One Hell of a College Party

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A wise man once said, “Alcohol was invented so ugly people have a chance.” Although I don’t classify myself as an ugly person, I couldn’t agree more with this quote especially after taking part in a party that can only be decribed as “one hell of a party.”

It all started when my friend came up to me during my philosophy class and told me that his frat was going to throw a party Friday night but “it was going to be like no other party you’ve ever been to” at least according to him. I was truly intrigued and I couldn’t wait to find out what he was talking about.

The week seemed like it was going in slow motion but before I knew it Friday snucked up behind me and finally arrived. That night I told this girl on my floor about the party and she said she was in. I was thrilled cause this girl wasn’t any ordinary girl. Her name was Megan and she was as hot as could be from top to bottom. Her face was perfect and she had this little innocence about her that I can’t describe. It’s like she is adorable as hell but I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. Her breasts weren’t the biggest but she definitely made them work with what she had. Where she lacked in the boob section she made up in the ass. It was round and firm and it made you want to just smack it but caress and kiss it at the same time. I know how amazing her ass is because one time I walked into her room without knocking and she just got out of the shower and she had her back turned to me. I only saw it for a second before she covered up but I will never forget what it looked like.

So together we made our way to the party. We walked into the frat and were given bracelets which is very odd because that never happened before at any party we’ve been to. We made our way to the keg in the back and started drinking away. A couple of hours went by and besides the bracelets the party wasn’t any different than any other party. There were plenty of people and besides the usual drunk person passing out in the corner every one was hanging out and talking and having a good time. Little did we know though that the party was just about to begin.

Suddenly we heard sirens and we all feared the worst and thought it was campus security busting the party but the origin of the sound wasn’t coming from outside but rather somewhere within the house. The sound got louder and louder and then I saw where it was coming from. I saw 5 nearly naked women and some camera guys following them walk in to the center of the room. One of the women had a loud speaker and announced to everyone “you fuckers ready to party?” It soon became very clear that these people were from an adult website and the women were all pornstars. Megan and I got some front row seats to what was going on.

“So are you ready to party or not?” Roars from the crowd answered her question. “Thats better, my name is Jenna and what I need right now are three willing guys to come to the center.” All sorts of guys came foward but the three they chose had to be honestly some of the dorkiest, scranny guys I’ve ever seen. They sat all three guys in chairs that were next to each other.

“Now take off your pants” Jenna said. After a slight hesitation the guys Ankara Escort listnened and dropped their pants. “Now gentleman I would like you to meet Courtney, Jezel, and Roxy… they are going to sucks your cocks.” The guys turned to each other and couldn’t believe what they heard. “They are going to do everything in their power to make you cum and your job is simply to last as long as you can. The last one standing will get a special prize. Let the games begin.” And with that the girls got on their knees and started sucking and jacking away. One guy didn’t even last 2 minutes before he came all over Roxy. Moans of dissapointment rang through out the audience. I could tell he probably never got a blowjob before. So now it was race between the other two guys. These girls were pros; they were licking up and down on the shaft, rubbing the balls, and even deepthroating these guys. After what must have been 15 minutes one guy couldn’t take it any more and came all over Courtneys mouth.

“And we have a winner!” Jenna proclaimed. “Your prize for lasting this long is now you get to fuck Jezel!” The guy was stunned and he and Jezel proceeded into a private room upstairs with a camera crew and we would have to wait for the movie to come out on the website to find out what happened next.

Throughout this entire event I kept hearing moans coming from Megan and I noticed her hand go down her tight jeans once or twice. “Were you just masturbating?” I asked her.

“No of course not… well maybe” she said with a giggle. “Are telling me you didn’t enjoy that?” she asked.

“I can’t lie, that was pretty sweet. If you could would you participate in one of these events?”

“Well… only if it was with you,” she answered with a sexy smile.

I noticed a table that they set up in the back with a guy sitting in a chair behind the table and it looked like people were signing up for something. “Come on follow me,” I told her. We made our way to the table and I walked right up the guy and said, “We want to do a scene.”

“Really?” the guy said, “well your in luck cause we are looking for a couple to do a specific scene with.”

“Ok we’re in. What do we have to do?”

“Well first I have to see some ID and then your lady friend has to answer a question for me. Tell me, are you comfortable doing a threesome with another woman?” I didn’t know what she was going to say. I wanted to fuck her so bad and if I could fuck a pornstar too that would be amazing.

Luckily, she looked into my eyes and said, “I’m up for anything.” I was so relieved and couldn’t wait to get started.

We proved that we were 18 and he had us sign some paper. “Ok, heres the deal. Your going to be doing the scene with one of our girls named Abby. To get the minumum amount of $500 you have to do at least 2 different sex positions. If you can’t do that, then you’ll get nothing. The longer you sir last before you cum the more you get payed. There are also bonuses. If you do anal with Abby we’ll give you more money. If you do anal with Megan as well thats twice as much. If you can pull off an ass to mouth thats even more money. If you finish with a facial and a Sincan Escort snowball occurs you will double the amount you made up to that point. Do you follow me?” We nodded our heads. “Ok now go over there to Jenna at the center of the room and have fun.”

On the way over I turned to Megan and asked her if she was ok with this.

“I always use to say that everyone should try everything at least once,” she told me, “lets fucking do this.” I couldn’t believe this was about to happen, all I could think about was not only was I going to see that beautiful ass of hers again but I was going to fuck it too.

“Ok, for our next event we have here this couple and they are going to have some fun with one of our girls. Not just any girl but the Double D Princess herself Miss Abby Knight!” The best way to describe Abby was drop dead gorgeous. They certainly didn’t call her Double D Princess for nothing. She had some of the biggest, roundest, perfect knockers I’ve ever seen. She had an ass that would not quite and long never ending legs. She was a blonde bombshell and thats when it hit me that I was I going to fuck not only Megan but her as well. We didn’t even start and I was already fully erect. “Well it looks like someone is ready to have some fun,” Jenna said looking at my crotch, “well without further or do, lets get started.”

Abby made the first move and started making out with Megan. She lifted Megans shirt and unhooked her bra before you could say “dammmn.” Abby was barely wearing an clothes to start with but after she took Megans bra off she untied her bikini top and showed off those amazing tits of hers. Abby was grabbing her boobs while she was continueing to makeout with her. Megans was a little shy at first but to everyones amazement she started licking and kissing Abbys boobs. Everyone was cheering them on and I had no problem watching them.

Suddenly without warning they both turned to me and started grabbing at me and kissing me. While Megan continued to play tonsil hockey with me, Abby moved down my body and slowly made her way to my zipper. She unzipped me and pulled my pants down and started doing what she does best. Megan soon joined her and between the two of them sucking my cock and balls, I was in heaven. When one had my dick in their mouth, the other would go to work on my balls. Abby would occasionally deepthroat me and that felt amazing. Megan would try too but she didn’t have nearly as much experience as Abby, but Megan would always make a cute laugh when she couldn’t get it all the way down.

Abby then layed Megan down on the ground and spread her legs and I got the hint of what I was suppose to do. Abby grabbed my cock and gave it one more good sucking before aligning it straight into Megans waiting pussy. My dick went in and I took over from there. I thrusted back and forth and her pussy felt phenominal. Abby then proceeded to sit on Megans face. “Lick it,” she said to Megan and just like an obediant dog she did as she was told. Just looking at Abby naked made me go crazy. I couldn’t help myself, so I grabbed the back of her head and made out with her as I continued to fuck Megan.

Abby got off Megans Sincan Escort Bayan face and I pulled out of Megan. Abby then got on all fours and said, “Lets start with my pussy and make our way up.” I set myself behind her and stuck my dick in to her warm, waiting pussy. Her pussy definitely felt looser and more comfortable which wasn’t a surprise considering what she did for a living. To my amazement, Megan put her pussy in front of Abbys face and said, “Now you lick MY pussy.” I could hear people in the crowd saying “ooooohhhhhhh.” I couldn’t help put on a smile as well when she said it.

With every thrust, Abbys ass would shake and after sometime of fucking her pussy I pulled it out and aligned it with her anus. I put the head of my dick in and creeped slowly in. At first her anus was tight but before I knew it I could fit my entire dick in with no problem. Abby let out some moans inbetween licking Megans pussy. Even though I was in her ass Abby still did an amazing job on Megans cunt cause Megan kept letting out huge moans as well.

After awhile Megan looked at me and said in a sexy voice, “I can’t wait till it’s in my ass.” So I pulled out of Abbys ass and layed down on the floor and Megan sat on top of me with her tits right in front of my face. Abby grabbed my dick and placed it right into Megans ass. At first it was really tight but after she moved up and down a bit, her ass loosened up and I felt like I was in Abbys ass all over again. Now this time, Abby sat on my face and I went to work on her pussy. While I was doing this, Abby and Megan were making out on top of me and licking each others breasts.

Then, I pushed Abby off my face and said, “Now go suck my dick .” Abby made her way to my cock and pulled it out of Megans ass and starting blowing me. After a couple seconds of this she would stick it back in Megans ass. A couple of thrusts later she pulled it out again and repeated the same thing. She did this a couple of times until I pushed Megan off me and brought both of them to the nearest couch.

I told Abby to bend over and I put her face down on the couch and then I had Megan do the same thing but instead I put her on top of Abby. I spread both of their legs so that I had both of their pussies and asses sticking out. I put my dick in Megans ass again, fucked it a couple of times then I pulled my dick out and put in Megans pussy. Gave it a couple of thrusts then I made my way down the line and stuck my dick in Abbys ass. Then I finished in Abbys pussy. After that I made my way back up going into Abbys ass, then Megans pussy, and then Megans ass again.

I repeated this going into all 4 holes up and down a couple of times until I was on the verge of cumming. I flipped the girls over and I had Megan open her mouth for my cum. Abby grabbed my dick and jacked me off straight into Megans waiting mouth. I must of came a ton cause I felt like I wouldn’t stop. After I was done, Abby tilted her head back and Megan leaned over and dripped my cum into Abbys mouth. Abby swiveled the cum a bit in her mouth then dripped it back into Megans mouth. Megan swiveled it a bit too and poured it back into Abbys mouth which she then swallowed.

Everyone around us burst into cheers. Megan and I stood up, took a bow to the audience, got our money and left the party completley naked walking back to my dorm where who knows what would happen next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32