teasing Maggie for some time. He’d started off by gently stroking his fingers across her stockinged feet and legs, which sent Maggie’s pulse into disarray. His attention then skipped over her throbbing pussy to her abdomen, arms and chest, but avoiding her hard nipples, which were silently screaming out for his attention. To Maggie’s astonishment, he then lowered his mouth to her tummy button, laboriously circling round. Occasionally dipping his tongue inside, it was done in such a suggestive way that she was left in no doubt to either his wicked intentions, or his skill.

‘You said you’d help me come,’ she panted, accusingly.

‘I will help you come,’ he confirmed, lifting his head. ‘I just didn’t specify when; it will happen in my own good time.’

‘You fucking…’

‘I’m here to administer your punishment. What did you honestly expect? A conservative, controlled set of orgasms followed by a cuddle and some sleep?’ he chuckled. ‘No, I’m gonna make you wish you’d never attempted to steal from me.’

‘I iddaa siteleri didn’t…’

‘And even worse, that you continue to lie about it,’ he said, speaking over her attempted protestations.

With slow, purposeful movements, Kristoff located the front fastening of her bra and unhooked it with practiced skill. Ignoring Maggie’s gasp of shock, he pushed the garment away, until it was tangled around her arms, no longer offering any form of protection. In astonishment, Maggie watched his handsome face lower temptingly towards her gently swaying chest. And there he hovered over her; slow, warm breaths bouncing across her sensitive skin.

‘Fuck,’ she moaned softly. She was torn between watching the spectacle unfolding before her, and allowing her eyes to close in complete submission to him.

Kristoff lowered himself further towards her chest, dropping his soft lips to the side of one breast, lightly moving his mouth around in exploration.

‘Say “stop”, if anything I do is uncomfortable,’ he all but growled, as he kissed a path ever closer to her aching nipple. ‘The last thing I want to do is hurt or upset you.’

With that final, ominous statement, he dropped his mouth directly over her delicate nub and pulsed his teeth against her. Maggie’s reaction was instantaneous and absolute. Her fists clenched tightly as her back arched uncontrollably. Her pleasurable cries began to echo loudly through the room, as his teeth held onto her firmly. She could feel her pussy involuntarily streaming in response. At last, the pressure lessened and Kristoff released her. She glanced down in disbelief, only to observe his eyes crinkling at the corners with genuine pleasure.

‘You dirty girl,’ he growled.

‘I’m not…’ she stuttered in a voice that was almost failing her.

‘Uh-huh,’ he murmured, looking far from convinced. ‘If you say so.’

Then, quite unexpectedly, he lowered his mouth to hers, folding his body carefully down upon her. There, he kissed Maggie with a passion that took the breath from her lungs. She was so utterly spellbound, trapped deliciously beneath the weight of him, that it took her a moment to appreciate his hand was drifting up her body. Suddenly, his thumb and forefinger sought out her nipple, still damp from his mouth, and clamped down firmly. Unable to shout out, Maggie found herself groaning her pleasure straight into Kristoff’s warm mouth; a sound which he immediately reflected in return.

‘You are so fucking sexy,’ he growled, when he finally released her. Desperate to touch him, her restrained hands made a grab for his body. Her fingers landed on one of his thighs which felt rock-hard beneath her touch, causing a murmur of pleasure to vibrate within Kristoff’s chest.

‘Let me taste you,’ she begged, just as his mouth encompassed hers once again and sank into a deliciously slow, deep kiss. It was some time before they both came up for air once more.

‘What did you mean by your last comment?’ he panted at last. ‘What do you want?’

‘Your cock in my mouth,’ she groaned. ‘I need to taste you so badly.’

‘Seriously?’ He sounded surprised.

‘Fuck, yeah,’ she sighed. Maggie had no doubt he was as hard as iron. She had been enjoying the feel of him pressed against her soft thigh, whilst he’d been lying on top of her, making her feel hotter and hotter with every passing second. The way this man kissed, how he looked, how he touched her; it all made her literally want to consume him. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so sexy. So insanely turned on.

‘Okay,’ he said, with a lazy smile. ‘If you insist…’

Removing his trousers and socks, he used his right hand to ease his thick cock out of his black trunks. Maggie couldn’t help but inhale swiftly at the sight of him, as he shuffled himself closer to her mouth.

‘Untie me,’ she stuttered, straining to reach him, as he playfully held the smooth, rounded head, just out of range. She could smell the warmth of him. It was making her salivate.

‘No,’ he replied mischievously. ‘I like you helpless. And you like it too, don’t you Maggie?’

Slowly, he used his hand to direct the thick, bulbous head of his cock just in front of her mouth. At full stretch, she was unable to wrap her mouth around him. Instead, Maggie stretched out her tongue and achieved her first delicious sample. Immediately, Kristoff inhaled swiftly, clearly not as ice cool as he wanted her to believe. His reaction caused a warmth to spread through Maggie’s body; she simply wanted him more and more with every passing minute.

‘Untie me,’ she gasped. ‘I’ll do a better job.’

‘To be honest, this couldn’t be hotter,’ he groaned, his spare hand holding onto the wall for support. ‘You’re doing just fine.’

As he edged his cock forwards further, Maggie found herself able to wrap her full lips around the head, allowing her tongue to slide smoothly across the taut skin. With a deep groan from the base of her throat, she circled her tongue, relishing the taste of him. Savouring the unexpected power this scenario gave her, she watched Kristoff’s eyes lose focus, as he fed more of himself into her enthusiastic mouth. And all the while, with every passing minute, Maggie could feel herself growing wetter and wetter.

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